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Ever since that leak of the Windows Phone 8 SDK a couple days ago, we’ve been slowly finding out more and more about the new OS.

We’ll file this next one under ‘not sure’ but it certainly looks like Windows Phone 8 will have some sort of family-child filter built in either for the Marketplace of in the OS itself.

The evidence comes from the site Windows Phone Hacker who found a simple registry entry with settings for ‘KidZone’ (nested under ‘Family'). Though it may be too early to say exactly what this feature will entail it is certainly interesting. (The evidence is found under Software --> Family --> KidZone in the registry for the OS.)

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KidZone in WP8

A KidZone and Family section for Windows Phone 8?

We’ve already heard that the Marketplace can have a PIN to access and purchase apps (something parents will be thankful for) and the notion that Microsoft would extend the feature-set of the OS to help parents trust their lil’ ones is hardly a stretch of the imagination.

We’ll dig around some more and see what we can find but we have a feeling that parents are going to see Windows Phone 8 as a viable alternative to Android’s more chaotic system. And that’s a good thing for business.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker