Wolfenstein: The New Order joins Killer Instinct as this week's Deals With Gold

This week is an exciting one for those who follow the weekly Deals With Gold promotion from Microsoft. The company has announced a bunch of new titles console owners will be able to save money on, including Assassin's Creed Syndicate packs, Killer Instinct and Wolfenstein: The New Order. As always, there are deals available for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

*Denotes a deal valid for both Gold and Silver Xbox Live members.

What games or add-ons will you be picking up this week?

Source: Major Nelson

Rich Edmonds
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  • All that delicious Mass Effect DLC is exactly what I was after!
  • I had more fun with Wolfenstein than I thought. Definitely worth a buy.
  • Ubisoft, take your Helix packs and shove them.
  • They are... ;p
  • The only players left playing Killer Instinct are the pros so I get my ass kicked everytime now in Ranked lol
  • Not available in all markets. At least not in Scandinavia..
  • ?
  • LOL, they still consider $60 the base price for Wolfenstein: The New Order? Family Video had its used price as $13, like, a year ago. It's probably in the $8 section now. No way I'm paying $20 for it.
  • It's 28, new. No need to exaggerate. Unless you're talking about used, and even then...
  • Yeah, I thought that was a tad high as well. But I think the game is worth $20 so I probably will pick it up.
  • Wolf was a lot of fun in PC, I might buy it for xbox one
  • Wolfenstein the New Order, is a great game. Get it.