Where's the best place to buy Razer Kraken Tournament Edition?

Where's the best place to buy Razer Kraken Tournament Edition?

Best answer: Amazon. You can save a little on the Kraken Tournament Edition (TE) by grabbing it there instead of Razer's own store.Amazon: Razer Kraken TE ($90)

Save money by going to Amazon instead of Razer

It's that old, old story, that if you want a good deal on something then Amazon is the first place to look. And in the case of the Kraken TE, that is entirely true.

Assuming you're happy with the black version of the Kraken TE you can save $10 by getting it from Amazon over the recommended price set by Razer. The green version is $100 at both Amazon and Razer.

There's still an advantage to getting the green version from Amazon, too. Prime members get free shipping, and the chances are you'll get faster shipping regardless from Amazon over Razer. That, and you have much more chance of any form of a discount at any time. Razer's pricing stays pretty constant outside of promotional events.

Available in black or green

The Kraken TE follows a similar design language as previous Kraken headsets from Razer, and that includes coming in a ridiculously bright shade of green.

You don't get all of the color options you used to get with older Kraken headsets, but the trademark green is still there, as is a more subtle black version.

Great features for PC gamers

The Razer Kraken TE has some great features for PC gamers thanks to its included USB audio controller. Everything you might want to adjust is available with ease, including game audio mixing, bass, volume and muting the microphone.

What you also get, which isn't available if you use this headset with the Xbox One, is THX spatial audio. You can turn it on or off using the controller, but needless to say, it adds some extra quality to your gaming sounds when you have it enabled.

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