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Complete list of all Xbox One consoles

If you're in the market for a new Xbox One, there's a variety of consoles from which to choose. While the standard units are most common, Microsoft regularly introduces limited edition and special edition designs that add a unique flair to the device family. From simple alternate colors to outstanding creations inspired by major franchises, we've wrapped up every Xbox One console manufactured so far.

A piece of Xbox One history

The Xbox One saw three milestone revisions across nearly a decade on the market, with each receiving several visual shake-ups through special and limited edition consoles. These designs represent only those officially manufactured and publicly sold by Microsoft. Each variant brings its signatures, shaking up the device identity through new color schemes, or taking influence from top video game releases. Their limited numbers can leave some hard to find, fetching high prices through retailers and resellers.

If you're in the market for an Xbox One beyond the standard white and black colorways, Microsoft's latest Xbox One X Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition (opens in new tab) console leads as our staff pick. With inspiration from the upcoming open-world RPG, the distressed metallic paneling and laser-etched detailing fit the sci-fi universe. The console also keeps this identity after sundown, with the inclusion of integrated LEDs and glow-in-the-dark graffiti.

Matt Brown
Matt Brown

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  • The GoW, advanced warfare, and upcoming sea of thieves are BA. And of course mine with the Kinect with the gesture and voice control. It was fun while it lasted.
  • Mine's not there. It's a One S dark green, probably same as the military green here but didn't come with a game and is 500GB HDD. Bought it a year ago in Canada.
  • What about the exclusive Titanfall one????
  • The controller released, but the console was a one-off design for developers and some partners. I've seen them pop up every now and again, but you're going to be paying a... sizeable premium.
  • How about designe lab for console. I think that would be amazing to use different colors or Microsoft exclusive game themes on your console and controller
  • I have all but one on my shelf... Just missing the Design team one. 
  • 😶.... That's just nuts lol
  • I'm still using my Xbox one s with 2tb drive. I want the new Xbox one x but waiting for one with a larger hd.
  • The GoW One S is, to me, by far, the prettiest one. So much so that I bought it pretty much only because of its looks. However, this collection goes to show how much of a flop the One X is. Notice that it's been months since the release and all the new special designs are being released for the One S instead of the X.
  • I have the Forza 6 bundle. Probably never going to sell it.
  • here too!
  • you forgot the Special Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Xbox One X
  • That wasn't an actual retail console, so it's not included in this list :)
  • The title of the article is "Complete list of all Xbox One consoles". So I guess it should read "Complete list of all Xbox One consoles except the ones we left out"
  • Well if I decided to make a custom Xbox console in my garage, that's technically an Xbox One console :P We're sticking exclusively to Microsoft-manufactured devices, excluding those one-off consoles outsources for competitions, otherwise we could be here all day.
  • I really like the taco bell gradient xbox one x that you could win. I wish that was sold in stores.
  • Battle Scarred was my favorite. Hopefully, Microsoft will continue this tradition with the Series X and S consoles.
  • So I bought the Xbox One with 1TB and no Kinect but I'm pretty sure it's not the matte black version. I did add the Kinect later. I was so disappointed when they removed the hand gestures and TV integration and most the Kinect capabilities. Now it just recognizes me when I login.
  • Who has all of them
  • I bet Metal Jesus on youtube does.
  • I still have my "Xbox One Day One Limited Edition" box and everything.