Surface Headphones

Best answer: If you want to get yourself a pair of Surface Headphones right now, head to the Microsoft Store or Amazon.

Microsoft: Surface Headphones ($350)

Microsoft has the best availability

Microsoft is always the best place to get a new Surface product if you're an early adopter and want to grab it as soon as you possibly can. The Surface Headphones are still in stock after launch with fairly swift shipping.

That also means that if you're trying to get hold of a pair before the holidays, you'll still be able to get them from the Microsoft Store if you order now. But be sure to take note of any final shipping dates when you order to be sure.

Amazon's 12 Days of Deals is here with big discounts for all

Microsoft physical retail stores in the U.S. should also be selling the Surface Headphones if you have one near you. The bonus here is that you'll be able to give them a test listen before you buy.

Also available at Amazon

Amazon is a big reseller of Surface hardware and since the launch of the Surface Headphones the online giant has also picked them up to add to its catalog.

For Prime members that means free shipping, and of course, if you happen to get any gift cards over the holidays it's a great way to treat yourself!

Limited global availability for now

Initially, the U.S. was the first market to get the Surface Headphones, but the UK has also since seen a release of the Surface Headphones. This isn't massively surprising, mostly because of the included Cortana voice assistant which requires localization.

Our pick

Surface Headphones

Pricey but extremely attractive

Microsoft put its Surface design and build quality into a pair of headphones, tossed in Cortana and ANC and made something your ears will love.

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