Windows Central Podcast 46: A Windows phone reset

HP Elite x3 with Lapdock
HP Elite x3 with Lapdock (Image credit: Windows Central)

Do you want to know when Redstone 5 and Redstone 6 is coming? We have the answers! Do you want to know more about Windows 10 Cloudbooks? We have the answers! Do you want to know what feature2 is and the future of Windows 10 Mobile? We don't have the answers for that but you bet we're gonna speculate about it in this weeks epsisode of the Windows Central Podcast!

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • A phone OS "reset" will do nothing. It's not the OS that's the problem, it's the apps, stupid. 
  • ...dont forget about public perception.
  • The 'public' has no clue, Microsoft is offering a solid mobile competitor to iOS and Android as Windows 10 mobile phones are nowhere to be found in regular consumer smartphone retail spaces, nor does Microsoft advertise or promote the fact that they have a mobile platform what so ever since they retrenched (ran with it's tail between its leg with) its mobile offerings into the comfort of it's enterprise and corporate stronghold.
    As long as any regular, non tech savvy, consumers are concerned Android and iOS are the only two (viable) options out there.
    Like, I mean, even Blackberries run Android now these days, you know, so what do you expect them to think LOL! ;-)
  • I wouldn't know about "solid". W10M is buggy to high heaven, low on performance, low on features and polish compared to iOS10 and Android 7.
  • Nothing is low on performance, features or polish compared to lagdroid, not even symbian
  • W10M RS2 is too slow on 1 GB devices IMO, both S4 and SD400
  • You do not describe my recent experience with the platform, but I'm rocking a HP Elite x3, so maybe its my hardware that makes it feel like a breeze to me!
  • You have the fastest Windows Phone available. These guys are complaining about the low-end and midrange devices.
  • Before I had a Lumia 950xl and before that a Lumia 930. I've never owned a low end or mid range smartphone in my life. I refuse to compromise on a piece of technology that's such a big part of my day to day activities. So maybe I'm ignorant to the struggle of Windows 10 Mobile on low cost, low power devices, but my understanding was that with Threshold 2 (or at least with Redstone 1), Windows 10 Mobile got optimized for those devices?!
  • I got a Lumia 550 and it bangs along all day long. Great battery life. No security worries. I got all the apps I need. Like it or not W10 mobile is a quality OS. There are none so blind as though who do not wish to see.
  • It's actually not the apps. It's the OS. If you think the main problem are apps, you don't know what's going on.
  • Of course it's the apps... The UI and OS is fine, but if people can't access their bank etc. it's all for naught. Only real solution for any system besides iOS and Android is for web-apps to gain traction, or for a completely new device category to emerge and bump the smartphone off the throne...
  • Maybe for you. Bank apps aren't the most important thing on a phone. I wouldn't use a banking app even if I could, because there's just no use. I pay the bills once a month from my laptop, maybe something else, and that gets the job done. There is no way you use the banking app more than weekly, which is still a lot.
    Also, that's something MS can do only so much about. And when they actually make a normal os, people will start to use it, and the apps will come on their own.
    And the UI and the OS aren't fine. Performance is bad, and polish is nonexistent. Things work, but they look so out of place, you ask yourself how's that even possible. Even a single app can have lots of inconsistencies, and app-to-app is a whole new story. UX also got pretty much obliterated with Win10M. Everything that felt nice and intuitive got replaced. I mean that's fine for me because I'm somehow used to that, but any other sane person just doesn't want to deal with that.
    And that's noticeable almost at first glance. People don't mind a lot if their messenger can't send the newest stickers, but if the OS can't do daily things, and do them well (like the crappy camera that shoots grainy photos and takes forever to save them), they get pist quick.
  • It's the win10 O.S. 8.1 was great, but win 10 is nothing but a headache for most using on mobile devices. It's sad when you learn to live with problems on the windows phone, that's what has happened with my 650, 950 and 1520 ( My Fav by far ) on win 10. I have never had that problem with my LG G2, G4 , Moto or even iPhone 6plus, just to name a few. A far as apps being a problem I think it depends on the user, since I rock both android and windows I never miss out on anything.
  • I agree with you, the OS is great, but the app gap is the real issue for most people.
    The edge browser has really done a lot with the web apps.
  • Spot on. I left winmo because of the apps. PayPal was the final one for me. I love the os and miss it but the lack of apps I use are what pushed me to android ide love for more apps to come back but I dont see it any time soon. The need a few things going forward for me which are a payment method like android pay and apple pay. Big apps back. PayPal ect and also watch support but thats just me.
  • Me too x 2.   My wife and I left windows mobile because 1.  lack of support for our 1020s even after it was promised by microsoft,  and 2.  APPS!!!!  anyone who thinks the reason for complete and utter failure of the mobile system is anything other than app support,  Then you have **** for brians.  ha ha.  If we had all the apps we have now on IOS on windows 10,  we would still be happily using our 1020s....or even 950s.
  • Actually it's both.
  • Agreed, the camera app on L930 randomly crashes. Was looking forward to getting the"creators update" on my L930 but now it won't get that.... So left waiting on build 2017 to decide what to do next.
  • Install RS2 via Slow Ring :)
  • I always thought that a phone in its current form was fine if the continuum mode actually worked like a real desktop running real desktop apps. If the Windows on ARM make that possible, it may not be the phone we know today and not the market as we currently understand it but would be a reasonable enterprise friendly device.
  • They've had almost 2 years to improve on continuum and actually make it a real feature. Zero development.
  • Is a reset to W10 on ARM really much of a reset? I assume that is what is being referred to, but I will have to wait until this evening to listen to the podcast in its entirety.
  • My sentiments exactly.
    The only noticeable difference could be that those next gen devices would have a continuum mode that let the phone act like a true Windows 10 PC, with legacy support and all (though trough emulation)
    But on the mobile, smartphone, side of things not much will change! It will still be the same Windows 10 smartphone with it's advantages and shortcomings (compared to other platforms).
    It wil still have acces to the same store and run every UWA out there same, as the next gen of W10M devices.
    It wil look and act the same as Windows 10 Mobile on smaller screen sizes
    And the plethora of low cost low power devices that form the majority of Windows 10 mobile devices wouldn't have the benefit of continuum any way.
    So for those users this 'reset' wouldn't change much now, would it?!
    The way I see it they wouldn't really be 'left behind' this time around.
  • This is good news if it happens:
  • That would be cool for sure!
  • I actually love W10M.
  • looks like windows cloud for devices under 7" which to me looks like 8.1 RT will be the future for mobile
  • Just a thought on feature2 and RS3 branches, I would say they branched because of CShell, I would imagine on RS3 branch they are now folding mobile into desktop, these kind of changes will be huge and no way they would go to insiders at this point. So essentially I think they branched so they can keep up with mobile bug fixes for insiders while they work on "what's next". This also means the branch will be permanent if they don't plan to release the next major version on current devices, if they do want current devices to get it then they will merge back into the RS3 branch any bug fixes made on feature2 once RS3 "mobile" is stable enough to go to insiders. To be honest, neither option is all that bad in the long run.
  • yes give me a reset, do something new, ANYTHING, just dont let me end up on a samdung droid because my phone broke and there are no more wp anywhere lol
  • Kinda off topic but just have to mention it. Remember that post of microsoft being "transparent" of the data they're mine from your computer? Guess what, after Barnacules pointed out all the personally identifiable data microsoft hijacks from your device, including unique IDs like your IMEI and what not (all of which can be easily linked to data in your microsoft account and data from their "partners"), the creeps at microsoft have taken down both web pages detailing it much for being "transparent" and collecting only "anonymous" data.
  • I love window phone and I'm going to stick with my Microsoft 950xl, I think window 10 has the best store and cameras,I love window phones Microsoft number 1
  • A "reset" wouldn't be a reset tbh, it would be more a case of existing phones not getting newer versions of the OS. It would be funny to se the reaction of all the butthurt people though who would claim it's some mass abandoning of people. This would be more akin to Samsung saying the S7 wouldn't get any more major Android updates, but buying the S8 nabs you the latest major version. I'm not really bothered if somebody using it feels like that tbh, I mainly do not want MS Partners such as HP to feel that way as I'd like them to keep making good devices like the X3
  • I think if Microsoft were smart, they'd use this  - let's call it a transition instead of reset - as an opportunity to drop support for 32 bit Win10M (and frankly, for Windows on the desktop as well.)  WoA will be a 64 bit system, and if Microsoft was going to continue to provide a version of Win10M (basically NT kernel + UWP + CShell without the Win32 layer and related emulation) as a lightweight system for lower end phones, it should fork off the 64 bit side as well.  Then this would be a "justification" for not updating current phones as it would require a complete wipe/reinstall if at all possible given driver support, etc. for older handsets.  Frame it as being necessary going forward as mobile devices expand into higher end usage scenarios, just like desktop switched to 64 bit years ago.  But make sure to clarify that existing Win10M apps will continue to run on the new platform.  (I know someone will say "what apps?" but this will be a concern for anyone still on the platform and will help frame this as a transition rather than reset.)
  • I dont know if the main problem is the OS or apps. My 650 needs 19 seconds to open Facebook messenger!!
  • Agree
  • I need 64 seconds to sync my Fitbit with my 650! Nobody talks about that...
  • Facebook Messenger is a god-awful app mind you.
  • New Whatsapp beta Update : New feature .. Go to bottom button
  • Both OS and apps are a problem. My L950 crashes at least twice a month and on regular basis apps crash as well and I have to restart the app. The apps that are available are not being updated, so my next phone cannot be a windows phone.
  • So basically, they have reduced the size of insiders on mobile OS development by dropping support for legacy devices. That's not really a bright idea is it? They aren't the sharpest tool in the shed are they? What is the meaning of insider feedback again?
  • damn...that was dispiriting.
  • To do another reset would require at least new devices. In its current form, what will they bring to the table? They even need new category devices for Windows 10 on ARM, don't discount the apps that will be needed, plus who will market the product and to what extent? Marketing somehow is not MS forte. They need a reboot, reset of the marketing department. Recently, here in Australia, Optus and Telstra are offering HP eX3 on contract and I am seeing some form of marketing, I am hoping its getting noticed, be it by enterprises.
  • Your spot on regarding advertising ms need to get a much smarter ad strategy together.
  • Seems like Zac is ready to jump ship..
  • Well that podcast was grim, sheesh any way I like a lot of you are just not willing to give up, hopefully a reset for a more pc like experience for continuum devices is on the way. Id welcome any news on oem windows mobile devices.
  • what about a rumored windows 10 Samsung S8
  • You did an interview to Donna Sarkar, and I think you didn´t give us all the information. Wich things the crew of WCentral knows that we don´t..?
  • OK, I'm more optimistic: it's not a reset but next step of evolution. W10 Mobile is like WP 7.8 and Continuum is another RT. Next big thing and I guess a final form is One Windows 10. Although I'm so angry that they didn't put more effort in current W10 Mobile devices which would also boost UWP market. Now developers and big brands couldn't be more discouraged to invest any resources in W10.
  • Microsoft Services vs. native Google Services: I once believe in the "drink-the-Koolaid" approach to platforms - go all in on Apple, Google or Microsoft. Mobile first without hardware suggest that's passé.  Well, it certainly is true that you can use most Microsoft services on Android or iOS. There are two services, Bing and Cortana, that I find myself rarely using on Android. Since they’re not baked, and their counterparts (Google and Google Now) are, I find the effort to try to use them too high – too many navigational steps and too much time to access them. While I like Bing, I’m about as happy with Google (although I think Bing organizes the information in a more helpful way than Google). I prefer Cortana to Google Now and don’t use the personal assistant aspect of Google Now, but I definitely use it for a quick look up. I tend to go to individual apps for those features. However, I suspect most folks that are already using Google or Apple services won't move over so the whole "Mobile First" without hardware strategy (a phone) looks suspect to me.
  • Absolutely love the end section, you guys are super :)
  • Very entertaining too :D
  • I fully admit that I must be odd; the current app ecosystem works just fine for me as a daily driver. It will be interesting to see where the "cellular PC" idea goes.
  • Typoing this from my Galaxy S8+: I am ashamed of myself.... I succumbed to the allure of the S8 and apps for Android. I regret it. Android sucks. I'm going to try and take this thing back. The notifications on Android are inferior. The lock screen will not tell you how many messages you have, the notification center is a cluttered unorganized mess compared to W10, and even the widgets for my Outlook and Yahoo accounts will not tell me how many messages are there! The swipe to delete email is SLUGGISH! W10 IS way faster. I can't pin articles and websites. I'm going back to my Lumia 950xl. I was excited about the change but the grass is NOT greener. The S8 is beautiful for sure.... I just wish it would run Windows.
  • Or maybe you just have no ideas how Android works and how to make it your own while you spent years on an OS that have never evolved and that you knew by heart ? I used to have a WP and loved it. But it's dead and MS is the only responsible for that. I got an S6 from work and yes, it felt "weird" at first because it was different. However, there's just so much more you can do and tweak that your phone can actually be YOUR OWN but that means you will need to actually work on it a least a little.The fact that you don't even know how to setup your lockscreen properly is bafflingly ridiculous. But keep blaming an OS for your own shortcomings. 
  • There's nothing that that I couldn't do on windows other than run some apps, that I can do on Android!! Android looks bad.. no offense.. noone wants to customize things.. there are better things to do in life than customize a phone on which you can hardly do anything productive. You can live in your own world.. It is a pity people rejected windows phone , because Android sucks!! It is more the ego or maybe the insecurity of some idiots who run the software business that Windows phone is in this state
  • If you couldn't run "some apps" then there is actually a LOT that you couldn't do with WP. It's like having $1500 top notch computer but having Linux installed on it. You run Windows on PC because yo have much more software available on it than on any other OS. Having a nice lockscreen but nothing else is useless. It like having a beautiful car but a ****** engine in it and that'w what WP is. Once again, I was part of the first user of WP and I loved it. I loved WP8.1 for its simplicity and sobriety and stability. Which W10M isn't. Now no one asks you to customize your phone everyday. If customization is a waste of time, than please say that to the WP users who are proudly sharing their customized startscreens in the forums. Here's how you sound : "My phone has tons of limitations, so I'll decide that it's good for me because I'm convinced I made the right choice". But hey, to each his own ;)
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