Windows 8 PC's showing up at Best Buy

With the official release of Windows 8 only weeks away we have already seen online listings for Windows 8 computers. Now we are seeing Windows 8 computers on store shelves.

The Best Buy in St. Cloud, MN has several laptops and desktops from HP on display running Windows 8. Based on the reports, the computers are running demo versions of Windows 8 to give you a feel for things. While you can check these new computers out in the store, you can't take them with you just yet. While the computers are in stock, Best Buy is only taking pre-orders for the HP Windows 8 computers.

If you're interested in checking out the new computers and Windows 8, it might be worth a ride to your local Best Buy to see if they have the display units out. If you don't have a Best Buy nearby, fear not. You can go to Best Buy's website (opens in new tab) to see all the Windows 8 computers they have in inventory and pre-order online.

Source: WinSource (opens in new tab); Thanks, Joe, for the tip!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Part of the Billion $ ad campaign, no doubt.  I think MS has put it's fat wallet on the table and told all the phone manufacturers, carriers, and retail outlets that "come the big day, you will be paid to be our bitch."  Can't wait!
  •  "come the big day, you will be paid to be our bitch." 
  • Lol awsome
  • You did notice this was about Windows 8 PCs, not phones?  On the computer front, this has been SOP since Vista.  The products start showing up on the displays a few days to a couple weeks in advance of launch. You can't actually buy them with the new OS, but you can buy the ones to be upgraded at launch or (sometimes) preorder the new units that will only ship with the new OS.  Best Buy also owes its continued existence to Bill Gates deep pockets a few years back (another failing company in whom Microsoft made a substantial investment).  I doubt Microsoft needs to even pay them a penny for advance promos....
  • Heading off to best buy this week thanks.
  • Sometimes I feel like I am the only person who goes on tech blogs that actually still enjoys going to best buy. The ones we have down here have good customer service.
  • I love Best Buy but here in Merrillville Indiana their customer service is garbage
  • Im skipping wp8,but there's no way im skipping w8..give me a surface rt.
    That's all i need for what i do everyday...twitter,Facebook,email,wpcentral,Engadget,games sometimes and off course Xbox music...damn msft charge $100 for the whole year... Make sure you guys check your setting that says auto renew is off or else MSFT will charge you for the whole year..
  • $100 for what?
  • You don't have to join Xbox music if u don't want to. The $100 per year or $10 a month allows you to download unlimited music. (think of it as a leasing membership). Its actually great because I don't have to buy the songs I don't want.
  • That's for a family 4-pack, this calculates out to $25/person for the entire year. If you buy a single person annual subscription, you can get then on eBay for $39.99
  • They DO email you one month in advance when something is gonna renew...
  • How is auto renew different from anywhere else? You get the notification and a chance to cancel. Looks like you need somebody to hold your hand.
  • I actually would love having that at my place. Sometimes it sucks not to be supported by MS..
  • Best Buy is a no go for me. I don't appreciate them trying to push their "protection plan" on me whenever I just want to buy one thing. I will take the Microsoft Store anyday over Best Buy
  • It's easy to avoid. Just say, "I want one that hasn't been Geeked." All the clerks I've ever dealt with have been fine with it. I haven't had any of them be pushy about it at all.   BTW, the last time I bought a system there, I noticed they chopped $100 off the price because it was a non-Geeked system. Apparently, stores (many/all?) tack on the Geek Squad fee as part of the total price.
  • Here is what you need to do. Say "No thanks". Seriously...
  • The only thing a Best Buy is good for any more is checking out a PC in person before you buy it online. Of course, that's going to change for me once our Microsoft Holiday Store opens in two weeks.
  • I rarely go to Best Buy anymore. My visits slowed to a crawl after I sold my soul to Amazon ;-)
  • Lol. Same here. Amazon's the best.
  • Me to I buy from amazon all the time
  • Microsoft Signature PC is the way to go. Bought my last PC at my local MS store and its incredible. Optimized by MS and no bloat ware. Will never buy another PC straight from an OEM or retail store again.
  • That's MS goal, to encourage you to buy direct
  • Let's get the tablets into the stores!  Laptops and desktops are sooo 10 minutes ago . . . .
  • Great to see Windows 8 out there, but I worry about how well it navigates on a traditional laptop. Works great with a traditional mouse, but I would imagine its a nightmare getting around on a trackpad and may give people a negative perception of the OS.
    Am I wrong? Anyone installed the preview on a laptop and found it perfectly workable with a trackpad?
  • I ran the Consumer Preview and it's alright. Not as easy as Windows 7, but not impossible to use either. I'd upgrade to the final version, but Acer blocked the ability to enable NX support in the BIOS of my computer so the newer versions of Windows 8 won't run. I checked out the processor on, it's an i5 so it certainly supports NX. Sad thing is that the computer isn't even 2 years old yet.
  • Check for a bios update, or sometimes you need to do a fresh install.
  • I'm running W8 Pro RTM on my Dell Latitude D620 and I can guarantee you it does not have NX support. I doubt that your Acer with an i5 proc can't run W8 RTM.
  • Track pad gestures are awesome to give the feel of working with touch. Running RTM on a HP laptop.
  • Yes, works ok with track pad. However, check out the new Logitec mice and track pads designed for windows 8. They fill the gap. Hopefully more vendors make them and/or track pad software is updated to support multiple gestures.
  • I have the RTM installed from MSDN and it works fine with a trackpad (Lenovo W510). Plus, I use the hotkeys more often (win key +) than in previous versions.
  • Personally, it doesn't matter whether the trackpad is being used in Windows 8 or 7,  My hands are just too large for them. With that said though, yes you are wrong.  If you upgrade a Windows 7 laptop or buy a new Windows 8 laptop, unless you just don't like trackpads (like me), the Windows 8 experience is actually quite optimized.  Throw in the ability to start typing anywhere on the start screen to call up apps, files, settings, etc., and the ease of the OS with any wheel mouse, and it is a remarkably efficient OS experience.  It is just getting past the fact that is different from the past (and layered) that will take the average person a few minutes to a couple hours to adjust. 
  • just getting a surface thats all i need
  • I know it's probably a non-issue to some people but I had hoped Microsoft would have added new regulations for pesenting hardware in stores to match the minimal clean approach of the OS. BestBuy doesn't seem so bad but in many stores they liter the hardware with stickers, I don't understand why in 2012 OEMs are still putting brand stickers on the hardware, the customer knows what's inside they don't need a sticker to remind them of it. Apple products look so clean and streamlined in stores because there is no sticker insight.
  • I agree, its not about all the specs to the general shopper. Its the size of the laptop and how smoothly it works. Have the specs on a sheet or on the screen.. Not 5 stickers on the machine.
  • The stickers peel off easy enough. My problem with the stickers is lack of actual screen resolution. Don't just tell me HD screen, give me the actual horiz and vert pixel counts. This is especially important when the store locks the machine down so much that you can't view any display settings.
  • It's because, like the crapware that comes pre-installed on most of these machines, the OEM gets paid to add those stickers. Despite efforts by Intel and Microsoft to move consumer PCs upscale (e.g. ultrabooks) most consumer PC makers are still looking to compete on price (a race to the bottom).
  • Apple is its own hardware vendor and its stuff is almost always much more expensive.  Those stickers in the Windows world are one of the things that lets you buy a machine at a cheaper price. 
  • I can just smell all the new windows stuff that will be in my house in the next few weeks. 920, surface. A laptop.. All living in harmony.
  • I just wish they would get rid of the damn stickers. So tacky.
  • Just go to your nearest Microsoft Store. You can use it on tablets. No they will not sell you one.
  • I'll be honest, I have been trying Windows 8 (I have the RTM version and have been using it on and off for weeks) and I really can say I dont like it.
    I will give it a deeper work around and try to like it but, at this point, over 2 months of using Windows 8 (preview and RTM), I would buy a Windows 7 notebook over a Windows 8 model, and I would REQUEST them to put Windows 7 on it or I would not buy it.
    Maybe ok on a tablet but, desktop with a keyboard and mouse, no way. Maybe they should call it Windows 8 tablet PC edition...oh, wait, they did that with XP....
    I love my Windows Phone device and I am running 7.8 beta, so I like the new tile layout but, or a desktop....just having a hard time with it...
  • It almost sounds like you need to but an iPad. I'm actually running the full RTM of the product and activated for my tv pc and its pure awesome. Running some gyration mouse and keyboard means navigations a dream and the start menu is so nice on a big tv with all my custom menus im surprised anyones to thick to navigate with it. The OS is optimised and runs cleaner than all my other laptops and desktops so I'll definitely be upgrading them all. I'm not a cannot, im a fan of good hardware etc and have played with all apple devices and own a couple, like android as well but current phone is an HTC titan so at least I use the gear before giving informed ideas about the product, check out some YouTube videos if you need a hand operating win8
  • Not digging the raised edges around the touchpads. I feel like that's counter-intuitive for W8 gestures. Should raise at an extremely mild slope, with a slight change in texture to let you know when you're just off the pad. Perhaps put little bumps at the center points of each strip outside the touch zone, so the user can easily tell that they are centered in a gesture region. Also, on the left side, have three texture variations to discern between top, middle or bottom, so that there is a tactile sense to opening a specific app, flipping through apps, or opening the start menu. Also, there should be a printed sticker that comes on each one describing what each of the swipe-in regions do so that customers can get a feel for it on store displays AND have a guide for when they start off at home. There's gonna be some confused old ladies.
  • Went into Best Buy yesterday morning (Florida) looking for a deal on a Win7 desktop that I could upgrade in two weeks. Came across an ASUS CM6830 i7-3.4GHz Third Gen running Win8. I assumed it was the Win8 Preview and asked if the had any stock. Then the rep explained that I was looking at Win8 Final, and sure enough ot was. Pre-ordered that baby. The 26th will be a good day. Picking up my Surface RT and having my new toy delivered.