Windows Community Toolkit 3.0 arrives with Fluent updates and more

Microsoft's recently rebranded Windows Community Toolkit (née UWP Community Toolkit) is getting a pretty big update for developers today. The latest version pushes the toolkit to version 3.0, and Microsoft is branding it as its largest update yet.

One of the biggest updates is a package for WPF and WinForms developers, who can now take advantage of the new Edge WebView. The package lets you take advantage of Microsoft Edge's rendering engine in .NET WinForms and WPF apps, along with a new look.

Edge WebView

A new package is also available with controls to access to the Microsoft Graph, and Microsoft has made some Fluent Design updates to existing controls with support for dark and light themes. Here's an overview of the major new pieces available in version 3.0:

  • A new package for WPF and WinForms developers that includes the new Edge WebView
  • A new package for all XAML UWP developer to enable usage of eye gaze APIs in XAML
  • A new package for all .NET UWP developers to help in writing runtime API checks
  • A new package introducing new controls to access the Microsoft Graph
  • New controls and APIs in existing packages
  • Fluent updates to existing controls with support for light and dark theme
  • Updated documentation, including code examples in Visual Basic
  • Many improvements and bug fixes

Windows Community Toolkit initially launched in 2016 as UWP Community Toolkit. The kit acts as an open-source resource for Windows app developers, and it has been consistently updated with new controls, helpers, extensions, and more.

If you want to dig into all of what's new, you can check out the full release notes along with Windows Community Toolkit version 3.0 at GitHub.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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