Windows 11 Start Hero Surface BookSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

What you need to know

  • An online simulator lets you play around with a replica of the Windows 11 interface.
  • The simulation is limited to the desktop and a few select apps, such as the Microsoft Store.
  • You can't actually run Windows 11 through the simulator, but you can get a taste of the operating system's look and feel.

Many are eager to get their hands onto Windows 11 but don't want to install preview software on their PC. A web simulator could help scratch the itch to test out Windows 11 without requiring people to become Windows Insiders. A website called provides a simulation of the Windows 11 desktop.

Of course, this doesn't provide a functional replication of running the new operating system. It's more of an interactive mockup. Many elements, such as the widgets panel, appear to be renders designed to look like Windows 11 but aren't clickable. Clicking on the File Explorer shows a "Coming soon" page.

Windows 11 SimulationSource: Windows Central

While it isn't the same as actually running Windows 11, the site's developers have done a decent job replicating the look and feel of the OS. The Start menu, Taskbar, and several aspects of the simulation appear similar to their functional counterparts, though they lack details like hover effects. It at least gives people a chance to click around an interface similar to the one seen on Windows 11.

If you'd like to safely try out a functional version of Microsoft's new OS, you can try Windows 11 alongside Windows 10 using a virtual machine. You can also check out the new version of Windows in action with our Windows 11 hands-on videos.