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Windows 10 for Xbox One coming to preview members in September

Earlier today at Gamescom, Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 update would be coming to the Xbox One in November. However, members of the preview program will, as usual, get access in September according to Mike Ybarra, Xbox's head of platform engineering.

Ybarra revealed the news in a series of tweets following the Xbox presentation this morning. Specifically on the topic of a preview release, Ybarra had this to say:

"My goal is Win10 is on Xbox One, with the new UI, for Preview members in September."

Of course, that's the goal, but there's always a chance for delays. Still, this is bound to be good news for lucky members of the preview program. As a recap, Windows 10 on Xbox One will bring an updated dashboard design with feature tweaks, along with DirectX 12 support.

We likely won't get a firm date on a launch for preview members for a while, but at least you know you'll likely get a crack at the new dashboard sometime in September. In the meantime, be sure to check out all of our Gamescom 2015 coverage throughout the week for more gaming news.

Source: Mike Ybarra (Twitter); Via: The Verge

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  • And before the comments get filled up, if you're looking for invites we have a forum for such a thing!
  • Good planning ahead lol
  • Don't ask to get in If you just want the try the new stuff, the preview program was meant for actually feedback and to report bugs..
  • thank you all the bloody greedy gamers came out when they anounced BC it was disgusting how they acted , even xbox cut back admitance to like 5% because they new most new people were the type you dont want in the program as there only there for them selves were people like us have been there since day 1 and have had bricked consoles to week long problems until the next update becuase we try to help thats why we joined . PLus the friend invites then they ask for a invite
  • What's the link?!
  • And please follow the instructions.
  • Thanks! I am already in it, but im sure others appreciate this :). Any word on if, during the preview, we will be able to test applications (for developers, that is)?
  • And here's a link to the forum post in question: ​
  • Lol went straight to the comments to see all the begging. Still trying to get in, but I know where to ask :)
  • I love being in the preview
  • Stoked!
  • One month later then what xb360 fall dash previews were 2 months is not enough time
  • Who knew being part of an exclusive club would pay off one day? :)
  • Any word on we being free to refuse the update without Xbox forcing us into it?
  • < crickets > My guess is no.
  • Perhaps for those not wanting to preview anymore, now is the time to opt out of the preview / discontinue your participation in the program. I seem to recall that there was such an option in the Dashboard Preview app.
  • I was just about to say the same thing. And there is indeed a way to do it. Load up the preview program dashboard app, select registration and there should be an option to unregister
  • And I think this was not instantly, it takes a while to unsubscribe from preview. 
  • As with every update, you can just not install them. That, very obviously, means you can't play online though.
  • Well, not that obvious. PlayStation basically forces updates. On the other hand, I've refused the Lollipop update on my phone and the Windows 10 update on my SP3. Everything works without it. Therefore, I can legitimately expect to be free to refuse this update to Xbox One without seeing features shut down.
  • nope, you want online with your XB1, you need to be current with the OS. no way to defer or reject it like a PC or phone.
  • Pity. Thanks for the info and here's to hoping that either that changes or this horrible new UI changes.
  • It's unlikely to change on consoles because the reasoning for needing the latest update to be online is security.
  • Not taking Windows 10 and (to a lesser extent) not taking Lollipop means that you don't get updated apps like the Universal ones for Windows 10 and the, like, 6 that are made to work with Lollipop's new features. Really, you don't get the new Windows 10 store that includes Win32, and the iDroid ports. Whether that appeals to you is one thing, but you don't really get all of the new apps and features.
  • Yet, nothing stops working because I didn't update. On the XB1, things apparently will not work if I refuse the update.   (Off topic - I didn't update to Lollipop because Lollipop is Android's Windows Vista. And I know better. Also, the new designs are horrible and I don't want them on my phone. As for W10 on the SP3, that's because tablet mode on Windows 10 is pretty terrible. Once Microsoft fixes it, I'll gladly replace W8 with it).
  • "nothing stops working"
    The store stops working if you don't update it. You also won't get support from Microsoft unless you keep updating your computer.
    Agree on Lollipop and Windows 10 though. I hate how Google and Microsoft nuked the Onedrive placeholders and the notification center, respectively.
  • What are those "placeholders" Tha everyone says are missing?
  • The onedrive placefolders in windows 8(.1), where you could see your onedrive maps and files in your file explorer, without having to download all the files to your pc. They are giving this fuctionality back later this year, but for now we have to live without it in windows 10.
  • windows 10 forces updates there are only options to install , windows 10 is still bugged as they say anti virus like kapyrsky works but it does not and alot of programs dont its actually very horrible with that and if your not computer smart they share all your info by defualt so you need to manully find it and turn it off. Also the x1 forces updates there are issues were a good percant turn of your console and update with out asking and it does it even if your in the middle of a game it does not ask just restarts.
  • You could always unplug the XBOX from the internet :) You should know by now that isn't going to happen.
  • ...seriously? I can refuse updates on Windows without needing to unplug the internet. No reason why I shouldn't be able to refuse the update to the Xbox either.
  • you cannot compare your game console to your PC, despite the similarities. If you want to access Xbox Live and it's services, you have to be on the most current firmware/os.
  • I agree with the guy, is NOT that obvious, but a better answer is: This is not a restriction of the console per se, is a restriction of the xbox Live and its services. And it goes back to the ban of pirate copies of games on X360. You can do whatever you want with the console, but the terms are clear on how you are allowed to use Live and services.
  • As much as there will be Win10 code running on the Xbox One with the update, you don't have the option to simply say no. That would really fragment the user base, especially if a lot of people choose to keep the old UI. Its simply not a feasible option.
  • Is your XBox one Modded :)
  • Microsoft reserve the right to update their XBL APIs at any given time. They coincide these changes with Xbox OS updates. If you don't update, they can't guarantee that your Xbox will continue to know how to speak to updated APIs.
  • You can't refuse on windows 10. You can delay it a bit if you have windows 10 pro and you can delay indefinitely if you have an enerprise license, although that means you won't be getting any updates going forward until you install the previous updates.
  • Not trolling here, genuinely curious... Why would you want to refuse this?
  • He doesn't like the UI for some reason
  • I'm not interested in being forced into that horrible convoluted new UI. When I turn my XB1 on, I want to have immediate access to my games. The current interface does that. The new one spamms me with a ton of useless information that I don't want and throws my games to the bottom of an endless list.
  • Maybe there could be a way to get rid of the social aspects of the Xbox One, I really don't care about it either but I feel like the UI will grow on me. Options are great but being able to choose what UI you want to keep, especially when they're two completely different UIs, doesn't seem like it'll work. What would happen if they roll out features on the new UI but you have the old one? There isn't really a way to prevent the update unless you want to play offline only.
  • Well, that's a shame then. Because if I stop enjoying my Xbox experience, I'll just return to the PlayStation from where I came. One of the things that the Xbox One has, to me, that is way better than the PS4, is the fact that the UI presents me with the game I'm playing and all my games a click away. The new UI shoves games into the FOURTH tab. I mean...seriously? A gaming console that puts games in second place, while shoving useless social and TV stuff ahead of it? No, thanks.   It's a shame that I can't prevent the update. Means that either the UI gets a 180º turn into a more game-centric experience, or my XB1 will go straight to eBay and I'll finally replace my PS3 with a PS4.
  • Please do some research. Its been stated already that the Pins will be quickly available just as they are now. The new ui is faster and more responsive in every way so your reasons are just nonsense. I understand being hesitant with Windows 10 on your tablet but quite honestly your just making issues where there aren't any regarding the new xbox ui. If you would go back to playstation because the new ui which you have never used and only seen a short video teaser on is "poorly designed" then go back because quite frankly people like you would rather halt progress then try and understand or adapt to it.. When it actually releases then complain, don't complain from the small amount of info that's available..
  • I really don't understand how you can possibly know that you don't want this update when you've literally never used it. And don't say you know what it's like because of what you've seen... That's like saying you know what the story of Star Wars TFA is going to be after only seeing the trailer. It makes absolutely no sense. I'm literally laughing reading your comments
  • See ya...
  • If your lucky maybe Microsoft Xbox one Windows 10 makes an option to arrange your tabs (pages) where you could choose what page comes first? Idk But unlike you i cant wait for the new Ui Api it's been long enough with this slow hard to navigate Ui but do hope there is an option for you!
  • Should have bought a console more focused on games.
  • Yes, it seems I might have made a mistake by going with the XB1 over the PS4. Fortunately, that's a mistake I can very very easily correct.
  • Why don't you actually try it before you make judgments....
  • Some things you don't need to try to know they're bad. Rotten food, sour milk and this UI for example. 
  • Actually, I think everyone should try sour milk at least once so that they have a true appreciation for just how bad it is.
  • This UI is not even in preview. Also, I hope the "tabs" in Xbox will be akin to "tile groups" in desktop-W10. This would make the whole UI manageable, far better than pins and stuff. Can't tell, if that is the case from what I've seen.
  • They should at least move the Pins just below the now playing big thumbnail and move the Game section right side of Community or Home. I really don't get why the Pins now in new Xbox One dashboard became 4th-class with this update. Pins are supposed to be easy to reach and access customized shortcuts, just like you pin something on Start screen/menu and your Taskbar. Pins in new dashboard is almost invisible, you don't know its there at a glance, which defeats the purpose of pins. Not to mention, if they're planning it to make Live Tiles, hiding them just makes them useless.
  • He hates pretty much anything from Microsoft.
  • That's why I probably own more Microsoft products than you, Micah. The one thing you do own that I don't, though, is an iPhone.
  • I'm pretty sure if you don't install an update on Xbox you can't play online anymore.
  • I don't own an iPhone anymore either ;) I'm not stuck up and I'm open to trying things that are quality. Funny you claim to own so much Microsoft products(highly doubtful compared to me) yet always seem to be rooting for their downfall. At least I don't have an android ;)
  • I don't recall rooting for the downfall of Microsoft. It's not my fault you can't grasp the very simple concept of rooting for the failure of a product - Windows Phone - with rooting for the downfall of a company. But your mental limitations are your own. I still wish to see Microsoft Mobile and Windows Phone fail, though that alredy happened without much need for wishing.   By the way, I was open to try a new thing. I bought an Xbox One over the PS4 even though I've ALWAYS been a PlayStation fan.  But when that thing tries to emulate the one I didn't buy but fails tremendously and makes my experience worse, then I'm not eager to use it anymore.   You don't have an Android...well, that's your loss, mate ;)
  • Lets start with the fact I have read all your comments and lets move on. First the new Xbox experience still maintains the tiles/pins in addition to keeping the game you are playing in the center screen. If you press the right trigger it immediately takes you to your pins and therefor your favorite games vs having to scroll or go to games/apps. Also yes windows phone has a smaller market share but those of us who own windows phones are generally happier and more productive due to the integration of Microsoft services. I for one could care less that my Lumia 928 has a small market share because its still faster than any flagship phone produced to date (Lumina 930 excluded). If you are content with the ps4 which has consistently been given reviews of having the worst OS that's fine. I'll enjoy gears, halo, fable, forza, quantum break, recore, crackdown, tomb raider, and backwards compatibility while you enjoy the 3 remakes that Sony unveiled. Wish you all the best but don't comment on a windows site about how you hate windows products or you'll get this.
  • The new Xbox experience throws the games into the fourth tab. I don't want access to what Microsoft thinks are "my favourite games". I want ALL my games right there. Putting the pins in the bottom, makes it a worst experience.   "Also yes windows phone has a smaller market share but those of us who own windows phones are generally happier and more productive due to the integration of Microsoft services." LOL You keep telling yourself that. The market has shown that to be false. YOU may be happy with WP. But then again you may not demand a smartphone to be smart.  Sufice it to say, I too used Windows Phone. I have 3 years of experience with that pathetic excuse of a mobile OS. Android is far superior. It does all that WP doesn't and I still use all Microsoft services there, services and apps which are miles better there than they were on WP, starting with "Microsoft Account" ("Authenticator" on WP).   "If you are content with the ps4 which has consistently been given reviews of having the worst OS that's fine." By whom? Xbox-fans? Also, is the PS4 has a bad OS, why is Microsoft ripping it off? Yeah. The PS4 UI may be a step down from the PS3 one, but the new XB1 UI is a step down from everything available. Including the Wii UI.   As for me commenting...don't read the comments. I will never do or don't anything just because you're bothered with it. I couldn't care less about what people think about what I write. I'm not here to convert anyone into the Light and even less to sing the praises of Microsoft as if this was a Church.
  • Where to begin.... if you read any of the comments you would realize that everyone has informed you that the steps to get to your games has been reduced by the new UI but you seem to be unable to read them. As for Android I have owned many android devices (htc one, galaxy s4, and a nexus 5) all of which I no longer own because if we are being honest the app quality is not there(as a developer I write for iPhone first due to likelihood of compensation), the speed of an android device deteriorates over time, and the operating system is fragmented and slow to maneuver. So if you want to say that market share is due to a poor operating system be my guest but in my experience (2.5yrs of retail) users are just unfamiliar with WP as it hasn't been advertised as much as android and iphone. Overall you are wrong but as I know you will continue to troll the comments no matter whos informed you otherwise.
  • Xbox Ones new UI doesn't emulate PS4. PS4 software doesn't even come close to Xbox lol. Sony suck at software, and quite frankly they have done sod all for the PS4 since launch besides fail to bring that magical DLNA support. MS on the other hand have added feature after feature based on USER feedback. Its clear your just a troll as your issues with the new ui are not even real issues. Especially as you've never used nor seen it first hand..
  • Shave that neckbeard of yours, it's irritating everyone else.
  • And yet you complain more than anyone I've seen on this site. I don't remember every reading any positive comment about any MS product from you.
  • Well, that's your problem. Pay more attention ;)
  • Again he is an idiot lol. Just point and laugh at it like most of us do. Irony of him rooting against Lumia and Microsoft mobile while rooting for nokias return.I'd hate to see what happens if they fail because nobody wants them :D
  • Just go to Android, Mac and PS4... Please. You have the most retarded complaints and I'm sure other companies would be happy for your feedback.
  • I wish we could refuse app updates too. Previous versions of the Netflix and Hulu apps on Xbox One were far superior. Nothing irks me more than companies 'updating' apps to take away perfectly usable features. If this new Xbox One UI nerfs Kinect gesture controls, I'm going to smash things.
  • MS made the first Netflix app which is why it was so good and made good use of the system. Then Netflix made their own and wanted that one on the console. To unify the experience, although it ruined all that was good about the original app!
  • They 'updated' them for feature parity with the more inferior apps on PS4. Such a shame, the apps were really nice and worked well and weren't generic.
  • I understand how you feel about the new UI update and changes and stuff but just take into account how we get to the games and apps tile. You flick the analog stick 2-3 times and then press a button to actually get to your game list. With the new UI you tap the RB button 3 times and your there. I can't help with any of the other problems you have with the new UI, mostly because no one has gotten a chance to use it, but I just wanted to help a bit
    PS. First time commenting but a pretty old fan of the site. No one else seemed to provide the help it looked like you needed
  • They need to open the xbox one preview program up to the general windows 10 insider program not the current invite system. Its disjointed and inconsistent to the windows 10 program that has been working so well.
  • Why? Maybe there is enough testers. Maybe they only need so many.
  • I think its invite only so they don't have massive numbers of testers. The more testers, the more potential people who will complain. There are issues with the Xbox One on Preview software, they are not big issues but they could cause a lot of the people in the general public to complain. Even if you do get an invite, you are not guaranteed to get into the program. MS has the final say on whether you're in or not.
  • Yep. Support costs being one of the reasons whereas w10 insider doesn't offer a warranty(aside from lumas maybe)
  • Lumia's don't get warranties, I think no WP gets warranty under WInsider.
  • There are many members of the Xbox One preview program who are also windows 10 preview members.
  • its alot easier to return to the previous verion on a bricked phone/PC than it is on a console. You cant plug your console into a PC to repair it.
  • When is Xbox one dropping to $299
  • Correction, when is it dropping to $249
  • 199$...?
  • Hey even better
  • I wonder if people in the preview with the new ui will still be able to play against people on the old UI?
  • The UI doesn't really make a difference in how a game plays. Lol, I'm pretty sure they're gonna be able to play together.
  • Who knows.
  • It's funny that I will easily volunteer my primary phone or PC to such a big preview update, but for the x1, I would need to make sure its mostly feature complete. I wouldn't want to find out the media streaming isn't in the initial preview. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because I am unfortunately with Sprint
  • Well they did not ui changes early on.. I've been a member since I could test on my one. I wasn't invited in. if I get a bug I live with I report it. If you can't Handel that then don't be a tester.
  • Minor.. Changes.
  • Can't wait for this! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Any video of Windows 10 on Xbox One?
  • I wonder how exactly that is going to work?
  • Sweet. Now how about some Media Center love?
  • I wished that that pins have dedicated tab just on the left or right of Home or just the button of recently/now playing thumbnails, instead of seeing recents. Games have to be just beside the Community. Other than that, the new dashboard seems good.
  • Win for xbox now might be in a higher priority than win mobile
  • That's good news! 4 us
    XB1 preview members. Looking forward to early access.
  • Awesome
  • Featured on channel 7 morning news Los Angeles in about 3 minutes