WMExperts Podcast Episode 97

We're back after a two-week hiatus. And for those who missed it, we did the podcast live. Fortunately, we got it on tape. Windows Mobile, ahoy!

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Phil Nickinson

Phil is the father of two beautiful girls and is the Dad behind Modern Dad. Before that he spent seven years at the helm of Android Central. Before that he spent a decade in a newsroom of a two-time Pulitzer Prize-finalist newspaper. Before that — well, we don't talk much about those days. Subscribe to the Modern Dad newsletter!

  • sheesh thank u
  • Idea for next podcast?!: Your opinions on the T-mobile HTC HD2 and all the reported problems. The HD2 was greatly anticipated and released to a wondrous fanfare. Some weeks down the line a lot of people are complaining that it's a dog. Matt Miller wrote recently about his reasons for dumping it (;post-3704). XDA developers have a massive list of tweaks on their site suggesting it was released with more holes than a swiss cheese. Do Phil and Mal have any thoughts on this? Great tech podcast. As a Miserable Brit I like the irony and the irreverent tone. Other US podcasts are too earnest and wholesome for my palate.
  • Downloading podcasts in advance is also easier on battery life, as I only update the podcasts when I'm plugged in or about to be.
  • At least once in the last two weeks I took the HD2 I'd use it to press the power button to lock the screen and only to find I could not open the device (with a shift left or right). I had to pop the battery and return it to the times of day and age, you need to do in this modern world-class smartphone.