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Windows 10 build 15007 for PC and Mobile rolling out to Insiders now

Microsoft is rolling out another Windows 10 build for Insiders on the Fast Ring, this time build 15007 for both PC and Mobile! Yes, Mobile is receiving an official build after missing out for over 40 days. Today's build includes more noteworthy features and enhancements for both PC and Mobile, let's dive in!

Today's new build arrives just days after the previous one, meaning there won't be any huge changes between build 15002 and 15007 for PC. Still, there's plenty to dig into with this release!

What's new for PC and Mobile?

  • Sharing your tabs (PC): We've added the ability to share a set of tabs you've set aside. Just click the "Tabs you've set aside" button, and under the "…" menu select the option to "Share tabs" with many apps installed on your PC.
  • Import data (PC): We're making it even easier to bring your data over from another browser when you switch to Microsoft Edge. The new "Import from another browser" button in Settings allows you to bring your favorites, browsing history, saved passwords, and other data from another browser you have installed, in one simple step.
  • Running faster (PC): You can now choose to "Run" a download link without first saving it, and we've added a "Save As" option to the existing "Save" link.
  • Web Notes improvements (PC): We've updated Web Notes to now leverage the familiar Windows Ink experience you've come to know in Photos and Maps, amongst other places. Tap the pen or highlighter in Web Notes, and you will now see the full set of Windows Ink colors, as well as the new slider released for Windows Ink with Build 14986.
  • Text scaling and zoom (Mobile): Based on your feedback, in Microsoft Edge you can now zoom into a webpage regardless of zoom settings defined by the website, matching other mobile browsers. Pages are now zoomable to at least 500%. Because of this, we no longer automatically scale text in Microsoft Edge when you've enabled the Ease of Access option to increase the text size, since you can zoom in on the text to reach a size that matches your own comfort level. This addresses feedback that Ease of Access zoom settings made web pages render incorrectly.
  • Apps for Websites: Clicking links to websites that support web-to-app linking will now open that page in the respective app.
  • [Coming Soon] Download themes for your PC from the Windows Store (PC): In Build 15002, we introduced the new themes settings page in the Settings app. Soon, you'll be able to go directly from the themes setting page directly to the Windows Store to download new themes for your PC! This isn't working yet in today's build and you'll see a Store icon that does nothing at the bottom of the themes setting page. However, you can go to the Store page for themes here to try out downloading themes from the Store.
  • Cortana can help you pick up where you left off (PC & Mobile): If you have multiple PCs, you probably know how cumbersome it can be to find everything you need to resume work after switching between PCs. Cortana can now help with that! When you switch computers, Cortana will display quick links in the Action Center to help you easily get back into the Microsoft Edge websites and SharePoint (or other cloud-based) documents you used most recently. For example, if you were working on a PowerPoint deck on your laptop, when you later return to your desktop, a link to that deck appears in Action Center. Or perhaps you're browsing recipes in Microsoft Edge on your PC downstairs, and grab your laptop to go bake up a storm in the kitchen—Cortana will be there for you and have a link to that recipe ready to go. In adding this feature, we've also updated Cortana to take advantage of notification grouping, described earlier, so you can more easily differentiate between the types of messages.
  • Inline progress bar for notifications (PC): Based on your feedback, app developers can now send toast notifications with a progress indicator to show progress to the user, such as download progress, exercise progress, etc. As a highly related but separate feature, we now also support developers to update an existing notification through "data-binding". Please go to Tiles and Toast MSDN Blog to find out more.
  • In a future build, you will see this capability with Windows Store downloads.
  • Scrollbar improvements for UWP (PC & Mobile): We have made improvements to the XAML scrollbar for mouse to ensure it is available when you need it, while taking up less space and causing less undesirable flashing when you don't. With these changes, the panning indicator now appears when you move a mouse over a scrolling region and the full scrollbar appears when you want to directly interact with it. This improvement will be visible in any app that uses the Windows 10 Creators Update SDK.
  • Windows Hello Enrollment Improvements (PC): With Build 15007 we are bringing in some exciting improvements around how you discover and enroll into Windows Hello's facial recognition. For devices and peripherals that support Windows Hello. you'll now see a visual guidance that tracks your face in real-time, shows you an improved progress indicator and gives you real-time feedback to quickly and smoothly set your face up for signing in. The best way to know what's changed? Try it out! You can setup or improve your Windows Hello facial recognition under Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options > Windows Hello > Face recognition.
  • Rainbow Flag: Microsoft's continued dedication to diversity brings the rainbow flag to the emoji font and keyboard!
  • New Bluetooth APIs (PC & Mobile): This is the first build you can try out the new APIs that enable GATT Server, Bluetooth LE Peripheral role and unpaired Bluetooth LE device connectivity. To try them out install the latest preview SDK that will be coming soon.
  • Keyboard navigation improvements for the Snipping Tool (PC): You can now take a screen capture using only your keyboard. Press Alt + N, select the desired snip type and press enter – this will start the capture. Now use the arrow keys to move the cursor to one of the intended corners of your snip, and press either space or enter to start selecting your snip area. Once you have the area you want, press enter or space again to finish the capture. This keyboard navigation also works with the new Win + Shift + S keyboard shortcut.
  • Sync your settings using Azure Active Directory (AAD) Identity (Mobile): You can now sync your settings on AA-Joined phones using Enterprise State Roaming. With Enterprise State Roaming enabled for your phone, you can sync settings such as passwords, Wi-Fi profiles, Edge Favorites, Edge Reading List, and app data across desktop and mobile devices. To get the most out of this feature, make sure sync is turned on for the same account on both your mobile and desktop device under Settings > Accounts > Sync Your Settings.
  • App reset (Mobile): One of the features added to PC with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was the ability to reset an app back to its original state. We're happy to announce starting with Build 15007, the same will now be possible on Mobile – thanks everyone who logged feedback requesting this! If you have a UWP app in a bad state, open Settings > System > Storage, and navigate to the app. In the advanced settings for that app, you'll now see a "Reset" option. Tapping it will clear the app's cache, and reset the app as if it had just been installed (without actually having to reinstall it).
  • Cortana loves music (Mobile): You can now use Cortana to control music playback on more of your favorite music apps (EN-US only). Starting with this build, we've enabled natural language compatibility for iHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio. While you are listening to music in one of these apps, you can also use your voice to control playback and volume. With radio stations, we often want to know what that catchy tune is that has played a million times, so we added support for "What's Playing". Try saying "Hey Cortana, What's Playing" and it will work for all apps playing music. This appeared for Insiders on PCs with Build 14986.
  • Adding music recognition support to Chinese (Simplified) (Mobile): Cortana can now recognize music for customers in China. Simply tap the music notes icon in the top corner of Cortana's home page, and Cortana will listen to whatever music is playing and use Netease to tell you what song it is. This works exactly like the feature does in English (United States). This appeared for Insiders on PCs with Build 14986.
  • Cortana sign-in using Azure Active Directory (AAD) identity (Mobile): This capability will allow you to sign into Cortana with your work or school account instead your MSA, enabling you to use Cortana even if your organization does not support MSA. To sign in to Cortana using your work or school account, just go to Cortana's Notebook and "About Me" and sign in. You'll get the full Cortana experience with most of the same features. This appeared for Insiders on PCs with Build 14986.
  • More recurrence options for Cortana Reminders (Mobile): We've heard your feedback, and we've added a new option to set recurring time-based Cortana Reminders for "Every Month" or "Every Year" — great for bill payment or anniversary reminders! This appeared for Insiders on PCs with Build 15002.
  • Web payments: Microsoft Edge now has preview support for the new Payment Request API, which allows sites to make checkout easier using the payment and shipping preferences stored in your Microsoft Wallet. This is currently in a preview state for developers and will not process payment information until a future flight. You can learn more about Payment Request on the Microsoft Edge Dev Blog. This appeared for Insiders on PCs with Build 15002.
  • Improved legibility for UWP apps in high contrast (Mobile): In order to address some of the most common high contrast issues experienced in UWP apps, we've updated the XAML framework to now display an opaque layer behind the text and coerce semi-transparent UI to be fully opaque. This appeared for Insiders on PCs with Build 15002. These adjustments are applied by default in high contrast and apply to all XAML Store applications, however apps will have the opportunity to opt out using the Windows 10 Creators Update SDK. More details will be available once the latest SDK has been published. If you find any issues with this work, please log them here, and as always, you can reach out to @MSFTEnable on Twitter at any time about accessibility problems and requests you have for accessibility in Windows.
  • Helping you find the setting you need in Settings (Mobile): One of our ongoing goals has been to make Settings easier and faster to navigate – based on feedback we've made a few design tweaks that appeared for Insiders on PCs with Build 15002, and are now also available on Mobile:
  • Settings pages now contain additional information on the right or bottom (depending on the window size) providing links to support, feedback, and any other related settings if available.
  • Since our System Settings list was getting quite long, we've moved app related settings out of System into a new category called Apps.
  • Updated device settings (Mobile): The new device settings experience combines the Bluetooth and Connected devices pages to offer a single place to manage your devices/peripherals. We've also listened to your feedback and added the ability to disconnect and reconnect your Bluetooth audio devices directly from this Settings page, as well as updated the flow for adding a new device connection. Try out the new page and let us know what you think through the Feedback Hub! This appeared for Insiders on PCs with Build 15002.
  • New option to pause updates: We've added an option that will enable you to pause updates on your phone for up to 35 days. To pause your phone, go to the Settings > Update & security > Phone Update and tap Advanced. This capability will be available on enterprise managed devices on Windows 10 Mobile. This appeared for Insiders on PCs with Build 15002.

Check out the Windows Blog for the full changelog, including known issues and more!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • 'Run' on a download link is awesome and something I always wanted.
  • Agree.
  • I'm happy to report that despite getting an unofficial build this morning, this 15007 build is being offered in the usual way and is currently downloading for me - L950
  • I think UUP makes this easy.
  • Thank Lord UUP !!
  • UUP is a heaven sent!
  • I got the accidental build this morning and still this update took 90 minutes. I don't get this UUP stuff but this update was brutal.
  • I got downvoted for suggesting it
  • Suggesting Run functionality on downloaded files on Edge? Why? This functionality is a standard among web browsers, people.
  • With this change, edge will probably set a new standard.
  • For putting "Run" button for downloads? This has been a thing for along time. It's Edge still has to implement some basic things that still missing.
  • Really? I've seen the option to run after download, but isn't this saying after clicking the link, you'll immediately have the Run option? I just started a download in Chrome and it doesn't have this option. There is an Open when Done option that is hidden. It's the same thing, but there is an extra step. This sounds like MS has just moved that same option up to the front.
  • Amazing how the greatest things are things we had before
  • Zac you must have hit post just as I tipped WC about downloading this update!
  • Downloading now (Mobile). I had installed the Localization for English update last night, so I hope this works.
  • Finished downloading and installing on my L950. I can now say, DO NOT install this build, the Store is missing and Grove Music is also gone, along with some other apps. The passcode for the lockscreen shows the regular keyboard, not the PIN pad. Also, pulling down the action center seems to glitch out once in awhile.  Is anyone else experiencing simular issues?
  • Lumia 950. This build is like butter for me. Smooth.
  • Everything still ok, Catfish??? Debating on this build for my 950XL.
  • This is a smooth build. Fixed a lot of issues. Appraisin doesn't crash anymore and the photos app doesn't crash anymore either. The only 2 problems I found is the Quiet Hours quick action is broken and web videos rotation isn't working.
  • A little more. Long pressing gets you to settings but it doesn't let you to turn off unless you switch off automatic hours off.
  • Yes, no problems.
  • For the first time, I'm suggesting caution.. My 950 has restarted twice during first 12 hours and once I had to force restart because lock screen froze.
  • The last fast build completely bricked my 950 - it wouldnt turn on, it couldnt be found by device recovery manager, plugged into multiple pcs, no dice - luckilly the MS store near me replaced im just on the stock updated release, and my phone still crashed 1 or 2 times a day (better than the 10-15 on the last fast build) - but i am feeling like im in old Android territory here with W10 Mobile, except at least when i was using my buggy ass Android phone, i had whatever apps i wanted at my disposal.  Im seriously debating switching back - but i want to wait and see what Samsung releases, and also to see if there is a Surface Phone announcement at mobile world congress.
  • There's something else going on with your phone.  I'm on the stock build as well and mine rarely crashes.  I would suggest doing a factory reset and using it without any apps installed to see of one of your apps is the culprit.
  • Something must've happened during update. I reset my phone this morning and everything works great again =)
    People say they're are some background tasks/setups running for a while after an update and I started the 007 update as soon as 002 was done so it didn't get the chance to "settle"?
  • This is good. You were rather let down the other day.
  • I just finished installing 15007 again after a hard reset. And now I'm not experiencing any problems so far. It must've been the Localization for English update, that messed everything up
  • Mine's bricked. Took out the battery and will wait for a quick fix from MS.
  • Some apps like Groove/OneDrive/Weather missing is fine. They are just decoupling a few core apps. You can download them as always
  • But why are they doing that?!! Does that mean people will be able to uninstall them in future W10M devices (if any) or W10 on ARM devices?
    Edit 1 - Resetting corrupt built in apps is easy. Good point.
    (2) Now with app reset that'll be even more easy. Hopefully this solves my corrupt UBER app problem which has a blank accent color icon and cannot be uninstalled. It just stays there. Downloading the app again simply adds ANOTHER Uber but with the icon correctly shown.
  • It's a big plus to decouple them. That way the app can be uninstalled and reinstalled to fix an unfixable problem rather than needing to do a hard (factory) reset of the device.
  • Though now with the app reset setting, you don't even need to do that anymore...
  • Good point.
  • I installed this morning and I'm not missing anything
  • Groove won't install for me on this build. Same with Films & Tv and the MS Authenticator app...
  • Yes. and many automatic resets.
  • Very strange. I am having none of these issues on my Lumia 1320
  • I've never had "Grove Music" :)
  • I ran the update last night and restarted on my L950. My alarms didn't go off this morning and it frooze up three different times.Since then and two different scans on the SD card everything seems to be fine. I'm able to launch both the store and Groove with no issue. And as I'm typing this I just closed a couple apps and it locked up again on the start screen. I can't seem to reproduce this on my L640XL, but I don't have an SD card in that one at the moment. Something's not quite right with this build, but we are on the fast ring because we want to be.
  • Barclays Mobile Banking now says the device is jailbroken and won't launch. Reinstalling won't fix the issue ☹
  • Jailbroken ?!! Is that an iOS port by any chance?
  • After installing the update I checked Store to see which app udates were available. One of these updates was the actual Store app. While updating the apps, Store closed multiple times (while downloading). When Store app finally started the install process the app closed (as expected) then the phone crashed. After soft reset, the phone loaded and the Store app was not present in the app list. I went to Settings > System > Storage > Apps > Store (where it was listed) and tried to reset it. Unable to reset it with the error "We couldn't reset this app. Try again in a bit." I'm unable to take screenshots and the phone faces random reboots. It has also begun overheating. Everybody's going to tell me to hard reset 
  • If you have Facebook beta installed,  uninstall it.  I know, sounds dumb but that's what fixed my L950.  Saw the recommendation on the Insider forum and was desperate for some fix after numerous restarts and haven't had any issues since. 
  • They tweeted this newer build should update over that Localization build no problem :)
  • It seemed fine at first. But now, it's just getting worse. I'm gonna have to go back to previous build
  • I installed the Localization build yesterday on my 950XL.
    When I checked for the new update I got an error message saying there was a problem and I should try again later (I did try later a few time, no change). I was planning to hard reset my phone (not done for a long time on insider now), so I reset the phone this morning and 15007 is downloading without issue just now.
  • Hang on, this says nothing about which ring. I am on Fast, but I see nothing...I would presume this update is for fast ring. Right now, I have .14393.693.
  • Found an issue, never mind.
  • I think that 14393 is the release ring build just go into your update and security in settings and check your insider build setting
  • Yep, that's the problem. My phone had been switched out to a new one and I forgot to go live again.
  • Wondering why the interesting features are PC only!!!???
    It's one core, one OS??
  • Agreed nothing major for mobile smh
  • Mobile is kinda limited. Most of these features can't be applied to mobile. We'll get something I hope.
  • I've been waiting for split screen multitask since threshold2
  • How often would you actually use it? I find myself rarely using even one app, two AT THE SAME TIME seem just outlandish to me. I'm not against it, I just feel there are other more important features and fixes that we need.
  • i would use it alot facebook and twitter/instagram i do that alot with snap on pc. More important features like what?
  • I think it's more useful on some apps that requires you or makes easier to work at the same time such as Edge + Word when doing light cross-referencing or pasting some photos from Photos app or File Explorer to another app. It has to do being almost as flexible as working on a desktop, not something you spent on hours but it makes things more efficient. Split screen multitask just makes more sense since W10M are also on tablets. Not having it especially these days that even iOS supports it on iPad, which used to be a criticism against Windows tablets and few Samsung Galaxy tablets that have one. Phablet users (6 inch or 5.7 inch and above) would also benefit with extra flexibility on mulitasking. Of course for phones like 5 inch having this is cramped and less useful. So split screen multitask (I just want to call it Windows Snap for consistency from the PC) is a necessary feature for W10M especially if MS even markets themselves as the company who provides better productivity for the users. Especially when W10M at the moment is pretty much an enterprise than for consumers. This Windows Snap and floating mini-window like on Skype for Android (Apple calls it Picture-in-picture) are two necessary multitasking functionalities that W10M really needs. Especially that these functionalities are always useful for smartphone and tablet use-case than Continuum which is more of a PC-like use case. Not because Continuum is useless but not everybody will really use it 90% of the time using mobile devices. My take having these two features will make W10M really good as a mobile OS other than Continuum.
  • Me too! This really needs on W10M that even iOS supports it on their iPad. W10M is now also supports tablets thus a Windows Snap just make sense to have one, even phablets such as Lumia 1520 and Elite X3 with those large displays for a smartphone. For everybody, we even need feature like "Picture-on-picture" (Apple term for it) basically a small always-on-top floating window generally used for Video call such as Skype on Android and PC and videos. If the functionality is even more flexible, it can be used for other floating UI such as Chat Heads on Android or any other stuff.
  • How is being able to reset an app on mobile not major?!
  • Its not a major feature...just something that's been on other platforms for years that we're finally getting.... A major feature would be split screen multitasking or running android apps.....
  • There were reasons running android apps on win10m was dropped. Including overall performance issues and privacy issues. So unless they can somehow find a new way to efficiently emulate android apps without slowing win10 to a snail's pace, May as well we all forget that hope :p Although on another note, split screen multitasking would be great. I'd assume if that ever happens, it'll be when they get the PC win10 on mobile with the new Qualcomm chips hardware (as they announced a few months ago)
  • Trust me when we get that there will be a few people like you complain that It's not major and android has had that for years. In my opinion screen splitting for a device whose screen is less than 7 inch is uneeded.
  • It is a major feature.  It's one of my most wanted, in fact.
  • The app reset is big to me.
    ​GATT server is big to me, because that means the Fitbit Blaze will soon be my Microsoft Band replacement
  • Yep, I did a little happy dance when I saw this too! :-D
  • Hello? Read that one about bluetooth again... GATT server is not a small update at all...
  • He's going to say, "it's been on android".  Which is a really dumb comment because compared to Android, Windows Mobile is an infant.
  • It's small to me I have no use for it. I don't care for Fitbit
  • So because you don't care for it they shouldn't even put it in. You should create your own os maybe that only you use?
  • Never said that I just said I don't care for it its not major to ME
  • No, you specifically said that it's not major.  If you meant that it's not important to you then that's what you should have said in the firat place.  I doubt that what you specifically want is uppermost in anyone's mind at Microsoft when they decide what to put into the OS.  The majorness of a feature should be judged on how much it does for how many people.  What any feature does for any specific individual is completely irrelevant.
  • Pick up where you left off, Bluetooth apis, app reset (pc and mobile) among others.
  • One Core, multiple OS layers.  All the OS's can use the same UWP apps and features.  Technically all Mobile/ioT/Holographic devices can use the PC stuff since they share the same code and core, but it's not really ideal because of form-factor and hardware specs.  That being said, not sure how you are say there's no interesting features for mobile when there was lots of significant changes here and lots of important fixes.  So I would say that's more important... and as you can read in the changelog, a lot of the Mobile features were in the last PC build already, so that means a lot of the PC features (that are suitable for mobile too) are coming to Mobile.
  • Yep. They promised windowed Continuum, yet only few weeks of coding remains before MS feature lock this Creators Update and nothing is in the horizon. Wonder if WoARM has changed their plans for that. Pity this won't come on existing mobiles then...
  • Well, nothing is in the horizon that you know of.  Who knows what's going on behind closed doors.
  • Aww still none of the continuum stuff they showed off so long ago.
  • Yeah, we though its going to be ready this RS2 but it seems its far from ready at all. Not sure if they really promised it but quite disappointing. At this stage we could've already testing it before they feature-lock this end of the month. Only few weeks to go before we can conclude how big the W10M feature update will be this Creators Update.
  • Yeah they keep talking about how important continuum is
  • Yeah, so that's why they are taking their time to get it right!
  • My thoughts are it won't come anymore. Not now they are pushing full Win on ARM with full desktop? Why wasting thousands of lines of code for a thing only suitable for no more built devices? Our only hope is HP shouting help for their X3 business, honestly. But they sell their virtualized space. Couldn't bother, I guess.. :|
  • App for websites now works/fixed for this build!
  • What are some examples of websites that utilize this??? I wanna try it out :)
  • I'm on production, and I think Twitter was the only one with this capability back then. But nothing worked and implementation had been suspended, I think. EDIT: I was wrong about Twitter. The only compatible apps amongst the ones I have installed are the Feedback Hub and Windows Central.
  • 99% sure Windows Central app supports this!!
  • I think also the official AAWP app
  • But it doesn't work if the app was downloaded from Store. You need to use the .appx file. Daniel had a link to OneDrive for that.
  • Mine is downloading 14977 (RS_PRERELEASE) .. hmm .. on fast ring
  • Mine too.
  • Maybe your device wants to be on the slow ring.
  • Do you have a 650? I do, and we are stuck on 14965 for weeks now. 14977 failed (and fails) to install, as it was a known bug. But now, even after switching rings, changed date, etc., I'm still offered 14977 and not 14965 :/
  • 14977>14965.
  • 14977 is known to fail to install on the 650, that's what ALL fast ringers on 650 are at best on 14965. I don't understand why we are not offered 15007 directly. You are right, I had a typo, I meant "I'm still offered 14977 and not 15007".    
  • Is it possible to go from 14393.693 to 15007?
  • That would require to use WDRT. I prefer to wait for advise from Microsoft. I know the lang packs are a mess currently, and I prefer to defer hard reset or WDRT -- unless there's no other way.
  • I'm asking because I'm on production. Knowing about all these bugs made me think to leave the current fast and try the next one.
  • Of course it is, why it wouldn't?
  • I have that problem on my 1520.  950XL got 15007 without a problem
  • It downloaded 14977, finished install, downloaded 15007, installed as well.  Seems to be running smooth.  I played with a few websites and texted for a few hours.  This morning when I woke up I also went to the store and updated -- new versions of Mail, Groove, etc.  Everything seems to be OK thus far, which is fine by me.  Just wish that MS Band app (or MS Health whatever it's called now) didn't suck battery all night for no reason... that app has been doing that for months though.
  • Finally GATT/Bluetooth LE.Yay!!
  • I'll be sending Fitbit a message...and a Tweet.  
  • Want to see how this is running on a idol 4s before I install it
  • So far, so good for me on my idol. I was getting at last one random restart everyday on last fast ring build. It's only been a few hours. I'm hoping it can't be any worse.
  • My first bug so far, my settings reverted to wifi-calling preferred which is really unreliable. It's not letting me change it to cellular preferred. I'll try a soft reset.
  • Soft reset fixed that issue.
  • There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x8024800a)
  • It's worth checking the blog link as there are lots of minor fixes in mobile not listed Here, Plus known issues
  • Waiting for those continuum improvements still. Glad to see mobile not left out. Still waiting for the big ones those. Windowed apps please.
  • It's not downloading on my L1520, by the way im in the fast ring it shows that there are updates available but i cant download and the error code is 0x80070057.
  • Same☹
  • You should make sure that you have enough storage space on the phone's storage. That may be the issue.
  • I have the problem on L1520, it is not storage related.
  • Lot of minor and under-hood changes with few big ones on PC. The scrollbar changes is really nice I instantly noticed with this build. Sadly on W10M many new changes such as new Set Aside Tabs on Edge is not present which is already lagging behind and requires polish. I can't stressed out even more the fact we can't still sync tabs and have a list of recently closed tabs to reopen them. These two missing things are just few that keeps me from using Edge as a primary web browser. The "Continuity"-like feature is now officially part of Cortana which is a shame since it means the feature won't be available to everybody except for savvy enough to change regional settings of Cortana. This feature should've been just a part of a Windows shell in Task View which makes more sense with additional notification to Action Center that apps are ready to be used.
  • I know right? I feel like I'm missing so many features, because Cortana isn't available where I live. Wish there was a option to just use the US version of Cortana, in country's not officially supported, without changing the region settings.
  • You can choose Cortana language in her settings and activate.
  • You can already, Cortana has its own regional setting just like I do even though I'm in Australia, which is already supported but limited. The problem is still that some of these features doesn't have to be under Cortana especially when its meant to be Windows-to-Windows experience. They are oddly over-reliant to Cortana especially when Cortana 's official global availability is still limited.
  • But how? In the settings it just shows View history, Device History and Safe search.
  • Cortana is no longer region-locked and is available to everyone.  She works separate from the OS region now and has her own language settings.  So you simply choose the language you prefer to use until your language is available.  Most people will simply select English (US) in Cortana > settings.
  • I think we 3 already said the same thing, no need to stress out more and I'm not the who are not aware of this particular setting. Heck I was just one of the people specifically suggest this on the Feedback Hub to separate Cortana's own regional setting from the global OS setting. The problem is still exist, some feature are too Cortana-dependent when they could've just make it as an OS-only feature where it works in any Windows 10 with MSA. For other platform only will have an exemption that they have to install Cortana app if available (the problem is its not unless you go to unofficial route). Cortana US itself is really great, the only problem lies not its technologies and features but the MS effort of their global reach of Cortana, which is slow to expand. Even the currently supported countries still limited which is why changing it to US is more of a necessity than an just a mere option. This is why having some shell features dependent on Cortana is something odd. Sorry if there is a misunderstanding here but reread the thread.
  • Not true, at least for me. I've tried this several times this last year, but no dice. I'm wondering if this was a mistake by MS that was quickly fixed, and so only the ones who activated it early still have access to the feature...?
  • Cortana, in MS plans, is the Trojan horse for competing mobile platform to offer their services. That's why they cram everything in there. Because Android/iOS can install Cortana anytime and get this feature.
  • Which I understand their point regarding to that, but for Windows-to-Windows this should not be needed. These things should be treated like a good incentive by having Windows devices around. Especially features that involves around OS shell and app workflows.
  • Bummer. They still didn't fix tha