WMExperts Podcast Episode 95

Windows Phone 7 Series is dead! (Erm, at least it's not longer a "series." Also, a whole bunch of your e-mails. Listen in!

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  • BTW, I totally goofed at the part where I say the Samsung Intrepid runs "Windows Mobile Standard" runs Pro! In fairness, Samsung should have made it Standard and that was my subconscious speaking. That and my brain don't work so good on Sundays.
  • I have to totally agree with Mal, a Zune video pass would be so kick ass. I have bought a few episodes/seasons of shows like Supernatural, and it is so hard to want to buy a season when you have to pay like $40 for it, when you can go by the DVDs for like $22. I prefer it on Zune video so I can watch on my computer, xbox, or Zune.
  • FYI fellas, the Samsung Jack is a 6.5 Standard device. Also, the T-Mobile Dash is the HTC WM Standard device you were looking for.
  • As well as the Dash 3G, aka the original HTC Snap. Which is still a "recent" phone. Unless that's the one you were referring to Tim, and not the HTC Excalibur.
  • I had the Zune pass for a while, and thought it pretty kick ass. If I go Windows Phone 7 I'll probably sign up for it again.
  • Great inaugural podcast, but I'll push back on the "Flash on mobile doesn't matter" comments. Not everyone needs Flash on their smartphones, but hearing pundits reduce Flash to YouTube and annoying ads is getting a little old. Most embedded non-YouTube video is in Flash.
  • Why did you copy/paste my AndroidCentral comment from last month here?