Thermaltake Core P5

Best answer: Amazon is the best place to buy a magnetic parts tray thanks to its great selection and, of course, Amazon Prime.

Amazon: Titan Tools 11061 ($5)

Consumer-friendly online retail giant

Amazon is a huge online retail giant for a very good reason: it's consumer-friendly. By that I mean it offers exceptional value, great delivery options, and awesome post-purchase support. Not only will you purchase a magnetic parts tray knowing you got a good deal, but should anything happen to it during shipping, you can return it immediately.

There's also a great selection of trays available on Amazon, with different sizes available depending on what you require. The best part is Amazon Prime, which unlocks free next-day delivery. If you don't currently have Amazon Prime, you can sign up for a free trial to see if you'll make the most of what's included in the membership plan.

Building your own PC

Using a magnetic parts tray may appear as more of an optional accessory, but we couldn't recommend it enough. While working on multiple machines simultaneously, a parts tray makes it easy to keep screws and other metallic parts together. The tray also keeps non-magnetic objects from escaping.

When putting together a PC or just tinkering with it after construction, you're likely to encounter numerous screws. You don't want to lose any of them, especially if you rely on what's supplied with the aforementioned parts. Be smart and keep everything in one place with a tray.

Our pick

Titan Tools 11061

Keep everything together

There's nothing worse than losing a screw you need to secure a part within your PC. This is where a magnetic parts tray comes into play.

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