World of Warcraft's latest expansion sees the return of the Burning Legion

World of Warcraft's next expansion has been announced, and it's bringing back the Burning Legion. World of Warcraft: Legion sees the demonic army return to wreak destruction on Azeroth once more. The expansion will also boost the level cap to 110, add powerful new weapons, and an all-new Hero class, the Demon Hunter.

Legion intorduces the Demon Hunter, a new Hero class able to wield some of the powers of the Burning Legion. The Demon Hunter can enhance its senses to detect enemies, and change itself into different demonic forms to gain an advantage in combat. The class also offers new movement options, such as double jumping, vaulting, and even gliding using its wings.

The expansion also brings with it class-specific Artifact weapons. Artifacts can be highly customized, and you can determine how these weapons look, feel, and sound in combat. Artifacts include the Paladin sword Ashbringer, the Death Knight axe Maw of the Damned, Ebonchill, a mage staff, the monk staff Sheilun, and Thas'dorah, for Hunters.

Legion also introduces a new area, the Broken Isles. The new land offers new jungles, swamps and mountains to explore, along with hordes of Legion soldiers to fight. The Isles feature new structure, Order Halls, building unique to each class.

Along with boosting the level cap to 110, Legion also includes the ability to boost a character to level 100, letting you get in on the new action quickly.

World of Warcraft: Legion does not yet have a release date, but players can sign up for the beta now, and it will be available for pre-purchase soon.

Source: Blizzard

Joseph Keller
  • Hahaha, good job Blizzard just make patch 6.3 into a new expansion and lets see if the subs will drop below the 3 million.
  • Tired of this game, I don't even know how did the people buy the resting patches -.-
  • I don't know why you hate so much this game. ¿6.3 patch? ¿Really? That's stupid, looks like both of you doesn't know what they have announced...
  • You really have no clue what the Tomb of Sargeras is xD​
  • That new class sounds awesome. May jump in again to try it.
  • LOL, this seems like the epitome of a desperate cry for attention. Peopel have asked for this expansion for, like, 3 expansions now. They've been asking for the Demon Hunter class since the Death Knight happened, maybe even before that. It seems that despite all of the stuff saying losing subs isn't that scary to the longevity of WoW, Blizzard is just throwing out all of the stuff people have hoped to see for the past 5+ years, in the hopes that catering to them will save the bleeding sub numbers. I started with Wrath, and after maybe 6 months, I decided the game lacked a consistent flow of content to keep me going. The next two expansions, I came in and out a couple of times, for the same reason. I ended up skipping Draenor, but I eventually stopped in for a month, and it was the same story. EVery time, Blizzard promises shorter times to the next expansion and more content. This time, they seriously bothered to charge $50, then give people TWO patches. Basically, less content than ever, after promises of more, more, more for years. We'll see if I can muster up interest in this next thing. It's the fan service, face-saving release, I'm guessing, so maybe they're FINALLY going to try for a change.
  • They need to stop going after the people who lapsed and fix the terrible 1-80+ levelling experience. When the movie hits, if its good, a bunch of people will pick up the game only to discover something easier than tic-tac-toe. It's so unengaging for new players right now it's no wonder they can't turn over the user numbers.
  • At this point, they need to pull a SquareEnix and create WoW 2.0 with all of the enhancements modern mmos have instead of adding more and more systems to such an old game. The code for it has to be a mess by now with all that they've added over the years.
  • Lol both them and cod still use dx9
  • Dang, that's ancient!
  • I don't know, they tried that once, and it didn't really get them anywhere significant. I agree, they've made it REALLY hard to do two important things with this game: 1. Pick up on the story, becuase it's spread out over so many expansions, and you have to do a year's worth of non-stop reading to take it all in. Meanwhile, becuase of the ridiculously high sub price, you feel compelled to level up as soon as you can to reach the end-game content. 2. Learn your class, becuase the leveling and dungeon content are all moronically easy. You just spam a few basic attacks, and you're good. Then you get to raiding, and actual mechanics happen, and it's a nightmare for new people. I've never taken to playing an alt because while I'd be interested in trying healing or tanking (main is a Hunter), I don't really want to go on 5 different sites and read for hours on theory and all of that. The game does a terrible job of relaying actually playing different classes to you. I'd like them to have all of the raiding content scaled, though. I joined in Wrath, and my off-and-on play has had me miss out on a lot of the content. Even beyond missing out on the vanilla and TBC stuff, I wasn't around during Wrath's two-biggest raids (Ulduar and ICC), I didn't do much with Dragon Soul in Cata, I wasn't around for Siege of Orgrimmar in Mists, and I haven't even touched a raid in Draenor. Now, the content's incredibly easy because of gearing. There's little incentive to experience that content for new players (because you can chosoe to play through the Wrath raids at 80 to get that gear, or you can do a few days' worth of quests and be miles past what you get from that), or even older ones who just missed out. I mean, WoW has almost a decade of content, and all but the last year or so is completely obsolete. They HAVE taken to upscaling some dungeons, if I read correctly, with Timewalking. They should work on that as a major feature for each and every raid, maybe dungeon as well. The stories in the dungeons aren't THAT big of a deal, but being able to start the game with Legion, hit 110, then go through the stories of the past raids? That would be a really nice way to not only acquaint folks with the stories, but also give those people more places to practice raid strategies and lessen the issue of burning through a 6-month patch's content in a month.
  • Go try a healer and/or tank. It's a game, not a job. If you have to read for hours on how to have fun, run as far aww from the game as possible. I had all 10 classes at 85 and, in my brief time, got a few to 90 before realizing it's a dumb game. I had started playing a day after vanilla release. People seen to have rose colored glasses about WoW. They have never, ever, had this game "just right" in the eyes of fans. The fundamental issue is having difficult end game content while having people that want to dedicate an hour every other day or by logged in for almost every hour. Bliz seems to never want to piss the core base off, yet are greedy and want subs from folks that casually play. Personally, I say make everything, but last two expansions free to play. Casuals won't be upset having content they don't see for ~2 years while hardcore players can have the most challenging stuff they want. Or even make free to play available for 10-20 hours a week. That would at least keep log in numbers inflated.
  • The thing is, I like that the game takes strategy and effort to get good at. If I DO play it, I want to be not-terrible. I don't enjoy being a hindrance when I play games, especially WoW. Their problem is how big the gap is from standard raids to Heroic. I was in a semi-casual guild when I played. I last got to really raid in Firelands, and while we could clear it just fine, the second we tried a Heroic boss, it was a disaster. Now, they've thrown LFR on top of it, and they hand out most everything in the game. It both makes playing the higher difficulties lass rewarding, and it makes getting into them tougher, because there are fewer avenues into the raids (since so many folks just do LFR, maening fewer groups that actually run harder content). I don't think any free-to-play option is going to solve the issues. I don't think anything is going to solve the issues. The core problem is that the game is a decade old, and people are just tired of it, and Blizzards attempts to make things better have been done really poorly (like Garrisons, which basically serve as all-day dailies and drag you away from any social aspects of the game). While I don't mind the concept of LFR (some people don't want to make a job of the game, but want to see the content they paid for, and that's fine), but in practice, I've found it to just lower the pool of possible raiding options, and having joined the expansion late into the game, not knowing the new mechanics makes raiding even tougher, because so few people will bother letting you join a new guild and learn things. WoW's changes have really hurt any idea of semi-casual raiding. You either have to go full casual and do LFR (which I don't like because there's no challenge) or play non-stop and hope you latch on with a decent raid group. Luckily, they at least made Tokens to pay for time with gold, rather than money.
  • Diablo... 3... Expansion... *raises Hunger Games salute*
  • As opposed to WoW, Diablo 3 is getting regular patches and content. No need for an expansion so soon after Reaper of Souls.
  • Stopped playing Diablo 3 before the first patch. Logged in recently and have zero clue wtf is going on with all the changes.
  • And with it please bring that arena pvp we saw years ago! All I want is a better structured pvp environment in Diablo... Can't wait for the new cube in 2.3 though!
  • I keep dipping in and out of D3 as patches come and go, but 2.3.0 has me ready for my return.
  • Poweful new weapons basically copying FFXIV. Go go innovation!
  • WoW has had those sorts of weapons for a long time o_O
  • I prefer d3 as well. I'm hoping a new expansion is announced at blizzcon. But wow gets a bad wrap. No matter what they do people complain it's wrong or not enough. It's not the game it was in vanilla, but that's ok. As much as i enjoyed grinding for gear back in the day, its not something I really enjoy now, and the direction the game has gone in over the years, while not something I always agreed with, has given the game the legs to still compete in today's markets.
  • Yeah
  • Maybe it will become just like Windows someday with free updates with a subscription.. It's kind of expensive for a new player to buy WoW and then it's expansion pack plus subscription separately for same amount of money.. Or is it any different now ? If anyone knows.
  • Basically it's the same you have to buy the previous patches. But what they do is bundle all of the previous expansions together for a low price of $10-20, then charge $40 for the latest expansion. Then you have to pay $15/month subscription. Also if you want special items, mounts, or pets, they can cost $10-35 EACH! Really it's too much when you compare it to other online subscriptions. I think, if they want to charge for old expansions, then make them subscription free. Then they could charge the normal subscription if you want to play the latest expansion. That would be an awesome price model that would draw people in, I would bet.
  • Yes yes this. That would seem more reasonable. I sometimes want to try it again, but spending so much money on all of these expansion packs sure turns me away..
  • Exactly. It's just too costly for me to play this game as a poor, starving college student. I'd love to see the subscription be free and just pay money for the game itself.
  • If you can pay for 1 month + the expansion, and earn enough gold in a month, you can play on the WoW token.
  • You only have to buy the expansion now. You pay a 1 month subscription price to buy all of the previous expansions, but you get a free month, so you're basically just buying a subscription.
  • Ahh this is some good news. Thanks :)
  • WOW on Windows 10 & Xbox One this fall! (I wish)
  • Love the game, but 1) just too much of a waste of time, and (2) Annoyingly expensive to keep playing. Let me play free. I'll tolerate ads if needs be in some spots.
  • Even now, Blizzard earns $100.000.000 every month. You think they can get that kind of money from a few advertisements?
  • Actually, I wish they would release a stand alone capaign game, like the original warcraft. I used to love those games. I never could get into these mmorpg games.
  • Now just make this game available in Windows Store  
  • I am World of Warcraft kid. I admit.
    Also, i think this is complete bs and bad move. I play free with tokens wich were nice, but expansion? After how much?
    What's next, Bolvar returning like lich king and after that Cata.2??