Ms Paint WindowsSource: Microsoft / Panos Panay

Recently, we've seen a steady stream of app news for Windows 11. The new Clock app rolled out to Windows Insiders this week, including support for Focus Sessions. Microsoft also announced that it's giving Paint a fresh coat of paint. Last week, Microsoft announced refreshes for the Snipping Tool and several other apps. We'd like to know which Windows 11 app from Microsoft you're most excited about.

In addition to visual refreshes to some of Microsoft's most famous apps, Windows 11 includes a new Chat app powered by Microsoft Teams and a revamped Microsoft Store that emphasizes Microsoft's recommitment to apps on Windows.

Some of Microsoft's apps, like the Calculator, are getting minor refreshes. They'll receive options for dark mode, round off some corners, and be done. Others, such as the Clock app, will gain new features with Windows 11.

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The Clock app has a new look and the new Focus Sessions feature. These sessions bring together Spotify, Microsoft To Do, and a timer to help you plan your workflow. The feature lets you plan time for breaks, set daily streak goals, and listen to music as you work.

If you'd like to try out these apps for yourself, you can sign up to be a Windows Insider. You can also check them out in our hands-on Windows 11 video.

Which app are you most excited to try on Windows 11? Let us know in the poll above and share your thoughts in the comments below. Maybe you aren't excited about any of the apps or think Microsoft doesn't make the best Windows apps. If that's the case, please share your thoughts as well!