Microsoft discusses accessibility and improved typing in Windows 11

Windows 11 Hero Surfaces
Windows 11 Hero Surfaces (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's Windows Insider Program YouTube channel shared several videos this week that take a closer look at Windows 11.
  • One video explains how the touch and voice typing experiences have improved in the operating system.
  • Another video discusses the importance of accessibility and how Windows has evolved to be more accessible.

Microsoft shared several videos this week that take a closer look at Windows 11. One video breaks down the improved experiences for touch and voice typing. The other discusses the accessibility features in Windows 11. The videos appear on Microsoft's Windows Insider Program YouTube channel.

In the video on accessibility, Microsoft team members discuss how the category has evolved. Settings related to helping people use Windows are now under "Accessibility," rather than "Ease of Access," which is where they are in Windows 10. Microsoft's goal is to improve access to Windows devices without making it feel like an othering experience. Windows 11 includes several accessibility features, including multiple high contrast modes and revamped set of sounds.

The second video from Microsoft talks about making touch and voice more natural methods for input. The company emphasizes that while Windows 11 works well with a mouse and keyboard, people can also use things like an improved touch keyboard and their voice to type.

Microsoft improved the scaling layouts of its touch keyboard on Windows 11 and added more theme options. It also added a feature that automatically adds punctuation as you speak.

Microsoft also shared a video announcing Windows 11 entering beta and a guide on how to install Windows 11 Insider preview builds.

In addition to the Windows Insider Program YouTube channel, Microsoft has an Insider page called "Inside Windows 11", which includes the latest videos, articles, and other content from Microsoft about the development of the operating system.

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