WMExperts Podcast 31

This week: Deepfish, crazy Samsung rumors, and your emails. Listen in!


  • Adios Deepfish, Hello IE6. 6!
  • MS NOT making a handset, still charging license fees (duh)
  • Crazy Samsung Rumors, thankfully defused by the Epix

Tips and/or Software


  • Ringtones: size
  • Ringo
  • Ringtone maker

Thanks to Eric, Michael, Paracha, and Nick for contacting us!


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Dieter Bohn
1 Comment
  • Hi Dieter and Malatesta,
    As you stated that T-Mobile has no experience with Windows Mobile is not completely true. In The Netherlands T-Mobile does all the HTC phones only rebrands them as MDA's. They also do Android and they are the exclusive reseller for the iPhone in the Netherlands.
    As for HSDPA: I pay for a 1 Mbit/384kbps connection just 14,95 euro on HSDPA. After 2 GB traffic it will be capped to 384kbps/64kbps
    The maximum speed t-mobile gives is 3.6 Mbit at the moment.
    I know you are focused on the US market but I just wanted to let you know! Your show is great!