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Tip: Grab your next Xbox 360 adventure at the Microsoft's Store massive sale

Despite Microsoft announcing plans to continue supporting their Xbox 360 platform for a long time into the future, the company’s online web store has begun massive sales on their Xbox 360 games. The site lists a large collection of games for as cheap as $10. Check out our neatly sorted list below to get an overview of the site’s massive sale.

  • The Darkness 2: $10
  • Max Payne 3: $10
  • Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition: $10
  • Ninja Gaiden 3: $10
  • Quake 4: $10
  • Street Fighter x Tekken: $10
  • Silent Hill: Downpour: $10
  • Soulcalibur 5: $10
  • SSX: $10
  • Syndicate: $10
  • Dead of Alive 5: $11
  • Asura’s Wrath: $11
  • Assassin’s Creed: Revelations: $13
  • Devil May Cry HD Collection: $15

The Microsoft Store features many more games on sale including DarkeSiders 2, Borederlands 2, Dishonored, Fary Cry 3, Dead Space 3, and Black Ops 2 for between $20 and $40.

Check out the deals and let us know what games you are grabbing!

Source: Microsoft Store via Joystiq

  • Bit of spellchecking wouldn't go a miss on those game titles :)
  • Thanks. Fixed. :)
  • Wit Yu proven wit speeling?
  • *amiss
  • MS pulling a Steam Sale type of event.  I thought the Playstation fanboys said that would never happen?
  • This really isn't that comparable to a Steam sale.  Plus most the good titles are out of stock, also something that doesn't happen during Steam sales.  Also, can you source your references of PS fanboys saying a "Steam Sale type of event" would never happen? Finally, being an Xbox fanboy (as the subtext of your comment implies) is no better than being a Playstation Fanboy.
  • You got one to identify himself.
  • HaHa, That is For Sure...:D
  • Already have Dead Space 3 and I loved it!
  • Great game, I hope they make next one for nextgen
  • I liked the coop feature and how you didn't really miss much if you played it alone. The feature I actually didn't care for was crafting multiple tools/weapons on one frame. It made the weapons lose their identities, so to speak. I did like customizing, but I didn't like putting two on one. It got too confusing for me, so I stuck with the standard versions and created custom features to make them effective while retaining their identity. I hope they do, but make it a final chapter. One has to know when to say goodbye to a story. Hell, if they left the game as is without the DLC, I'd have been okay with that.
  • No digital copies? Boo! Its 2013.
  • Wut?
  • Read the announcement..
  • He's right, this is from the MS Store website - that means you're buying physical copies that are shipped out to you.
  • Alot of people prefer physical copies.
  • Playing DS3 now. Pretty good.
  • It's even better on coop.
  • Although likely all great games, none I would play. Many may enjoy.
  • alright I have a question, I hear the games are not backwards compatible with the xbox one, so will the games I download for arcade now work on my xbox one?  I cant seem to find any articles on it.
    thanks to anyone who knows the answer.
  • I would say no as the devices are completely different architectures, that would affect digital games the same as discs.
  • From what I've read the Xbox One is a fresh start, that's why the 360 is still being supported. So no, the Xbox One is not compatible with anything that the 360 does.
  • Different architectures. No backwards compatibility for games at all. Both arcade and retail-digital 360 games.
  • Microsoft said NO. If you research a little more you should find it. GameStop is running a deal where certain 360 games you buy now can be updated to One games for $9.99
  • I hate NG3, they completely changed the feel and fighting style from NG2. Put original weapons found in the previous installments behind a pay wall and overall game play sucks. NG2 was way better.
  • Try NG3:Razor's Edge, it is a lot better than NG3.
  • I thought that was ps3 only?
  • Yeeeee
  • Only game I would have bit on is Doom 3 for $10. Too bad it was out of stock. Otherwise, everything is too overpriced or I already played it. I have very high standards for games now. Unless they are ridiculously cheap or amazing with tons of replay value (or a long campaign), I WILL NOT BUY THEM!
    Games that I would consider purchasing: GTA V, Battlefield 4, Elder Scrolls or Fallout, Long RPGS
  • Max Payne 3 was good, it had a great story to it... a norm for a Rockstar game... No question worth $10...I was thinking about playing through it a 2nd time...but, I would of prefered a dark NYC type story that 1 and 2 were like but, I was a big Max Payne fan so I guess I would of enjoyed it more.
    Yea, I would love GTA5 or BF4 for $10 but, that is not happening any time soon. I got my GTA5 preordered with my free 1600 ms points from MS, that will hold me out till BF4 or Ghosts come out or the Xbox One....
  • Oh I didnt expect those new titles for 10. I would pay $60 for those new. I just dont really play very many console games anymore. The ones I do buy I want to know I will want to keep playing for months to come. I wasnt sure MP3 was $10. Might get that one.
    EDIT: Nope sold out.. lol
    This is usually just Call of Duty games, Battlefield 3, Elder Scrolls, NHL game every year, occassional long RPGs like Witcher 2, Kingdoms of Amalur, FF13...
  • Last I looked they were sold out of most of the titles.
  • Asura's Wrath was the only thing I was interested in, but it's OOS. Boo.
  • Damn for living in Finland :( We don't have yet a single Microsoft store here, and the webstore sells only like 20 different games..
  • Y U DO DIS Microsoft.. I'm saving money for my Xbox One..
  • Unfortunely here at Brasil the price remains the same....
  • The reason why they are sold out of a lot because this is old news...saw this sale on Friday...WPcentral needs to post this news quicker
  • Got alot of these for alot cheaper on steam.. Nice try ms