Surface Headphones

Best answer: If you want to get yourself a pair of Surface Headphones right now, head to the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft: Surface Headphones ($350)

Microsoft has the best initial availability

Microsoft is always the best place to get a new Surface product if you're an early adopter and want to grab it as soon as you possibly can. Naturally, the manufacturer will offer everything you want for the day it goes on sale.

In the case of the Surface Headphones, shipping is set to begin on Nov. 19, but Microsoft will be taking pre-orders from Nov. 15 to secure your pair ahead of the busy holiday period.

Microsoft physical retail stores in the U.S. should also be selling the Surface Headphones from Nov. 19 if you have one near you. The bonus here is that you'll be able to give them a test listen before you buy.

Third parties yet to jump on board

Fortunately, Microsoft is a great place to buy, because right now it looks like the only place that you'll be able to get the Surface Headphones.

Unlike the Surface computers, as yet there doesn't seem to be any third-party retailers such as Amazon planning to carry the Surface Headphones. That should change, but if you really want a pair and need them upon release, it's probably not worth holding out.

Limited global availability for now

Initially, the U.S. will be the first market to get the Surface Headphones, but the UK has also been confirmed. This isn't massively surprising, mostly because of the included Cortana voice assistant which requires localization.

Our pick

Surface Headphones

Pricey but extremely attractive

Microsoft put its Surface design and build quality into a pair of headphones, tossed in Cortana and ANC and made something your ears will love.

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