Windows 10 build 10134: Everything you need to know

Another day, another preview of Windows 10 that leaks onto the web. Just when Microsoft announced that is making the ISO files for Windows 10 build 10130 available for download, even though the build isn't yet ready for the Slow ring, Windows 10 build 10134 leaks onto the web unveiling a few refinements over the last public release.

Windows 10 build 10134 is a newer preview of the operating system and like pretty much with all the leaked versions we have seen, this new build is likely not landing as a public release. However, it does give us a glimpse of how Windows 10 is progressing.

Keep in mind that Microsoft has already locked all the features that they are planning to release for the desktop version of Windows 10. As such every new build we see will only include small changes, bug fixes, and the company trying to make the operating system more stable.

Windows 10 build 10134

This time around there no new additions or tweaks to the Start menu, everything remains the same as we have seen in Windows 10 build 10130.

Now, we are just going to jump to the Snipping tool. Yes, the screenshot taking tool has been updated.

In build 10134, the Snipping tool get a "Delay" option that allows users to delay the screenshot taking up to five seconds.

Settings app

Perhaps the most noticeable changes are happening in the Settings app. In Windows 10 build 10134, we can now see that Microsoft is giving more update controls to Windows Insiders.

Now users can stop getting new builds of Windows 10. Also, the software maker includes a new "Let Microsoft try features on this build" option. This feature allows users to control whether to let Microsoft download and let users try new features that aren't ready for the public. (By default this feature is OFF.)

To get to these new options, simply open the Settings apps, navigate to Update & Security > Windows Update, and click the Advanced options link.

Furthermore, in the Settings app there are a couple more changes. Windows Insiders will now notice that in Privacy, the software maker is renaming the "Feedback" option to "Feedback & diagnostics", but not new changes are found in this particular page.

There is also a new Background apps page that allows users to control further which apps run in the background. That feature will also help to conserve power on mobile devices.

Microsoft Edge + Home Button

Microsoft Edge still carries the Project Spartan name, but the web browser version has been bumped to 16.10134. Additionally, now the Settings page includes the option to add a Home button next to address bar. There is also a new "Import favorites from another browser" link to bring your bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers.

Wrapping things up

The operating system now looks very close to completion, but even though it's a newer version, it's a little less stable than build 10130.

Like with every leaked of the operating system, we don't recommend to install this build. Not only is not very stable it's also no supported by Microsoft.

What do you think about the new subtle changes? Tell us in the comments below.

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  • What kind of option they provided in Microsoft edge for bookmark, password management, backup etc .
  • Bookmark, history, reading List. No password management for the time being but it is under development.
  • Yes why mobile build is so slow.
  • Because Microsoft is giving the computer OS priority at this stage, as publicly announced.
  • As if there company doesn't have enough man power to run both OS development together.
  • bull's eye..
  • it is not about man power or not or anything.... if you researched and understood what Windows 10 is about you would know why Windows Phone is not getting priority... Windows 10 is supposed to be ONE platform. Windows 10 desktop is the main one... so Windows 10 desktop has to finish stuff for Phone and Console to be ready for those changes. so it's obvious they can't work on Phones because it depends on desktop, that's why Windows 10 for xbox one, will be available later in this year... it's not even close to an open beta. so your "man power" is not valid here, that's why Operating Systems is under the same person Terry. you work on one and then you work on the others while time goes by. but Desktop is the base of everything.
  • lolwut? Phones don't depend on desktop. Phones don't even have a desktop.
  • wow just wow do you not read or watch anything about windows 10 at all the Windows 10 Phones will have a desktop when connected or steamed to a monitor it will look exactly like you are using a desktop pc and you will still be able to recieve phone calls at the same time
  • When was it publicly announced that they are prioritizing PCs? I thought they just said mobile was behind (for whatever reason) and will be released later.
  • I read that on Engadget or another tech site.  To prioritize simply means to triage and figure out when a given program will be ready.  The PC part has been given priority status for release.
  • Probably because they're focusing refinements to meet Windows 10 desktop deadline
  • Because fixing upgrade bugs is very important.
  • Thanks for the source!
  • Thanks for the link nice info.
  • Behind the scenes they are lagging begin schedules and project managers are burning their pants on the chair.
  • Perhaps microsolf want to focus on the windows 10 first :)
  • What about Tablet or Touch mode?
    Have Microsoft given up trying to provide a decent Tablet/Touch experience?
  • Continuum takes care of that automatically :) I'm on the latest build and it's working well in tablet touch mode.
  • Continuum doesn't provide a satisfactory touch environment. The UX is largely static, and tries to turn my tablet into a phone.
  • Have you used Windows 8.x on a tablet? ----- I'm not sure why Continuum is getting so much hype. Doesn't work at all when you have an external screen powered by a tablet (e.g., Surface Pro). It needs to be smarter than just relying on whether kb/m is attached or the mode was explicitly changed --- only some places render the UI differently depending on the input method used to trigger it.
  • Yeah, pretty much. Seems like Microsoft has all but abandoned tablets now. I'm pretty sure the Surface 4 will be a bonafide laptop.
  • "Seems like Microsoft has all but abandoned tablets now."
    That's a bit hyperbolic. They're focusing on the desktop right now. Nothing wrong with that. The OS will be updated and improved in a continuous fashion. Why not also say "Seems like Microsoft has all but abandoned [Xbox One, Windows Phone, Tablets, IoT] now." too since we have seen little in those areas as well for Windows 10?
  • They have abandoned Windows Phone. We haven't seen any worthwhile hardware in nearly two years.
  • I'm curious to know why is it essential to bring out new hardware every year or every 6 months or whatever timetable you'd like to see it? The phone arena is not like a car arena where there are most times a new car every year -- and sometimes with minor upgrades. A different headlight here, a different touch screen radio there. Possibly more safety features and possibly higer gas mileage. But these are manufacturing processes that may be needed because they rushed the previous year's model. As for the phones, if it works and the firmware can be updated periodically is it really necessary to get new hardware? I mean look how long it took [CR]Apple to get new hardware. It was more about software/OS updates than actual hardware and I still see people rocking a 4s or 5 (probably because they cannot or are not willing to expend money towards the 6). I was, however, quite disappointed that they no longer sell the 1520 because that was my next go to mobile device. I'll have to hold on to my 920 - which is still working well BTW - until the 940XL is launched. While I can certainly empathize with one's need for something new, rushing the process is not always the best or cost effective bet. It's nice to practice a little patience every now and again. If you abandon something because it gives you nothing "new" and that's your perogative, then I feel sorry for your significant other, parents, pets, etc. as those things only get older.
  • Because for someone who stays current on their tech, it makes no sense to upgrade from a newer Android/iOS device to an older Windows Phone. It's essential for the same reason it's essential that Intel or AMD release new CPUs, or that companies release new SSDs, or that OEMs release new PCs every year. If you don't release a new Ultrabookis year, then Apple will sell even more MacBooks.  If you don't release new AIOs, they will sell more iMacs.  If you dn't release new phones, they will sell even more phones.  Tablets, etc. I am not sure why that is such a hard thing to understand.
  • I agree, I have a Lumia 920, and I love it. I think most phones look pretty much the same, or at least similar enough and with the same features that it's not worth switching. The only time I upgraded my phone was when moving from WP7 to WP8. It basically goes with the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" philosophy.
  • for real i love my Lumia 920 i actually tride to downgrade back to WP8 and it didnt reinstall it so i went online and bought a new well used with a cracked screen off ebay for $40 and just took the screen from my old phone and put it on the working one now im happy again... also wanted a 1520 but didnt have the money for it :D.... my gram let me use a android galaxy s2 and then her n her bf asked what u need a new phone for we gave u one lol i hate android phones lol i tell people that all the time just dont run the same :D
  • Why is it okay in Car arena to have a new car every year with different headlights and new touch screen radio but not in mobile or computers? You can still use a 10 year old car to do the same things. it has got 4 wheels, a steering wheel, an engine and runs on the same fuel. What's so different in the new car that you feel compelled to have a new car every year when it is almost the same except for a headlight and a different touch screen "radio"?  Computers have advanced from 286 runing at 20Mhz to 386, 486, Pentium, Dual Core, Quad Core, Corei7 that runs at 3000Mhz or 3 Ghz. I don't see that kind of chnages in the car. It still runs on the same 4 stroke combustion engine. it is driven on the same speeds as 10 years ago.  Why Why Why then you need a new car every year and wast your money just to have a new headlight and a new touch screen "Radio"? Why don't you buy the headlights seperately and put them on your bed side that would be a lot cheaper than buying a new car
  • I'm curious to know why is it essential to bring out new hardware every year or every 6 months or whatever timetable you'd like to see it?
    Because Apple's marketing department said so? ;)
  • There was no new phone because what they had in the pipeline wasn't compelling. So rather than go to production with a phone that likely wouldn't be competitive and end up with large stocks of unsold inventory and another writedown, they stood pat, and focused on the "one OS on all devices" concept that is Windows 10. Trying to sell a product without having a major compelling feature upgrade isn't wise - and they only "big thing" they had coming was 3D touch. It was decided that this felt more like an unuseful gimmick, and preferred to wait until they had some game changing features a la windows hello and the ability to project your phone to a large screen and get a full Windows 10 desktop experience etc.
  • Even if Microsoft is focusing on the desktop, there was no reason to strip out Win 8.1 workflow. Microsoft could have used it for Continuum, and improve upon the UX, but instead they stripped it all out for a touch desktop that's about as attractive as Windows 7 was on tablets. The fast and fluid full screen "immersive" UX has been replaced with a largely static, and obtrusive UX that places focus back on cluttering the screen with as many conrols as possible, and de-emphesises content. Have you tried the OneNote preview? It's horrible compared to the Win8.1 app. Half the screen is wasted with controls and a Ribbon that just doesn't need to be there. Nearly all of the feedback on the app is negative, and is asking for the circular menu and a full screen experience back. Edge no longer delivers a superior chromeless browsing experience, and again seems destined to throw as many controls back on the screen as humanly possible. Don't even get me started on the largely useless, always on taskbar.   I just don't see how anyone at Microsoft thinks this is somehow better, and more enticing than Windows 8.1. It's like they got up one morning, and collectively ate a giant bowl of stupid for breakfast before starting work.
  • It's like they got up one morning, and collectively ate a giant bowl of stupid for breakfast before starting work.
    You're funny. :)
  • I'll agree its not as well done as Windows 8.1 was on the tablet but I would not say they have destroyed it. Apprently they are bringing back swipe down menus for a start which would be nice. The problem is Windows 8.1's critics were so loud that it is hard for them to gather what people liked and didnt. There were a lot of good features but people shout less about things that just work then things they dont like. Look at the People App. On phone and PC a single unified space for information, using it for enterprise too it was actually a great tool being able to see a clients linkedin and twitter to know what has caught their attention before a call...but the people hub was slated and now we have a me too contacts apps
  • Microsoft went the "content emphasized, chomeless" route in Windows 8. The concept was a total flop with most consumers, who couldn't figure out how to get to anything, and found most tasks to require undesireable steps. Chromeless browsing for example, requires you to take an action just to see the address bar, so you can type in it. The premium put on content came at a cost in useability and visibility of features that (and this is the bottom line) most users didn't like. So they're looking for balance -, minimal chrome, while keeping the best of the old "metro" design language. For the most part, Windows 10 in tablet mode operates just like Windows 8, with the addition of the chrome that most customers wanted. The feedback you see on OneNote etc, is primarly from Microsoft loyalists and geeks. The mainstream consumer hated the lack of chrome in windows 8 and found it obtuse, confusing and more effort. Stupid would be Microsoft not learning any lessons from Windows 8, which is what you suggest.
  • They're focusing on the desktop right now.
    Isn't that the fundamental problem with Windows 8, except in reverse? The UX should be designed with all interaction models for PCs in mind so that some of them aren't just tacked on? Unless they are content with having the UI look and behave completely differently with touch, it's hard to imagine that much will change.
  • The whole point of contiuum is for tablets. The whole point of everything have larger texts and more padding is for touch tablets. Toggles on action center? Tablets. A lot of what they've done with Windows 10 is making sure it works with tablets as well as everything else.
  • Yes, the concept of continuum is for tablets yet little of that concept has been brought to realization regardless of the amount of feedback that has been given. Hey, at least they changed the recycle bin icon from user complaints, because that's important.
  • Now this is Microsoft's problem in a nutshell.  They try and be open.  Give users an opportunity to use things before they are complete and what do they get.  Grief!  Damned if they do and damned if they don't.  It's great that they are wanting feedback and I for one would say there was nothing wrong with with 8.1.  Don't mess with it.  But I don't run the multi billion dollar company.  Once the "official" release is here after all the current feedback has been considered we'll see how it goes.  But here's the BIG NEWS... This is software and software is always updated.  Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  Windows will go through so many iterations in the years to come it might end up looking like the good ole DOS days.  :)
  • Thank you!
  • Except with a mainstream product, choices made now will have effects on choices that can be made later on. Years is too long of a time scale for suboptimal software to persist.
  • Feedback isn't a tick list of what to implement. Giving feedback doesn't mean the feature will definitely be included. People need to understand that Microsoft has its own views about the OS as well, it has its own vision of the OS as well. In previous years, it was only MS who decided what was right for the new OS. Now that is still the case. All they are doing with the feedback is getting an idea of what people think about their vision and path the OS is taking. That's it. High feedback rating for a feature doesn't mean it will get implemented. Period.
  • Except nearly all of the top feedback for Touch and tablets indicate users aren't enjoying what Microsoft has provided. Nearly all of it is negative.
  • Coming from Microsoft loyalists who were pro Windows 8, that might be a good thing for Windows 10, in light of the fact that Windows 8 is hated among a wider audience.
  • I suppose Windows 10 was their vision all along right? It's pretty much a reaction to critcisms of Windows 8 and developer interest in iOS/Android.
  • That's simply not true. The early tablet mode start screen is an example. Initially, it featured very small tiles and didn't use a lot of the available screen real estate. Users asked that the tiles enlarge in tablet mode, and the dead space be reduced. That's exactly what MS did.
  • Yep as they said at build London. What they showed looked very impressive. Build for mobile and it works automatically on large screens
  • In my opinion, it's actually already better compared to 8.1. More settings optimised for touch, larger touch points everywhere when in desktop mode (bye tiny close button). Not to mention the office suite being optimised for touch.
  • Never used Win 8.1 with Metro-Apps on a tablet, right? Truth is: using the desktop on a tablet with win 10 is much better than with win 8.1, because it has continuum, which transforms the desktop into a touchable desktop. The pitty is, they lost somewhere in late 2014 the true tablet mode from win 8.1. So you don't have a tablet UX, metro apps work on the desktop instead desktop apps working on metro.
  • Touch optimized doesn't just mean bigger targets. It's as much about gestures, if not more. Think of all the delightful interactions we find on competing mobile devices and Windows 8 (e.g., swipe left/right for triage, pull to refresh, pinch/spread for context/detail, etc.).
  • Tablet support is getting some attention in W10 and it's working pretty good in fact on my SP3. One area that could improve would be increased text scaling, icon, and especially the task bar sizing in tablet mode.
  • I just want them to get rid of that stupid taskbar in tablet mode, I mean why would I need a taskbar on a tablet. Also the big ugly hamburger in the top left of the screen why cant tablet mode be just like windows 8.1. If it doesn't change I probably wont get win 10 on my surface pro 2.
  • I agree, I have watched videos, read comments and articles and I will not update to W10 on my Surface Pro 3. I see 8.1 as the best tablet OS ever. By replacing the Start Screen with a Desktop that has an unnecessary task bar, a start menu (that contains most used lists, surely they are Live Tiles anyway), a hamburger menu, loss of swipe in from the left and loss of the Charms Bar, then this leaves me no option than stay with 8.1.
  • The sucky thing is I was so excited for it at the beginning.
  • Well, many are still using XP and W7 so I guess the silver lining is that we have choices. I was looking forward to W10 too, on my WP and Surface, but as it stands I will stay with 8.1 on the Surface, as its just about perfect for me. You never know, they may change it in the future??
  • I will be upgrading on my sp3. Swiping through apps to multi-task is slow if you use a lot of apps compared to just tapping the app you want to switch to. Add in the fact that desktop apps will always exist, and switching from metro apps to desktop apps in win8 feels like you are walking out of a dark closet everytime. To me win 10 is a smoother transition and appreciated over win 8. I don't want to lose any gestures, but I am confident those are coming.
  • You're referencing to the desktop mode. We can switch to the tablet mode where the Start will go full screen. Hamburger isn't really ugly, it's just we need to familiarize with it. Charms Bar has been removed for many reasons. In the beginning, it was really hated by the desktop user who don't have touch screen. I think Hamburger fits into the universal concept rather than Charms Bar.
  • I really like the gestures with 8.1 on my tablet. Swapping screens just by swiping in from the left was so fast and I loved the way to close programs and apps, everything was just fluid and very modern but win 10 just remind me of iPad with a prettier UI and that's why I hate it. It's not unique at all now, it's just adapting to look like every other tablet out there.
  • Oh ave the changes bar was really cool to with tablets. It was always so useful to me.
  • You prefer the "swipe up" from start to see a whole page of cluttered looking alphabetized apps, versus a hamburger menu that expands a nice and neat vertical list of apps? Windows 8.1 had a "all apps" down arrow. How is that not as ugly as the hamburger menu in Windows 10? You have to understand that some things are done for consistency, and honestly there's no loss of functionality. In fact, UI studies show that people find items in a single scrolling vertical list much faster than they do from a list spread across many columns. Taskbar is an open quesiton. I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes an option to hide the taskbar in tablet mode. However, there are compelling benefits. Many Windows 8 users complained about not having at a glance battery info and clock. You shouldn't have to take an action, like swiping in the charms menu, just to see the clock or battery. Plus, it provides them the ability to provide an always there back button and ready access to Cortana. Swiping in to task switch is an inefficient workflow, even if it looks fairly elegant. If you have a lot of apps open, you're swiping a whole bunch of times to get to the app you want. The task switcher sidebar pane in Windows 8 that allowed a user to jump right to a given app wasn't elegant and few people used it because it required a somewhat awkward "pause" when swiping to bring up. The Windows 10 swipe from the left task switcher is both clear and efficient.
  • Getting closer and closer to being finished
  • There is a pin to start option... which is kind of cool because compatible websites (like this one) turn into live tiles on start menu with the latest headlines flipping.
  • Windows 10 Mobile is a word opposite to STABLE. Hope they focus more on mobile after July 29th.. -_-
  • So, unstable you mean?
  • yep. not at all good for a dialy driver Comparing to windows phone 8.1, its like 50% slower
  • What part of the word "alpha software" you don't understand. Perhaps you should read windows insider t&c. You are so much in need of windows 10 mobile stability because you might have installed it in your daily driver.
  • Well, having the same source more or less, I think it makes sense for them to ensure an as close to flawless experience on the desktop before starting to refine the phone version. They also announced the fact that Windows Mobile 10 will come around sometime in the autumn.
  • What phone are you using? the current build is running fine on my L720..
  • This is exactly what was not supposed to happen. We were reminded time and again, "Technical Preview for 10 is not nearly as stable or usable as the 8.1 Developer Preview was. Be patient as Windows 10 Mobile pre-release builds will always be buggy." But no, people still complain.
    Also, MS will DEFINITELY focus more on Mobile after July 29. Don't worry.
  • When Microsoft is being down to earth, the users become snobs. They leave the rants here as if this is a customer feedback page -or any blog is a feedback form. Might have identity complex issue somewhere.
  • I thought Nadella said "Mobile first, Cloud first"? Doesn't seem like it.
  • Then you have been paying attention to nothing. Azure? MS apps everywhere (i.e mobile )? They've bought three large mobile apps in the last few months alone.
  • Ehm, Windows 10 installed on laptops and tablets are mobile devices, and they rely on cloud service, so Nadella is somewhat right. He didn't said mobile phone.
  • Does that change the perception to "mobile first" on the general mobile consumer? No.
  • General consumers also don't try out alpha software
  • Let's remind everyone that they're using alpha/beta OS. So dumb to remember it themselves.
  • Nadella also said that the mobility of the experience is more important than the mobility of the device and Microsoft has been doing great about that with their services.
  • Translation: device agnostic. Services everywhere. Mobility of experience, not just device. MS services on Android. MS services on iOS. MS services on Windows. Windows on all form factors.
  • When entire control panel option come to modern settings ???
  • All i want is a build next week for phones.. :)
  • Still getting the DDE Server error on shutdown. Started on 10130.
  • Enough with the pc news... Publish some phone news
  • Should we just make shit up so you'll be happy?
  • I'll take it from here. An update for Windows 10 for phones will be here next week and it's a total overhaul from the previous update. After the update it will transform every screen to 4k and be as fast as a high-end PC with 16 gigs of memory. Also all phone cameras will update to 30 mp rear and 8 mp front. But I've hear there's an issue with the 520 exploding. Enjoy your update! ;-)
  • My bad
  • I'm sure they are hard at work manufacturing phone news just for you
  • The build numbers increment is slow. I guess the RTM version would be build 101xx-10200. Current Windows 8.1 is 9600.
  • I want a revamped right-click menu.
  • Build is less stable? Is that just to stop people from downloading it or just that it hasn't been through more through internal testing?
  • It is because things are developed in branches. A stable build is released and then different teams take it different directions. Because of this some of the fixes that have been applied to 10130 may not have made it into 10134 because it's core may be based off an earlier version. Also, as it is an internal build, they are more concerned with testing an aspect or idea of something, and not too worried about fixing other things that they break in the process. ie, just because it is 'newer' does not mean that it is running on the newest or most stable code base. It merely means that it was released more recently.
  • Just wondering why isn't spartan updating by its own, but updates through builds, that's a bit concerning.
  • I have been wondering this as well... I mean, the Start menu, Settings, Edge/Spartan, Action center... these are all apps. Really not sure why we need a whole new OS build for these things to get updates. I mean, it made sense earlier in the process when they were literally making the OS to support these apps; but we are coming down to the wire here and I was expecting to see the Store or WU push out app updates to test that they can be updated outside of the OS in a real world environment.
  • In 10130 build, some apps like MSN apps are updated in Store. Maybe some apps are tightly stitched to the OS for better performance. IE trauma maybe.
  • A bit upset by the people app. In 8.1 it was beautiful. Showed both Facebook & twitter posts in a scroll through way. Now it shows just details of the contacts. Is it still unfinished?
  • Its still on alpha there is going to be lots of changes with the app.. Keep feedbacking them..
  • Hopefully it really is unfinished, because I agree with you, it seems quite useless as it is now. Windows 8.1 people app was the best. And I'm also upset about the fact that we can't use the Windows 8.1 start screen anymore. I truly dislike the full screen start menu as it is now. Specially because even if it's transparent, it uses the menu's color on top of the wallpaper, so it messes it up unlike Windows 8.1 start, which looked beautiful. I miss the user and power button at the top right of the screen, the side scrolling, and I hate the 3 column limit for tiles.
  • 100% on the 3 column tile limit
  • I will stay on 8.1 for the foreseeable future due to loving 8.1 for my SP3. But, considering that so many people have remained on 7 and XP I guess people choose their fav release. Suppose it's good to have the choice, although I was looking forward to W10, I will see if it changes in the future to my preference (probably not), with the year to update for free.
  • Your comment on Start screen refers to UX tweaking. They're working on it right now. Keep them informed. Give feedbacks to the developers as supportive, constructive and specific as you can. They're working their ass off. How many real hamburgers had been their meals lately. Wild imagination. Haha.
  • Seems as though they are going to neuter it into oblivion
  • All I need to know is, when is the next wp10 build releasing?
  • Probably after Windows 10 for desktop hits RTM, because there's still too much to do, and since they set a deadline for July 29 (which I honestly think is a stupid decision because it's too early) it would be a waste of time to work on the phone version until they get this other one done.
  • Indeed, and I think everyone who wants a stake windows think the same.. Too early to release
  • I was startled when they say July 29. It's nearly the same by saying early August. Maybe because of pressure by many cranky people in insider preview who seem to need an anger management course.
  • Still need the option to actually choose what updates we want to install
  • This will only be available for win10 Enterprise on a long term service agreement, and domained devices running Pro. For the rest of us there is no option to opt out of updates other than to unplug from the Internet.
    For the most part this is not a problem... but I wish I could turn off non-windows updates for things like device drivers as they have pushed bad drivers to my laptop multiple times now and it gets annoying.
  • There's an option to disable non-Windows update. In advanced option for update. Pushing drivers multiple times proves that they're working on it and the OS is definitely in beta.
  • I'm happy about the snipping tool. With the delay it will be much easier to create tutorials showing menu options and mouseovers.
  • You can use "steps recorder" , its alreasy in win 8.1 . It is awesome tool even better than would-be snipping tool with delay.
  • I definitely disagree with the article saying it's less stable then 10130. I've been using it since the leak and it works very well as a daily driver. I think they are just trying to discourage people from installing leaked builds. If you are already on the fast ring I would recommend downloading and installing this build.
  • Any one have prblms with GDR 2 updates in L625 ??
  • Forums please. This is not the place.
  • The one of many things that they need to look is about sound changing, I like to use my 7.1 and headphones plugged in and in the night I turn off 7.1 and keep using headphones. In W10TP to keep hearing from headphones I need to go sound playback settings and change default to headphones and to hear from 7.1 (only stereo now cuz sound 16 bit setting) I need to make it default again. Wasn't like this on W8.1 when I could hear from both at same time... It's really abound need to go sound playback option to keep changing the default one every single time that I want to hear from one or another...
  • Is aero blur gone?
  • Newer build less stable. Go figure
  • Sharing Screenshots was much better, straightforward, in Windows 8.1.  Not sure how I'm supposed to take a screenshot while in Windows 10's tablet mode without launching this non touch ui tool first.  While I accept that the Charms Bar is gone, those same features should integrated into each app automatically and not in a Title Bar context that isn't available to touch users.
  • Same way it worked before with tablets: Windows key + volume up button
  • Good to know.  I would have thought they would provide a visual cue/touch friendly way to do same.
  • Still needs some polish.
  • what I want is complete control over updates like it was in 8.1, I'm tired of reinstalling display & touchpad drivers after they forcefully update them with bad drivers, if they keep that behavior in the final build I'll just have to block the entire update system for my desktop pc, and that windows defender thing cant be disabled, when you do it says "we will turn it back on if it is off for a while" wth are they thinking? I cant be wasting battery life running this **** all the time or wasting resources on my main pc, I'm not a new to windows and neither are the vast majority of insiders, I hope they actually aren't that retarded and this is just for testing purposes
  • 1) I agree with you on the bad driver push thing... it is a problem.  My Dell laptop has had bad touchpad drivers pushed to it multiple times that completely disable the mouse.  It really makes for a bad day. 2) There is no significant power drain with MSE/Defender.  This has been tested multiple times on multiple websites.  Some have even shown better battery life and performance with it turned on than with it off (I believe that was Tom's Hardware).  I understand not liking it because it is frankly not that great... but if you are micromanaging your machine to the point where you think that your AV software is slowing it down too much then the answer is to get a better computer, not to remove the antivirus software. 3) It has been confirmed multiple times that there is not going to be any way to remove or opt out of updates with win10.  Maybe they will change it for drivers, but for the OS updates it will not be an option unless you are on a domain with win10Pro, or have win10Enterprise with a long term service agreement... you may want to stick with 7/8 for a while if you feel this strongly about it.
  • power drain or not I don't want it, I don't use AVs, I don't need one, and my task manager clearly shows the defender service using the disk after sleep/hibernation, which renders the computer useless for a good 30 seconds or so, on my desk its unnoticeable but again, I don't want/need it, and its a simple matter of logic, if there's something scanning files and running processes in real time 24/7 there HAS TO BE a slowdown in performance, minor ones most of the time, and larger ones as the situation escalates good, seems I will have to mod it, like a lot of users will do anyway, its okey if they enable it by default without asking after installation as that would be the best action for the majority of users, but if you know enough to want to disable some updates you surely know how to do it regardless of Microsoft letting you or not, no point in removing the option really, just complicating our lives a few clicks more
  • So what's the point of delay option in snipping tool?
  • Sometimes programs have menus that only open when you have your mouse over it. The delay allows you to set that up before taking the screen shot.
  • Omg the snipping delay is an awesome feature. But greenshot is still the best screenshot software available.
  • Most of you are missing/complaining about something that make's no sense. Windows 10 Mobile is just like Windows RT, it can;t run desktop programs. Of course Microsoft is going to work on the os that runs both modern app's and desktop program's. After all Windows 10 for desktop's/laptops/ultrabooks/non-Atom tablets run modern app's just like smartphones and Atom-based tablets do. Therefore there they're working on stuff for everyone. Personally, though I'd rather see them fix existing bug's before they release new features that add even more bug's. They also need to call Project Spartan by it's Edge name they're giving it. Everyone paying any attention has known for over a month that they're naming/calling it Edge. Also, why is Video Preview still called that ??? The name for that changed in build 10130. 
  • Not bad
  • Man most of you guys are so freaking whiny. This is exactly why they told you not to install it on your main computer and that's exactly where it sounds like all of you did. I can almost guarantee you that even up to the last day none of you will be running anything close to the final build so just get the thought of a near perfect build coming your way out of your heads. Enjoy the ride and take it as it comes. I mean you're getting a free upgrade RELAX.
  • Project Spartan also now finally allows saving of passwords in build 10134. However, I'm not sure yet if this is cloud based or local based. Overall, build 10134 feels just like 10130 with the added features discussed above. Even the same explorer.exe error on shutdown/restart is still there. Not really worth checking out in my opinion, especially since a new build is imminent next week and this leaked version may not be able to update to the next build through Windows Update.    
  • After playing with it for a while, I reverted back to 10130. I was running into some serious stability problems with 10134. For one, Spartan kept randomly crashing when clicking links. However, the big one was some type of error with AppData Temp directory. Programs would randomly stop writing/reading to the Temp directory, making installing or using any program almost impossible. I could fix it by deleted all the contents in Temp, but it would eventually come back.  
  • UI is still a mess and inconsistent. I can't get my head around this bullshit. Are they blind???? They should hire a perfectionist like me who makes this OS look amazing and consistent and pixel perfect.
  • Get used to it. Its not changing.
  • That's too much work for Microsoft, apparently.
  • i like the new features in this build 10134
  • That snipping tool really needs an UX update. I usually end up using a 3rd party app that provides far better methods.
  • Thanks Mauro.  I downloaded and installed this version and its solid as the one before it.  But I had to roll it back because of Cortana.  It assumes I am under aged and disabled itself.  But its not bad at all.
  • It seems second time is a charm.  I installed a second time and now Cortana is working properly.
  • I've installed.  Seems just as stable on my SP3.  3D builder, Mail, and Calendar run, which didn't on 10130.  Swipe down for commands in tablet mode is still broken for me. 
  • Can anyone who has this or 10130 installed tell me whether Microsoft have fixed the inability to disable the drop shadow from icons in File Explorer and Desktop? It never works in 8.1.
  • Ah, no. This is NOT everything you need to know. Here's a teeny bit more:  Balmer’s idiocy is still present. Simple test: I created two folders on the desktop. The first, I set up size and style that I wanted, and closed it. The second, I did the same but different from the first. Opened the first folder, the formatting was completely lost with half the icons hidden because it reverted to the format of the second folder. (i.e., you can't set up folders in the GUI the way you want, like Apple does). This simple feature from XP (remember, the one MS got so right that it was used GLOBALLY well past its end date?) was lost under later versions, and stupidly was not brought back. If something so simple is overlooked, I have full and complete faith that the legacy of stupidity in UI left by Bonehead the Balmer persists in Microsoft, and I won’t trust Windows 10 for at least 2 years until people have hacked it and figured the workarounds
  • Must not be something a multitude of people needed. Probably not something people that use a mac was clambering for either. I own a Mac and never once have I ever run into the folder problem you describe. Neither have I run into it on my PC.
  • snipping tool has never been the nicest looking program, hopefully they will give those icons a bit of a refresh in the final version, at least have them all be 3d or all be flat, but mixing them just looks weird. and some have shadows and others dont. its like different people designed each icon on it
  • Transparency in the notification center looks sweet, hope we get that in phone builds. My guess is yes we will :)
  • I hope RSAT works in the next build for Desktop, driving me crazy!!
  • I hve a question... If i still continues with a old pc build (like 10041 ) until the official lunch . Thn wht will i have to do after lunch ...! Will I get the the official one directly through the Updates or I've to download the step by step builds thn the official?????
  • The writer asks for opinions on the leaked build, but the comments are so random! Some of them need a 'tutorial' on how to answer a question or else go back to school.
  • I wish they updated all the icons of the OS.