Windows Insiders are in for a busy next few days

Microsoft has already been winding down development on the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in recent weeks, turning from major feature releases to bug fixes in the past several builds. Now, it sounds like the pace of fixes is about to ramp up, according to Windows Insider chief Dona Sarkar.

If you're a Windows Insider, Sarkar says that you can expect the next few days to be "very busy." That'll include mostly bug fix releases without any teasers ahead of time.

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Microsoft has already released two new builds this week, with builds 16291 and 16294. Neither build packed any big new features, focusing on bug fixes instead. Expect much more of the same over the next few days as we move towards the Fall Creators Update's October 17 release.

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  • I welcome those bug fixes. There's been lots, especially with Edge in the slow ring.
  • I can't even upgrade from 16199, update fails every time.....I'm not wanting to rebuild either ugh.
  • Try grabbing the latest ISO. It should still be available.
  • And in case you're not sure where to go...
  • Good thing I'm "skip-ahead". I never have busy days! I only download the same build feature-wise every couple of weeks.
  • A few builds per week, just like the build up to final release back in March
  • Well, busy if you are a Fast or Slow Ring Insider, not so much if you're a Skip Ahead Insider.
  • Congrats on providing MS with free labour ......good job suckers....i mean insiders! 
  • Still tumbleweed blowin' through Windows 10 Mobile