Xbox Elite Wireless Controller dips to just $112 on Amazon

If you're looking to step up your game, so to speak, Amazon is offering up a heck of a deal (opens in new tab) on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Right now, you can pick up the Elite controller up for just $112.49 at Amazon. For those keeping track, that's down from the controller's usual hefty price tag of $150.

With the Elite Wireless Controller, you can customize the feel to your liking with swappable thumbsticks and D=pads. The controller even includes rear paddles that aren't included on the regular Xbox One controller and can be configured on a per-game basis. Add in hair-trigger locks and the Elite controller offers up a compelling experience for anyone who's serious about their gaming.

If you're on the fence, be sure to check out our review for more. And chime in in the comments if you're planning to pick one of these controllers up!

Thanks to Romit M. for the tip!

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • ... And $99 at Costco.
  • Damnit WC, just made me buy another one... I will say I actually haven't had very good luck with these elite controllers. But this time I bought the squaretrade warranty, never used it before but hope it works when I need it... I'm sure I'll need it. I had one where both thumbsticks became loose (there was more action pushing in/pulling out than there is supposed to be). I replaced this one on my own. I have another one which now drops the wireless connection after a few seconds, happens on Xbox, my Surface pro, and my gaming desktop. The only way it will work reliably is having it connected. This is the one I'm replacing with the controller I just ordered today.
  • "just"... Overpriced AF
  • It's a really nice controller. High price, but high quality.
  • Hmm, looking at Chsoriano's post above, the build quality does not seem very high to me. My Steam Controller, 360 controller and XB1 controller shows no problems. Functionality on this is a pale shadow of the Steam Controller. I just can't see where the value is in this thing. That's why 'overpriced' seems an appropriate term. Sure, I may be wrong, but nothing MS have said so far has indicated any flaw in my impression of this device. I wonder what the sales figures have been like? Much mention of the Steam Controller, XB1 controller, 360 controller and even PS4 controller in Steam forums. I've yet to see a single post about this device. Says too expensive to me.
  • Steam doesn't have anything to do with the actual Xbox One. Which is what this is really made for.
    My Elite works great, and is jus that - elite. So your opinions based off of some forum posts, or lack thereof, don't influence my experience.
  • adding 4 extra "trigger" buttons helps make this a suitable controller for PC gamers too. Normally controllers in an MMO are at a massive disadvantage because you need both sticks for look and move, and you have to release a stick to the D pad or use ABXY. Normal controllers like the Steam controller of the standard XB controllers make you the equivalent of a keyboard turner. By adding more triggers, Elite resolves most of this issue because you no longer have to let go of the sticks to hit AXYB.
  • The Steam Controller has two paddles on the back so you can use the touchpads or a joystick and one touchpad and still use the paddles. The Steam Controller can also be customized in any possible way via software, so games could use the touchpads or the dual-stage triggers in abstract and unique ways that aren't possible with Xbox controllers.
  • That didn't last long. Back up to $140
  • $145 now.
  • ...and sold out.
  • I hope they mke this the default contoller for the Scorpio. Then that will be my second one.
  • $124 on mono price
  • Dang it! Just got mine ordered earlier this week for $125.....and the wife deemed it as an Xmas gift instead of releasing it for immediate gaming....
  • Call Amazon and have them Price Match. If they say No, Request refund and reorder. That's my plan. Also, most Credit Cards Guarantee 30 Price Matching.
  • Because the new and improved one comes soon..? Would think and hope so. New design is almost better than the dual shock 4 controller. Can't waits to get the Scorpio!