Xbox One sells 1 million consoles in November, neck-and-neck with PS4

Editor's Note: Due to the controversial nature of this article and the sourcing, I want to go on record as saying that the information provided here is 100% accurate and not something rumored. These are the facts for the November NPD figures and they have been vetted. -DR

NPD Group analyses and tracks console sales in the US month by month, and while it was widely reported Sony's PlayStation 4 won November, hard sales figures have been difficult to lock down. Until now!

Our trusted source informed us that Microsoft shifted 1 million Xbox One units during November, which enjoyed some steep Black Friday discounts. Sony launched the beefed up PS4 Pro during this month, yet the PlayStation family only managed to outpace the Xbox One by 100,000 units at 1.1 million. Additionally, PlayStation VR which now competes with Windows-based VR solutions managed to sell roughly 68,000 units in the same month.

The fact Xbox is still pacing closely to PlayStation despite the launch of the more powerful PS4 Pro is quite impressive. The Xbox One S enjoyed various new bundles to entice consumers, and it looks as though Microsoft did well to head off competition from PlayStation. The interest in the incrementally more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro also bodes well for Microsoft's next Xbox — Project Scorpio — which will land in 2017 with a significant raw power advantage.

Soon, Microsoft and Sony will compete head to head in the VR space as well, following the reveal of the minimum specs required for new Windows 10-based VR solutions coming in 2017. It's unknown how VR will manifest on Project Scorpio, which is touted to provide "high-fidelity" VR experiences, but we'll no doubt learn more at E3 2017 next summer.

Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are looking forward to a stellar holiday season either way, and it will be interesting to see whether Xbox One can pull ahead again in December.

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  • There's news that VR isn't selling well. So glad they didn't invest on it for Xbox and let oculus and htc do their thing. Rather see HoloLens get done and evolve into an actual product for productivity and gaming.
  • Definitely learning from their mistakes on this one. Would love the development that my HTC vive is fully compatible with my Scorpio.
  • Aye, Microsoft holding off on that has been pretty smart, they own the platform required for high def VR anyway - Windows - and they'll leverage that for Scorpio.
  • If vive won't be compatible with Windows holographic on PC, it won't be on scorpio, so far no information about it though but you will know it in a few months for sure.
  • Totally agree on this one. It's good they didn't spend resources on VR at least for now. There're still tons of physical limitations that will limit your control scheme to just cockpit mode (e.g. How can you turn your head 720 degree while sitting on a sofa). So your game will mostly be racing, flight simulation, robot piloting, rail shooter, etc (perfect fit for arcade / amusement park business tho). I'm a game programmer and we have a VR research department at the place I work. I doubt you can really do a comfortable fast paced fps... action game? platformer? I think AR has a more viable future in household. Besides, if your rendering fully covers your view port, isolating you from the real world, then there's a VR for you (and you can still sorta walk around freely).
  • I don't think we have anything beyond 360 degrees in one rev. Or do we?
  • I think the opposite. AR is very far for what the consumer want. VR is the winner (let s wait a couple of years more, Samsung has yet to develop their 8K VR lenses). I developed sw too, and no clients ask us AR, hololens is just too expensive to make a business, only VR.
  • HoloLens is at the prototype level, of course it is too expensive. It's hard to say for certain where AR will be in 3-5 years. I have a feeling that both will be strong as they both have benefits.
  • VR didn't sell well in the 90's either... I'm rather puzzled by the hype this time around, although the hardware & dev support is better. It's still hard to get past the uber-geek level of VR
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  • I can see people really like PS4. IMO they aren't trying that much with advertisement and stuff yet still Xbox is struggling to overtake it.
  • 50 million sales and counting. Sony must be doing something right--"righter" than the competition at this point.
  • Sony's headstart helped them a lot, "my best friend has one so I need one too," sales pitch is powerful. PS4 is a great device no doubt about it, but for Xbox One to catch up at this point is a huge achievement that also deserves praise.
  • It's also worth noting that the Xbox One is doing better than the PS4 in software sales per console. The attach rate is higher for the X1. Xbox owners spend more money on games.
  • I remember that being true since Xbox 360.
  • Yes, it was with the x360.
  • Not saying your wrong, but do you have a link for that?
    Is it overall software sales or attach rate?
  • I believe it was Ubisoft that confirmed this, saying that their sales numbers were pretty even for each platform. But then if you look at something like you can see that PS4 has double the player count over the Xbox One, and over 2.5x that of PC. I think another thing to add to Ubisoft's claim was the fact that at the time they had the Assassin's Creed console bundle which probably skewed the results somewhat. Another thing to consider is that Xbox Has quite a few more exclusives than PS4, where some of those potential BF1 players could be playing games like Gears 4, Halo 5, Forza etc, where PS4 players don't have those alternative games to play. Another thing to look at is the fact that many of these Xbox One S sales are people upgrading from the original Xbox One, if you go to any store that sells pre-owned consoles, there are many more Xbox Ones on the shelves than PS4's. So how much the actual active accounts has risen is anyone's guess.
  • Was asking because attach rate is what's important for Ms and Sony, but software sales breakdown is important to publisher. Important distinction.
  • What ads do you not see? Games that are multiplatform, yet say Playstation at the end, is advertisement paid for by the company. This is constantly back and forth with both units on my TV.
  • Damn look at this Debbie Downer. Lmao
  • "PlayStation VR which now competes with Windows-based VR solutions managed to sell roughly 68,000 units in the same month." No, it doesn't. There are no competition on the Xbox. And the ones on Windows are overly expensive and require computers few have. And the supposed VR solutions that are coming for Windows have yet to materialise. So Sony is doing better on VR than Microsoft. Because Microsoft isn't doing anything at all.
    Will they manage to do better once Scorpio launches? We'll see.
    Sony messed up really bad with that pathetic "Pro". If Microsoft makes the existing Xbox Ones work with VR headsets, that'll be a good step forward. If they rely only on the Scorpio for VR, then they'll be even in worse state than Sony as they'll have to manage to get people to buy new consoles.
  • If redstone 3 is coming to windows 10 than i would think vr would be coming to the Xbox with redstone 3
  • The regular Xbox One isn't powerful enough for VR, according to people that say the PS4 Pro isn't good enough. The Scorpio is likely to be ridiculously expensive, much like a PC that can do VR. Sony made it available to the masses, Microsoft haven't done that yet.
  • Scorpio will be 400-500$, if you think that's ridiculously expensive I dunno.
  • It'll be more than that.
  • There was some sort of quote from an engineer mentioning that they were trying to get it around $400. I didn't care at the time; I somewhat care today.
  • No, it won't. Microsoft is selling an all in one device for 300 right now and to my knowledge are all bundled with a game. So, it's not far fetch to say they'd sell the Scorpio at that price point(400-500 US). As a matter of fact, Spencer already stated it would be a console priced system, meaning no more than the 500 the original Xbone came out with. Remember, Microsoft has many more ways to make money on the system...all those ads they put on your dashboard aren't free and neither is Xbox Live or the games you'll most likely buy.
  • It's all speculation at this point.
  • I hope not.
  • No, the price points will be console related! Somewhere between 350$ - 450$!
  • I'm thinking £400 for Scorpio. Be nice if they had a usb c port and quick charge for the batteries in the controller. MS can't go much higher in price due to Sony likely offering a Pro price cut next Autumn., or even late summer. Be aware too that there will be several SKUs, based around hard drive size. Base will probably be 1TB. Might also offer one with a hybrid drive. May possibly see our first 3TB console.
  • It would probably need that much space. I can see 4k games taking up 100 gigs easily considering some of the bigger ones now push 100 after updates and DLC.
  • The sentence says NOTHING about Xbox. It states, as you quoted, windows based VR. So yes, the PSVR is in competition with the Vive and Rift. Don't create arguments where none exist.
  • How is the PSVR not competing with the Oculus and Vive? The price difference doesn't matter, they're all competing in the same market. Just like a low end smartphone is competing with a high end one.
  • The X1S is the best console on the market when you consider the price and everything it offers.
  • I don't think you understand what VR is, it has nothing to do with resolution.
  • You know the R in VR means reality right? When you drop resolution, you drop immersion, you take away from reality. There's also the theories that higher resolution and refresh rate can help solve the motion sickness issues some people have.
  • The point he was making was comparing the system in terms of resolution. When I describe it, I simply say psvr is low end VR.
  • Sure. Try using a VR headset with a 720p display and see how resolution has nothing to do with it.
  • I finally tried the VR included with the new Alcatel. I can tell right off that the 1080 resolution is a factor. It didn't look bad, but one would have a hard time believing that you were actually there in the environment of whatever game or video you are watching. There are certainly ranges (just like everything else in the world) or VR.
  • I hope Project Scorpio is Atmos Ready and can play UHD discs, we are in the process of upgrading our Tech and a selling point on the Xbox One S was the fact of 4K streaming and HDR gaming, we were also going to use it as a Blu Ray player, but it does not have Atmos sound output, so going to have to buy a stand alone Blu Ray player, so hopefully Project Scorpio brings it's best to the table for gaming and entertainment with the latest Technologies in it's respective fields!!
  • dolby atmos is supposed to come to xbox one s..  
  • Atmos is coming to the current Xbox One & OneS.
  • It is part of update on the Xbox S.
  • Not impressed.
  • Impressed.
  • Xbox is still the best
  • I'm a Microsoft die hard fan, but I own PS4 simply because of the powerful exclusives that they have, Naughty Dog games alone is an overkill, and now with Kojima's Death Stranding, I don't see a chance for Xbox outdoing these games.
  • I went with PS4 for the exclusives as well. XBox exclusives tend to be shooters and racing games, neither of which appeals to me. Although PSVR did influence my decision too. Other than that, there is little difference between the machines for me.
  • Never heard of any of those.
  • You never heard of the Uncharted series? Are you sure you're a gamer?
  • I didn't realize Uncharted was said in that post. I have heard of that name, only because of tv ads. I try to not pay attention to news on games on platforms I am not going to ever play. Similar to PC only games. One can also be a gamer (which unfortunately I am not anymore) and focus on one platform only, that is possible.
  • The Uncharted series alone make the PS4 worthy to own....Crap I got my PS4 just for Uncharted 4(I have about 40 games for my Xbox one and 3 for the PS4)... and it was worth every dime... Naughty Dog games are something I dream of coming to the Xbox one.... but, will never... Uncharted, The last of us....just epic games...really well done and one of those series every gamer SHOULD play
  • That's the only reason I have a ps4, but now that I'm done with uncharted 4 it's just sitting there collecting dust. I prefer Xbox for all my games, but I'm a niche exclusive, I only play naughty dog games and final fantasies on ps4 but square is closing that gap.
  • I have a 360, PS3 and I am soon getting the xbox one back when my son gets back from University. The XB1 is the best system I have played to date. Plus Forza Horizon NAILS it!
  • Sony is dropping quickly. No way in the world should Xbox One have been that close considering all the preorders for Ps4 pro. Next month Ps4 Pro is gonna drop massively. This is huge.
  • Go Xbox. With the integration with Windows it cant loose.
  • For Horizon ALONE go with xbox. I am a car NUT. Between what I own and have owned...there are lots of them in horizon.
  • Thats great news.
  • If true, Xbox One S is doing well thanks to it being the cheapest UHD BD player but this is still bad news for MS. They're losing in every territory, even the US where Xbox receives the most promotion and deepest price cuts. Europe and Japan isn't even in contention, MS are getting destroyed in those territories, by as much as 100k a week in Japan.
  • This is not bad news at all. MS will be massively loving this. In Novemeber PS4 Pro released. And it's sales would have included launch night and every single preorder. Which actually means demand for PS4 Pro must be extremely small. In fact one of the smallest hardware launches on the history of consoles. Next month Xbox one will win US, UK, etc again. Sony have messed up big time.
  • Microsoft will be loving this loss? I doubt that. The gap is widening and Microsoft have no hope of catching up, let alone exceeding what Sony has sold before the end of the gen. Sony have won 7 out of the 12 NPDs this year and the line up of games in 2017 for PS4 is looking far more healthy than Microsoft. It's over.
  • There is no more gens. Regardless of what Sony is trying to say. Yes predictions before Novemeber were PS4 would sell 2:1 in US NPD. Totally justified claims given how PS4 was selling before August. And people claiming Xbox only won the past 3 NPDs because people were waiting for PS4 Pro. As it turns out Xbox matched PS4 in a month noone gave Xbox any chance of getting anywhere near PS4 NPD. Next month is easily Xbox in the bag. The drop off in sales of PS4 will be huge now all Preorders of the Pro have been sent out. No matter how you spin it its bad for Sony. Shareholders only cate for what is present and future. Of which MS have created alot of good for Xbox. And the sales figures show this. Sony not having a 4K bluray player was arrogant and nieve. Now generations are over we will get a new Xbox every 3 years. Sony will have to match that or fall massively behind in technology. Which is evident already in the superior One S media device and Scorpio next year.
  • Not sure about that anymore. Spencer stated they still believe in "Console Generations. "I think they're retracting their statement on that front. He said they didn't even know what came after Scorpio.  I'd imagine DATA has told them people aren't receptive to a new console every 2-3 years. So, they may change their marketing. We'll see after they release Scorpio how that changes.
  • While I doubt MS is loving this specific piece of news, it's not like they aren't getting third party games, or aren't making money because of a lack of an install base. They are doing fine.
  • @windowscentral. Jez in particular. Your being accused on Reddit of having no source. Apparently suggesting in a podcast you afmit to not knowing any numbers. And people saying the 2 others in the podcast are banned MS fanboys by MS themselves. Can you shed light on these accusations?
  • I would like to know what's up with this too.
  • I think the Reddit article is alot of speculation and anything against Sony on the internet always gets hatred. I guess when we see the results if Xbox One S is that close then Reddit need to apologize.
  • Jez regulary attends a Podcast called Crossfire hosted by Mooch78 on Youtube. On this podcast Jez did state at the start of the show that he did not know any numbers but towards the end of the show he stated that he had been informed by an undisclosed source of the numbers. It seems Jez received fresh info during the show but given there are no details on this source, I remain very skeptical. It is rumoured that Mooch78 and his compadre Crapgamer are banned from attending Microsoft hosted show but this is a rumor. Phil Spencer has given dressing downs on Twitter to both Crapgamer (during the Quantum Break on PC debacle) and Mooch78 when Phil said he actively avoids him. Phil Spencer does not like these characters but it's not clear on Microsoft's position.
  • I can and do vouch for the source and the numbers. @Richard Loveridge Which Reddit thread? I'll drop in and say a few things.
  • You may also want to contact VGChartz. The forums their are running with the Reddit info. That's actually where I first read it. And to be honest VG is heavily biased towards PS4. Basically on VGC because of the Reddit stuff Jez is discredited now on VGC and So is Windowscentral. Anything that puts Xbox One in a good light is pounded by VGC. I would start there. I'll post a link to their thread below.
  • That thread got locked. I also made a thread before this that got locked. Being associated with CrapGamer is frowned upon by people and they lose credibility. Regardless if the source is legit.
  • Because crapgamer is a fanboy that was criticised by PHIL SPENCER himself.  I wouldn't trust anything or anyone associated with him.  It's been proven that he stole gameplay footage for "reviews" of game on Nintendo and PlayStation consoles.
  • That does not alleviate my skepticism. I'll consider these numbers rumor until a second source or NPD themselves confirm.
  • Of course. They aren't official figures. Always wait to confirm. But when stuff like this gets leaked, it's always close to the truth.
  • Not always.
  • Not always.
  • Daniel am a great fan of u bro
  • Reddit is an idiocracy.
  • I really don't see the PS4 vs. Xbox One war as relevant anymore. Many times, people own both and Nintendo just because games are selective to platform. The thing is, people like what they like and play what they want. For now, Microsoft is in a great position with the Xbox One S, so huzzah for their gaming console. :)
  • I don't care which one is selling more, they are both doing well and competition is a good thing for all, buy whichever one has the games you prefer.
  • We have a PS3 and PS4. The PS4 gets turned on about twice a month. PS3 gets played everyday because we don't have to pay extra to play online with others.