If you’re a Nokia Lumia owner, today is your day. Especially if you just bought a new device. It’s been known that if you bought a Lumia 1520 from AT&T, you also nabbed a $20 Microsoft Store card. If you pre-ordered thru the Microsoft Store, well you probably don’t even have your Lumia 1520 yet, but you did get a $70 voucher. So what to spend it on?

Nokia’s exclusive Xbox Live collection is pretty impressive and evidently, they want you to have it. That’s why they slashed prices on numerous titles and will be putting other titles on sale later in the month. So what are you getting?

  • Mass Effect: Infiltrator - $3.99
  • FIFA 13 - $2.99
  • NBA JAM - $0.99
  • Tiger Woods 12 - $0.99
  • The Dark Knight Rises - $2.99
  • The Amazing Spider Man - $2.99
  • Real Racing 2 - $2.99
  • FC Rocket - $2.99 (until November 27th)

In some cases, those titles are 2/3 off their normal price, others are 50% off (like Mass Effect). It’s a good deal, especially if Microsoft gave you $20 to spend. Of course, anyone with a Lumia can grab these games for their lowered price, it’s just a little sweeter for the new guys.

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In addition, these titles will be going on sale shortly, so keep an eye out:

  • The Sims 3 - $3.99 (November 29th)
  • Trivial Pursuit - $1.99 (November 29th)
  • Picnic Wars - $1.99 (November 29th)
  • Monopoly - $2.99 (November 29th)
  • Risk - $1.99 (November 29th)
  • The Game of Life - $1.99 (November 29th)
  • Bejeweled Live + - $2.99 (November 29th)
  • The Sims Medieval - $3.99 (December 12th)
  • ​SPY Mouse - $0.99 (December 12th)
  • Storm in a Teacup - $0.99 (December 12th)
  • Contre Jour - $0.99 (December 12th)

Do you know a simple way to keep track of these sales? Use Nokia’s own AppSocial (beta). It’s already preloaded on some Lumias, and if not, you can find it in the Store (link below). AppSocial is a way to follow collection and share your favorite games and apps. You can create a profile and curate your own collection to share with others. Or, in this case, you can follow Nokia, who posted these games in a sweet little list.

It’s a great app and through it you can get recommendations and even discover sales, like those above.

Head to the Nokia Collection here to grab AppSocial and then follow this link to see the discounted games (or scan the QR codes below).

Thanks, MAkhdar, for the tip!

QR: AppSocial app

QR: Nokia AppSocial Sale