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Xbox One backward compatibility expanding to original Xbox games

Microsoft backward compatibility first debuted two years ago, allowing a select range of Xbox 360 titles to run on Xbox One consoles. With support for existing both physical Xbox 360 discs and digital downloads, the program was a free solution to play your favorite classics of the last generation.

Today, at the Xbox E3 2017 press conference, Microsoft has announced the backward compatibility program will be expanding to support original Xbox titles. While it's still unclear which titles will support the program for its launch later this year, Microsoft's own "Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge" will be among the initial library.

Although we can expect original Xbox game discs to be supported, it's currently unclear whether classic games will be making it to the Xbox Store.

Update: Xbox marketing lead Albert Penello has offered some clarity on how this whole thing will work, including good news on the disc front.

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  • Yup, Turok + Conkers Bad Fur Day...
  • If you want Conker right now check out Rare Replay
  • Note: If you watch one of the Xbox Daily shows on Mixer this week (and link your Mixer and Xbox Live accounts) you'll get the mixpot (which includes Rare Replay) for FREE. 
  • Awesome news, thank you
  • Oh sweet! I already have it on disc but I've been tempted more than once to re-buy it digital. This will be great to have. Did they say what else is included?
  • Banjo series, Battletoads, perfect dark, perfect dark zero, and many other games from RARES glory days are also part of the RARE REPLAY BUNDLE. Except DONKEY KONG SERIES AND GOLDENEYE 007. It sucks that Donkey Kong and GOLDENEYE 007 isn't part of the bundle because I like DONKEY KONG COUNTRY and love THE JAMES BOND 007 FRANCHISE
  • N64 version of Conkers bad fur day is already on there as part of RARE REPLAY
  • Mech Assault baby!!
  • Robotech
  • Need for Speed Underground 2!!!!
  • Now lets get SEGA CD and PS2 compatibility on Xbox One !
  • can't tell if being sarcastic, but i would honestly love to see them work out a deal to add the Dreamcast games to XB1 backwards compatibility.
  • Jade Empire is the only game I care about.
  • I hope it includes GTA Vice City :)   still have the original disk for that game 
  • Wow.
  • ReVolt, with achievements, could rock my world.
  • This I've been waiting for.... since the original xbox had an x86 CPU with an Nvidia chipset.... The OG Xbox had some GREAT games, and I cant wait for Mech Assault (as someone already mentioned) and SSX Tricky (and yes, I still have my entire Xbox collection)
  • Maybe Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. Great platformer.
  • Shen Mue!!!!  Terry!!! Where's Nazomi!!!!!!!
  • I accept your Shen Mue and add 1 Panzer Dragoon Orta! Or almost any other of the Sega made Xbox Games!
  • Panzer Dragoon Orta! That's all I care about :-)
  • I hope Deathrow and SSX will be in the game. :D
  • WHAAAA????? FORZA 1 please!
  • How about Project Gotham Racing ?
  • Yes, that too! Man, gotta say I forgot about that one.
  • I'm not familiar with the original line-up of Xbox games, but I am interested to see what is offered
  • Ninja gaiden Black!! Oh yesss
  • All the ninja gaiden's would be awesome!
  • The three games for NES, yes.
  • I was just referring to the three Xbox releases but that would be cool too
  • Dusting off my OG discs as we speak. Splinter Cell FTW.
  • MechAssault 1 and 2 upscaled to 4K would be pretty cool.
  • Project Gotham racing 2! Forza!
  • Man. This E3 2017 was good...!
  • So, will they turn on the XBL servers on these games again?
  • That I doubt, as the reasoning used to kill it was to expand on features. So it's not a matter of simply turning the servers back on, but also upgrading the live component on the original Xbox software/firmware to support it. That would add A LOT more time and effort into the emulator they would be using. On the plus side, a few games did support LAN gaming, so if that feature was usable, some classic LAN gaming will be happening (especially if it's compatible with the original xbox system for LAN gaming)
  • You're probably right, and possibly why they have made a point to state system-link will work. There are ways to play System Link games over the internet with friends anyway so we can always resort to those methods we used to use to play the original Halo games on the web
  • I still have Conker and Halo 2 sitting around somwhere.
  • Rainbow six, splinter cell chaos theory....fusion frenzy
  • Splinter Cell Double Agent, Ninja Gaiden and a few FromSoftware games!
  • This is good news. I held onto my catalog of OG Xbox games including GTA 3 and Vice City, KOTOR1&2, Jade Empire etc. It's very nice to be a gamer and have my games collection "Forward Compatible" to the new console. This is one of the Xbox's main unique selling proposition. It would be very difficult for Sony to port forward Ps3 games on the Ps4 because emulating the Ps3's "Cell Processor" would be a daunting task.
  • Yes, I guess MS has realized that it's important to emphasize your strengths to your advantage. The Xbox team is simply doubling down on whatever edge they have over the competition. Make your advantage a selling point - in this case, the architectural homogeneity of the Xbox (to some extent) as well as some serious software wizadry from MS. Play according to your rules :-) Nintendo does this all the time with their iconic titles (Mario, Zelda etc.)
  • Two words: Razes Hell. That is all.
  • Prince of Persia Warrior Within and Two Thrones...
  • It's amazing that for me the crowd cheer the most and the loudest when this was announced.
    Bringing some old games of a console that was launched 16 years ago!! MS just announced 1 AAA console exclusive and that's the yearly Forza game. They announced 2 indie games Super lucky's tale and the next Ori game. And that's about it. I know MS/XB fans will cheer for them no matter what and they'll say how amazing this conference was because of this but I feel can they really get away with this and their lack of investment into new games/IPs? 
  •  pICK A List HERE.  
  • Outrun 2!!!!!
  • We need the original Halo. Not the ****** PC version port in the Master Chief Collection.
  • The Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butchers Bay!
  • Great game!
  • Turok, Mech Assault
  • Mech Assault, Rallisport Challenge, & Links golf.
  • I would love to play Armed and Dangerous again. That was one of the most fun and hilarious games of its day. I loved the Landshark gun.
  • Shenmue 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Finally some splinter cell action. Even if it is the originals!
  • Will the "normal" xbox one have this feature added as well,  or just the X?
  • Was wondering the same.
  • Should be all Xbox One. The marketing guy was saying how it is one big family. Doesn't need a beast like XBOX to run old games.
  • I still waiting on marvel vs Capcom 2 along with Ultra SF 4...
  • Capcom already released mvcapcom3 on xbox one
  • Shenmue 2! Kingdom Under Fire! Jet Set Radio Future! Mech Assault! Both Buffy Games please :)
  • Finally someone that mentioned the Buffy games. I still have the first one. Someone jacked my Chaos Bleeds disc long ago. Now I have an actual reason to spend the buttload people want for it online. 😜
  • Psychonauts, please. :-)
  • "Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge" first game I thought of, when they started talking about backward compatibilty. 
  • The ability to system link is extremely impressive. That must have been a huge target, since OG Xbox games can't go online anymore.
  • Capcom VS SNK2 is a must.  Also SSX Tricky, Whacked, Conker Live and Reloaded with hopes ok making the multiplayer war games available, not just the Bad Fur Day that's already on the Rare Replay collection.  Burnout 1, 2 and 3 have to be brought back since no one knows if the series will ever be brought back.  Dead or Alive 1,2,3.  Sega GT and Project Gotham Racing would be great additions to the list as well.  The Simpsons games Hit and Run and Road Rage for kicks.
  • The original Star Wars Battlefront 2 better be one of those games...........
  • Shenmue
    Mortal Kombat Armageddon
    Sonic Collection Plus
    Da Vinci Code
    And many many more....
  • awesome bring some to pc
  • Kabuki warriors. Lol
  • This is incredible
  • Just want to add Advent Rising to the List
  • So nowadays who's still playing the OG Xbox?
  • i wonder if there will be any achievements for this?