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Windows 10 Redstone 4 builds could come to the Fast ring as soon as October 10

Microsoft first started testing the next big Windows 10 update, codenamed Redstone 4, with Skip Ahead Insiders in late August. Now, as we draw closer to the Fall Creators Update release, it looks like Redstone 4 will be soon making its way to testing for general Fast ring Insiders.

As spotted by Neowin, a Microsoft representative on the Windows Mixed Reality Developer Forum has warned developers that they may want to adjust their Insider settings, because other they may begin receiving unstable Redstone 4 builds starting October 10:

For those of you developing VR experiences for the new Windows Mixed Reality immersive headsets, we have an important message: if you stay in the Windows Insider Fast ring, beginning October 10, 2017 you may begin to receive RS4 builds, which will not be the most stable builds for mixed reality development. To continue mixed reality development uninterrupted, please switch your Insider settings to receive "just fixes, apps, and drivers" without getting a new Windows build from the "Windows Insider Release Preview" ring.

That strongly indicates that Redstone 4 builds will start hitting the Fast ring tomorrow. However, it's worth noting that the Windows Insider Program is pretty fluid as far as build releases are concerned. While plans may be in place to flight a Redstone 4 build on October 10, any major bug could delay things. Nothing is official until we see Microsoft announce a new build is rolling out.

Currently, Fast ring Insiders are on Insider preview build 16299.15, which is the latest Fall Creators Update build. The Fall Creators Update is set to start rolling out on October 17 alongside the launch of Windows Mixed Reality headsets from Microsoft's hardware partners.

Windows 10 'Redstone 4:' What to expect in Microsoft's next big update

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  • I wonder if Microsoft is considering canceling the Release Preview branch. What's the point of having a full tier of "testers" of the final build if they release it only a couple of days in advance? I recall getting the final build (though not final version) more in advance earlier, but the CU and FCU are different - RP is a "several-days pre-release" branch.
  • I use the RP branch on my main PC, with Fast ring on a VM. RP is good as I get early app updates and occasionally cumulative updates before general release, while staying on the current branch
  • Right, that's how I use it too. But I seem to recall that we got AU well in advance, along with several cumulative updates, whereas CU and (my guess) FCU will simply be the public version a few days earlier (unless it is rolled out...)
  • I'll be surprised if we don't get the upgrade by the middle of this week
  • I wonder if with yesterdays announcement the mobile insider programme will be canned?? On topic...this is great news for pc|tablet owners.
  • There does not seem to be a reason for MS to continue Insider for Mobile if there will be no more feature releases. Maybe they would keep RP just to get some telemetry, but that may not be worth the effort and resources now.
  • release ring is for test app update/driver update before going out production ring that pretty much it job. also it will be get FCU pretty soon
  • And Skip Ahead received exactly zero RS4 builds, so what was it for again?
  • Nobody knows. It was really pointless.
  • 17004
  • 16273/16353
  • Which had nothing but all the bugs that had already been fixed in Fast Ring.
  • two finger to swipe was add in action center to remove all notification
    add more fluent design in 17004
  • It was also way behind Fast Ring in terms of bugs. Big bugs too.
  • well FCU was still priority overall. skip ahead was for a few who want to jump ahead of fast ring before FCU ways ready 16299.15 up
  • Jump ahead to what? There was nothing new except maybe some animations and a minor gesture.
  • skip fast ring rs3, first to test bits of rs4 :)
  • It was probably more for their benefit than ours. Getting some of the under the hood stuff updated and tested.
  • that's how it works. First builds aren't new features but under the hood stuff to OneCore.
  • 16353 16362 17004
  • And they brought what? Other than massively delayed crucial bug fixes that we're already in Fast Ring?
  • Skip-ahead's main advantage to me was on the application side of things access to newer versions of the inbox apps.  Most notably, "Photos /Story-Remix, and "View Mixed Reality" were available to skip-ahead users, but not on the Fast Ring as they were trying to stabalize the version of the apps that would ship with the FCU.
  • Let me opt out of Insider just in case. Thanks for the heads up!
  • release ring :)
  • Guys, are ISO files released for 16299? If so, where can I find them? If they are only on Insider Program, can you create a link for me? I will give you the country info etc.
  • Can get with media creation tool 16299.15
  • Really? It downloads CU. How do you do that?
  • Just recieved:
    Hello Windows Insiders! Hello Windows Insiders!
    For Windows Insiders in the Fast ring: it’s that time again to check your Windows Insider Program settings! While we have already been releasing RS4 builds to Insiders in the Fast ring who chose to join Skip Ahead, we are preparing to release new RS4 builds to everyone in the Fast ring. This means that Insiders in the Fast Ring and those who joined Skip Ahead will begin receiving the same RS4 builds at the same time. Teams have just begun checking in new code for RS4 so that means you won’t see many noticeable changes or new features in new builds just yet.
    Now comes our standard warning that these new builds may include more bugs and other issues that could be slightly more painful for some people to live with. So, if this makes you uncomfortable, you can change your ring by going to Settings > Update & security > Windows Insider Program and moving to the Slow or Release Preview rings for more stable builds. Additionally, if you are an Windows Insider who wants to stay on the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – you will need to go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Insider Program and press the “Stop Insider Preview builds” button. A menu will pop up and you will need to choose “Stop Insider builds completely”. This will keep you on the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Build 16299.15).
    Thank you,
    Windows Insider Team
  • yep also look like release ring about to get FCU builds