Where's the best place to buy Microsoft's Surface Headphones 2?

Surface Headphones 2 Black
Surface Headphones 2 Black (Image credit: Windows Central)

Where's the best place to buy Microsoft's Surface Headphones 2?

Microsoft and Best Buy good shouts

Microsoft is always the best place to get a new Surface product if you're an early adopter and want to grab it as soon as you possibly can. The Surface Headphones 2 are in stock to order for shipping from May 12.

The same applies to Best Buy, with both colors also being available there to order with shipping initially set for the same day, May 12.

Microsoft physical retail stores should also be selling the Surface Headphones 2 if you have one near you when they are open. The bonus here is that you'll be able to give them a test-listen before you buy. Obviously, for launch, stores are closed, including across the U.S. and at the flagship store in London.

Also available at Amazon

Amazon is a big reseller of Surface hardware, and with the Surface Headphones 2, the online giant has also picked them up to add to its catalog.

For Prime members, that means free shipping, and of course, the ability to use any Amazon gift cards you may have lying around. Amazon is also committing to May 12 availability but has been seeing issues in recent times with shipping non-essential items to customers, so, for now, you may be better off going straight to Microsoft.

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