Windows 10 for phones preview build 10051 can't open Office files

If you download and install the new Windows 10 for phones preview build 10051, there's one known issue that we felt that should be given a special mention. You won't be able to open any Office files if you decide to try out this build on your supported Lumia smartphone:

Microsoft put this rather large problem in its long list of known issues for the 10051 build. Here are the specifics:

"The Office Hub has been removed from this build. You won't be able to open Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote files in this build. Preview versions of the Universal Office apps will be available in the coming weeks."

So if you use your Lumia smartphone a lot to view Office files, we would strongly suggest bypassing this Windows 10 for phones preview release. As the known issues list states, Microsoft is developing new versions of its Office apps that will work universally across all Windows 10 devices.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • Damn!!
  • Their coming weeks means another long wait of 2 months :(
  • You've waited two months, what's two more?
  • Yup..I agree cos the upcoming universal office app is pretty awesome too!!
  • can you put image im this word document?. thats the only major flaw
  • Who said two weeks❓ They said a few weeks.. Could be more than two.
  • 2 months will pass by and you'll survive. Believe me.​
  • The only office file i use is OneNote
  • OneNote is the killer for me :(
  • Why not just use evernote for the time being?
  • But what bout the other issues?! In the previous build u weren't able to get data connection at all and now its just the opposite (and serious issue for some people) no sms filtering...ive got some 20 numbers blocked...previous build was better and the issues were not that serious.
  • Previous build was for slow ring members also, so bugs were less.. This time only for fast ring because it has too many bugs. You better wait for slow ring
  • If you got problems with bugs then just don't update. Simple
  • Yes, Preview=Beta
  • This preview /= beta. Rather Preview = Pre-Alpha, clearly not for everyone.
  • Because we have all if our notes already generated in OneNote... That's a horrible workaround.
  • i cant find one note in windows 10 store my lumia device sucks ...
  • Deliberately done
  • why would they do that?
    this is a preview build.
    i hope we are clear on one thing, that MS does wanna make an OS that helps it get more users.
    they won't intentionally leave out people for no reason.
  • Deliberately done
      If by deliberately done you mean they did it because the new Office apps were not ready, then yes... yes indeed.
  • But, why would they remove the working version when the unfinished version isn't ready❓ That's dumb.
  • Why would they remove agenda view from the calendar in 8.1 only to put put back later? MS can boggle the mind sometimes.
  • Feedback....
  • Yup, have the preview versions working first then remove. Thus reducing the "down time" substantially. Ahhh hindsight is a wonderful thing, no? :P. Unless incompatibilities with office hub arose during internal testing and if it meant delaying the release or pushing it early minus the office hub. I imagine they would have opted for the latter. As in 8.x there is no clear way in attaching office files to emails other than share option in the office hub or one of the many file pickers (share option) or the other third party email clients such as Maestro.
  • I agree, because now they can push it as a stand alone app, i thought i read it somewhere that its easier to update a single application. Maybe irs the first step.
  • old office (all old system apps) were written using a framework called UIX, and they were basically tied to the system since there was no update mechanism for them: if they wanted to update Messaging (or Word or OneNote or the calculator) they had to make a system update (which implies tests, certification by OEMs, carriers... the kind of things that delay updates) releasing it as an app they can just push an update on the store, exactly as they did with the calendar when they added the Agenda View
  • I don't see why they did not simply keep the old apps until new ones replace how all other apps have worked in the preview so far. A build of Windows Phone without OneNote capabilities is useless for me
  • Its not meant for daily use. Its a preview, so you cant really complain. Just don't update
  • Still not able to get w10..
  • Doesn't matter now... Can't load Office files, it's no good...
  • Just a small issue for daily use :) Most people should not be jumping on this.
  • Shit...what about OneNote?
  • The whole works is not there
  • Read the article, maybe?
  • Yeah should have...skipping this waitin for a hands on
  • Not as big as data connection problem. Especially in the sub continent.
  • yes. that will drain my battery like water.
    also, no flight mode.
  • Haha wanted to update until I saw that 'data can't be turned off' issue..funny issue indeed  
  • Going for it anyway.  Wonder if office online will work?
  • Right! Gonna find a
  • Well, any attempt to open a document in office online on the phone drops you in OneDrive online.  It just cycyles back. Opening opens the document in the mobile app.   What I need could be put in Evernote for now.
  • Wait wait and wait....
  • Really jump.....cause I don't even expect new office apps will be available this soon....hope they don't take more than 15 days
  • Don't expect much.... Assume 2 months instead of 15 days..
  • Two months minimum till next build and a month before round of updates.
  • Not necessarily.  They said the new apps will be ready in the coming weeks.  They can push the apps via the store without having to get a new OS build.
  • Weeks!!!
  • Thanks.. Sticking to wp8.1 till next release. Fuck off Microsoft
  • Such anger at having a free, preview version that is not complete.  You should seek some anger management training.  That or you're 12, which then I say: Grow the hell up.
  • @jeffro02 You Sir Deserve a Goddamn Nobel Prize ;)
  • ^this.
  • Well said
  • Huh!! Really!! For keeping your x yrs old phone up to date? 8, 8.1, blue, cyan, denim, 10...WOW!
  • Technical preview is clearly not for you.
  • Grow up kid
  • akks was all primed for a hot weekend date with the Tech Preview and Microsoft has ruined it!  
  • Flamebait wasn't bad, left some wanting, but still was down to earth.   Rating: 6/10
  • This one must pass me. Waiting for an improved update... good work MS..
  • Geez people, tech preview, how hard is that to understand. This is not for your daily driver and you can expect there to be compromises. I'll load it on my old 920 and keep my 1020 on DP8.1. The Office universal apps will be a huge step up.
  • +630
  • Will you put your SIM in the 920 or just play with it on WiFi? I also have a 920/1020 combo.  I think I'm leaving the 1020 alone for now.
  • Same here! Keeping the 1020 on 8.1. The 920 gets the Windows 10 treatment (when "almighty" Gabriel Aul delivers the good news about the update being live again for first-time W10 phone registrations).
  • Was excited to update until I discovered this. Use PowerPoint and Word daily in University on my LUMIA 1520, can't be without it!
    The wait for Windows 10 for phone continues...
  • Just as well, probably shouldn't be using a tech preview on a dailer driver anyway.
  • Exactly, if you only have one phone it should not be loading a tech preview.
  • If you are relying on a device daily for your education or job you shouldn't be loading a preview OS on it anyway.
  • Thanks for this. I'll wait lol.
  • Then What is the use of having a windows phone if the Office Integration has been removed !!!
  • do you even know understand what "PREVIEW" means??
  • Yes, but it seems that W10 won't have it either. It will have individual apps instead.
  • Which in the long run is way, way better as they can update them more often and not have to worry about the carriers. This is the way it should be.
  • +630
  • Yea, they're fully decoupling everything that was fully integrated (facebook, twitter, etc.) which makes me feel a little uneasy. I understand why they're doing it, but its like, then why didn't you figure this out sooner
  • Integration can still exist with seperate apps.  That is what APIs are for.  As long as the OS offers APIs that Office can use and vice versa the final experience can be exactly the same as having Office built into the OS.  Since iOS and Android are unlikely to implement such specific APIs in their OSes, the experience on WP could very well be more seemless.
  • You HAVE Windows Phone with Office Integration. Just leave it be and don't participate in what is clearly testing.  
  • A Microsoft classic for all time!
  • If anyone can explain the data thing for people, if Wifi works in the build, what happens for those who have a prepaid sim no Sub since u can't turn off data.
  • how your prepaid sim work with data? if you try to access a site it charge you or just say that you don't have a data plan? if it charges when you try to access this build is not for you but in other case (you need to explicit accept to be charged) then there's no problem... the phone you try to connect like before.. In my case I have a 500Mb plan.. I'm almost always with WiFi on so this is ok for me.. but if I use all my plan my phone stop connecting to internet trough 3G.. I need to send a SMS buying more data
  • Going back to 8.1. Office is a must for me.
  • You mean that you installed it without checking the release notes? Always check the release notes first.
  • Cannot afford to update this build
  • Haha have fun beta-testers! All set with being a beta tester since Windows Phone 7. Still don't understand the enthusiasm to get buggy/half-baked and non-finished product for something you use every day (smartphone).
  • Oh come on!!! I cannot try it out without OneNote!! >.<
    Come on, Microsoft!!!!!!
  • This is a big off for me, I'm student-teacher and prefer to have document and note I take always accessible to me. I can always just use my HTC one m8 as a office device on wifi. So this update is still tempting for my L1520
  • Hubs, another great concept I switched over to WP for is ruined...
  • yay loading screens coming soon
  • Microsoft will lose a good amount of feedback because of this move--people won't install it because it's greatly de-featured. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yep. I was all set to go, until I read the known issues section. NOPE, not today. Next round. I could deal with ALL the other issues, but no OneNote?????? Sorry I can't go without it.
  • can you put image im this word document?. thats the only major flaw
  • So lets not complain lets figure out all the bugs and let them know so we can get a W10 to be proud of
  • Damn! I just downloaded it!
  • I'd probably go for it if it was just Word and Excel. But I can't function without OneNote. These apps sound awesome though!
  • Many others in the same boat as me. I can live with most of those issues, but not without OneNote. Bring on the new app previews!
  • Amazing how reliant everyone is on OneNote good to see
  • Wow, no more hubs?
  • What a pity...I have to wait for those app...I'm not going this time :(..Surprised that something as important as office hasn't been taken in consideration for this second Tech preview
  • There is any alternative to open .doc?
  • i need onenote, hopefully universal office apps come sooner.
  • Damn... Wish I' this eariler note.. I'm gonna die
  • Anyone know if you can open Reader/PDF's instead?