Xbox Games with Gold for October includes Costume Quest, Maid of Sker, and more

Xbox Games With Gold October 2020
Xbox Games With Gold October 2020 (Image credit: Xbox)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Live Gold gives players access to online multiplayer and in-store discounts, but also nets you four free Xbox titles every month with Games with Gold.
  • Xbox Games with Gold for October, 2020 have been announced, and there may be some interesting titles here for some players.
  • Costume Quest is the standout this month, an Xbox 360 title that enjoys backwards compatibility with both Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.

For years, subscribers to Xbox Live Gold have been able to claim up to four free games every single month, which is how young me started up their growing Xbox games collection. The Xbox Games with Gold for the month of October have just been announced, including two Xbox One titles, an Xbox 360 title, and an original Xbox game that combine to total $71.96 in value and 3,000 available gamerscore for Achievement hunters to persue. Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes Gold and tons of other perks, can claim these games starting October 1 and throughout the rest of the month.

The first game that will be available is Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut, which will be available starting October 1 all the way until October 31 on Xbox One (but is still claimable on Xbox 360). Maid of Sker is the second Xbox One title, and will become available starting October 16 all the way until November 15. We also have Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, an original Xbox title that will be available starting October 1, until October 15.

The highlight of this month's Games with Gold, however, is probably Costume Quest, which will become available starting October 16 until October 31, and is an Xbox 360 title. You can play Costume Quest on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S using backwards compatible, and is still a great and enjoyable game.



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