Official Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO files now available to download

Microsoft has released the full ISO files for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update build 14393.0. Those who want to download, mount, or burn to disc the latest version of Windows 10 can now do so for Home or Pro.

Update: Article has been refreshed with non-Insider ISO link

From the Microsoft ISO site, you can choose the Edition that matches your current Windows 10 version and then select your language. Please make sure you get the right edition otherwise you would need to purchase the appropriate license. To verify, go to Settings > System > About and look under Edition.

The other ways you can update your Windows 10 PC to the Anniversary Update include:

  • Windows Update – Over-the-air standard update
  • Media Creation Tool – Lets you create an ISO or upgrade your current PC while keeping your files
  • Refresh Windows Tool – Installs a clean version of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update with no bloatware, but does erase your contents

Most people will be okay using Windows Update, but the other options are good for those with many PCs, computers that don't have the update yet, or those looking to start fresh and wiped their computer.

Download Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISOs (opens in new tab)

The ISO files should be around 3.5GB in size.

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  • Link in the article points to Insider preview only.
    Here is the link to download Non Insider ISO.
    Its build 1607 and it is live.
    32 bit 3.14Gb
    64 bit 4.07Gb
  • Ahem ! I am pretty sure I had posted the simple direct link. Now the link has become WindowsCentral com blahblahblah clicktradedoubler com blah blah blah. What sorcery is this ? :P   Article has been updated. I made my comment before the update was made.
  • This is a welcome feature. To be able to use ISO instead of windows updater. Thanks a tonne Microsoft.
  • I just prefer the ISO becuase my update could get corrupted because of unpredictable internet drops and power failures.  
  • Finally, the ISO file came out! I can push that ISO to my offices now :)
  • If windows 10 upgrade has expired on 29th july. why they are providing for free? or the key will be needed.
  • Yes, a key is needed. This is for ppl that might want to do a clean install, or who want an offline installer/update for other PCs and don't want to download 4ish Gb multiple times.
  • The ISO file is still useful then, as there's no need to download on each computer that will be upgraded to Windows 10, and even with the ISO file, you can share the mounted ISO file so that computers on network can install simultaneously.
  • Thanks for this.
    I was thinking about that ISO download.
    Non-Insider w10 Home Single Language ISOs download size for -
    32 bit - 3.08gb
    64 bit - 3.99gb
    *Size should be a bit vary by region also.. Enjoy !
  • Where did you find non-Insider ISOs? The link takes me to Insider only ISOs.
  • Go to the mention link in this article & you'll reach to non insider iso page.
  • Question, is the non insider ISO 14393?
  • What information you want?
  • the Non Insider ISO, is it build 14393?
  • Yep!
  • Thanks!!!
  • mine 4.7 gb no seperate downloads for pro, enter versions ??
  • I think its 4.07 gb for 64 bit ver of W10.
  • Open the media creation tool page by emulating the site as mobile site from browser developer tool. And happy downloading direct ISO.
  • This seems to work a charm, does anyone know whether English or English International should be used for an en-GB install? ​I would rather not have to add language packs for Cortana after a fresh install.
  • Choose ENGLISH. Recommend by default.
  • GB is "English international"
    US is "English" Go figure...
  • Thanks for clarification
  • Yes indeed, English GB was OUR language first, non-UK English is 'international' !
  • Only English just works. You can change later.
  • I'm downloading it via torrent. Clean ISO file x64 - 4's legit. Media Creation tool failed twice, first time on 40%, second on 25%. Torrent is much more stable for me.
  • Can you plz send the the torrent site link? for original iso from MS.
  • Read the second comment pal!
    Official links!
  • The person who posted it as torrent, has downloaded it from Microsoft. I downloaded it via torrent. That torrent is 100% clean, contains no viruses nor it was changed, I can confirm that. CLEAN ISO FILE FROM MICROSOFT! Only downloaded via TPB.
  • sorry, didn't know that. cant delete, only edit option avaible.
  • Can you give us the magnet links?
  • Search Windows 10 on TPB. Order by Uploaded.It is 4 GB.
  • I prefer you Internet Download Accelerator.
    Copy the official ISO link and paste it in mentioned application after clicking on '+' add button.
    You can Pause,Resume the downloads .
  • I am not finding pure ISO on torrent sites.
  • As your wish. Low speed net users can also go with Internet Download Accelerator .
  • these standalone iso files are build 14939.0 without latest cumulative update embeded.
  • Kinda random that somone downvotes you for being observant.....
  • Few updates are available and they cost just a few MB. That's okay, tho.
  • got updated using media tool :) 
  • Hey dan they should fire the windows team for not releasing the update faster.. Jk... Lol. Bring on the updates!!!!
  • My question is; if I do the refresh option, will it era the cyberlink apps that come with the laptop? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Fingers crossed.  Those apps are poison! It DOES say what gets wiped and what doesn't.
  • Any working links for the Techbench ISOs? All of them are page not found
  • Techbench page seems to have been removed. Use the Official ISO link instead. It will give you build 14393.0.
  • Got that already but these ISOs don't work for doing repairs using DISM, at least they didn't before
  • I wish i could download it with the links sent by Windows central, but i got my copies of download's from some external source I see the size for the both ISO files is same as they are available at Windows central and i got my copy of Windows activated as well.  Regards
  • Any source for old RTM builds on ISO? realizing I should archive.
  • Time to try doing an install with the ISO and a Win 7 pro/home key just for kicks..
  • So, I thought Windows 8.0 users couldn't upgrade to Windows 10, they needed Windows 8.1. Yet I downloaded the Windows 10 anniversary edition iso (build 1607) 64-bit and after it checked out my system, it was ready to install..... so that rule no longer exists?
  • Wow, big necro, this thread's a few days away from being a mth old... >.> You do realise it's too late to update for free from Win8, right? That date came & went long ago...  Unless you already claimed your free upgrade a while back, & are now just reverting back to W10.
  • Not too late, can get it free anytime. It's called KMS 180 day 1 click activation. The point is, the system requirement for windows 10 used to be Windows 7 or 8.1. Now it's Windows 7, 8.0 or 8.1. 
  • I wouldn't know about cracks, I pay for my stuff, or take advantage of the free stuff in the period it's legitimately allowed. There's never been a hard & fast requirement that it absolutely must be 8.1...
  • If 7 is upgrade-able, 8 most certainly is do-able... Perhaps they changed some plumbing that wasn't quite there yet, which made it possible, it would've always been a live possibility.