Xbox Live services now out for WP7 [Update]

We all thought the worst was over after the Marketplace outage (opens in new tab) yesterday with scheduled maintenance, but now it seems Xbox Live is having an issue on multiple WP7 devices with backend Windows Live services. If you head on into the Xbox Live hub and await for the automatic update process to start, you should be left with a forever hanging "Updating..." at the top.

Both myself (Omnia 7) and our Daniel Rubino (Focus) have reproduced the error so it looks like it's not directly affecting a single location and multiple Live profiles are confirmed to be affected. Hopefully Microsoft will get the system back up to speed. For the time being they have stated on Twitter (opens in new tab) that "It’s a new issue that users are unable to access Xbox LIVE features at this time." Are you experiencing this issue?

via: WinRumors

Update: We've just had news (and have confirmed) that the Xbox service on WP7 is now back online. Thanks ash755 for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Yep, I just tried it and it didn't work.
  • Ya I have been getting the same error all morning (since 4:30 AM PST) plus it might be related but looks like the marketplace bug we had yesterday is back as well.
  • Yup no continuous updating and unable to sign-in to Xbox Live Extras on my Focus
  • Yes, I too am experiencing the Xbox Live issue (on my HD7)... I cannot confirm that I have any issues with the Marketplace though... It seems to be working as far as I can tell... I do get the eternal update from Xbox Live though...-SiggyUpdate: And the Xbox Live Exras will not allow me to sign in either... It claims I have cellular and wi-fi connection, but asks me to confirm the airplane mode is not enabled (which of course, it is not)...
  • Yepo in UK just tried and it cant sign in at all
  • att Samsung Focus with NoDo and i cant connect either...right when i got the perfect on expert on GH5 lol
  • Everything works fine on my Dell Venue Pro on T-Mobile. Maybe they have it fixed now?
  • It's down for me. Samsung Focus - RogersToronto - CanadaUpdate: now it's working, it wasn't working earlier.
  • Working on tmobile HD7
  • just signed in successfully att/htc/seattle 1:37 PST
  • Think all is well again now. XBox Live just signed in OK. (10.30pm)