Windows 10 build 21370 rolls out to Insiders in the Dev Channel, features fixes and minor changes

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Surface Laptop Go Display Pixels (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21370 is now available.
  • It brings a lot of fixes and a few changes.
  • It does not bring any major features.

Insiders in the Dev Channel can now grab Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21370. It's not packing any new major features, but it does include a lot of minor issues across the board and includes a handful of new changes. The Windows Insider Blog kicks off its 21370 build announcement post with an update on Bluetooth improvements, which include the following:

  • Unified audio endpoint: No more clicking through multiple audio endpoints to make your Bluetooth headset's voice and mic work properly. We now only expose one audio endpoint in the UI and will switch to the correct one automatically for you for a seamless experience. Listening to Spotify and then have to hop onto a Teams call? You can also now directly control the volume of your headset.
  • Support for AAC codec: Enjoy premium audio streaming quality wirelessly on your Bluetooth headphones and speakers with AAC codec. Short for Advanced Audio Codec, AAC is a lossy codec that delivers high quality audio streaming in smaller files – great for listening to music online.

Beyond that, three tiny changes have arrived in build 21370:

  • We've made some small adjustments to the icons in File Explorer's address bar.
  • We've improved the touch keyboard launch animation to make it smoother in cases where UWP apps reflow when it appears.
  • We made a change so that if you set focus to the Run dialog, the touch keyboard will now show a backslash () key.

The blog also includes a massive list of fixes that were made in 21370, including remedies for crashes, critical errors, and more. You can see the full changelog for this build on the Windows Insider Blog. And if you're interested in learning how to join the Windows Insider Program so you can experience these builds yourself, check out our guide.

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