World of Warcraft's next expansion has been announced, and it's bringing back the Burning Legion. World of Warcraft: Legion sees the demonic army return to wreak destruction on Azeroth once more. The expansion will also boost the level cap to 110, add powerful new weapons, and an all-new Hero class, the Demon Hunter.

Legion intorduces the Demon Hunter, a new Hero class able to wield some of the powers of the Burning Legion. The Demon Hunter can enhance its senses to detect enemies, and change itself into different demonic forms to gain an advantage in combat. The class also offers new movement options, such as double jumping, vaulting, and even gliding using its wings.

The expansion also brings with it class-specific Artifact weapons. Artifacts can be highly customized, and you can determine how these weapons look, feel, and sound in combat. Artifacts include the Paladin sword Ashbringer, the Death Knight axe Maw of the Damned, Ebonchill, a mage staff, the monk staff Sheilun, and Thas'dorah, for Hunters.

Legion also introduces a new area, the Broken Isles. The new land offers new jungles, swamps and mountains to explore, along with hordes of Legion soldiers to fight. The Isles feature new structure, Order Halls, building unique to each class.

Along with boosting the level cap to 110, Legion also includes the ability to boost a character to level 100, letting you get in on the new action quickly.

World of Warcraft: Legion does not yet have a release date, but players can sign up for the beta now, and it will be available for pre-purchase soon.

Source: Blizzard