Xbox Chaturdays 51: Final Fantasy skipping Xbox and does Xbox need VR? with Samuel Tolbert

Xbox Chaturdays
Xbox Chaturdays (Image credit: Windows Central)

For episode 51 of Xbox Chaturdays, we'll be joined once again by Windows Central's very own Samuel Tolbert. We'll be diving into major Xbox discussions like Final Fantasy potentially skipping Xbox, the uncertain future of E3, Square Enix and NFTs, the recent announcement of the PlayStation VR2 and whether or not Xbox should compete in the space, and so much more! If you're excited to catch up on all the biggest gaming news of the week, tune into Xbox Chaturdays live every Saturday at 12 p.m. ET!

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  • I'm not surprised Final Fantasy is skipping Xbox and not terribly worried about it. I would play them if they came out on Xbox but I am not going to buy them on PC and I don't plan on getting a PS5. I have enough games that I don't have time to play. I also feel like JRPGs failing in Xbox is in big part on the publishers. If you release a game on every other platform and then come to Xbox 2-3 years later, you can't expect it to sell like crazy. Everyone who cared enough would have bought it over those 2-3 years. If you want to get the Xbox players then you need to come day and date and not just throw out scraps.
  • XBOX is a gaijin console.
    As long as either Nintendo or Sony has a decent option, XBOX will be an afterthought, no matter how much money MS throws at that market.
    XBOX has lasted 20 years without JRPGs or Japan console sales. They can go another 20.
    They're not needed. If nothing else, it leaves more room for WRPGs to shine and evolve their market.