Microsoft pushes out batch of cumulative updates for Windows 10

Microsoft has released the latest cumulative update for Windows 10 Anniversary Update users, bringing the build number to 14393.187.

Microsoft's support page (opens in new tab) has what's included in this latest production update:

  • Improved reliability of Windows Shell, map apps, Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Addressed issue causing push-button reset to not work correctly and roll back on devices with language set to any of the Unicode languages.
  • Addressed issue causing devices to crash after disconnecting an e-reader that was attached to the device.
  • Addressed issue causing devices to not recognize a Secure Digital (SD) card if it is inserted and removed multiple times.
  • Addressed issue causing some apps to not respond to the commands in the app bar in Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Addressed issue that sometimes blocks alarm notifications in Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Improved support for using the camera app in Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise.
  • Addressed additional issues with rendering 4K resolution, missing Start menu tiles when running on battery, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Bluetooth compatibility, graphics, display rotation, app compatibility, Wi-Fi, Feedback Hub, Miracast, Windows Shell, revised daylight saving time, and USB.
  • Security updates to Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows kernel, and Adobe Flash Player.

In addition to the update released for PCs already on the Anniversary update, Microsoft has pushed a set of cumulative updates to those on pre-Anniversary Update PCs as well. If you're on the Windows 10 November Update, you'll see a cumulative update to build 10586.589 with the following improvements:

  • Improved reliability of Internet Explorer 11, USB, and the .NET framework.
  • Addressed issue with the link to "Change my environment variables" in the User Accounts Control Panel not working correctly.
  • Addressed issue where a device, which previously had Internet access, has the incorrect time and date after joining a network with no Internet access to SSL servers.
  • Addressed issue where someone with a mandatory profile can't use the Start menu, Cortana, search, and some pre-installed apps.
  • Addressed issue where, after installing a package using Windows Installer (MSI), customers can't run any command line utility unless they restart or sign out and then sign in to their device.
  • Addressed issue causing "Print all linked documents" to not work in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Improved support for networks by adding new entries to the Access Point Name (APN) database.
  • Removed the Copy Protection option when ripping CDs in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format from Windows Media Player.
  • Addressed additional issues with excessive security logging, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), consumer storage, Add-On List Group Policy Object, mobile broadband, filter drivers, Internet Explorer 11, Windows Media Player, graphics, revised daylight saving time, and Windows Shell.
  • Security updates to Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Graphics Component, Microsoft Edge, Windows Secure Kernel Mode, Windows SMB Server, Windows kernel, Windows Lock Screen, and Adobe Flash Player.

Likewise, if you're still running the initial release version of Windows 10, today's cumulative update will bump you to build number 10240.17113 with the following changes:

  • Improved reliability of Internet Explorer 11, .NET Framework, and Windows Kernel.
  • Addressed issue causing print jobs to not complete, when printing multiple documents in succession.
  • Addressed issue where recovery of encryption certificates for a virtual smartcard doesn't work.
  • Addressed issue preventing many built-in groups (such as Hyper-V administrators) from being created during setup of new devices using Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • Improved support for the Group Policy setting for signing in using a PIN.
  • Addressed issue causing links to webpages to display blank pages when Enhanced Protected Mode is enabled in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Addressed issue causing "Print all linked documents" to not work in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Improved support for networks by adding new entries to the Access Point Name (APN) database.
  • Removed the Copy Protection option when ripping CDs in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format from Windows Media Player.
  • Addressed additional issues with Internet Explorer 11, Windows Installer, Shell, Windows Media Player, revised daylight saving time, and Windows Update for Business.
  • Security updates to Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Windows kernel, OLE automation, Windows lock screen, Windows Secure Kernel Mode, Windows SMB Server v1.0, Microsoft Graphics Component, and PDF.

For more, be sure to check out Microsoft's full update history page (opens in new tab) for a full rundown of details for each release.

John Callaham
  • .201 is on Build feed list, insiders will probably get that one shortly too Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They will be rotating'em soon I bet. I wonder if this one was another attempt at patching the secure boot vulnerability, sorry to say it that way....reading here they released cumulative updates to all three W10 builds.
  • no build for mobile?
  • Waiting for Mobile. Hope it comes today
  • Also waiting for mobile. It should come today, its second Tuesday.
  • Should be anytime, they put mobile fixes in the change log.
  • They did? Link please
    People from MS tweeted no mobile build today.
  • No link neded, scroll up and read...or if you can't be bothered here is a cut and paste: Addressed issue causing some apps to not respond to the commands in the app bar in Windows 10 Mobile. Addressed issue that sometimes blocks alarm notifications in Windows 10 Mobile. Improved support for using the camera app in Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise.
  • They put mobile fixes in .103 and .105 also, however neither of those have been pushed to mobile production yet.
  • True but .105 is the current Release Preview build.
  • It is, but for those of us who remain on the production build are still waiting for the fixes that were introduced in those builds (such as the horrid battery life for the Band 2, etc)
  • Do you have it already?
  • Hopefully fix for Bluetooth, and apps loading issues.
  • I don't see the build for mobile either.
  • Already updated
  • How was it?
  • Thanks a lot of work here behind stages . Thanks again. ur the best Microsoft dev .
  • "Addressed issue causing some apps to not respond to the commands in the app bar in Windows 10 Mobile. Addressed issue that sometimes blocks alarm notifications in Windows 10 Mobile. Improved support for using the camera app in Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise."
    Strange! But no build for Mobile. Let's hope it is also coming today☺
  • Same thing when .105 was released for PCs. It was eventually pushed to preview but not to production yet.
  • Does the X3 run W10 Mobile Enterprise?
  • I hope so.
  • ...
  • W10M Enterprise...Gonna have to google that one. Out of the box, I would not think so for the X3, likewise it should definitely be capable though.
  • Come on Mobile. This last "patch" sucks so bad. I have to restart all the time.
  • Which device? I don't have that issue L535
  • Me too on 950xl
  • It runs flawlessly on 640XL.
  • Yeah even my 930 doesn't even charge probably anymore
  • Hmm, mine does. That being the case, perhaps a horrid hard reset would solve it?
  • They could fix the damn Gadgets app.
  • Use Feedback Hub. "They" don't check WC comments
  • me too 950XL i can't see me lock screen to type in my code alot of times as well
  • Nothing for mobile. The "OneCore" thing is a bad joke
  • Coming Soon :)
  • And all of them still have bugs .. A lot of them..
  • Go on
  • is there any official OS with full of bugs ? people are not getting windows phones for free to sit quite and enjoy stupid bugs....
  • i am back to win8.1... 8.1 >>>>> 10
    Not even single app crashed since 12 hr of high usage. don't bother about win10.... its dead anyway...
  • I think I should laugh at you(Seriously! W10 is dead?) instead of your bugs. Well my L535 runs pretty well AU W10M.
  • vow... u and ur fanism.... lol very funny. win10 current build no bugs ? or u haven't find any ?
  • There are, but small bugs here and there. Not that you will be frustrated.
    And if there is any bug I feel so happy to post that in Feedback Hub.
    Frankly speaking your comment about Windows 10 OS being dead is idiotic.
  • see first they killed Lumia devices and they are about to enter in Enterprise market. So, people like u and me unable to purchase a surface phone who want to use it for normal use. Only feature will tell us whether it is dead or exist partially.
    But i think people like us done with Windows.... I still hate Android but what are we supposed to do ? Let me talk about the bugs... whenever i mention about the bugs people call me whiner and adjust with it.
    Battery takes too long to charge approx. 4 hrs. Today I got back to win 8.1 using WDRT and it hardly took 2 1/2 hrs for full battery charge(lot of people suggested me to change phone battery)
    Now battery life too improved in 8.1
    The difference is huge.
    2. suppose u r playing a game and by mistake u went to home screen and tried to resume the game back it takes toooo long in win10 and lot of time app used to crash. its irritating
    no issue in 8.1 all the games and apps resumed instantly.
    3. try to soft reset the mobile it will drain battery atleast 8-10%. I thought its my handset issue but in 8.1 there is no issue with it.
    4. don't u see the ugly space remain in all the apps at bottom like WhatsApp ? app scaling issue its forever unsolved bcz most of the apps will not release UWP.
    5. Alarms and Speakers major issue for me. Since release preview update i never woke up on time. no sound for alarm. And speaker volume reduced. This thing checked in 8.1 and its working fine for me now.
    There r lot more if u use phone moderate to high usage. I am heavily depends on my phone. I loved the features in win10 but with all these bugs it disrupting my normal life. Went back to 8.1 and may never upgrade again until I hear no whining from anyone.
  • They are focusing on Businesses. But that doesn't mean that we, as Windows enthusiast, can't buy Surface Phone.
    For bugs, my L535 battery life is very good with AU
  • it highly depends on usage. I use MS Edge a lot alot. if u keep ur phone screen time ON for long it reduces battery very rapidly. But I am seeing huge difference b/w win10 & Win8.1 in terms of Performance, Battery backup....
    Win10 has good features, awesome UI but it failed bcz MS didn't put enough resource on it. Even they consider about the users count.
    We saw news in WC several times about movement of mobile team to other divisions.
    I am using win10 since 2012 L610, L730.. never worried about RAM size in 610...
    Don't u feel Photos app in 10 is worst ? when u zoom in a pic and try to swipe from left to right and vice versa, It irritates u.
  • You are tottaly right about the Photos app: "Don't u feel Photos app in 10 is worst ? when u zoom in a pic and try to swipe from left to right and vice versa, It irritates u."
  • In addition you can't sort by name. I have a magazine in jpg format named 01.jpg to 57.jpg and can't find any way to view it in the correct order. Unbelievable.
  • 1) Your battery life will deplete faster/charge slower than 8.1, due to the phone having more features that 8.1, so requiring more battery. (Truely wish they'd have a charge mode for Win10M, where it won't turn on when you plug it in unless you turn the phone on manually. Would charge every phone quicker).
    2) The games have never took too long to resume, there's one game I have to keep checking up on every hour or so when I have the time, and sometimes I leave that up in the background. It takes about 2 seconds to load up. Last time I had that issue was last year when they were completing the finishing off the TH branch. You sure you was even running the latest OS update? Or even running it on a compatible phone? (as incompatible phones can only run TH build from last year)
    3) seriously? Soft resetting means crash restarting your phone. If your phone loses 10% just by restarting, your phone, that's a defected battery.
    If, on the other hand you meant "Hard reset", its pretty wise to have the phone plugged in during that so it doesn't lose charge and die half way through.
    4) you've just confirmed my suspicion. You likely have a incompatible phone and can't run Win10 builds except for the last TH build before MS stopped support on said phones, last year. That blank bar on the bottom of apps was fixed during the start of development of RS1! (and I use Whatsapp regularly so I know that bug does not exist anymore!)
    5) alarms work pretty fine for me. I use realarm app due to it's "repeat" function, but never had an issue with the original app. Again, fuels my suspicion your complaining about issues on a phone not supposed to be running win10 in the first place. Multiple things proves this.
  • It's not about you. We get that you and most of people aren't having problems. But there are some users, which have problems,and they aren't crazy and tripping things, they have real problems.
    I can confirm for myself for alarm not ringing consistely, I often habe multiple alarms setup, and from early preview days to this day and latest builds, alarms will with no pattern, sometimes ring and sometimes not. And I now for important things relay on other people waking me up.
    And yes, I've meanwhile done hard resets, roll backs to 8.1 and so on.
    And no, if you say again that you don't have that problem and I and somebody are crazy, it won't fix our problems.
    So, next time when someone says he has problem with his phone, if you can't help him, don't try to convince him that he is crazy as your phone is bugless, it won't help. It's politics and we don't like that here. Cheers
  • @shadowWolf_0807 again I have to repeat. the problems depends on ur usage. I am using L730 dual SIM which is compatible for win10. It has better specifications than L650 which released with native windows 10 OS.
    U know what ? most of the issues with the phones whose phones native OS is 8.1 and we keep sending feedback it to MS but they never cared.
    Unless if u r not using x50's phones the problem exist for remaining people. Again i am saying it depends on usage. I use my phone alot. Since I left from 8.1 and tried Fast/slow/Preview rings I am observing about games, it never never resume back with in sec's like in 8.1
    Lot of people suggested me to change my battery, So i went back to 8.1 and testing my phone battery backup. Its really amazing now. Lot of people even my friends have app scaling issues. I don't know which phone u might be using.
    With my advice recently my friend brought L950 and it is full of bugs.
  • Lumia 950 OTA Firmware update from AT&T when??
  • Soon.... :)
  • +950
  • Say who?
  • MicroSoon™
  • Backup phone.  use WDRT if you want firmware that badly.  Using DP .105 with new firmware.  I must say on day 3...tings re smooth...Turn off retina scanner... fixes login 2cents
  • 950 xl?
  • Is it only me or NumLock is finally ON on startup??
  • Not for me.... :( What a simple thing to fix - NumLock on when PIN is selected.....
  • That's only if you get signed in automatically when rebooting after an update.
  • Not getting signed in automatically, need to provide the PIN or password... Will check this again tomorrow...
  • Wow.  Since you get per word published on WC, the longer the patch update from Microsoft that you copy and paste and put your name on, the more money you get paid by Mobile Nations. You're on the gravy train Callaham since all Microsoft does is update and patch their existing crappy software. 
  • Were you always this much of a ********* or did you have to really work at it?
  • Kind of true and kind of not true who owns mobile nations?
  • Moving forward. Thanks, this update solves a few issues with my printer. We were getting to the point where we were going to buy a new printer.
    Windows 1, Best Buy 0.
  • No update yet for my Lumia 640 ver 1607 build 14393.82 -latest build for production phone.
  • Oh..please read the article. Its for PC.
  • Didn't you read the article? The changelog contains some updates specifically for Windows 10 Mobile.
  • So he is checking for mobile update that hasn't yet released. Since the changelog mentioned W10M, an update is imminent for mobile users too but not until MS says so.
  • I think it should be 14393.67
  • Is there an update for the Lumia 950 xl also?
  • Not today. But coming very soon :)
  • Say who?
  • Says @johnwinkmsft on Twitter. He works on Windows Updates (for non-insiders)
  • Yea. Soon. If they keep it soon. The 1% remaing customers will also soon... Leave this platform. Just having a hunch...
  • Please someone tell me is there any option to change color of the search bar of has become completely white for me while it was greyish black before....even in this article image its shown white
  • Happened a week or two ago for me also.  I found a fix today on MS's forums.  Change your country to a country that doesn't have Cortana (like Gabon) under settings - time and language - region and language, sign out, sign back in and it will be gray again!  Make sure you change your country back to where you live after this and sign out and in once more and you're good to go!
  • It's white in the article image because it's always white in the start menu. However, you are not the only one to who this is happening, question is if it's intentional or by accident.
  • after AU... my second monitor is not working...i've tried everything...get ur **** together ms
  • Yeah no updates for mobile ,constantly checking for updates ever since i read the article in windows central.
  • No update today. But coming very soon :)
  • Yeah, soon, soon. Forever soon:))
  • Likewise, if you're still running the initial release version of Windows 10, today's cumulative update will bump you to build number 10240.17113 with the following changes: haha I thought they might be mentioning me.
  • every win mobile user who is active in WC is looking desperately for mobile update.
    Is this excitement for new features or hope of bug resolves ?
  • No mobile update? I could really use an update! D:
  • Awesome Sauce. Now in the forums:
  • Great update..... Not really.. Stuck at 95%, leaves page and back its back at 0% and goes stuck at 95%. Im not updating anymore till the next one.
  • Same here on Surface 3
  • Same on Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. 95% of KB3188128. Everything else seems to be done and waiting on this one for install.
  • Same here stuck at 95%, Microsoft needs to fix. 
  • Why would anyone with a PC still be using 1511 or 1507 versions?
  • Anyone who isn't paying attention
  • Sweet! That missing/blank tiles bug was annoying
  • Already updated my Surface Pro 4. Hopefully this puts an end to the random restarts I've been dealing with.
  • "missing Start menu tiles when running on battery" Oh goodie!
  • Lots of improvements for pc . Hope is smoothens out the rough edges here and there.
  • After this update I can no longer log into my laptop and desktop. It just freezes on the welcome screen with the spinning dots.
  • That's gotta be the most annoying thing ever...
  • ...they did mention kernel level security improvements, seems yours are pretty locked down now, ;) seriously I hope you can at least do an alternate boot to back out...
  • Got it to boot by selecting the "disable early launch anti-malware protection" option on startup settings. After loging in sucessfully once the issue seems to be fixed on both PCs.
  • deleted  
  • It seems that windows is getting fragmented in the enterprise level. This could drain ms resources.
  • I'm not sure I understand the need to have patches for older versions of windows 10. Aren't patches released to advance windows 10 toward the same version? How can you have November's update and not get to AU or to the last version?
  • if your device has under 2GB of RAM it won't be able to run AU version and will be stuck on 1511
  • I have a device with 1gb of ram with the au
  • Correction 1GB is the cutoff.
  • New install devices have to have 2GB for 32bit now, previously upgraded devices with 1GB can still upgrade to AU. Not entirely sure where they define the difference between a new device and an upgraded device as i have a rather old laptop that has 1GB and upgraded from win 7 (originally vista) that wont take AU due to only 1GB ram
  • They need to patch older versions that are on the slower upgrade cadence for enterprise anyway.
  • I can't take it, I NEED my updates, going crazy, arrrggghhhh... /s
  • Surface 3 just completed update after being stuck at 95% for 5 hours.......?????..... seems to be all good now, working fine.
  • So once again ... where is win10m !? Pass again !? This is so bad my M$ friend !!!
  • Jesus frickin' Christ, get over it! Mobile has often been behind PC but has always been brought up to parity in the past so why is it a big deal this time? There are even Mobile specific changes listed so it's obviously coming. Are you suggesting that they should delay the PC update even though it's ready, just for the sake of releasing both at the same time? How would that benefit anyone?
  • There's no update for mobile phones
  • I can't blame folks. Microsoft has a lot of us jumping at the bell. They have plowed through two whole builds and ramping up for a third in less than 12 months, to me that's impressive work. If Microsoft is on a mission, this update is just another step. Salivating at every patch will just make you crazy.
  • Release one that actually works on all the devices.
  • Think realistically...even google and apple know that one. What you stated is impossible. A build for all devices? What are you meaning by that? Microsoft does not control everything. Even Android 7 won't support older QC SOCs because Qualcomm won't provide fw/updates to support them.
  • this is not android OS, like android we don't have millions of variants. Hardly how many models are available in Lumia ? and how many handset models are getting AU ? When u announce the list of phones which are compatible for win10 and now u say they can't support ? Ridiculous!!!
    MS doesn't care about resolving any existing issues. Windows 10 mobile Killed LUMIA...!!!!
  • Release a build that works on all the devices is one that works on all recommend/supported devices. Does that clarify matters now.
  • Is anyone else unable to use VPN on AU ???
  • No. But a fix is coming. I got an email from the developer.
  • TouchVPN app got an update that showed a "system error" message saying its a problem with AU and wait for next system update
  • Nothing for mobile...
  • Very soon :)
  • This is outrageously poor to have a 950xl ds and my girlfriend has a 640 and she has 0 issues with hers and I have to restart my phone each time my glance/lockscreen/windows hello decides to play hide and seek. After the .103 build that starting happening for me and not even the .105 patch helped. Well MS let's see if your next build can actually do any good. Seems like this tech team is ridiculously inept that they can't get this OS to work on a handful of device models without issues. Yet Android is able to release OS updates/builds on much more devices and without any stupid issues like what's being experienced on the windows mobile OS platform.
  • Those are insider builds though, correct? That's the risk you agree to unfortunately when you accept to have access to those updates. I'm on .67 with this 950 xl with no show stopper issues that I know of.
  • Obvious it's an insider build. Nothing saying each update has to break something instead of fixing.
  • Then why so critical? You are basically running beta updates on the OS. Whether the issues are there or not, it is a testing field.
  • don't expect any good for phones which didn't come with native win10.
  • My update's download speed is stuck at 45%. What should I do to fix this?
  • Wait for some time. If nothing happens then restart.
  • Wait for some time. If nothing happens then restart.
  • did it worked....? mine stuck at 45%
  • nope. it didn't worked for me. Since 5 hrs my update stuck at 45%
    Did several restarts... once it asked to retry.. I did it and still stuck at 45%
  • That happened to me too. Download the update from Microsoft Update Catalog using IE, and you will be able to install it smoothly.
  • will do. Thanks for the help.
  • Finally, my external HDDs are working again. No more RAW partititons.
  • Is it for the insiders?
  • Still no new fast ring builds? They better make up for it with some awe inspiring new features.
  • Stuck at 45%..done windows update troubleshooting.. Still no help.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Stuck at 45% too! Any fix>
  • Hope be worth
  • 45% stuck.
  • KB3189866 is stuck at 45% for me. Tried Windows update troubleshooting and the fix mentioned at for no improvement. Seems like there's something broken at MS's end.
  • same here.... but finished for another PC... 1 finished and other one still stuck at 45%
  • Mine was stuck too.  Found a solution here.  
  • I ended up installing the update manually too. The MS Update catalog was going way too slow (only 7% after an hour) so I used the direct link to download it through the browser (which ended up finishing in about an hour). Posted via my Nexus 5X
  • Hope they fixed the laggy/buggey typing in edge (and others). Terrible on my surface3.
  • Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3189866). Its stuck at 45% for last 5 hours... restart did not help.
  • This worked for me... did the standalone installer:
  • I used that article for some of my troubleshooting, but I didn't want to use the file they linked. So I got it from where they would've sourced it from anyway: You need to use IE...
  • This is for PC as of now. I am not sure why article is under phone news.
  • The new Cumulative Update for Windows 10 AU, KB3189866, has also resolved the issue regarding external USB hard-drives not being recognized / NTFS partition not detected or RAW format partition. Many users had this issue and could not access their files and folders after updating to Windows 10 AU. So this update finally fixed the issue.
  • The new Cumulative Update for Windows 10 AU, KB3189866...
    When you look at your "Update History", does this update show-up as a fcking "Security Update"? Had so much fcking drama getting it, just like many others in this thread; Eventually got it via a manual install, using a file from the MS Update Catalogue. Thank-you.
  • Do you have any antivirus software that might block the update ? Also, Windows Firewall must be enabled (check Services). You can also go to SoftwareDistribution folder and delete the Download folder. Restart and try again. Other solutions: go to Start > type CMD > hit enter > type sfc /scannow (this will repair Windows Files Integrity, if you have issues with Windows Update). After that, type chkdsk /r /f (this command wil run Check Disk with repair and fix options). I had no problems updating. You can also download and run the Windows Update Troubleshooter here :
  • As explained, I already installed successfully, just have an odd description as-to-what the update supposedly is. Please re-read what I wrote, then check your "Update History", what does it say? Cheers.
  • - Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3189866) - Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3188128) - Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool for Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2 x64 Edition - September 2016 (KB890830) Successfully installed on 2016/09/13
  • - Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3189866)
    Fking hell, mine says nothing like that, why the fck not, so sick of MS' inability to code rock-solid sw. So close to moving all of my machines back to OS_X... Bed time.... Tomorrow I'll do a fresh install (again), & hope I can finally do the update via WU. Instead of having to do a manual install of KB3189866... Goodnight/Thanks.
  • had to download the update via update catalog after being stuck at 45% for the past 6hours!!!!
  • I thought Cleaning files and folders from SoftwareDistribution folder without restarting helped me to get this update because it started to download update from 0% but it stucked again on 45%
  • Did nothing for me, didn't let me delete everything (part of the prob. I suspect). Ultimately I had to do what I outlined in some posts above...
  • Microsoft did something with their build delivery services days ago... They should learn if it worked then don't fix it
  • "...They should learn if it worked then don't fix it..." Huh?
  • The main programming rule: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it​" :D
  • This build will no longer download for me on desktop. Anyone else?
  • Read some of the posts in this thread & you'll have your answer (& some possible solutions/workarounds). Do a word search for JediTWang to see my posts...
  • Mine stuck at 45%.  This worked for me.  
  • What's happening with windows 10 mobile haven't received an update for a while now
  • Microsoft think Mobile version doesn't have big problems as desktop version
    ​EDIT: My phone started crashing more often than before, it is not reproducible, just using some apps and touch eventually stop working then phone restarting. Lumia 640 on production build Anniversary
  • Actually they don't care for Mobile
  • Got the update no issues on my tablet
  • How? I have Surface Pro 4 and this update stuck at 45% :(
  • Mine's stuck at 45% too. Did a quick search on the internet and found lots of people having same problem. Too many people updating at same time is slowing down MS server perhaps? Will wait a few days and try again.
  • Mine at 95% lol.
  • This is a conflict/bug... has nothing to do with the servers because you'll notice all of the people experiencing issues have one or two of the same stoppage at two of the percentages shown e.g., 45% 95%.
  • I'm at "Downloading updates 95%​" for at least an hour now. Windows Update is quite the engineering gem these days.
  • Download 2 days ago on both devices. Restarted it couple of times and updated was downloaded
  • My internet doesn't work a lot on my laptop. That's a problem on this update for me.