Where's the best place to buy the Razer Basilisk Essential?

Where's the best place to buy the Razer Basilisk Essential?

Best answer: If you want the new Basilisk Essential as soon as possible, head over to Razer's own store.The essentials: Razer Basilisk Essential ($50 at Razer)

Available right now from Razer

The Basilisk Essential just hit the market and the best place to get one in your hands as soon as possible is from Razer's own store.

It's available right now to ship on both sides of the Atlantic for $50 and will ship the next business day. In a matter of days, you can have one under your palm for some top level fragging.

Same great design, more attractive price

As the name might imply, this is still a Basilisk mouse at its core, and that's important for a number of reasons. The first of which is the design, with the Basilisk's incredible ergonomic form factor.

It's sadly not designed for left-handed gamers, but the sculpted thumb area is home to a pair of additional buttons and the single multi-function paddle, which can be mapped to a specific feature in a game, or for push-to-talk to chat with your squad mates.

With the regular Basilisk you just get more: more paddles, more programmable buttons, more features. But the core aspects are all present in this $50 version, which makes it an extremely attractive mouse. It brings advanced features and innovation to those on a tighter budget. And that's something that everyone can get behind.

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