Windows Phone Official SkyDrive 2.2 Update Rolls out

Microsoft is rolling out another update to its SkyDrive Windows Phone client today. Not a huge amount has changed in the latest version but it does bring some welcome graphical changes.

The logo has been updated to now fall in line with that seen on the web and on the desktop version  of the client, gone is the swish and onwards with the ‘flattening’. It is also adhering more to the Metro feel, dropping the rather dull skeuomorphic yellow folder icons and replacing them with their authentically digital counterparts. Yes, that means blue squares to you and me.

Out with the skeuomorphic and in with the new!

Besides the cosmetic differences, I don’t see too much else here that’s changed. Some have been hoping that multiple files could be uploaded at the same time but this does not seem to be here. I look forward to seeing the client enable this feature, so I may upload full size images to my Skydrive, rather than make do with the automatically downsized and uploaded versions.You should automatically get the update notification on your phone but if you cannot wait to get the update then just browse for it in the marketplace and once found you should then see an option to update.

You can download SkyDrive from the Marketplace. Have fun, if you come across anything I missed please let me know in the comments bellow. 

Robert Brand
  • Jus updated mine.. Lemi see whats new
  • Nothing new, and after reading this im going to be storing a lot less on my SkyDrive.
  • True. I understand a feature that can identify copyrighted material and then execute some sort of reprimanding action, but pure personal (legal) things that are of an adult nature in a private folder (OH won't someone think of the children!(Adult people do adult things, MS should stop mothering us)) should be allowed as it is your own stuff. There are other services out there that I could use then instead which allow this, it would suck having to change due to the decent integration provided for Skydrive compared to our other options on WP, but honestly, if it has to be done then so be it.
    Also the fact you still can't select multiple photos to upload is beyond ludicrous.
  • does that mean that if your account was suspended that you wouldnt even be able to get your files back that are stored in the skydrive folder on your computer (if you have installed the app)?
  • They give you 25gb for free and its their servers, god forbid they dictate what you can and cannot store on it. I'm often amazed at how entitled people think they are these days.
  • Thanks for the info, I didn't know it was even legal to manually scan those contents. Time to move back to DropBox :/
  • Have fun with much less free storage space
  • Dropbox does the same thing. Worse in fact
  • Sad to see one of the biggest WP users talk like this.
  • interesting... though i think it's somewhat fair seeing what happened to megaupload, but does that mean that ppl that take nude picture of themself and have auto upload feature on are going to be suspended? :P
  • A link to the app would be nice. One cannot scan the QR while watching it on the phone, you know.
  • Added :-)
  • Anybody can tell me how to upload mp3 or video filez in skydrive app ...
  • Install the Skydrive app on your PC.  Then drag and drop files to the Skydrive folder of your choice.
  • Thank you :)
  • Looks all pretty :D
  • Still freaking slow
  • Wish they add the ability to sign in with multiple accounts.
  • I do beleive you can upload full size images by doing it through the actual SkyDrive app, just choose add and the select album.....taadaa.
  • So I know im totally alone in this, but everytime you guys do a SkyDrive article, I read "SkyDrive" but my mind processes it as "Skype". Its not until the article makes no sense to me that I realize my error
  • You wouldn't believe how many times I get the two mixed up when writing these things up. They are way too similar. :)
  • If they've found time to up date the icon, why not make it adhere to the accent colour for the phone? Not the horrible blue which stands out against all the accent colours
  • I wish they would enable the ability to view files stored on my home PC, like I can using the web client.
  • They really need to recolour or get rid of the statur bar. Looks so terrible to have the black status strip, then the blue logo strip, then white content area.
  • (or they could set the opacity of the sys tray to 0 and then extend the status bar by 32 px)
  • If you need to open ZIP files or use multiple Skydrive accounts give a try to SkyManager
  • Awww, I much preferred the old logo!!
  • Is anyone getting 'We coundn't sign you in...' message?