Wireless charging cover for Nokia Lumia 1020 back in stock on Amazon, both black and yellow are available

Earlier today we shared a tweet through the @wpcentral account on Twitter. Basically the yellow wireless charging cover (CC-3066) for the Lumia 1020 came back to Amazon, but only had a 4 left in stock. You had to be quick to grab them. Now it looks like Amazon has a bigger supply up.

In the Lumia 1020, wireless charging was omitted to keep the device as thin and light as possible. Or so we’ve been told by Nokia. Although a recent DIY hack with the Lumia 925 makes a few of us think otherwise. Either way, you’re going to need the wireless charging cover from Nokia to add the ability to your Lumia 1020. It’s been a hard piece to find over the past few weeks with limited stock wherever you went.

However, if you go to Amazon you’ll find what looks like an ample supply for both the black and yellow versions. Both show as “in stock” and go for $39.99. If you’ve been meaning to grab one you might want to do so before we see another crazy fluctuation in availability.

Have one already? What do you think of it? Sound off below. 

Source: Amazon

Sam Sabri