Windows 10 now available as a subscription service for enterprise customers

Microsoft has officially started offering Windows 10 Enterprise E3 for business customers as a monthly subscription service, starting at $7 a month.

While Microsoft has previously made some of its software products available via subscription, such as its Office apps via Office 365, this is the first time Microsoft is offering a version of its Windows OS as part of a subscription-based service for some of its customers. In a post on the official Windows blog, Microsoft stated:

Starting today from $7 per user/per month, businesses of any size can purchase Windows 10 Enterprise E3 through the CSP program and take advantage of enterprise-grade security and management functionality. Windows 10 Enterprise E3 was designed for businesses that handle sensitive customer data (such as credit card or social security numbers), operate in regulated industries, or create and monetize intellectual property. These businesses need enterprise-grade security and management capabilities found in the Windows 10 Enterprise edition such as Device Guard, Credential Guard and Managed User Experience.

Microsoft will begin to offer Windows 10 Enterprise E5, which adds more advanced threat detection and IT administration management, to enterprise customers starting on October 1.

John Callaham