WMExperts Podcast Episode 107

Mal and Phil are back for more Windows Mobile 6.5, Windows Phone 7, and a bunch of your questions. Listen in!

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  • Poll: So far, are your happy with the leaked Windows Phone 7 hardware?
  • Should Microsoft re-name Windows Phone 7?


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Phil Nickinson

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  • Just wanted to say I am excited about the upcoming Windows Phone 7.
  • Hi was listening the other day and you guys mentioned that WP7 will not have memory issues since it is managed code. I have been a .Net developer since the beginning and wanted to clarify something.
    It is true that the framework will garbage collect and return the memory for objects that are no longer accessible without the programmer having to free up the memory explicitly (like in C/C++). The key there is "no longer accessible".
    It is still the responsibility of the programmer to ensure that his code does not hold references to objects, otherwise the garbage collector will not clean it up because it thinks that is still in use. These resource leaks are rather common for inexperienced (or naive) programmers and there is very little the environment can do to prevent it. This is why even managed applications can leak resources and it helps to restart them every once in a while if they do. Granted, once the application is persisted out of main memory, all of it's resources (leaked or legitimate) will be available for use, but when it comes back into use, you will have the same problem. I don't know much about the other environments (iOS, Android) development so I don't know if they would handle this case the same way. PS. I am a big WP7 fan but just wanted to clarify this issue.