The Xbox Deal of the Week slashes UNO's price to a dollar

Last week’s Xbox Deal of the Week was a repeat sale on the less-than-impressive Windows Phone port of Earthworm Jim from Gameloft. This week, I’ve got both some Aladeen news and some Aladeen news to share with you. First, the Aladeen news: we’re getting another repeat deal on another so-so Gameloft game – UNO HD. Now the Aladeen news: it’s going on sale for just 99 cents, down from $4.99, making this a much better deal than last time.

UNO HD, which we’ll now just call UNO since it’s not particularly high definition, was a WP7 launch title. As such, it lacks online multiplayer, an essential feature for an extremely simple and multiplayer-oriented game like UNO. But this version does offer a single-player Tournament mode that lasts 15 rounds, often mixing up the gameplay with slight rule variations, as well as a Quick Play mode. Those modes won’t last you too terribly long, but heck, the game is only a dollar right now. UNO’s regular price of $4.99 is simply madness though. For more impressions, check out our original review.


On the positive side, UNO does have a good, clean touch interface, making it easy to pick up and play. But the real reason for buying it is the game’s Achievement difficulty. Put simply, UNO’s Achievements are some of the quickest and easiest to get on Windows Phone 7. You only need to complete Tournament Mode and then run through three rounds in Quick Play and you’ll have the full 200 GamerScore. According to this handy Achievement Guide, that takes between one and two hours in total.

UNO will be on sale for 99 cents starting Wednesday, November 14 for one week only. It should run without issue on both WP7 and WP8 handsets. Get it here on the Windows Phone Store. Note: sometimes the DOTW takes a while to drop its price. Just be patient and you'll eventually see the price change.

Sonic’s almost here

Another tidbit: This week’s new Xbox Windows Phone release, Sonic CD will cost $4.99. We’ll let you know when it becomes available.


Paul Acevedo

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