Here is why you are not getting full LTE on AT&T when using the Lumia 950 XL

Over the last few days, people have been picking up the new Lumia 950 XL unlocked from Microsoft. The phone supports many LTE bands, which is why it is surprising to see a few people complaining about not getting LTE when they insert their AT&T SIM.

To be certain, the Lumia 950 XL dual-SIM does support AT&T's LTE bands. You can see it in action in our unboxing video. So why are some users having an issue? As it turns out, it can be a complicated mess that falls mostly in AT&T's lap.

Issue #1 – Setting up the phone without a SIM installed

Many times when you get a new phone you just want to turn it on and start using it. Additionally, you may want to set up the phone and use it for a few hours without a SIM to get a feel for it before committing your SIM to the phone.

However, skipping the SIM during the initial out-of-box setup may be a bad idea. We have set up our Lumia 950 XL twice with different AT&T SIMs and never had an issue getting LTE data speeds. It seems one common denominator with those getting non-LTE data is that they added the SIM after the setup. There may be a crucial step where the phone configures the APN settings during the initial setup, so it is best to start with the SIM when you take the Lumia 950 XL out of the box.

Hey, you can always pop out the SIM after and put it on your older phone until the Lumia 950 XL meets your criteria for usage.

Issue #2 – No IMEI for AT&T

The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity or IMEI is used to ID phones on a network. Did you never notice how your AT&T account settings "knows" what phone you are using? That falls on the IMEI.

AT&T keeps a list of IMEIs for the phones they official sell and support. The Lumia 950 XL is not amongst those they sell. If you call AT&T and tell them you are having issues with your unlocked Lumia 950 XL and you give that phone's IMEI, they will tell you they can't help and your phone won't work. This, however, is not true.

Many people in our forums have simply given IMEIs from other AT&T phones. One trick is just walk into an AT&T store and copy the IMEI from the AT&T Lumia 950 floor model. Others have used their older AT&T phones.

Once AT&T has an IMEI they can work with they can add it to your account and SIM. Once their system recognizes the IMEI, the LTE data should kick in. So much for open GSM standards, right? Remember, the IMEI does not matter on your end it is just a device ID and is independent of your SIM account number.

IMEI, where?

How to get an IMEI? On Windows Phone, it is always found under Settings > System > About > More Info and it should be listed near the MND and IMS numbers.

Now call AT&T support and tell them you have a new phone but your data isn't working. Provide them with the dummy IMEI from another AT&T phone and your SIM number. They'll add it to their system, and you should be good to go.

As user coolbreeze78 remarks in a forum thread on this topic "AT&T's system seems to require a branded AT&T LTE IMEI to be listed on your account for LTE provisioning to work". Once AT&T has this IMEI in their system you should be all set.

Interestingly, this LTE IMEI requirement seems to be only an AT&T issue, which is why those on T-Mobile do not seem to have the same problems.

Wrap up

To clarify again: The Microsoft Lumia 950 XL unlocked with dual-SIM 100% works on AT&T's network with LTE (although visual voicemail seems to be missing).

If you are only getting "4G" showing in the notification area on your Lumia 950 XL instead of "LTE", there is nothing wrong with the phone. Our Lumia 950 XL and many others are rolling just fine on AT&T. However, you do need to follow one or both steps above to make it work.

Most of the time the problems seem to come from picking up a new AT&T SIM and giving AT&T the IMEI from the Lumia 950 XL. Those who are migrating from an AT&T Lumia 1520, Lumia 920 or any other AT&T phone with LTE do not have these problems.

If you need more help on this or want to read other's experiences just jump into our help and support forums!

Order page for the Lumia 950 XL from Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Did you get your Lumia 950 XL in today? Let us know in comments your experience so far!

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  • Now if only we could figure out a way to get visual voice mail working it would be perfect. This is an issue on AT&T as well as t-mobile.
  • That must be a problem with Win10 on the 950(edit:XL), because visual voicemail works fine on my ATT 1020 even though I'm using T-mobile.
  • My at&t 950 has visual voicemail... I got prompted to set it up the first time I manually called the voicemail
  • My at&t 950 has visual voicemail
  • It is a problem for the unlocked 950xl. Unlocked 1520.3 running W10 has no issues.
  • My 1020 has no more visual voicemail since I upgraded to the latest build.
  • Nope, it's not. I set visual voicemail upon my son's 950. It's a network feature and having an unlocked phone, means some features may not be supported, even if the phone can use the carriers' SIM. I'm not sure if it can be fixed, but maybe following solution#2 in the article for setup and then calling ATT or Tmobile and getting them to help get things set up will work to get visual voicemail working. Just a thought. I would also assume you may want to leave the XL part off, when they ask you what kind of phone you have.
  • After many hours of back and forth with AT&T on this on my dual SIM 640, a senior AT&T manager told me AT&T does not support Visual Voicemail on dual SIM phones. This is why I just took advantage of the $39.00 sale on 640's to buy another, a single SIM version and now Visual Voicemail works perfectly.
  • My 1520.3 unlocked visual voicemail works perfect.
  • The 1520 is a supported device, despite it being unlocked.
  • I think we can thank Verizon and their $3 a month visual voicemail stranglehold for those problems...
  • 1st time ive seen it reminded me of the same app rogers uses in Canada for their android handjobs.
  • I've had visual voicemail disappear when I've upgraded builds. Calling AT&T and having them fix it has always worked for me.
  • It seems to be a dual sim issue, not an unlocked issue. Users of 640XL dual sim seem to have the same, unlocked 1520.3 and 1020 CV work fine.
  • Yup. There's the irony if it. When I found out that I got a better version of the 950XL I thought it was pretty cool. Little did I know that this better version with dual SIM would actually take away a feature which I really liked. I'm actually considering returning it which is unfortunate because I really like this phone.
  • It has to do with the SIM card they gave is and activated. I've had this problem in the past when getting a secure sim card for ISIS payments :)
  • Why are you paying ISIS bro?...
  • Cricket too
  • My Latin America country variant of the 1320 gets visual voicemail on T-Mobile whether it's on 8.1 or the latest 10.
  • Must be a dual sim issue as others have suggested.  I have a single sim 950xl (international version), and visual voice mail is working on AT&T for me.
  • Thanks for the clarification, Daniel. Hopefully this helps people out. AT&T is a special snowflake for some reason. They really do hate unlocked devcies, and a Dual SIM one? Instant redheaded stepchild. Someone needs to remind them they are a GSM operator, which is supposed to be an open standard. Oh well.
  • Yup and thanks for you help in the forums. Definitely a messy situation.
  • I worked for an at&t call center for a few years in tech support. Unless they've changed from the then-new programs they were using then (Lumia 1020 era), providing a false IMEI may make the situation worse. What needs to happen is the customer provides the correct IMEI, and the customer service representative will follow the on-screen prompts to change the data plan to a generic one, as AT&T's data plans are phone-specific (iphonie, android, blackberry, Windows, etc.). This way the network recognizes the correct phone, and the correct data plan os in place for the phone type.
  • Sure, that should happen. However, as some users in our forum have experienced AT&T sometimes says they can't do anything about it and closes the case. Let's face it, it's a dumb system that is exacerbated by having under-trained employees. Customer loses each time.
  • *exacerbated
  • The only issue in the past was with iPhone and Blackberry IMEIs, since they used to have special plans that aligned with the phone's features. Just use an AT&T Android LTE phone IMEI. A store manager gave me this advice years ago, so AT&T has created this fiasco themselves. Maybe they should phone Legere to understand how T-Mobile's systems just work with any unlocked LTE phone's IMEI without hijinks. I know AT&T just loves their branded phones and really want to sell you one, but they are a GSM operator. Their systems shouldn't require jumping through hoops like this, but alas, they do. It's their issue and needs to be fixed. Until then, we resort to hacky workarounds.
  • Those pesky US carriers lol... Cheers for the info Coolbreeze78 and the PSA Daniel. Should help point people in the right direction.
  • Its really not that difficult. Your sims 9th and 10th digit must be 27 or higher first off with ATT for hd voice and lte support. After that the system has 3 main groups that provide you with LTE speeds and provision it to your actual phone line. The main 3 options are either for a general smartphone (windows phone, android etc), one specifically for Iphones and the final is for Blackberrys. Any imei provided for any phone within these 3 groups will provision you properly for LTE so long as the imei you provided is for a phone that ATT's system will recognize is LTE capable. Thats all there is to it. Cheers! One more thing. The data plan youre subscribed to determines whether youre provisioned for VVM as well or not. There are always 2 with VVM...and one with just basic voicemail.
  • I had this exact problem with my 950 xl. Went to ask at t store and he added an iPhone 5c imei and lte lot right up. Thanks for the help! I thought it was my phone. Att support was useless as you predicted.
  • & I remember non-tmo handsets didn't get apn settings automatically in various threads on here.
  • Why didn't they support the both models from the beginning if they were supporting W10M? It's not like Microsoft had them carry mill stones
  • OH AT&T, well at least the community has come together to help others fix this issue.
  • And what if we already did setup our phones without the SIM? Should we do a hard reset and start over once we get the SIM?
  • I'd first try it with the SIM to see if it works ;) If it doesn't try either one of those steps.
  • I'm in that boat too. Phone delivered on 25th and have been setting it up on WiFi because my work schedule hasn't allowed me time to get to a store yet. I wanted to have my phone setup BEFORE I switched it over. *fingers crossed.*
  • Mine says LTE but only getting 4 or 5 Mbps download. I was getting 30Mbps on my old phone. Something is not right. Everyone try to do a speed test to see if you're getting correct speed.
  • I just ran side by side tests on AT&T Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL on AT&T. Both were neck and neck for the same speeds even after running the tests multiple times. If there is a difference I cannot see it. Where i am I only average between 5-7 Mbps too, but it is consistent between both phones.
  • After I managed to make my LTE working I did notice the same thing and it bothers me. My speeds are in 5-8 Mbps range, although sometimes they can peak at 18. And now when I put my new SIM into an old phone I'm getting the same thing. And upload is consistently between 0.5-1.5 Mbps. But previously before I got my 950XL and changed the SIM card I did get much higher speeds, like TechAbstract says - something closer to 30Mbps down and at least 10Mbps up. My guess is they enabled some generic setting for LTE that works on some minimum. I don't know much about how this system works so it is purely my guess. As I am happy to get any LTE I still would like to see the normal speeds as I need it for work. I frequently send emails with big attachments and with ~1 Mbps upload it's not going to work very well. I hope they will work it out soon.
  • Under your sim settings there is an option to pull the carrier configurations again. You may want to try that.
  • Can one not manually enter apn settings? Maybe an automatic config goes wrong?
  • "And what if we already did setup our phones without the SIM? Should we do a hard reset and start over once we get the SIM?" The answer to this question is still unclear to me, after reading this article and thread. AT&T CS has been unable to fix this for me, and I am left wondering what my options are, short of returning the 950XL.
  • At least AT&T is giving windows phone somewhat of a chance. Less can be said for many of the other US carriers
  • Yeah although I find Cricket to be the only carrier to actually advertise windows phone.
  • Cricket is actually a subsidiary of AT&T
  • You guys seem to care a lot about visual voicemail, being from the UK I have no idea what this even is, but hey I guess I can't miss what I've never had!
  • It's like email but for voicemail. you can see a list of voicemails and play them directly, pause, and delete without having to call in to check.
  • Definitely a "nice to have" feature once you're used to it. Until I'd seen it I actually thought it was a feature that translated voice mail into a text-based message you could just read (hence the term 'visual'). But sadly, no.
  • There is a service that you can have your email transalted by computer or by a human  (Ymail). Paid services, while they do a have a free service it will not transcribe your email.. You can also use google voice for you voicemail. It will transcribe your email free. You get notifications. You have to use the web browser to actually listen to you messages. However, you can get a transcription of your voicemail in your email or as a text. This is all for "free".  
  • I never knew I wanted it until I got it
  • Yeah it is very funny how they still use voicemail and sms in the US. Looks like they didn't find out everything can be done via WhatsApp&co in a much richer way. They buy super expensive phone and use them as a 3310 . No offense intended! It's just to let you know most of the advanced world has moved forward :)
  • Because it doesn't really offer anything that we can't do, as far as voicemail and SMS are concerned. Voicemail and SMS aren't exactly flawed, people don't see a need to replace them. Not to mention getting people to physically download an App and set it up, including giving out their information to whoever they need to to use it is just more trouble than it's worth, if your not already using WhatsApp. Email and SMS just work, out of the gate. Just need to set a PIN for voicemail. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • Its good that in india we dont carrier dependant phones
    Just buy any phone and they should just work fine
  • Great article, I am eagerly awating my phone to be shipped and I will make sure to come back to this when I get it so I, hopefully, don't have any issues. I'm curious, you said you guys had no problems, did you already have an AT&T branded phones IMEI on your account before setting up your 950XL?
  • Yeah, my SIM was from the 1520 and I used it with Samsung and Apple too, so it was already in their system.
  • I had an att 1520, and used the same sim, also no issue with service.
  • A lot of those problems come from the fact that 950(XL) requires nanoSIM and most other Windows Phones work with microSIM so you need to get a new SIM card. And to activate it ATT asks you for IMEI of your new phone and that's where the problems start. I believe Daniel had already been using nanoSIM that's why he didn't experience any of those problems. I personally come from Lumia 920/635 combo and they both were micro. I'm not sure which of older WP's use nano. But if you have iphone or a newer Galaxy you should be good with just putting your card into 950.
  • I'm on T-Mobile coming from the 925. So I have the same problem with the SIM size. But when I called in, they just said they would mail me the card overnight. Should come in today and hoping it will be dead simple to activate.
  • You'll be fine either way. I've mentioned it in a few other posts here but if you turn the phone on before putting the sim in just make sure you got to settings- cellular and sim and turn the data connection on after you put the sim in. The phone will likely ask you to reboot once it picks up the network and at this point it will put in the correct APN for LTE and MMS on TMobile. Instead of waiting overnight I'd just go to a TMO store today and get one. That's what I did and it only took about 5 mins.
  • Or you could just take a box cutter to the sim.... I've done this before
  • I am transitioning from an L920 to L950XL. I walked into the AT&T store with my L920 and asked to have the number transferred from a microSIM to nanoSIM. Total time in store: 4 minutes, no questions asked. I consider myself fortunate.
  • My ATT store just clipped my microsim to a nanosim with a hand tool. Told me they don't issue new SIMs just for that anymore. Didn't even need to look up my account when switching from L635 to L1520.3.
  • You ARE lucky.  I did the exact same thing with mine and I have NO cell data, NO MMS, NO group texting and NO voice mail, even regular voice mail. seriously ticked off right now.
  • Take  look at your APN settings. I had the same issue with my unlocked 830. If you have AT&T, try this;!/wireless/KM1062162 or use their online chat and tell them you have a different phone (give them an IMEI from either something old that you have or like others say, get the IMEI off a floor model) and tell them your problem and you notice the APN setting are not filled in correctly.  
  • I setup my phone on WiFi, then put my sim in, it came up as LTE, but the phone had cellular data off by default.
  • Same here, it didn't start showing the word LTE until I traveled with it. Now, if they can only improve the battery life or sell an extra battery with charger :-(
  • Let's get AT&T working on wifi calling for the 950 models please.
  • This is clearly very valuable info.
  • Does the screen has a limited numbers of characters. What I see as my provider is ROGERS L. Is it LTE but it's limited by character's lenght?
  • No LTE shows up as a separate status icon in the status bar its on the left right beside the signal meter
    Also it shows up only when cellular data is on
    It also could show E or 3G or H+ or 4G Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I also see the same thing.  I also noticed that it seems to spend much more time in the H+ and G services.   It also seems that the speedtests are running a lot slower than they did on my 920.  Have you noticed any thing like that? Once I get a micro sim back into my 920 I'll try a side by side speed test. I did set mine up on wifi before I had a microSIM.
  • mine shows the exact same thing....
  • I was going to pick up my pre order 950XL today but no visual voicemail may be a deal breaker. Hopefully this can get figured out.
  • It's not a deal breaker. There are alternatives, and with enough prodding at&t might do something.
  • Dear editor: there is a difference between "setup" and "set up". Check it out.
  • pass
  • Who are the people paying full price on this phone? Is there a trick I'm unaware of or do they just not concern themselves with price? If there's a trick or deal please do tell!
  • The trick is to work hard and save money, then buy.
  • Haha, that doesn't work for me. I need a good deal when I buy stuff. I never pay full price for anything. It's just the way I am.
  • Sorry but this is the future of phone buying experience Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol, for you maybe. Not for me. I can patiently wait for the software to improve and the price to fall. Until then I am happy with my 1020.
  • Are you a student? 10% at the Microsoft Store. 5% discount if you are Military. 
  • 950XL is still cheaper than prior flagship phones. Just used to be more often embedded in monthly fees and/or early termination fees in the past. WinMo HTC Touch Pro was $700. Lumia 1520 MSRP was at least $1000. That said, I'm also amazed by how otherwise-frugal people justify new flagship phones every year or two (myself included). Spend your money where you spend your time, I guess.
  • So lying about the IMEI gets you on their network? Why don't the thieves just 'phone in a fake IMEI' and use your phone as their own? How exactly is your phone correctly identified on the ATT network after this?
  • The entire reason I know this works is because a manager at an AT&T store suggested I do this years ago (imported Nexus S). He walked over to a display model, got an LTE IMEI off of a branded phone, put it on my account and it worked. That was enough of an endorsement for me. AT&T created this monster, so it's not "stealing" in any way. It doesn't tie the equipment to your line, just flips the switch in AT&T's systems to enable LTE. Not a sophisticated solution, but until AT&T pulls their head out with unlocked devices, it's the solution they are requiring themselves.
  • The SIM card.
  • I have lte right now but I drop to 4G alot more than I did on my 1520
  • Is this the same on TMobile? MMS appears half working for me.
  • Go to settings-cellular and sim and make sure your data connection is turned on. Once you turn it on the phone should ask you to restart(possibly a couple times) so it can auto fill in the APN settings. Once the TMO APNs are in you should be fine on LTE and fine with MMS.
  • No issues here. Went from 1020 to the 950xl.
  • Was on the phone over 60 minutes. After 30 minutes they "explained" that my phone was not LTE compatible and transferred me to tech support. For another 30 minutes, we discussed that unless the phone is branded for AT&T, it will not work. We agreed to disagree, and I had him register the new nano-sim I got from the retail AT&T store to my old Lumia 920. I lost my voicemails, no visual yet, and still no LTE.     Edit. I created a manual APN based on these settings, then i got LTE.!/wireless/KB424489?source=red...
  • Peter, would you please expand on how you had entered the APN? The ATT directions are not clear to me.
  • Here are screenshots of where it is and what to do
  • From the "Get started Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM" guide that comes in the box: "2
    "Insert the SIM and memory card
    "Your SIM card has an effect on important settings. Insert the SIM card before turning the phone on." I did that and LTE worked fine. I guess others got started a little too quickly?
  • I would say they probably didn't read the manual as not many people do lol.
  • No, it has to do with the phone you used the previous SIM card on. If your previous SIM was set up for LTE and visual voicemail, you're home-free on the 950 XL. If, like me, you had to get a new SIM card, they recognize the 950 XL IMEI as a generic/dumbphone not capable of LTE nor Visual Voicemail.
  • As a fellow RTFM type, I hope I'd have been so circumspect to do so, but fortunately, my device is sitting at UPS waiting for me to pick up so I am tuned into these issues.  As a convert (to AT&T) from Vz, I am interested, was your SIM brand new or did it come out of an existing AT&T LTE device?
  • Daniel, does WiFi calling work on the 950xl?
  • For the most part just manually dial in your voicemail, after you got connected to your voicemail, listen to one voicemail then hang up the phone , after a few moment you start seeing the virtual voicemail prompt you to set up.
  • Didn't like on xl
  • This is the exact reason I am not with AT&T....
  • Would this be the same for other phones or just these? Im about to buy a 640 for someone but I want to set it up before putting in the SIM
  • As long as the 640 (or any phone) has an AT&T logo on it, you're good to go.
  • But would it still cause the problem that is talked about in the article? (Issue #1)
  • No
  • I did the setup before sim thing. LTE works but I had to add an apn for mms.
  • what is an apn for mms and how do you add it?
  • Check the 950XL forum, I posted it last night.
  • I can't get VVM working on my launch day AT&T 950. I have a feeling the sales rep didn't do something right, as when we set the phone up we were on the stores wi fi. When I got to my car, I had no cellular data, etc. I rebooted my phone and it just worked since, except for VVM. Tried calling my VM, etc.
  • This is so wrong. Forcing customers to buy their branded or supported devices.
  • Agreed!! Got mine and my parent's 950XsL finally running LTE but everytime the support rep I called said they were going to try something else to get LTE working she added "You know, to get the full AT&T experience you should buy an AT&T branded phone." I kept saying, "Yes ma'am, but my elderly parents wanted the phone with the larger screen and AT&T declined to offer it."  To which she said, "We have a very large selection of phones."  To which I replied, "Yes ma'am/" ;)  
  • You can also find your IMEI by pressing *#06# on your phone dialler.
  • Was coming to say the same thing! :)
  • Omg Microsoft play the game with 950 users
  • There may be a very simple solution to issue #1. I bought an unlocked 950 last night for use on Tmobile. I wasn't able to pick up a nano sim until this morning and went through the setup process last night without a SIM. After inserting the SIM I was not getting an LTE connection. Turns out when you don't set up the phone with a sim the phone defaults the data connection setting to 'off'. To fix this simply go to settings-cellular+sim- and turn the connection on. It should auto pickup the correct APNs for data and MMS after doing this. Hope this helps.
  • Wow all that work just to get what should be automatically activated!!!! I had a problem with my phone from O2 where I couldn't use a USA sim in it where it is meant to be Unlocked because I bought it via Carphone Warehouse but I had to contact O2 to ask then to unlock it, they said it was a Windows Phone thing, I don't know how true it was, but I found that surprising, hopefully won't have that problem with 950 XL since it will be bought unlocked from Microsoft store!!!!
  • I had a problem like that when I had moved to Movistar with my phone which they don't imported was a LUMIA 820 from other phone operator and the solution was use another APN which was used for data cards that worked flawlessly Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I can't believe the palaver you guys have to go through! I'm in England and it's all a breeze to get your phone up and working with your existing or new phone operator. How can the US live with such a crap service?
  • It's not an indirect blocking that American operators does with other phones acquired by yourself by noon carriers , and the Americans believes that carry an gun it's a proof of freedom Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Shut up, commie.
  • Does this problem affect Cricket also?
  • Can we expect such issue with other carriers (eg. in Europe) or this problems are exclusive to AT&T?
  • First let me say that I love AT&T. Now that's out of the way. We should send a letter to them complaining bitterly about this intolerable situation. Then let them know we wouldn't mind them charging a $10 fee for creating a new imei for unlocked phones. They will do it. At&t is nothing if not money grubbing.
  • Send a letter, that'll teach em...
  • Exactly. The only way to respond is to hit them where it hurts, their wallet. You'll need to convince 90% of the AT&T base to leave for them with them telling AT&T the unlocked phone fiasco is the reason they left for to definitely fix it.
  • hey Dan, I think visual voicemail is missing on T-mobile USA as well!!
  • I have a Lumia 928 that no longer has VVM with Verizon. I was anxiously awaiting a seemless purchase and joining ATT...... No more.... Thank you all for posting your issues......i don't need this....... Next week I'll get an iPhone 6s+. Disappointed, but after 2 years it's time to move on. Thank you so much Windows Central!!!!!
    MS has enough money to have completely coordinated a super smooth adoption with AT&T of the the 950. MS also has the resources to pay 10,000 developers some serious cash on the side to convert some of their best apps to WP.
    MS has failed miserably!!!!
  • I'm thinking of doing the same. There's just no need to put up with all of this. We just need our phones to work, and my experience on W10M is that it doesn't. I don't need carrier bullshit on top of that.
  • I switched from a 640XL to the 950XL.  I had to get a new sim due the different sim size in the phones.  After I got home I realzed I had no LTE sevice, VVM, or HD Calling.  I called ATT and they told that LTE sevice and VVM was not activated on that SIM.  He then had issues with IMEI number from the new phone. Saying it would not let him add the sevices to the that number.  So I put the sim back in my 640XL(with a sim adapter for size). I noticed again i was missing the same services. He then got all the services working on my 640xl LTE, VVM, and HD Voice calling.  Once I put the sim back in the 950XL I noticed I had LTE service but it still seemed a little slower. Still had no VVM and when I make any call the phone drops to 4G. When I hang up the call it jumps back to LTE. This is clearly a provising issue with the SIM and LTE service.  You must have LTE service to use VVM and to make an HD voice call. He even had me try different APN settings which did not make a difference.  If i put the sim back in the 640XL all services work fine with no issues.  I am hoping they fix this soon becuse i like the phone but it makes me second guess my purchase if i cant truely use all its features and speeds.
  • Same experience. Have a 950 and a 950xl. Hoping this is resolves w/ the xl as I love the feel of it.
  • All these issues with visual voicemail is due to the sim free unlocked phone not being an at&t phone, in other words, it doesn't have their software in it, that's what I believe is the cause.
  • The visual voice mail problem is not an unlocked phone issue. it's not even a supported vs non-supported phone issue. I had an HTC 8x (AT&T branded) and an unlocked 1520.3. Neither of theses phones were directly supported by T-mobile. In fact T-Mobile did not even know what phone I had when I had the 8X and the 1520. Despite that visual voice mail worked perfectly. With the 950XL there is no visual voice mail at the moment on t-mobile. It appears to be a dual SIM issue.
  • Att rep told me visual voicemail is only available for their supported phones. 950xl works on their network, but they wont let it have access.
  • Also, the Microsoft rep I talked to today implied visual voicemail is not standard on the 950xl, so it may have to be added by the carrier in their version of the phone.
  • Got LTE working. Had them register the new nano-sim to my Lumia 920. Then I had to manually enter the APN from here:!/wireless/KB424489?source=red...   Still haven't got visual voicemail to work yet
  • Surprised Verizon wasn't somehow blamed for this.
  • Sounds like a mess
  • Had the issue. Started the phone to load it before going to att to sim it up. The rep there called their tech line and manually set up my data. Works fine. The guy was really excited to see an XL in the flesh. Great service.
  • Just an FYI-You can also get your IMEI by simply dialing *#06#.   Thanks.
  • What, i paid $650 for thishone and it doesnt support Att lte? that is a failure. If the sim issue is all it is then its fine but if i have to steal a IMEI number or allready have one to ise the phone? Thats bs all the way and makes the phone worthless and a no buy.
  • How is this a mostly AT&T issue? Seems to me that MS should have made all this happen. The fact that they did not again shows a half assed commitment to mobile.
  • Microsoft is just the equipment and OS maker. The OS and phone are capable of the features. AT&T are the ones blocking the phone from the features on their network. Let's blame the correct parties here.
  • That's all understood, but MS has to have the people who can build relationships and have the clout and resources to get AT&T to do it with them. They have to make it happen or the phone is a failure. So we have waited for over a year for two phones. Neither will work with VZ and one apparently works with no carrier. What a mess.
  • You're right, of course, and MS has strongly implied that it doesn't stand behind these phones - that they're just a stopgap until the Surface phone late in 2016. If MS won't support them, then why should we? This could be the end of the line for me, I just can't subsidize their incompetence anymore.
  • I returned my 950xl cause I have to have visual voicemail. Anyone know if it works on cricket?
  • This is insane. I had no clue about the lack of visual voicemail either. Super pissed and returning my xl tomorrow.
  • For whatever it's worth i use iseevm for visual voicemail it works better than the barebones visual voicemail it also shows missed calls even if the phone was off when the person calls or you were in an area without signal, it's also a caller id and will tell you from the call list whetere the person left a message or not.
  • I just tried to setup ISeeVM to try it on the 950XL and the verification failed on 4 attempts.  Not sure if it's me or if it won't work on the 950XL.  I do miss VVM and may go to the 950.  I have another few days to see if there is a solution for VVM on the 950XL.
  • My biggist gripe with the 950XL is on the site it says WI-FI calling and there is no such setting on the phone this is very useful to me the 640 had it and it works beautifully, I need this when I am at work and leave the office to check on things in the shop as it is a steel building and only wifi calling works out there.
  • Next shit storm: The 950 XL Dual Sim doesn't support 3GPP R10 Carrier Aggregation (unlike the single SIM variant) and will therefore be limited to a single carrier, up to 150 Mbps (less in the US since the carriers are usually smaller than 20 MHz - blame the FCC)
  • Dual SIM is a major plus here as both business and personal accounts will be on one device.
  • Daniel which app u used to blur the imei no.? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • daniel, thanks for taking note what was being discussed in the forums and providing a good summary and how-to for everyone who is lucky enough to get the unlocked 950 or unlocked 950XL and use it on ATT.
  • I took my 1520 in to my local AT&T store this afternoon to be re-activated, then swapped the SIM with my 950XL, and now my LTE works again.
  • It's not necessary to give AT&T an IMEI from a branded phone. They have dummy IMEIs they can plug in to provision you for the correct data plan. They can then walk you through manually entering the apn. I used to work advanced tech support for AT&T and helped customers on a daily basis with adding unlocked phones and getting them working on LTE. I'm not sure if regular customer service can do it but tech support can. If they give you the run around and tell you they can't do it then you have either a lazy rep or one who doesn't know what the hell they are doing.
  • Yep I'm glad I got my 950. I was afraid all the things you guys are complaining about would happen. If I do get the XL it will be tmobile. GOOD luck
  • Hope we don't have the same issues here in Australia when the phone launches next week. Also, easiest way to get the IMEI number on most phones, dial *#06#
  • After reading this article and realizing I did not have LTE on my new 950XL I called AT&T and spoke to tech support. After providing the IMEI number, she tried a few things and put me on hold. She eventually told me LTE would work not with this phone. I said, "So you're telling me it's a problem with your network?" She said, "No, my manager informed me this phone does not support LTE." I politely told her she was misinformed. She put me on hold again for about 10 minutes. When she came back on, she apologized and said she researched the phone and it does support the LTE bands. She put a special request in to have the LTE option made available for the phone. It sounded like it would take a little bit of time for that to happen but they will call me when it's done. Btw, my wife's unlocked 950 got LTE when her new SIM was activated.
  • There's no special request add lte that she could have done for you. It can't be manually added. It's all imei dependant.
  • I put my SIM card from my 1520 in my 950XL before I turned it on, I've had no problems minus the lack of VVM. I just did a speed test and got about 20Mb down and 8Mb up. Be advised I'm up in the Rocky Mountains too, our speeds are normally slower up here. P.S. I got my email telling me my free display dock has shipped.
  • Everybody should perform this test ... make and receive calls and see if LTE switches to 4G during the call.  My 950 XL does this, whereas the 950 does not.  The 950 XL was ordered onlne from MS and is unbranded, and the 950 was purchased at the MS store and is AT&T branded. I started with a 920 SIM and cut it down when I upgraded to a 930.  The 930 was 4G only, which I knew.  Both the 950 and 950 XL showed 'LTE' from the beginning of turning the phone on.  But the 950 XL actually switches to 4G during calls. Can others confirm or deny with their tests?  This, plus lack of VVM will have me return the XL.  
  • That is happening to everyone, I use lumia 1520  at&t version, i think from last month ,i see the phone LTE changing to 4g while on call, i have some friends who use the iphone from at&t, they are also having the same issue, i think here the problem is AT&t,not mobile phone.
  • These two new phones were catastrophes.  They will be the worst selling windows phones in the history of the platform, carriers didn't want them, nobody is going to buy them.  I will be surprised if windows phone exists at the end of 2016.  What a waste of some good technology and what a half hearted effort for MS. 
  • Why isn't Microsoft providing 950 XL smartphones to sell from AT&T? From where I see it, Microsoft must purposely trying to make their new phones fail and not sell. When I buy a phone I want the carrier that it resides on to be also responsible to support the hardware. With Microsoft as the only seller of the 950XL there is no one to contact about problems. I've always been a Windows phone supporter but seriously, if I can't get the 950XL from AT&T, I will be moving from my Lumia 1520 to an iPhone 6 Plus, and Microsoft is to blame!
  • This is why Microsoft will never beat the other guys because they don't have their I's dotted and T's crossed ! What were they thinking when releasing a phone with no cell phone support ! You expect people to lie to get there phone activated ! Get with the program Microsoft stop rushing product to the market when your not ready! I foe one will just stay with my 928 and be happy! Let me know when you have a product ready for USA use!
  • Meanwhile, Verizon customers are left in the cold by their carrier and by Microsoft.
    As long as Verizon's network remains the most reliable in my area. nothing Microsoft does is going to worth a damn to me as long as they and Verizon keep acting like dicks to each other. I just get the feeling that Microsoft is less dedicated to the WP platform than many of the users of WP devices are. I'm tired of being forced to choose between a reliable network and the device I want. 
    At this point, I'd rather just ditch the idea of having a smartphone if my 928 dies. I'm not going to change carriers, and I don't want iOS or Android.  Seems that someone would want to sell somethingthat other WP fans on Verizon would want, but that remains to be seen.
  • I just got an unlocked Lumia 950 dual SIM from the Microsoft Store, who failed to mention that I needed a new SIM.  I plugged in the phone to charge it but did not set it up.  I then went to the local AT&T store and a very nice man there gave me a new SIM, switched the SIM in the system, and plugged it in.  After running setup and restoring my cloud backup I had an LTE signal and all was well.  It seems the key is not to run setup until the SIM is plugged in.  I didn't need any intervention with the IMEI or anything other than the SIM switch.  As for Visual Voicemail, that does not seem to work which is a bummer but not enough to get me to turn in my phone.
  • Does anyone know if you can use an IMEI # that is currently in use and active on the account? Are theere any negative consequences from using the wrong IMEI #? My 950 xl was set up following the directions in the store by the AT&T store manager... She seemed puzzled at times and swapped my SIM from the SIM 2 to SIM 1 and was clearly tryjng to solve something. I was in front of an increasing line on black friday so I think she just wanted to move me along. She handed it back and said "have fun with your new toy". I wonder if she even noticed the lack of LTE and VVM. I didn't until i tried to download some things and it took way too long... This kind of sucks. Always has to be some problem with these phones. I have been contemplating going back to IOS (last one was the 3) but I wanted "the one ecosystem to rule them all" so I gave them one more shot.. AT this point I guess to get the best of Microsoft, you have to go to IOS. What strange irony. 
  • HELP!!! ok, so I buy the Lumia 950 XL from a Microsoft store on November 25th and have had nothing but problems getting it to work.  While getting "help" with att they actually ended up deleting my unlimited data plan that took them two days to return (but they did) First I was coming off the 640XL which uses a Micro Sim and unfortunately the 950 XL needs a nano.   The first thing I did was set it up without the sim and off of wi-fi.  After about 16 hours of downloads (slow internet plus entire usa offline maps).  I was happy with what I was seeing and put in the sim card.  I called 611 and gave them the info they activated my new sim but I wasn't getting data. This caused me to do some research and I read that to get lte I either needed to start off with the sim in it or call att and lie about my phone and give them the imei from another lte att phone.  So I went to an att store to see if they could get it to work. The played with the apn settings and I then was getting 4g.  Because it wasn't LTE, I felt perhaps it was needed to do a hard reset with the sim.  This sadly only erased everything I had done and I was still stuck with 4G. I left the store unhappy.  The next day i called and gave them my imei from my 640xl and they did their magic and was now getting LTE.  Around this time is when i lost all data because they canceled my data plan and i had to get it back- this took two days. So then i got my phone data plan back and now i noticed i wasn't getting mms.  So i called 611 and they noticed my imei didn't match from my 950xl and said that was why i wasn't getting mms.  I said go ahead and match it.  After a reboot i was back to 4g and still no mms. Now i was really annoyed after all this and called 611 again to talk about getting mms.  They couldn't get it to work.  i asked them to go back to my imei from my 640xl to at least enjoy lte.  It didn't work.  but they did give me a number for sms calling in the settings. The next day I called 611 again and said i had a 640xl and they matched it up and i again had lte.  But no mms. I found some things on the internet about adding apn mms and played with those settings and had nothing. i also read about perhaps not using the hd calling would make it work.  I later read perhaps deleting the apn mms would make it work so i gave that a try as well. I was a little happy earlier in the day when all of a sudden i got some mms.  Then it stopped.  I noticed it works when on 4g! and not LTE.  So i called 611 again and asked them to cancel the hd calling and explained much of what i just explained.   They still conclude that until the 950xl is supported by att that i will continue to have issues.  For the apn mms i used the following settings. Profile name- phone apn- phone user name- password- type of sign-in info-  None or later pap ip type- ipv4v6 proxy server- proxy port- 80 mmsc (URL) MMSC port- 80 and then blank. Maximum mms size 600 Oddly enough i seem to have it working when i loose lte and am on 4g.   Any help would be appreciated! 
  • I thought I would share my success story. I bought my wife a AT&T branded 950 and myself an unclocked 950xl.   I ran through the setup the 950xl at an AT&T store because I didnt have a nano sim on hand.  When I put in the new nano sim in the store, I accidentally put the sim in the second sim slot and ran through the setup.  When I noticed my error, we put the sim in the first slot and I successfully made phone calls and had data access. After a week or two I noticed that I never got LTE and only seemd to get 4g.  I googled and found this article. (THANK YOU Daniel!) I called AT&T support and had a nice expierence.   I said that I recently bought the 950xl and 950. I explained that my 950xl didn't receive LTE and my 950 did within my house. I didn't feel comfortable lying and giving a wrong IMEI so I gave my real one along with my SIM.  She re-provisioned it on her side and no-dice.  I still only had 4g. She then mentioned that unlocked phones sometimes dont have the full-featured services of AT&T.   I just cut to the chase and asked if she could please enter in a dummy IMEI since my phone could certainly do LTE.  She was hesitant at first and I asked if we could just try it.  She agreed and entered a dummy IMEI for a ATT branded 950. (I dont know where she got it from, but she seemed to have it on hand). After she entered the information she asked me to reboot again.  When I rebooted the phone I still didn't have LTE right away.  I then went to the SIM settings page and clicked the sync settings button.  I dont know if that fixed it, or if it was just timing waiting for the setting to propogate through their system... but my phone switch to LTE  and I was a happy camper.  I thanked her for fixing and now I am all good.  
  • You may already know, but Visual Voice Mail works on the 950XL single sim.  I got my single sim 950xl by ordering the international version via Amazon.  Strange the international is single sim (which I prefer) and the MS Store version is the dual sim.
  • My wife's unlocked L950XL has VVM, MMS and "LTE" working. VVM was setup after chatting an AT&T rep. But I've noticed that the speed of my "LTE" connection is really slower than normal. My AT&T Lumia 920 is much faster data connection-wise. I see that AT&T still has not sorted this out.