Use the Microsoft media creation tool to force the Windows 10 Anniversary Update today

Update: We're refreshing this article for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. We have verified that it now pulls down build 14393.10 (1607) to upgrade your computer. Using this tool is a great way to grab the upgrade files and put them on a USB drive, or just upgrade directly!

Looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade your computer to the latest version of Windows 10 including today's Anniversary Update? You can use the Microsoft media creation tool to do the job or even create installation media with either a USB flash drive or a DVD. There seems to be some confusion around this app so today we'll explain how it works.

The media creation tool is also a good option for those who are checking for a Windows Update but are not having any luck in getting the latest build (14393.10).

Myth – But I don't want to wipe my drive and re-install my apps!

We hear the response a lot from users who would prefer just to use Windows Update. After all, why would you want to wipe your computer for an OS update?

However, this is just a misunderstanding. Although you could create an ISO from the media creation tool and you could wipe your PC and install Windows 10 ("clean install"), that is not the default behavior. If you are running Windows 10 and you run the media installation tool, it assumes you want to upgrade your OS, which is exactly what we want. That means this is not a clean install and you keep your files.

If, however, you do want to do a clean install and wipe everything read our guide on how to use the Refresh Windows tool to do just that:

How to use 'Refresh Windows' to do a clean install of Windows 10 Anniversary Update

For those who want to keep their files, apps, and games follow the steps below to get the Anniversary Update today.

1. Download

Grab the media creation tool from Microsoft: (opens in new tab)

2. Setup

Navigate to where you downloaded MediaCreationTool.exe and double-click it

3. Choose (or don't)

Once the installer has set up, you will be asked to either Upgrade this PC now or Create installation media for another PC. The default option is already upgrade so just hit Next. The app will download some files, process, check for updates and then check your PC. This process could take some time depending on your connection. Nothing has actually installed yet.

4. Accept

Choose Accept for the license terms. Or don't, it's your life.

5. More updates

The app really wants to make sure it is up to date so it will check again for the latest OS on Microsoft's servers. You can grab a coffee while it does its work.

6. Install

This screen is the one you all have been waiting for. As you can see, the installer is going to Keep personal files and apps and install Windows 10 Home (or Professional, it uses whatever is already installed).

To be clear, this is just updating your computer. Nothing is erased. We use this tool all the time and can vouch for what it does.

From this point on, the app will just install the files, and you will have to reboot your PC. The computer will go through the setup (black screen) and the 'out of the box' experience with those nice fade in screens with various colors.

Afterward, you will boot back into your updated PC, and that is it. You kept your PC as is and got the upgraded OS. Hopefully, you had no issues during this process, but overall, it is very similar to the Windows Update/OTA version.

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Got mine, and it upgraded just fine. Like the improvements so far.
  • doesnt always though. if you have wrong localized language from the install it will not work with the current ISO to keep the Apps settings. For example I have Windows 8.1 update done with En-US creator. Had to safe start into advanced recovery and get this set to the current locale: "dism.exe /image:d:\ /set-uilang:en-GB" with d being the windows drive. more info here
  • For folk who are having issues like this, using the iso from Techbench (google "microsoft techbench" for it) will allow you to sidestep any such steps. If you need to create bootable usb media, you can use Rufus... if you want to just upgrade, mounting the iso (double click on windows 8+) or extracting and running setup (7zip etc) will get you the exact same experience. Techbench lets you pick the exact iso you need for your system to prevent any issues with locale. For reference, EN-GB iso is listed on Techbench as English International.  Edited to remove link to Techbench which WindowsCentral changed into a monetised passthrough "affiliate" link. That's abhorrent behaviour WindowsCentral, and you should be ashamed.
  • techbench is currently down. So, open the media creation tool page by emulating the site as mobile site from browser developer tool. And happy downloading direct ISO.
  • Thanks for the emulation idea. what is singla language and windows 10 N version? I m on english (US) langugae on my PC, should i choose english or english(international) while downloading??
  • Welcome.
    You have to choose only Windows 10 then English as the language
  • Upgrade directly just by using, "Check for Updates". Found it first time it checked, no problem.
  • It wasn't showing up for me, so I used the tool and it went smoothly. 20 mins to download and about 15 mins to install. This is the best windows I have ever used, and the UI looks great.
  • what was the size of the download..?
  • I need a serious answer. Should I do a fresh install of Windows 10 on my computer? It's behaving badly. Apps not wanting to open and some apps showing a blank icon. Not to mention that my computer is alot slower than before.
  • Try updating first and see if your problems are solved. If you keep having problems you can always do a clean installation.
  • I ran into this problem when I upgraded also (using the media creation tool). I spent over two hours with Microsoft Support and they weren't able to fix the problem, in the end I had to refresh the installation. I had a problem with Cortana after upgrading, which MS Support was able to fix, but it uninstalled all other Microsoft apps - including the Store - in the process.
  • Yes do a reset i did a factory reset a week ago and it returned smooth and fast as it was
  • What is the size of this update I mean how much mb's it takes for the download ???
  • I think about just over 2 GB Posted via the Windows Central App
  • 2048 mb Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 3.5 GB
  • its only 2.88 gb for x64bit version
  • Yeah, I did this and it worked fine, except for the fact that I had to re-install my graphics driver and Messaging, Phone, and Skype Video APPS dont work on my user. There is also no way to un-install/re-install them.
  • Download interupted at 95% and six hours of downloading 3 gig of my precious 20 gig lost. Resuming the download seems not possible. How is a basic function of resuming the download not incorporated in the tool? It is time someone tells the people at Redmond that not everybody has an unlimited fiber connection.      
  • That's why I won't rush this. I'll just download the full ISO from my office PC and then install offline It seems Windows Phone doesn't have the resume feature for updates too. I don't know why such a basic feature should be left out.
  • I did this and when i woke in the morning it had deleted my car, garage and wife, what is going on microsoft
  • Oh no! Not the car! 
  • Not the car man :( Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • I did this finally on my SP3 just a few hours ago and it went fine. Only thing that changed was Office 2016 unactivated and my pdf default viewer was changed from Acrobat Pro to Edge. It also wanted to reinstall the October 26th firmware, but no big deal, all easy fixes. Oh and more stupid default apps installed that I have removed before. I wish MS would quit forcing that stupid shit and just reinstall what I had only. Oh and don't forget to run disk cleanup to remove all of the upgrade/install files. more than 3GB worth.
  • Yeah, I've seen the firmware thing happen a few times. No biggy, as you mention, but can be odd for new users.
  • Daniel, I appreciate your effort in walking everyone through this process -- it'sa very good guide. But, the thing is, we shouldn't *have to* upgrade this way if we've got a legitimate version of Threshold 1 running on supported hardware. Microsoft's whole idea with Windows 10 is "Windows as a service"-- a service that's never finished, always updating and improving. If these biannual major updates become a headache of guessing which installation procedure will work on which machine, then the whole service model of Windows 10 is kind of a farce. To quote another company, the update should "just work." Microsoft needs to find a way to get this to work reliably over Windows Update, or the cracks in their "never finished" Windows 10 will be showing big time, and they are not, from this experience, very pretty to look at.
  • It's rolling out slowly.  It will take days, or potentially weeks before everyone sees it through Windows Update.  The reason they roll out monthly security updates simultaneously is that they're relatively small files.  This update is massive, so to save bandwidth both from Microsoft and ISPs, they're rolling it out slowly using some algorithm.  It also helps keep support center calls in check.  If it is rolled out too quickly, they could have their support centers flooded with calls and hold-times would be outrageous.   There is no immediate need to have this update - your system will still run just fine for the next week or two until you're machine is at the front of the line and downloading.
  • If you upgraded to Windows 10 in the past 31 days, you will not see the upgrade. This is because if you upgrade, you will loose your backup. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "We shouldn't *have to* upgrade this way"
    So pipe down and wait your turn. Its a phased rollout. You're acting like they're having huge technical issues here trying to make a point where one doesn't exist.
  • I wonder why not can be downloaded like was done with the service packs in the past why have to reinstall the os again when only want an several patches done this process is a lot more complex and to new users will move back instead of fall in love with windows 10 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thanks for NOT reading Daniel's post... If the OP has the same issue Daniel describes and I experienced on 2 computers it's not about someone who just can't wait for their turn. I have 3 computers in our household, one got TH2 just fine, the other 2 - one of them is my Surface Pro 3, as Microsoft as you can get - saw the update, downloaded it to 100%, but in a split scond said update failed. Since then neither PC can see the update even though i have wiped the update download folders and logs as recommended by MS in a KB article.
  • Had a similar experience with a Surface Pro 3. Just waited a while and found a script that said it 'reset' the update cache or something like that. After a while it just found it again and worked fine.  I think there were just some issues cropping up which either resolved themselves or they fixed.  My Surface 3 was updated to 10 less than a month ago, so that may be why it hasn't been offered TH2. I may do the tool, though I am not all that impatient. I have another machine on Insider, so I had seen the majority of changes trickle in over time. Makes the actual update a bit anticlimactic unfortunately. I read the list of new stuff, and sometimes say, huh? already had that, forgetting I have an insider device.
  •  Telling the guy to pipe down? Really? Get this bucky, it's December  29th and I've still not gotten it on one of my systems. Yep, not gotten the 1115 update at all. I manually check. I actually decided to do as you mention to the one poster just waited. I wanted to see how long it took. My Surface Pro got it, my wife's Surface Book got it, my kids laptops all got it, my wife's desktop got it. But still my desktop hasn't gotten it.  He's correct, we shouldn't have to wait or not this long. ;p Obviously there is a "not" ready for prime time element going on here. I''ll use the media tool, which I knew about sometime within the next few days when I'm in the mood to go through the process but I shouldn't have to do this. Obviously there "is" a technical issue here and obviously it isn't resolved because you can still find people talking about not getting the update. So no, you pipe down.
  • Except, that "other company" has problems with upgrades and updates, too. And they make all of the hardware that goes with their OS. So, it doesn't just work.
  • So is this the only way or will Microsoft fix it eventually?
  • There's nothing really broken - the update will come to everyone in the next few days/weeks.  It's the same as Windows 10 RTM - it rolled out slowly. Now - those who are seeing the update but having errors installing it, that's a different story - they may benefit from either the ISO or Media Creation update method.  However, I'd imagine that number is relatively low.  There's over 100 million people with Windows 10 installed.  If only 1/10th of 1 percent of people have a problem, that's still 100,000 people with problems.
  • In fact, it is broken. Or at least was for me on my SP3. It found the update, downloaded it and stopped at 16% of preparing to install. Tried everything, including troubleshooter, deleting content in the SoftwareDistribution folder. No way of getting this update to work. The media creation tool was the only option. Windows 10 update is still very much a hit and miss.
  • Tried popping out the SD card? That has been shown to be an issue in some cases.
  • Yeah when the update is there on 2 tablets 2 laptops and a desktop and you get all errors its broken... So when is Microsoft gonna fix it??
  • I wish I could help you, I really do.  I don't know your circumstances, or how your systems were configured.  I just got the update through Windows Update this evening on my HTPC, desktop PC, and Surface 3 tablet.  All three updated fine.  They're pretty bare bones installs - nothing fancy.
  • Yeah everything is default. I don't have anything really customized. Don't get it... Every other update worked flawless. I do have avg antivirus installed so that may have been the issue. But the update still hasn't popped back up... UPDATE.... Windows update is back and working as it should... Patience is a virtue. Everything with Microsoft is "Coming Soon"tm
  • Have you tried Hibernate mode on the SP4 with the update? My screen stopped powering on, even though everything else still works. Odd.
  • Thanks for the walkthrough, I was a little stumpt on that. Down to the media tool, I was seeing it as complete wipe and install, until I read what you put. Thanks
  • What is the different between build 10586 and 10586.3? I get the latter.
  • My tablet Acer one 10, stuck at 40% for 2 hours :((
  • Same, PDF viewer changed from FOXIT to Edge. Also opening word documents changed to opening with Wordpad. Strange things happen but it's easy to change it back
  • 3 Gigs? Lol, i think it is almost 20 GB that you need to remove after the update... 
  • Including the Windows.old folder yeah
  • That's not specific to using the method explained here though.  I have a clean-install W10 Surface Pro 2 which updated via Windows Update and experienced everything you mentioned -- Office 2016 deactivating, default PDF viewer reset to Edge and also my default photo viewer reset.  Firmware dated 7/23 reinstalled. While the photo viewer reset to the new Photos app, the registry changes to make the previous Windows Photo Viewer available were intact, so I was able to reselect it without having to again edit the registry.
  • I checked three of my Windows 10 computers and none show the update automatically. They must be slowly pushing it out or something.
  • Yeah how many times do I have to uninstall the Money and Sports app for fucks sake
  • I'd you don't care for money and sports, you have very little to do on earth.
  • Cry more? I am sure you will die removing the default apps that you can just ignore and don't ever open.
  • I can vouch for that... downloaded media creation tool. Created ISO disk (which I shall use on the other 4 pcs here) and installed the update. No problems. No reinstalls. Just straightforward and trouble free.
  • Means one can upgrade through ISO also!
  • It should be possible. I did update my 8.1 to 10 earlier by mounting iso and starting the setup directly.
  • Still nothing. If I won't be able to upgrade tomorrow morning I'll try this method. Thanks for the info.
  • What I noticed was that this Fall Update would only show up after the Windows Update KBxxxxxx installed (sorry don't remember exact KB # but it was the one that came out last week)
  • Does choosing Upgrade remove the recovery partition from my OEM?
  • Hmm. Good question, I rarely touch that. I want to say 'no' as this should touch nothing on you computer except the OS. However, always best to back it up if it is that important to you.
  • This is something you should talk to your MS contacts and do an article. I believe the restore partions are sometimes rewritten with the new bits. That allows you to do a clean re-install of your current OS, but not neccesarily of the OS the device came with. That has been my experience on a few cases, where you use function keys to boot into a bios sort of recovery and kick off what you thought would get you back to OOB, but actually just got you back to a clean current OS. Somewhere along the line the restore partion got rewritten.
  • On some of my older PC's that ran 7 or 8.1, the OEM recovery partition has stayed on my drive, but the function key shortcut to it either doesn't work or goes to a different recovery partition created by windows 10 to "repair" windows 10.
  • Can download and install for another pc by using media creation tool... By doing that will I get anniversary update..
  • Can I DL using the "another PC" option, then use that thumb drive to install to the same computer? 
  • It did remove it on my ASUS G751JY but I was careful enough to back it up before updating.
  • Can't see that it does. Recovery partition intact and never offered the option to re-partiton/reformat the drive during the update install.
  • Sorry, it happened when updating from 8.1 to 10. If your computer came with 10 then this update probably won't change anything concerning partitions.
  • Thank you for this article! Thank you very much! :)
  • Just finished doing this on my HP Envy desktop. Only hitch is that for some reason I have to reset permission on my Outlook PST files. But it works exactly as you describe it.
  • It would be interesting to know how the automatic Fall update process prioritizes the wait queue for the update.   Yesterday one of our computers got the update, but failed on the first installation step after download, one got the update automatically OK and I’m using the Media Creation Tool on two others and on the one that failed.    
  • Ok. Not bad
  • If were already on the 10586 insider build, is there any reason to do the update?
  • No, you're already on the last build, which is the same as the Fall update
  • yeah the biggest reason of all: Cause You Can!
  • Thank you!
  • Thanks for this article. Have one W7 computer with the disappeared 'Get W10' icon issue(and no WU file offering) yeah this will be the method of upgrade around that. Thanks
  • Hope this update fixes my Mail app sync issues. It never syncs on it's own. I only have one primary Hotmail account and for some reason it never syncs or shows any notifications. I've checked all settings. Never had an issue with the Mail app in 8.1!
  • What's the size of the update
  • 2.1GB
  • Although it tells you it needs 8GB of space
  • It needs space for housekeeping and old OS bits to be able to roll back once if there are issues. Allways takes more to upgrade than the packed upgrade files would indicate. Doesn't have to be onboard storage BTW, available SD or USB can work. (SD might be an issue for this one as it has been implicated in a few failures)
  • how exactly do you get it see an external usb for the 1511 upgrade?  brand new toshiba laptop with mousepad issues (seems prevalent with this model)  full details here:   thanks in advance!
  • Unless you're using Enterprise, in which case download the Enterprise ISO and re-run setup to update.
  • Will this update eventually show up on WSUS?
  • Yeah if you reindexed it should
  • I have mine set to run the WSUSDBMaintenance script nightly and synchronize updates hourly, but it's still not showing up on my server.
  • this is what i did after it didnt show up on my laptop or desktop. worked very well
  • Microsoft says there are three reasons the update might not be available on your PC right now: there are less than 31 days since you upgraded to Windows 10, you enabled options to defer updates, or you have already received Threshold 2 and you’ve removed it. I am in the "less than 31 days group". Is it OK for me to use the Media Creation Tool to upgrade?  
  • I just updated my PC to Windows 10 a week ago, I was in the less than 31 days group too. I did try the media creation tool and it works just fine, I got my November update. It's OK for you to try it too buddy.
  • I am in none of those three scenarios and didn't receive the update. But whatever, installing it using the media creation tool right now
  • On my case my computer have more of 31 days since install 10 freshly Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Thank you for the tip !! My pc can't receive the update, I ll try this :)
  • I'll wait a few more days and if it still does not update, I might try this method.
  • And my update started this morning without using the tool :) This means they didn't released the update world-wide at the same time, and it will eventually come to your computer as well.
  • Cant believe there is no KB artical for this update. 99.9% of Windows updates have a page where you can manually download and install the update (some rare acceptions to the rule). I guess I will try this, I will be PISSED if I have to reinstall 3rd party NON-8.1 or 10 apps that is dev related and very picky about settings (upgrade from 7 to 10, didn't go so well) Starting it now, wonder what it will break...I bet it breaks Windows Media Center...
  • Didn't break anything for me when I updated everything was just the same except that a few more apps got installed like the Microsoft Phone and Messaging apps.
  • It broke a few minor apps for me, PIA, It took me only a 1/2 hour to get them back to the way they were.... Should of been an option to manually install the update, I hope this is not the patern if all updates on WIndows 10...
  • Media Center? There is no Media Center in Win 10, and I haven't seen a ludge that will get it on there. (Doesn't mean there isn't one) If you are upgrading to 10, any flavor, from 7 or 8, it will remove Media Center, and it will tell you it will before hand.
  • If you're talking about the Media Center workaround, it will remove it. I'm on insider and every build ahs removed it. I finally have given up.
  • My laptop got the update but the desktop didn't. :( Also, it does exactly what I hated Windows 10 for, it resets my options on my programs, per restart. I have to change settings upon every restart. (The problem was fixed in an update, but it's back with this November Update)
  • Had the exact same problems. Not only that, the update keeps removing my paid antivirus software AND basically destroyed Microsoft's own apps, store included. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I visited the download site using an old xp machine. I got the direct download link instead of the media creation tool.
  • You just saved yourself 17MB :)
  • I have an HP Stream 11, even if I remove all my apps I still won't have the 8GB necessary, apparently the 32GB SD card isn't acceptable, will I really need to get a flash drive I've never needed before and have no idea why I would use it again, or is there another option? Could I use my phone as a flash drive?
  • It won't upgrade my Dell tablet because I don't have 8gb of free disk space. The only way I can free up that much space is by uninstalling Microsoft Office.
  • I think I'll just wait and see if this issue get resolve. Is this a problem or do we have to wait for update to appear in Windows Update. anyone who's having this problem should go through the Windows Feedback Program in Windows 10 and tell them about this problem hopefully they already know about this issue.
  • I have two hp streams and 32 GB is just not enough to get me this update. I had to wipe OneDrive locally and remove apps. I'm glad I can finally put apps on the SD card, now when OneDrive can go there, I'll be very happy.
  • I was hoping the update would allow OneDrive to store files on my SD card without having to do the hack, but at least apps can be installed on it now.... Hopefully, that will work with the OnDrive-SD card hack.
  • Same problem with x205ta 2gb free not sure what to do now Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Use an sd card to my tablet as don't had the enough space asked me by the sd card Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • wait, I thought you could already put OneDrive on a SD card? I've been doing that with my surface book edit: to be specific I'm using a microsdxc, put in an adaptor, and put it in the surface book
  • Thanks Dan for doing this. Will help lot of people waiting for update but could not understand functionality of "Media Creation Tool"
  • I am dual booting win 10 pro and win 8.1 pro. Would the media creation tool update affect it?
  • Thank you for this.
  • Very cool, thanks for clearing this up, Dan. When I first heard the name Media Creation Tool, it sounded like it was ONLY for creating bootable media, or maybe something similar to the Windows Device Recovery Tool.
  • I had to restore the original day one SP3 image cause something major happened and that's what MSFT support had me do while on the phone with them. Actually they connected to my SP3 remotely and troubleshooted the entire thing themselves deciding that the image restore had to be done and with my permission, they would do it all and all I would have to do is watch or whatever I wanted, I did watch. But they did the whole thing even making sure it finished and was fine after that, was impressive actually but that's still not the point of this post just had to share the story...         Because of the upgrade above, which was probably about a month ago, I wonder if that has something to do with why I hacven't seen anything about this November update yet and even more, why I did get the october firmware again not too long ago after already have gotten it once, before the re-flash. There's gotta be some connection there. If I don't get the update tomorrow then I will do the reinstall. Thing is that you must have 8GB at least or the install won't download or install, so on a 128 GB core i7, there's not a ton of memory wiggle room. That's also one reason I want this update that bad is so that I can install apps to SD. One way or another I suppose. Sorry this is long! My SP3 is still new and I like typing on it! lol I'm lame.      
  • No update yet. ASUS G751, Win 10, Germany.
  • What build does this November update equal to? 10586?
  • 10586.3
  • The "Upgrade Now" option works as well, no need to download and use the media tool unless you want to download once for multiple computers.
  • This method saves a few steps and time.
  • I second this! Go to the same download link in the article but use "Update now" utility instead of "Download tool now." Much simpler!
  • This!! ^^^^^
  • Ever thought that maybe you aren't seeing it because Microsoft have deemed it incompatible and are currently working with manufacturers to deliver better drivers? You know like the Windows 10 rollout...just wait for it yo appear in Windows Update to be on the safe side.
  • Thanks for the article, Dan! You saved me from too much quality time hunting through Microsoft's web site.
  • tired of waiting and downloated the tool.  Started to install it on my Surface Book.  It rebooted and has been stuck at the "Surface" screen for 10+ minutes.  No indication of activity whatsoever.  *Sigh*
  • Replying to myself, as apparently I'm not authorized to access the "edit" page... Got tired of waiting and powered it down.  Install started back up after I turned it back on, and it has since finished and appears to be working.
  • I used the " Media creation tool " & got update .. ( Selected Keep Nothing Option " But after updating
    Photos ( jpg ) are not getting opened through " Photos App "
    Showing " Invalid Registry Value " Pls do help me to solve this issue..
  • Good article
  • Why in all hell, is it so hard for these updates to go through?
  • Drivers? Incompatibility? Windows 10 didn't roll out to everyone on Day 1. Some people had to wait for weeks. Server resources? It would cost billions to set up a host of severs to deploy updates to all 110 million users at the same time.
  • Apple has no issues with even more users. Did you see the size iOS major updates these days?
  • Apple have billions because they overcharge for the £150 iPhone 6s?
  • Apple has a handful of distinct devices they need to test updates on whether iOS or OSX.  I bet they have one of each laying around in Cupertino. Just try to imagine the number of distinct hardware configurations out there for Windows. Maybe just go to Dell for one PC and see how many options you can tweak for that one. Multiply that by the PCs in the line, then by the lines, then by the worldwide OEMs (there is more than Dell, HP, and Lenovo, BTW). It gets rediculous.I guarantee MS doesn't have one of each. It's a wonder any of them work.
  • Yes, they can update all the billions of devices, but do older ones (like 4:S and 5:s) work flawlessly after the update?
  • You couldn't be more wrong. Here's just one version of OSX example. Every OSX update/upgrade has problems. Quit buying into the Apple hype.  
  • This exact scenario happened to me yesterday and I just assumed I had to wait until the weekend to try it again. Thanks for the article. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • I did the fresh install to get the update on my surfacebook, partly because I wanted to see if helped the video driver recovered issues seen on the surface far so good..
  • Thank you Dan.
  • Worked perfectly for me. Took a while though.
  • I upgraded using this method today. The update completely messed up my WiFi, which disappeared from settings, and the adapter also disappeared from the network and sharing centre, despite showing as working in the device manager... 6 hours later I finally have it working again.
  • Yeah noticing similar issues too, strange when drivers and the like are already W10 compatible as in, some already running build 10240
  • I updated my Surface pro 4 by this method, No Problem at all! very smooth and easy!
  • True story... It's how I obtained the fall update.
  • *Clicks check for update* Updates are available!!! :) :) :) installing updates!!     ....Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB2267602 (Definition 1.209.2776.0) :( :( :(
  • That's weird. I just used the media creation tool on my desktop and it downloaded and installed build 10240 again! The good thing is the build 10240 was up to date, but still no build 10586. I guess I'll have to use the iso
  • Same situation here with Windows 10 Pro. I used the tool and went through the 2.5 hour process only to discover it had downloaded and installed Build 10240 on top of itself. Guess I'll have to now wait 31 days before Windows Update will consider pushing the upgrade as my PC is probably recognized as a "new upgrade" to Win10 because of this? My Surface 3, however, did have the upgrade awaiting it when Windows Update was checked. It is running Home, and not Pro, however. I wonder if the Win10 Pro users are not getting the upgrade as early as the Home users?  
  • I realised what it is. I had the media creation tool from July and it installed build 10240. I downloaded the media creation tool recently and it downloaded build 10586. I guess they are different versions of media creation tool. Now MS has put the old media creation tool back online. If you want the version that I have, I can upload it to mediafire for you
  • Appreciate the offer. I must have been using the older tool as well. I had downloaded it back in July when I initially updated to Win10. I wonder if they pulled the newer tool in conjunction with suspending the 10586 upgrades (I read MS may have taken this step due to reported user problems with the upgrade)? My Surface 3 upgraded but I haven't yet used it. I think I'll sit tight on my PC (Win10 Pro) in case the allegations of the 10586 build are correct. At some point MS will get things corrected and eventually I should receive it via Windows Update (at least I hope).
  • Wondered why mine was not finding it I used the creation tool but it says I need 8gb HDD but mine is only 32gb only got 2.1gb left and hardly any programs all my media is on a micro SD any idea what I can do don't want to have to refresh PC just to get the new update Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I went into my Windows Update section in settings and found this update: th2_release Core 10586. I ignored when I first got on because I thought it was just a random update. Going back I noticed the number, clicked the link and it started the upgrade. It stated I needed 5GB of space, but there was a drop down option to select the SD card, now past the critical 44% mark, so hopefully this will work without issues.
  • Did that help? I had the same problem, put a USB stick with 14 GB's, the download started, then it was setting up the update. After a while the same window popped up (I nedded exta 5.7 GB's on drive C). Again, I've chosen to use the USB drive (now it told me I need one with 10 GB free space), and despite that it still told me I need 5.12 GB's of space in drive C. I don't have that, will never have that.
  • "" (add http yourself; I can't post unless I remove it) is simpler and works just as well on SP3 and another much older computer with Windows 10 already installed. :)  Just click on "Upgrade now", and the July version will be upgraded with 1511.  Need to do Windows Update one more time to refresh from 10586.0 to 10586.3.
  • Replace EN-US with the version that's installed, for me it was EN-GB Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So I've done this twice and it reinstalled Windows 10 both times. Wth???
  • Windows update in Windows 10 is a joke. The previous system wasn't perfect but it allowed you a measure of control. This one keeps forcing a dam driver update that makes my touchpad unusable. Want to opt out? Too bad, you'll have to opt out of ALL the updates! What an absolute joke. Did it not occur to the people at Microsoft that people were not installing updates for a reason?
  • Got thanks work like a charm
  • Thank you!  I was getting quite bored with waiting!
  • Basically I'm in the 31 days group. I changed my OS installation date to be more than 31 days (even though my installation was not an upgrade, but a clean installation) and still the update isn't available. I'll wait for another 24 hours and try this method. Thanks for the article!
  • This method kept going in a loop for me, I tried the 1st and 2nd option with no success. I decided to reset my laptop via Update & Security, reinstalled Windows and guess what, the update went through fine. So this is telling me something was corrupted by a previous update in build 10240. Stop pretending this is a phased update.
  • Can I use this to update to 10586 from 8.1 directly ?
  • I have a Dell XPS 17 laptop with Win10 installed on the c: drive (I also have a second internal d: hard drive for data). I used the media creation tool, selected upgrade now, everything went smoothly until it had to reboot for the first time. After reboot, I got a big blue recovery screen saying"Your PC/device needs to be repaired. A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed. Error code: 0xc000000f. You'll need to use recovery tools." At the bottom of the screen I could choose Enter to try again, F8 to go to a boot menu, or F9 to boot to another OS. Neither of the 3 options worked and just returned to the same screen. I was able to restore my c: drive from an Acronis backup but later found out that the media creation tool was attempting to install Win10 on my d: drive. Why it did this I have no idea.
  • Update: The November update finally showed up in Windows update after all. I let it install and all is good. Still not sure why the media creation tool upgrade didn't work properly.
  • Yeah I got the same issue while updating after a reboot it said the same, I don't have any backup or anything, going to try the media creation tool. Is there a reason behind this? Is the update buggy or broken?
  • My tablet is now stuck at 40% for the last 2 hours, any ideas on how to fix it?
  • Did it earlier today. Worked perfectly!!!!
  • I just use this tool ,upgrade my yesterday buy Surface 3 xD
  • Got an out-of-the-box new tablet today (WinBook TW802) and have downloaded all the Win8.1 updates but nothing about Win10 showing just yet. Can I use this tool to go straight from Win8.1 right to Win10 with the November update?
  • Performed this update earlier tonight on my desktop PC and it worked perfectly. And this finally fixed my Mail app not syncing on it's own issue! First I backed up my registry using CCleaner then had it fix over a hundred registry issues. Then did the Windows 10 update. Seems better now!
  • Well, thanks!
  • For me this tool failed as well. Tried a couple of times and it didn't work. But I deleted the contents of Windows/SoftwareDistribution/Download and it seems to be working. Just in case it works for you.
  • Hey man, were you getting some sort of error and getting rolled back to the original version (im assuming windows 10) ? 
    If yes, did you delete the folder you mentionned and run the tool again and let it update? 
  • I was getting the error right were the installation was supposed to begin... So it never even really started. I deleted the folder and tried through Windows Update and it saw the download this time.
  • I was just about to do this, but I checked one more time and there it was.
  • Used this method yesterday and have used that same USB stick to "upgrade" 5 machines today. All 5 went smoothly and happy 10586 brothers.
  • Thanks Daniel, it totally works. Loving the performance improvement in Microsoft Edge for now. I don't need browser extensions, so now, Edge is able to compete agasint Chrome.
  • I am downloading using WHDownloader. It's over 500MB and it is KB3105213. Let's see how it turns out.
  • Please tell me it worked
  • I upgraded from using the Media Creation Tool yesterday.  My Cortana was buggy, not replying to questions about weather just giving me a Bing error page. I contacted Microsoft Support and they were able to fix the problem by taking control of my computer, but in the process uninstalled all Microsoft apps including the Store. After another two hours with Support trying to fix that problem I had to refresh to fix it. My guess is the initial problem was caused by a region or language setting - I had my region set to UK but I live in Australia - which caused an error in the upgrade process.
  • Mine was done through Windows Update but I used the MCT to upgrade my partner's, both methods worked without a hitch
  • Yeah when the update is there on 2 tablets 2 laptops and a desktop and you get all errors its broken... So when is Microsoft gonna fix it?
  • I got the error code 0xC1900101 - 0x30017 after failing to do the first boot and rolling back to previous version of Windows 10. I've tried every options suggested on the blue screen, except fresh out all the content to do a clean install. What else should I do to fix this error?
  • I love this November update, my PC is now even more smooth and lag free.
  • The language or the edition of Windows that is currently installed on your PC isn't supported by this tool. My Pc edition is Enterprise and language is en-US. What should I do?
  • Tried again on my laptop and desktop after they failed to update yesterday which took place right after 100% download. They both went into "preparing to install" phase. The desktop got updated in 16 minutes! The laptop in 33 minutes. Patience was the key.
  • The language or edition of the version of Windows that is currently installed on your PC isn't supported by this tool. My PC version is Enterprise and language is en-US. What should I do?
  • Umm I got a question! I used the older "Media Creation Tool" for upgrading..seems like it did install the older RTM version all over again :( Anyone in the same club?
  • I would only add that afterwards you need to remove the windows.old directory which takes up about 17GB of space on your hard drive. The only problem with that is that you need to take ownership of the folder first before you are able to delete it.
  • Disk Cleanup cleared mine, run it as Administrator Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And don't forget to turn off defer upgrades
  • I have windows 10 installed and activated. If I wipe my drive and do clean installation with this build, do i have to enter activation key or it will get activated automatically? I don't have key so dnt want to mess up.
  • No key needed if you reinstall on the same hardware, just skip the product key entry request Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Didt this yesterday, works fine!  trust this post and JUST DO IT!!!!
  • With Windows 10 I had some wifi issues. Just restarted my surface pro 2 and it worked. Now with November update the Wi-Fi is always "not connected to the internet"... Anybody else?
  • Hello, yes, I have a Surface Pro 3 which does this note. My wife's is the same computer with no problem. One difference is I am running Hyper-V. Are you?
  • Hi, I got the same issue and running Hyper-V as well. Finally I disconnect the bridge then it works fine.
  • Well, it took me at least 45 minutes on a quite modern laptop - just about the same as it took to upgrade from Windows 8.1. It was a normal installation process with keeping current configuration, so everything works fine indeed, but it's a slight overkill just to get a service pack... Anyway, thanks for the hint :)
  • This also works for insider builds. I have done a couple of times when my PC was not able to detect the new insider builds.
  • works on my laptop but not my net top. Not sure i can be bothered with this. ms will have to patch it so the update is seen.
  • I'm not particularly 'tech savvy' but, thanks to WC I used this method to upgrade my Mrs' laptop to W10. Now I have just done it again on my own laptop to get this update, as I had the same problem as WC, with the update failing then disappearing. It's all pretty straightforward to do.!! Thanks Daniel for the article, I hadn't thought about updating this way.!!
  • Thanks, it worked! Now I'm waiting for windows 10 mobile!!!
  • I notice my Edge Favourites Toolbar was emptied of its shortcuts in the upgrade. Delighted to see jump lists added to Start Menu tiles (don't think I saw either of these things mentioned anywhere before).
  • Worked great, thank you!
  • I got mine on my desktop yesterday, really enjoyed it. Then FINALLY it flowed down to my Surface Pro; LOVING it. Now I can actually use Edge since it'll sync my favorites. That was my biggest problem with Edge. I use a PC at home, and I use my Surface for work and anything else! So ... I really needed to keep it up to date. Hehe.  
  • Redownloading it again through Windows Update.
  • This keeps me in an endless loop of downloading the upgrade tool. I have the enterprise version installed here.
  • Damn it, the update just failed when installing from Windows Update.......I think I'll try again from Windows Update, if it still fails, then I'll work on this manual way.
  • will it download the whole windows 10 or just the November update?
  • It downloads an ISO image of Windows 10, which can be used to upgrade your existing install. You don't even need to burn a disc, just run Setup Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can I create ISO and then extract the iso, Run the setup. exe file to upgrade without losing data?
  • That's what I did, mounted the ISO and ran the Setup installer from within Windows. The upgrade went without any problems Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • when iso gets downloaded, copy it on the drive where os is installed( since extraction and installation becomes fast on same drive), double-click & mount, open setup from mounted drive and choose upgrading keeping previous app and files, upgrade will happen, no need to burn on usb or cd, i had done it on noverber update.
  • Upgrading through media creation tool will keep my windows 10 activated, right?
  • If genuine, yes
  • Guys help me out. Instead of upgrading directly from the tool, I decided to make ISO so that i can upgrade my friends PC's too as
    I did while I upgraded from 8.1 to 10, But this time it dint go well. Though I was successful in creating the ISO, when i mounted ISO and
    ran the setup, its asking for me the product key, I entered my current windows 10(Genuine) product key but it dint work, i also tried my old
    windows 8.1 key that too dint work. But last time when I was upgrading too windows 10 using the same method it dint ask for the key. So if anyone has a solution, it would be just great. And i dont want to download 3gb of data again!
  • Windows Home lost disk cleanup? My tablet didn't have it. I threw it in the trash and the truck picked that up. I barely used it anyways, due to edge being kinda terrible and metro i.e. Being removed. The tablet had less than a gig free and I couldn't remove the Windows old and bt folders due to permission errors.  Those old folders were taking 10gb of storage. The Pro notebook let me remove it all immediately. The tablet had no disk cleanup button in disk properties. I will get an iPad mini. It just works. On my notebook the upgrade completely jacked my settings up, and installed bad drivers and its in the closet until I can fix the issues. Feels like a bad Linux distribution. All the issues I had on release day are back, verbatim. Horrible update experience but I plan to leave this Eco. I only have one wi does device left at this point and I don't mind trashing them if it comes to that. 
  • ok kool, my wife pc for some reason will not show theres an update, will definately use this tool
  • After upgrading my pc, its build version still the same 10240!!
  • This is a great tip.  Thank you!
  • YMMV, but I borked my system doing this..
  • Which version should I download for 32 bit tablet . Windows KN or windows N or Single language or Window 10 by ISO . I have no problem to remove all files. Plz help Danial
  • Wallpaper link please? That's awesome!  
  • Doesn't work for edu versions... :/
  • This new update does not work on my AT&T Surface 3 LTE or my HP Slate 7 Tab. Update gets to 40% and then freezes. Also, I had to delete a lot of important files /apps to get it to even start. Why does this update need so much space?? Why is it crashing at 40% ???
  • did you disable or uninstall your antivirus  some times that helps alot. otherwise it might be checking all the upgrade files too    
  • can somebody i did this its says if i update i cant not revert back to win dows 8.1 is this normal and if i do this will it be safe 
  • Hi, Not sure what u actually mean with that but my suggestion is to use media creation tool to upgrade your Windows 10 pc on newest RTM code, then after that process is complete, then go settings-Windows Update, the choose Recovey and choose Recover that pc, then it will give you an option to recover it and leave your all personal stuff and remove all third party apps, after that process is done and you finaly log In to your account you have just a nice fresh Windows 10 pc with November update, it is really smooth fast, gives you nice user experience, you see there is no need always to do fomat on your drive, this method what i just described to you is like reseting your Lumia phone after Windows10 upgrade, I have done that on my own pc and this method is really good you do not have to install any drivers after that because that process will preserv your pc drivers, no painful Windows 10 setup, what most of people hate thinking it is so painful worrying about their personal stuff. After all that process you can use disk clean up tool to remove Windows.old folder and previous windows intallation files, by doing so left click on your mouse on c drive where windows is located, choose  properties, then disk clean up, then wait or while, then choose system clean upor something like that the wait for while it loads, then when it is loaded, tick all choices, then hit delete or clean up, the pc will ask yo to confirm, go ahead and confirm, wait until the process is done, and then you are finally done all that.    
  • That advice ruined my Samsung ativ smart pc tablet. It didn't find November updates so I decided to manually update it. Bad idea: Stacked at 40% for last 5 hours
  • I have also that model, no such problem on me, if you cannot do anything, then copy all your stuff on an external usb or hard drive, then use that same media creation tool to create windows 10 usb setup drive and boot from USB and do full format to reinstall Windows 10 with that November update already integrated, then use samsung sw update too to install drivers, PS, you have to use Windows 8.1 drivers - I also used those, because Samsung isn't yet released official Windows 10 drivers for Samsung Ativ smart pc tablet XE500T1C, but according to Samsung they are working on that, asked that itself from Samsung.
  • disable yoru antivirus or uninstal it, windows defender will protect you after the upgrade and then reinstall it, new users to win 10 must do this, microsoft is requuiring win 10 version of av.  
  • November update finaly appeared in Windows update yesterday night and just finish installing it today. Nice November update added project in Quick Action to easily switch to multiple display.    
  • I did all this and now stuck for hours on a screen "Getting a few things ready"...what can I do?
  • Hmmm...after a reboot and restarting the process it does continue...downloading now :)
  • This worked like a charm on my Dell Venue 8 Pro
  • The update will eventually come up after some days. Just updated mine on the third try. Keep calm and update. No need for extra triks.
  • Background link please!? It looks awesome!
  • Good tip, thanks WC!
  • This worked for me although I just hit the upgrade now instead of using the media tool. As others have reported, the only issue I have experienced is it changed my default program for .pdf files to Edge which I promptly changed back to Adobe. Otherwise everything else seems to be running well thus far.
  • Updated ASUS T100 as article described - update went well. Had to reboot a few times after update due to operation freezes. After, all good.
  • i wish you guys would use proper links instead of those ad gateway ones. It's just unprofessional and stinks.
  • Dan it didn't worked for me the way you explained. At the end of installation it gave a message that you wont be able to roll back to 8.1. So it wipes out old settings. Hence have decided to wait for my return for update.
  • Hello, if i want to download installation media like ISO file using MCT today, will I get with latest update? Or must via Windows update? Thank you
  • MCTdid not work for me. My laptop is still stuck in Build 10565. I can't roll back, I try updating to 10586 thru win update but it keeps saying an update is already in progress and to restart then try again. On top of that, leaving the insider program for W10 desktop is a hellish process. It doesn't help that my internet is slow because my home is too far away from the CO. Nevertheless I tried MCT and after waitinand monitoring the progress the whole evening, after it finished downloading all 3.5GB I thought it would start installing then I got the dreaded error message again saying an update is already in progress and I should restart and update. All the progress was lost. I'm trying a different method now in that I'm downloading the actual ISO file on my phone (which you cant do on desktop, for some odd reason) instead of MCT, transferring it to my laptop and go from there. Hopefully it'll finally work.
  • i can't update to the last version of w10. please help me!
  • Tried the media creation tool as described, didnt work.
  • me to! she tell me is error
  • It worked for me, but previously I installed every update available.
  • It tells me I need 5 GB's of storage even when I choose another drive. I can manage it on my PC, but not my tablet. MS really though this through, didn't they?
  • You need at least 25GB free I believe, after I upgraded and went to clean the drive, the previous Windows installation showed it occupied 25GB, now I got rid of old installation and got 25GB space back. I have a 1TB hard drive, so I didn't had any storage issue when upgrading.
  • No it doesn't need that much. Can you imagine a freaking update that would need that much storage space? The whole Windows isn't that big.
  • The update that wasn't there.
  • Thanks Daniel. Just upgraded my SP4 to 1511 using this method. Worked as described, no problems at all. Seems a lot less buggy now. Battery life improved.
    I hope MS get their act together with this upgrade process. We shouldn't have to go through this in 2015!
  • OTA kept giving error messages, and "retry" didn't try very hard. This seemed a promising alternative. Download process was slow, but steady.
    Prep hung @ 61% for a distressingly long time, but eventually completed.
    Then "Setup needs to restart" ... and nothing.
    Found no active process in Task Manager. NOTHING.
    Am SO tired of this, "updates" that require a computer engineering degree to install. It took 20 hours for me to get the original Win10 upgrade to install! Attempt #2 resulted Media Creation Tool crashing error code - 0x80070005 - 0xB003 So wish I didn't rely on this one computer for my livelihood.
  • Thanks Daniel Rubino for this great advice, I had this issue and did this last night and automatically my PC was restarted and got the November upgrade. My Dell Inspiron 5548 (Early 2015 model) is now running blazing fast with this update and is fantastic. Thanks again WC.
  • Was having no luck with the OTA. Been seeing several updates posted over the past few days, little by little some would process but not the big Win10 updates. Thought this would be a welcome alternative.
    The downloading was slow, but steady.
    The prep got stuck at 61% for a distressingly long time, but eventually that completed.
    It then needed to restart the set-up and ... NOTHING. Setup didn't restart. No obvious processes were evident in Task Manager. Tried running Media Creation Tool again, downloaded slowly again but then ... crash.
    Error code 0x80070005 - 0xB0003. Rather tired of these updates all but requiring a computer engineering degree to complete successfully.
    The original Win10 upgrade took 20 hours to get done.
    So wish I didn't rely on this one computer for my livelihood.
  • i have the same problem! nobody know how i resolve this!? please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great article, running the process now.  Where did you get that cool desktop background?
  • i have been upable to update some win 10 systems, never gets to it in windows update or gets there but will not download.  i tried media creation tool on 5 systems wored on two, the other three just goes to download and says on 0% forever; or the program says it can't run. very random.  about to chuck update until next week all the servers are too busy even one media creation tool uses.
  • These instructions worked wonderfully on my HP TouchSmart PC.  I am in love with your background, would you be willing to share?
  • My first upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows10 back in June/July went well.Everything was working as expected but the cumulative updates on windows10 for some reason would not install on my PC.I noticed this in one of my friends PC also.I tried all tricks but the cumulative updates would never install.So i clean slated my PC and downloaded the 10240 ISO and did a fresh installtion on my PC.After that the cumulative updates installed properly. Recently I received the Fall Update 10586 but it failed to install.It downloads prepares and something is going wrong during upgrade.It fails to install and reverts back.Microsft has to really fix this issue for Windows10.Not sure for what reason it is failing.Then I tried the Medai creation tool and the upgrade process went as smooth as it should be. Microsft has to really fix their Automatic updates process.
  • Ok I've used the tool & updated to the current build successfully but after the update i have 1 major issue.I'm unable to establish a proper Wi-Fi connection
  • Not gonna upgrade my laptop to it until they support 2nd gen i5, works nicely on my pc though
  • I have canvas laptab ( India) on windows 8.1 single language with bing, I checked update today and shows 1511 10586. Size 2.03 GB. Wow!
  • It doesn't give me the choice of home vs pro.  I assume the installer will recgnize which version gets installed?
  • On my Lenovo S410P touch, same problem its build version still the same 10240!
  • After wasting 4gig of date using this method, am still suck at 10240. Please is that so? I thought the update is 2gig, i check for update through windows update still saying "Your device is up to date. Last checked: Today, ‏‎8:36 AM" please this method is bullshit.  
  • i am not getting the update from media creation tool or from windows update. am using Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit. what should i do..?
  • My PC hasn't downloaded the November upgrade and using the media creation tool gets as far as checking for updates then hangs. I've left it overnight but it still hasn't completed. Other devices have all taken the upgrade without a hitch BUT - none of them had the broken Start menu so ...?
  • Open the media creation tool page by emulating the site as mobile site from browser developer tool. And happy downloading direct ISO.
  • I did, followed the instructions & got an error message needing 8GB on C:Drive. Now what?
  • You need to have minimum 8GB free space available to update.
    Run disk clean up or attach external storage.
  • After a couple of months (it's now January 18th) I figured I was never going to be offered the Threshold 2 (November) upgrade, which I found a little confusing as other updates were coming through normally. Checked my W. 10 Pro. build and it was 10240. So I went down the MCT route and was astonished that every thing went impeccably: W. 10 Pro. version 1511, build 10586, now installed and working as it should, settings and apps all nicely preserved. Can't quite believe it - not a glitch. So, 2 bits of useful info. for anyone still waiting for the Threshold 2 upgrade: MS pushes the MCT as a means of upgrading from W. 7, W. 8, W.8.1, not as a means of upgrading from an earlier build of W.10, but this can be ignored; and using the MCT does now install an up-to-date OS (version 1511, build 10586).
  • Hey WC Staff!, why is this 8 month old article been published on July 29 2016?  I thought this tool would not be available from Microsoft anymore, can you confirm this can be used to get anniversary upgrade?
  • It's a repeat but comments should have been deleted for this post!
  • Can download and install for another pc by using media creation tool... By doing that will I get anniversary update 1607
  • Yes
  • Open the media creation tool page by emulating the site as mobile site from browser developer tool. And happy downloading direct ISO.
  • Huh, didn't need to do it this way. Mine just updated automatically and I was expecting it to take at least a week. And it's a Windows 8 key.
  • Why not use the "Update Now" option at the top of the MCT download page? Just did that, and it seems to work fine - downloading the update now. Couldn't see any updates when using WU. I'm on Surface 3.
  • When I logged on to this page an update.option appeared and I selected the update option and it worked. No need to download the tool.
  • I just went there and it asked me from there if I wanted to install the latest version of Window 10. Naturally I said yes, and it's installing it now. No Media Creation needed
  • Can someone from WC delete the old posts from this thread?
  • Lol even on Android Central the same Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • I went to the page linked in the article ( ). From there I just clicked the Update Now button, and that downloaded a exe. Running that Exe checked if my system was update to date. It found the update, and is now downloading it. The update was not found by the Windows Update from the Settings. If the Update Now button shows up, it may be easier to use than the Media creation tool.
  • ... I just clicked the link and bang there was the option to update. As easy as it can get. Thank you WC
  • I am getting this error - "The language or edition of the version of windows currently installed on your pc isn't supported by this tool." Any suggestions please..
  • No need for downloading that tool, there is a separate tool for that and it will prompt you on top of the page itself to use that tool if you're looking to update your windows 10 to the latest version. "We noticed you are running Windows 10. If you are looking to update to the latest version, click Update now."
  • It's ok, I can wait. 
  • A lot of comments posted from 8 months ago? Whoa!
  • I waste my 4 hours time to upgrade to anniv update. I download .iso from media creation tool. And I format my laptop , when finished install I just realize that its build 1511. Alright and I run MCT again and update it. After finish still 1511. So dissapointed and now I can't work.
    ​Microsoft can't even give a proper software to make it easy. damn  
  • Is there any support for this? I downloaded the tool to my thumb drive, tried to run it to upgrade to the Anniversary Update & got a message saying I needed 8GB on my C Drive? That's what this whole thing was supposed to avoid! Can anyone help?
  • My "take" is that, after downloading the tool to a thumb drive and trying to upgrade my Win 10 to the Anniversary version, I got a screen wanting 8 GB on C:Drive. No option other than to close out. No support seems to be available. Any clues? 
  • Useless. This tool demands 8GB free on CDrive, and there is no support.
  • Prithwish Das, you evidently didn't read my comment.  1. I have used Disk Cleanup several times today. Since my Stream is only 32G, I have less than 5 G available & am unable to remove anything else.  2. I have a 32G thumb drive attached to my HP Stream, where this media tool file is located, but which is otherwise free.  Please advise how I am supposed to make your suggestion here work. "You need to have minimum 8GB free space available to update.
    Run disk clean up or attach external storage." Can you refer my question to someone who can help?
  • I have windows 10 pro installed in my pc but when I download the iso file for another pc media creation tool downloaded the home single language. I want to ask is something wrong with my pc or its a defult settings from microsoft.