The 'Xbox Maverick' console will be named 'Xbox One S All-Digital Edition,' preorders in April 2019

First detailed by Brad Sams of, Microsoft has been experimenting with a disc-less Xbox One S console codenamed Xbox Maverick, with a launch window thought to be around Q1 2019. According to our sources, we now know a little bit more about the timing and marketing name of this intriguing new console.

Microsoft is reportedly set to call the disc-less Maverick console the "Xbox One S All-Digital Edition," with preorders aiming for mid-April 2019 and with general availability coming in early May 2019. It looks as though it could be near-global simultaneous launch for almost all existing Xbox markets.

Would you buy a discless Xbox One S?

Would you buy a discless Xbox One S?

The disc-less Xbox One S would be a first for the company, offering fans the ability to ditch discs altogether and go all-in on digital game licenses. As Microsoft pushes for greater access to its game library via things like the Xbox Game Pass (opens in new tab) digital subscription and the incoming streaming service Project xCloud, dropping the disc drive from the "All-Digital Edition" should make it the cheapest Xbox console yet, although we have no word on pricing just yet or whether the console will see any design refinements beyond simply dropping the disc drive.

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In addition to the disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, we've heard Microsoft may be gearing up to announce a Fortnite Edition console with a custom Fortnite design, rather than a simple game bundle (opens in new tab). It's unclear whether the Fortnite console would be a regular S, an X, or a disc-less version at this time, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

As always with these sorts of rumors, take them with a pinch of salt until the official confirmation, as plans can and do change, but this is looking pretty solid right now. Losing the disc drive puts a limit on the amount of 4K content you can consume on Xbox, particularly outside of the USA where 4K digital video offerings are lacking compared to physical 4K Blu-ray discs. But going all-digital brings benefits like pre-loading of games, and instant refunds via the Microsoft Account page.

Whether or not the discless future will extend to the rumored next-gen Xbox Anaconda and Lockhart "Scarlett" range consoles remains to be seen, but if the All-Digital Edition proves successful, it may tip Microsoft's hand.

Would you be interested in cheaper, all-digital Xbox hardware? Hit the comments and let us know.

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  • I want a One X discless
  • Yes! $249 without the disc drive. Plus, all backwards compatible games can be downloaded.
  • Yes! And then after 4 or 5 years lose all access to your digital content like Nintendo did with Wii. Awesome!
  • Did you just compare Microsoft's digital setup to Nintendo? C'mon man, read that back to yourself and realise how silly that sounds. Microsoft has been pushing super hard to not only give you access to your own games everywhere but has also made it crystal clear they plan to keep games both backwards and forwards compatible. You aren't even required to rebuy games you owned in the 360 era (same era as the Wii) once it gets BC support. Put the disk in or download your copy and it works. Microsoft does some things wrong but they have much better digital library support than either Sony or Nintendo
  • So I made an account just to tell you how stupid you are... If you can't insert the original Xbox game (cause they were disk only genius) you will have to pay to download it digitally you don't get a free game dude
  • The thing is, there were several reports alonside this diskless Xbox one that Microsoft was gonna let you trade in physical disks for free for game codes eliminating the issue entirely.
  • You are looking at what is available today, they are going to be allowing you to trade in your disc for a digital download through retail stores.
  • So don't buy the diskless Xbox and just use a normal Xbox One S or X? My disc-based PC games don't work on my diskless laptop, my phone doesn't play CDs, and, for some reason, my 3DS games don't work on a Switch. Obviously, you spend money on a device that has the features you need but apparently you need someone to walk you through that concept. I'm flattered you made an account on my behalf but you literally made one to argue about an optional SKU for an existing product. Priorities, man. -_-;;
  • Well said! This will be an absolute value to any gamer be it "hardcore" or "casual." Hopefully this will also bring down the price of digital version of Games.
  • Well, that's a fallacious notion up & down. If your whole motto is about priorities, then you would be in FAVOR of purchasing it. Why? ? Well, because marketing. That's why. If everyone or most people thought like you, then Microsoft would lose TONS of money. We're talking millions & millions of dollars here. So, if your really in favor of that happening, then you don't really care if they release the next gen console sooner or later, run more powerful or weaker, run cooler & hotter, specs, specs, specs, & more specs, etc... That shiznigism cost money you know. I suggest you buy it to at least support the company & therefore our community. Like, you OWE them that support. They've been giving people great memories since their childhood, teenhood, or whatever. Along with other brands. Why would you not want to at least support that? ? Talk'N about priorities. THERE'S your priorities. Sounds like to me, your only thinking about yours. Not your culture's, & (Not you claiming you don't) if you don't care about the gaming culture/community. Then your not a gamer. Point blank.... Support the company's work.
  • I had to make a account just to tell YOU how stupid YOU are lmao that never had a digital release (like splinter cell blacklist ) were retroactively given digital editions just recently actually,I have 280 games installed between my Xbox one X internal drive and a 4tb external ..and any game I bought during the 360 era is accessible other then stuff the liscense has complications in like MVC2 because of the whole marvel/Disney deal ..I own exactly ZERO 360 discs
  • Yeah. I see so many idiots on this page. No idea where these guys come from. They show their age, unwillingness to grow, and their disconnect from reality. I just made this account to let another guy know how dumb he was.
  • Lol I just made an account only to say this. This guy also doesn't know some xbox games also give you a free PC copy of that game as well
  • Did you have a 360? I'm pretty sure I have games that aren't disc based.
  • ^^^ Best way to kick off a reply right here
  • The target audience for this is very unlikely to care, as they have no existing disc library or are already using digital as their preference distribution channel. The big push here is GamePass. Expect the model to include a six month or one year subscription code. There are some other options for Microsoft to consider, such as allowing physical games to be exchanged for their addition to the customer's XBL account. GameStop would likely jump at the chance to be a processing location for this.
  • So I have a 15 yr old who when he had the 360 I bought Minecraft 4 times because of discs being scratched lost or stolen. This is a perfect option for children and teens. No more losing scratching discs or having to rebuy them. I love the idea of this console!! So if the target market is parents who are tired of wasting money then it is very true we don't care about not having digital versions on Xbox games. As long as the digital ones already owned work I'm excited!!!
  • Actually if you bought those original Xbox games digitally on the Xbox 360 they would already appear in your ready to install list on Xbox one!
  • Actually you're the one that is stupid. Today's games are all locked to accounts... There is nothing stoping you inserting older discs on even someone else's machine as long as you sign in to your account to register it. Once the game is registered 'BOOM!' you can access that game on ANY MS account enabled device. I bought the physical edition of Skyrim for PC and used my PC to install it but I can just as easily play it now on my optical driveless laptop!
  • Read that back to yourself "You aren't even required to rebuy games you owned in the 360 era (same era as the Wii) once it gets BC support. Put the disk in or download your copy and it works" -ladydias We are talking about a discless version of a console how are you going to use BC as intended if you can't insert the disc?
  • If you already have the game and an Xbox console, just download the games now, to your username, and then they become available to you in the digital form...think smart before criticizing! It was right in front of you...
  • **** download I want to play my old games now not wait . Put the disc in and it boots up and I'm playing the game and if I want to watch any of my movies all I have to do is put the disc in and I'm watching it
  • You haven't been able to do this entire generation. You need to install every game.
  • Exactly bro lol
  • I have! I just press the input button on my TV,turn on my device,put disc in and play. Simple. No internet,no backwards compatibility,or digital restrictions. Just insert and play.
  • You dont know what you are talking about. All games install from disc. That is how it works. Games do not play directly from disc. The physical disc is only a license and a local file to install from. Also every game now has major updates on day one of release. Redbox wanted to kill their disc service many years ago because their is not any money in it. It is a dieing technology. Stop trying to beat a dead horse.
  • Yes they do need the disc,you can't take out the disc and still play the game on console unlike PC games where you can do that.
  • *cough* *cough* ps4 *cough* no internet required *cough*
  • *cough* *cough* PS4 requires games to install from disc too, and doesn't play from disc.. also. updates require internet too *cough* *cough*
  • They don't have internet on ps4?
    That sucks. How do you download day one updates or do you just have to return the game.
  • The reason why games don't play directly from disc anymore is because modern games are so large now and BluRay drives don't have the read speed to be able to stream data off the disc at an acceptable speed. The solution to this would be like what Nintendo Switch does. Flash-based memory cartridges have the read speed and capacity to play large modern games directly off the cartridge and doesn't require installing games to hard drives anymore.
  • That's partially correct. The real reason is because the original intent of both Xbox one AND PS4 was to allow you to install your games on the console and never have to use the disc again. To do this however, drm policies needed to be set up and enforced, Microsoft got back lash when their DRM solution was introduced, so it was scrapped. Sony seized the opportunity and announced they would have no DRM at all, however they actually had a similar plan, this is why launch editions of BOTH consoles had a "day one update", which removed the drm
  • Do you have proof of that? Any link that proves this?
  • Links from 2013. That will be hard to find, but yes it was the rumor then.
    They were supposed to have a power parity but Sony secretly upgraded their GPU and ram last second to get an edge on microsfot.
    They played the dirtiest I've ever seen a gaming company play but hey it got them to the top and out of the hole. Sometimes you just have to lie to your customers.
  • But, how is any of that a lie? If they removed the DRM before release then it WOULD have no DRM at all. Also upgrading the GPU is only a benefit for gamers, not a detriment, and still isn't a lie to utilise the best power available. In response to Guest_aotf, 5 seconds typing "Sony PS4 DRM" into Google brought up a multitude of different articles from 2013 discussing it. I couldn't open them because the pages were all blocked by my workplace (gaming related).
  • @Sin Ogaris
    This thing is that it's just rumours. There are no article that says that Sony actually changed their policy and the system had a day one patch to remove DRM. If you remember in 2013 there was so much talk about always on and DRM way before MS announced their new console in may 2013.
    The "Deal with it" story in early April 2013 and other feedback should have given MS the hint that many gamers were against it before they announced it... Sometimes market research is helpful.
  • No worries I don't, though AOF will probably spin it
  • Right, so Yoshida never said that it was initially implemented and taken out in a day one patch.
    Same thing with a patent. No need to spin anything... :)
  • @Green
    Right, rumours.
    I didn't know rumours become facts as years goes by...
  • How are you going to play your old games now without waiting on a console that hasn't been released yet? Seems to me you have plenty of time to get those games into your account.
  • A lot of misinformation here. Just because you put a 360 game in your xbox one and download it doesn't mean it's added to your account for you to download digitally anytime you want. It's not a free entitlement. If you uninstall the game or move to another xbox, you HAVE to use the disc to install it again and you HAVE to use the disc to be able to play it too.
  • Easy answer, don't buy this version of the Xbox..... smh
  • You can't do that on ps4 or ps5. Youd need a ps4 or older to do that
  • The dude I was responding to was being paranoid about having his digital games available to him a few years down the road and I was making a point that all signs have been showing thus far that Microsoft isn't interested in forcing you to rebuy your content over and over again (a la Nintendo) as it generates bad will. That said, should a person interested in using the discs he/she already owns really be buying a diskless console when consoles that play the exact same games AND support discs are already available? Still, at some point, I do believe people are going to have to rebuy some of their physical games digitally because that is how format transitions go. Been through this with almost every console I've ever owned and every other media format from records, to cassettes, to CDs, etc.
  • You should read back yours as well "Put the disk in" in where exactly? they have phased out the Blu Ray drive
  • Good lord, if you're going to jump into a conversation, at least read all the comments in between. -_- This is literally a variant of Xbox One that will be cheaper because they aren't licensing the Blu-Ray. Nothing more, nothing less. Let's just assume that a person who wants to keep using their discs will hold onto their original One, S, or X or buy one with disc-reading capabilities. They aren't going to magically disappear from store shelves or stop working just because this version is coming out.
  • it was a joke retard
  • You should never base your claim on speculation of what a company in which you control no decisive interest in will do on your behalf all this endless talk is just rhetoric built on fictitious hope. As someone already pointed to this system is for more than likely for new gamers with zero net games in their library. In this fast age of technology only the uninformed or a full idiot would sacrifice the physical copy of something in hopes that they'll always have access to that personal property because the company said they would, history has consistently shown that not to be the case. Obviously if you can off download to a external hard drive that drastically changes the context but again until it drops don't people have more important things to do like living.
  • You also can not install physical games without internet
  • Yes you can. Can you install physical games on your PC without internet? Yeah,duh.
  • You can install physical games without internet. The game most likely just wouldn't be updated.
  • That's a pretty outdated thought process you have there. First of all, you're comparing it to the Wii. That is 2 console generations ago. Second, you're talking about Microsoft vs Nintendo. Are you afraid people who buy games on Steam for Windows are going to lose access "after 4 or 5 years"? Besides, even Nintendo isn't going to hinder access going down the line into the future. Third, how long do you need access to these games anyway? Are you going back to play Wii games right now? Do you wish you could for some ungodly reason?
  • Maybe you haven't heard, but Sony has just released the new Playstation Classic based on the ORIGINAL Playstation. According to your statement, nobody wants to play those old games, but obviously Sony didn't come up with this and pay all the money for a redesign just to not make any money? PS... Playstation is what, 4 generations behind now? Released 25 years ago? Yes there are times i may want to play some old games that remind me of when i was a kid. Whats wrong with that?
  • Ahh but you'll never actually own any of your games and the bad list go on and on **** all that **** I have the game/games on disc . If the next xbox is discless then I'll never own it
  • You don't own your games now, that doesn't change.
  • Crazy, I thought I was just yesterday downloading playing a game I bought digitally in 2006 on Xbox 360. And even Xbox games from 2003 can be played on Xbox One. If there's one company where you will not lose access to your digital content, it's Microsoft. Hell, they even pay you back what you originally spent in the rare cases where they do remove content, even after five years.
  • Microsoft is a little better now than they use to be, but I am still concerned about losing my games in a disc less environment after what happened with the games for windows live thing.
  • How so? You were able to transfer your digital Wii purchases to the Wii U.
  • How does that even logical?
    1. Why bring Win10+UWP to Xbox if it's not for the sake of BC, FC and XPA?
    2. Why mipmap modding xb OG and 360 games just to support "ONE" generation?
    3. If everything resets like we used to have on ps1~ps4, 3DS, Wii, Switch, xb360, how does GamePass business model even possible / feasible? Redoing xb OG, 360 and One games for Xbox Next, to retain GamePass business model sound smart and logical right? How about XPA, xbox game emulation on PC, xCloud and GamePass for PC, phone and (rumored) Switch?
  • $249? This thing should not be priced above $149-199.
  • I'm guessing they will add a bigger hard drive and still reduce the cost by $50 to $75 off the Xbox One S price.
  • I think they meant that as a price for an all digital OneX as it's sw reply to a comment hoping for one.
  • The price will likely include a year of GamePass. That is the real target market for this model: people who've long since stopped buying video on disc in favor of streaming. They want to reach that same growing segment on the gaming side.
  • I bought a Xbox one s for $179 last November. It better be a price of $125 if you're taking out the 4k blue ray player.
  • I would be perfectly happy with $250 without a disc drive, because there is no way they are going to release it without less than 2tb of storage, but I'm expecting 3-4.
  • Xbox One S is already $249 with a game bundled. I've seen it for $229 on Amazon recently as well. I'd guess either $149 or $179.
  • Yeah, I am sure a $30 BD drive will bring down the SKU from $449 to $249 if removed.
  • It's an uhd blu ray drive. Its 50 doll hairs.
  • UHD 4K drive for 50 bucks? Please post a link I'm interested...
    Unless you're talking about actual doll hairs.
  • I think going diskless is stupid because 1 if your Xbox messes up your screwed 2 you can't take game with you 3 all the people who will lose their jobs from makeing and saleing the games so this will be the down fall of game systems
  • 1. Your games are yied to your account. Not your Xbox.
    2. Log in with your account anywhere in the world and play all your games.
    3. No.
  • Actually all the people selling used games is one if not the biggest cancer to the gaming industry specifically the consoles.
    They take soo much money away from game developers and give it used game resellers. If my xbox messes up I can just get a new one and redownload the games. The save files are in the cloud and the game will download in 30 minutes. Downloading games is much quicker than installing from disc if you have fast internet. Taking money away from gamestop and giving it to developers will be the best thing to happen to video games since 3d graphics. Plus then we can ask game developers to take away micro transactions in a trade for digital only games.
  • While I agree with most of what you have said here, Developers aren't getting more money, the money that would have gone to the game store simply goes to Microsoft instead. Also this will increase the likelihood of microtransactions, not decrease them. If people are already transacting digitally it's a lot easier to market them other digital additions, it's just like upselling in a store.
  • You got to understand that when gamers sells their game it's mostly goes to finance another game. Used market is actually great because more players are playing the game. More players means more money in the industry. You got to understand that there are many gamers with different budget.
    For this case let's consider 4 gamers with different budget and gaming habit.
    1) gamer who buys his game $60 at launch and can afford to regularly buy and keep them.
    2) gamer who buys games new $60, finishes them and sells them off to help buy new games.
    3) gamer who can't afford games at $60, but can only afford but only buy game used.
    4) gamer who will wait for the price to go down before buying a game.
    5) gamer who only pirate games, and might buy few when they are on sale or to "support the dev". In a world with used game market
    Gamer 1 is not affected.
    Gamer 2 can play a lot of games. Selling his games helps finance the next purchase meaning devs gets more sells.
    Gamer 3 can afford to game. He'll play games and help gamer 2 to finance new purchase.
    Gamer 4 is not affected.
    Gamer 5 is not affected. In a world without used game market
    Gamer 1 is not affected.
    Gamer 2 can play a lot of games. He will play less games as he can't sell games he finished. Meaning less money to devs.
    Gamer 3 can't afford to game. He'll probably give up on gaming or just pirate games.
    Gamer 4 is not affected. Even though he'll probably has to wait a bit more because used games help regulate the market.
    Gamer 5 is not affected. So yes, I believe the used game market is actually a good thing. It's amazing that we have used cars, used DVD bluray... And this industry is one of the few were some gamers are actually complaining. Also about shops like gamestop. They are actually very important to the industry. They help make gaming mainstream. They are places that helped a lot non-gaming parents buy consoles to their kids. Also do you really think devs gets more money? It's publishers that makes more money. Killing retailers doesn't mean devs will get more money. It's a company like MS that will make more money. And finally do you seriously think publishers will remove microtransactions if they kill the physical disc market?? Looking at how greedy these publishers are it's really highly unlikely. They don't really need to have microtransactions to make a profit, they are just doing it for more profit...
  • I think going diskless is stupid because if you xbox messes up your screwed plus all the job losses from game makers and salers if it happens game systems will die out
  • The people selling the games are stealing money away from people that make the games. Thus directly taking the funds for game development. That's why so many games come out unfinished. They needed to sell it to get some money to fund the bug fixes.
  • I hope you're kidding. The money is not going from the retailers to devs. It's mostly going to MS.
    The only way these gamers can buy a game is to go through MS's store.
  • Last disc I buyed was 3 years ago, digital all the way!
  • What about movies?
  • Netflix and Torrent.
  • The Microsoft Store has nearly every movie imaginable. I know I can't talk for everyone, but I rarely buy physical discs anymore. I get everything from the Microsoft Store.
  • I can understand this, but I like special features too much, as a huge movie lover, I enjoy the whole process, so I like watching behind the scenes vids, bloopers, etc.
  • “Buy” is an irregular verb—buy/bought/bought.
    “Buyed” is an understandable mistake for an English learner, using the regular ending when actually the verb is irregular. It's something you also might hear from a young child who is learning the language.
  • I hope the device is more powerful than the One S. The S is already getting severely outclassed. Unless the unit is like $149, so basically giving them away.
  • The S is supposed to be the low end and the X the high end.
  • It's a One S. Period. That is more than sufficient for the target market. UHD discs are substantially superior to what is offered by any of the major streaming services but UHD is struggling to sustain itself. The people who find Netflix is good enough for their video needs will also be happy with what GamePass and a One s gives them.
  • You could easily knock off $100 with no disc drive, for those who don't have the system yet.
    Otherwise, what's the point, like you say.
  • no more money going into sony's pocket. screw bluray. lets all adapt digital and kill their format.
  • And why would you care if money goes into Sony, Microsoft or any other company? Kill their format? LOL
    Looks like you really hate the company.
  • yes bluray is slowly dying. thanks mostly to digital movies. people who support these are poor people who dont have access to fast internet, cant afford new games so they buy used games, and lives in the suburbs somewhere in the middle of nowhere, USA. you probably fit into all of this category. <3
  • You spoiled rich entilteled bratmaking fun of people just because people don’t have as much dough as you, absolutely disgraceful I’m not mad you said discs are a dying format (they are) but buying used games is cheaper for lower income family’s and they work the exact same. Go get more Starbucks buy 5 more IPhone x’s and **** off money does not determine your value as a human being
  • Pay no mind to onysi. He doesn't have to worry about paying for his Internet access because he lives in his mom's basement. Also, being in his mom's basement, he has no room to store any blu-ray disc.
  • I think I just got ligma trying to read this
  • WTH did I just read? You started off from blu-ray to Nintendo, then Dreamcast, to bank statements, phone companies to pizza, and ... the Apocalypse?? Kids, this is why you should stay away from drugs and finish your education.
  • Lol yeah that was a crazy post.
    This guy is really weird. He started a fanboy fight in a topic about the adaptive controller that was really inspirational.
  • Drugs are bad, mm'kay.
  • @Karl
    Yes, Karl whatever you say... :)
  • Sure, Karl, some random kid at McDonald's represents the entire Sony fanbase. :rolleyes Jeebus, help us all should some highly advanced alien civilization visits Earth and makes first contact with Karl.. they will surely conclude that the human race is beyond saving and decide to obliterate the entire planet. Hell, they'd probably want to destroy the entire solar system to make sure.
  • Yeah Sony fans talk non stop crap about things Xbox does and then praises it when Sony inevitably copy's it like they have done many times. They all made fun of backwards compatibility and are now jumping with joy since the ps5 will get getting it which we all knew would happen. They steal anything good Xbox does. Achievements, bigger controller, party chat, BC, and I'm sure gamepass for PS is coming just to name a few. Sony is literally leading from behind this gen by just copying Xbox step for step. It's pretty pathetic . Wouldn't be surprised if they did multiple PlayStation skus for next gen too
  • Looks like you discovered gaming recently.
    You talk as if MS invented BC, "bigger controller" and Voice chat in gaming. LOL
    Please do some research before talking bs. Also game pass? I don't know if you know that Sony has PSNow that has been around for few years now. The thing is that companies just do what works. If a company is successful or popular doing something then the rivals will try to do it too. I could name loads of things MS copied from other company but I won't. I don't want to get into a debate with an obvious MS/XB "fan" who probably just started gaming recently...
  • Aside from pay method / subscription, tech in GamePass and PSNow are very different. Sony's BC and MS's BC are very different too.
  • Both are renting service. The tech is just different. PSNow also allows streaming of games. While gamepass only allows download.
  • But Sony had BC before Microsoft, they had BC before Microsoft even had a console. However they always took a different stance initially, they wanted EVERY game to be playable, and it just wasn't cost effective to offer that in the PS4 (in fact, it's why it was removed from the PS3). They have since changed their stance and now offer backwards compatibility digitally using PS Now.
  • Cause Sony did it through HW, MS brought Win10+UWP to xbox then did it through SW e.g. mipmap modding and that, and that's why GamePass happened.
  • CDs are dead,huh? Not even close.
  • First off that 4k streaming content is really only about 1080p quality on bluray. Now if they could get actual 4k quality with 4k streaming then I would be all game, but the compressed crap you currently get via Netflix/Amazon while better than normal streaming is still a farcry away from true 4k bitrates.
  • That is contingent on the rate of broadband deployments and upgrades. The streamers are going to focus on what serves the widest audience while pushing the quality level as it becomes effective. Netflix could offer service with higher bandwidth requirements today but doesn't believe the audience is large enough to recoup the back end requirements soon enough. But you can bet they keep a very close eye on sales of displays and their features sets, such HDR, along with the most commonly purchased broadband service levels. The low sales of UHD discs only serves to make them cautious on this.
  • Maybe get better internet. My Netflix 4K streams **** all over 1080p.
  • Well said. Not only resolution matters, but bitrate as well. Most 1080p Netflix movies don't look any better than the same movie on DVD @480p.
  • Blu ray isn’t going anywhere. Physical sales still outpace digital. I have money and fast internet and I never buy digital. I collect physical copies. I don’t buy used either. I also prefer the higher quality you get from a physical disc. Streamed movies will never offer the same level of audio and video quality as digital. And I don’t have to worry about losing access to something I bought five years down the road. If you trust that your digital library will be available forever then you’re a fool. You also can’t pass down, sell or give away digital copies. Your digital copy is worth nothing and yet you still paid the same price for it. Meanwhile physical copies of games are selling for tens of thousands of dollars. Now run along kid before your mommy cuts off your internet access and you lose your games and movies.
  • Except that's not True and hasn't been true for several years now. Digital DL's outpace Physical copies, and has been. Sorry, You are patently wrong. ONLY the music industry just in 2018 had more physical, but that was the first time since 2011 and that is just music and only becasue streaming services have taken over. Videogames and movies still show digital purchasing outselling Physical. You stuck in 2010 and it's almost 2020
  • You are wrong, that article (and many others) when comparing digital vs fisical they include micro-transactions, DLC, smartphone games, PC games and in some cases even PS+, Xbox live Gold and gamepass. They don't compare the number of copies a game sells only on consoles, because if they did it would show that "only" about 1/3 of games sold on consoles are digital (and it doesn't include used games).
  • @Goncalo
    Thank you. I was just about to reply to the guy. It's crazy how people are trying to prove a point by bringing stats that are irrelevant.
  • Last year, from the report conducted by our market research team,
    In US: console (digital > package) > mobile > PC.
    In EU: console (package > digital, slightly) > PC > mobile.
    In ASIA: mobile > PC > console (package > digital, slightly). They do cross studio research and they will buy data from various venders from different countries.
  • Do you have a link?
  • At last a voice of reason.. I also collect games, I still have a Super Nintendo, original Xbox, 4 Xbox 360s, Day One Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS2, PS3, PS4 and PS4 slim... I have over 300 discs and still enjoy going back and playing an old Fire Fox or Donkey Kong cartridge from time to time, I run the older HDMI consoles through a switch others use older hookup tech but still work just fine, Xbox One S and PS4 are run direct to TV. My only thought on this new disc-less console is simple enough, if you purchase a digital download you either need to store it on your console or go through the hassle of downloading it every time you want to play it. This requires expanded storage, I have an 8 TB hard drive attached to my Xbox One and 175 games plus 50 apps have already used 49.8% of that drive and the new 4K games require more than double the storage (and download time) as the old tech.. This leads to the question of cost, claims of a lower price point may be true unless MS increases HDD capacity as HDD costs way more than a disc drive, and if they do not increase storage capacity you will need to invest several hundred dollars in a high speed external storage device many of which can far exceed the initial investment in the console (unless you are a "spend 70 bucks to play a game once and then trade it in for $12.00 to spend on the next game kind of person). I have some digital downloads and I can honestly not tell the difference between a download and a game played from disc. I play on a Vizio P65-E1 w/3840x2160 resolution in 4K UHD with a 400 MBPS connection of which the Xbox gets about 80 while the PS4 sitting next to it only pulls about 14 (until I hard wired it but in the same same room only a few feet away Iphone pulls 280 MBPS and a Chromebook gets 180 so knowing how much bandwidth is available to your device is important if you are constantly needing to download a digital game (14 MBPS can take several hours while a hundred only takes a few minutes). I do kind of miss my old Commodore 64, but those were reckless days when little if nothing was assigned little or no value at all. Anyway, even though It has nothing to do with this topic I want to add that I am a fan of both platforms as each one has proprietary games that I enjoy playing and I really don't understand this absurd bickering between "factions" if you prefer PS okay, if you prefer Xbox well alrighty then, if you are one of those dreaded PC cretins MEH, I don't play games on my PC or my cell phone because they have a more important purpose but if you do that is your business, point being fans of either platform will never change the other sides opinion so why waste your time and energy arguing when you could be doing something truly productive...
  • That's not a true statement in any sense. Most people that buy blueray prefer to have disk and most still give you a code for a digital copy. My wife is one such person. She prefers disk, even though I haven't purchased a DVD of any type in years.
  • Wow really did you just criticize people that are living life and struggle some of us end up homeless before were even 10 years of age so yes if while you’re in school everyone’s talking about a good game and if you find a used one at a fleece market. You will consider that as a break Are a treasure. I can’t believe what you just posted God help you
  • @ onysi
    LOL you're kind of a joke.
    I have fibre broadband internet so good speed. I work and stay in a major city.
    Oh and I'm not even in the USA. I'm in Europe.
    So you've got it ALL wrong. The funny thing is that you didn't really answer the question. I guess the answer is obvious. Looks like you are just a MS/XB fanboy who hate the competition.
    It's so funny to see people like you. Cheering for a company as if it was a local sport team.
  • > Cheering for a company as if it was a local sport team.
    Didn't you argued, saying Sony's more open to cross-play, cross-play is part of Sony's business strategy? Then go on blaming Epic for locking ps4 from cross-play?
    It's Epic's account system, not Sony's, which means Epic locked it for Sony's sake, and Epic should be the one to resolve the controversy right? Q: Is Last Guardian a good game? An everyone-must-have-game that drives system sales? Cheering for a company...
  • So saying that Sony has a business strategy is cheering for a company?
    Wrong I never blamed Epic for blocking PS4 from cross-play. I blamed Epic because they don't allow unlink Fortnite accounts from consoles. The last guardian? Hmm it's an ok game. Controls can be really annoying and ending is quite nice. Personally, I prefer Shadow of the Colossus.
    I wouldn't say every-must-have-this-game. Does it drive sales? I have no idea, go ask Sony. I have no idea the reasons for your questions...
  • @onysi
    I was also going to make a comment on your ridiculous comment about poor people but you have just been taken apart by so many people so I'll let you go... LOL
  • I'm yet to buy my first blu-ray movie, I guess I'm "forward" fashion 🤔
  • You sound like an ignorant db and a pathetic fanboy fanboy. You certainly fit into the category of idiot with terrible grammar.
  • Looks like we found an Airpods user here, all bow down to his might.
  • I actually buy disc because digital hardly supports the newest audio systems. 5.1 Surround sound is what I had in 2000.
    Its 2019 I would prefer 7.1 or higher. If I have a choice I'll buy the disc, but only because I spent thousands on a sound system. Digital movie sound quality isnt bad but it just doesn't cut it if you have a high end entertainment system.
    What's the best Netflix does compressed 5.1?
  • I'd take a discless model of their next gen console 100%. Also haven't bought a disc in years. But I do agree, you lose out on resale money with digital only set ups.
  • Those are the worst mockups I have ever seen, literally just deleting the BD drive and even keeping the eject button, LOL.
  • that's not the eject button that's the controller sync button
  • Um, nope. That's the eject button. The pairing button is on the right side on the black base.
  • I do think the real product can be much smaller. Smaller = opportunity for cheaper, and given we're a year or so down the line I'd expect the same processor on a newer fab to make it use less heat, which means less cooling and again, smaller, cheaper. I'd aim for half the size of the One S for a disc-less design.
  • I'm curious to know the actual price. I think it should be significantly cheaper than the S. When you take out a feature/option (that mostly benefits MS) from the gamers then the gamers will need to get something in return.
  • But you don't even own an Xbox. You should be more concerned about Sony misleading their fanbase into thinking that the PS4 Pro is a 4K console.
  • Microsoft also misleads, not even all their first. Party games run at native 4K, including crackdown, Gears 4, Halo 5 and Quantum Break. At least Sony says "dynamic 4K".
  • More games than not are either full 4k or dynamic reaching full 4k a good % of the time. The pro doesn't even manage 4k with checkerboard and dynamic scaling. Yeah there's a few but most top out with dynamic scaling well below 2160 like 1800 sometimes significantly below even with checkerboard rendering. I'm not trying to bash the pro, just pointing out that saying the pro is dynamic 4k isn't really being honest either
  • @jams
    I own a Xbox. I own a xbox 360. Plus I have a windows 10 PC with XB app so you are wrong once again.
    Next, I have the right to post my opinion whether I have a XB or not.
    I have the right to post my opinion whether you like it or not.
    It's not against any law. I don't know about you but I live in a free country where people can give their opinion and are not censored... It's not a MS/XB "fan" who'll tell me what to post and what not to post. If you get upset by my comments, then it's a you problem. ofc you can always ignore me, if you're really that upset. :)
    Now move along...
  • I'm thinking it'll be the same price ($250), but have a minimum of 2tb of storage, probably more like 3-4. That's reasonable.
  • How about 150 bucks and allow users to add more storage space if they want?
    This is quite a feature and MS has so much to win from it. If they want to push this and get the benefit from 1) killing the used market, 2) every gamer has to go through their store to get a game or a movie, 3) can't borrow or lend games.
    This benefits MS massively, now they got to give a massive advantage to gamers who only lose a feature.
    There should be a real good incentive for gamers, the message should be that this is the much cheaper than the S. Lower than the S has ever been even with 1/2tb..
  • Going digital has way more pros than cons, for consumers esp in Xbox's ecosystem.
    Unless, all you care about, is getting your game cheaper through resells, which benefits to no devs.
  • So tell me the advantage to consumers between:
    1) having the choice of either physical or digital
    2) having only digital You'll need to prove to me that dev gets more money if we kill the used games market. You'll need to show me how it's bad for the industry. I've made a post about the used game market. Search "Gamer 5" in this comment section to find it.
  • Horrible naming scheme. Reminds me of the horror days of the late 90s. Once you get to six words in your console name, it's time to try again. In fact, I think Xbox needs to lose the "One" from the name going forward. Call the digital one Xbox D.
    Call the disc version Xbox S.
    Call the power house Xbox X. If we are at the end of the traditional console generation paradigm, then we need to redo the naming scheme.
  • Or call it Xbox E. S E X.
  • Kids in EB Games: I want the D, daddy!
  • Typical Microsoft... terrible taste when naming "most " of their devices/services
  • I get most of my games digitally, but I still want the drive for playing Blu-Ray discs, so it's not for me. I will be keeping my Scorpio edition for a while.
  • I'm the same. Our Internet here is slow, so I thought I'd prefer buying games on discs too, to avoid the downloads, but even just patches are dozens of GB. At that point, no benefit to the disc in terms of time savings, and digital means no need to change discs to change games (or eject a movie to play a game). For those reasons, and to my own surprise, I've shifted to buying games digitally. On the other hand, for 4k HDR movies, the ONLY way to watch those is via disc. Unfortunately, none of the streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.) appear to support download of 4K (or sufficient buffering). They all require 20Mbps+ Internet connection to stream.
  • Everything you just said fits my experience exactly. I think it's a great idea. Untill I get rid of my 4K blurays and get better internet so I can stream my movies with voodoo. (I love Xbox but the movies and TV program SUCKS hope they improve it on next gen) I'll be buying console with disc drive. I've also switched to digital only games. Even tho it takes two days or more to download sometimes
  • I can't take you seriously. You use the worst streaming app on the planet, Vudu. God! Vudu makes any other streaming interface look amazing by comparison. It is by far the most god awful piece of design I have used in recent memory - streaming 90's style.
  • The only way to stream, not the only way to watch. I have a few UHD HDR movies in Google Play and Movies Anywhere.
  • I absolutely would have bought a discless console. I haven't purchased a disc version game now for over 3 years.
  • So you haven't used your drive in over 3 years?
  • That's true for me, I haven't used my drive in well over 3 years, digital games (and now gamepass), Netflix, Hulu, HBO and prime keep me plenty of entertain 👍
  • Nope. I buy all my movies on sale on Microsoft movies. All my games digital and Gamepass. Haven't purchased a disc in so long. I don't own any physical games at all anymore. And have literally about 4 blurays. My Xbox is my media hub. Fully digital.
  • Right. So why were you hyping the 4K UHD on the XB1s? And how because of it it was the "best multimedia console".
    What's amazing with company "fans" is that they can hype a feature or product like crazy when the the company they sells it. And they'll quickly say it's useless once the company they worship moves to something else...
  • BTW do you know what the complete name of the console will be? Xbox One S All-in-One Home Entertainment System All-Digital Edition Has a nice ring to it.
  • I've been all digital on games since I got my XBox One at launch in 2013. My internet connection is spotty at best and it can be frustrating loading some large games. The best thing was when MS finally started allowing preloading titles before launch. It is still a pain sometimes, like Black Friday when I got Red Dead Redemption 2 and literally had to wait three days for the game to download. I could have ordered from Amazon cheaper and had it delivered before the digital download was done. Its worth it, though, not having to keep up with discs and swap them every time I want to play a different game. That said, I've got a very large collection of movies old TV shows on DVD and Blu-Ray. Some aren't available to stream, and even if they were I'm not paying what would surely be thousands of dollars to repurchase them. Whatever console I get will have to have a disc player in it.
  • Will get this for the kids probably. Hopefully they have more than a terabyte of space.
  • I have a disc-less Xbox already. Oh yes, that because the drive in my One S stopped working... :(
  • I'm not a fan of the name, but I love the idea of a diskless console.
  • So how much does the drive actually cost on an Xbox One?
  • Sooo it's gonna be called the Xbox SAD Edition??
  • Horrible name! Xbox One D makes the most sense. D for digital only. Otherwise cool. I in no discs anyway so no major issue for me
  • Thanks for naming the codename after me Phil! I'm honored. But it was high time to give it a real name. Bit of a mouthful though don't you think? Codenames are so much cooler. ;0)
  • As long as my digital collection remains mine.
  • If they make a discless console, they better either add a way bigger hdd/ssd or use that extra space to add more drive bays. I have had to buy 3 externals drives now and switching them out is just as much a pain as switching discs, plus with the extra cost, I may as well at that point have the disc drive to play 4k discs. Why cant they just do what movie indusrty does and add a digital code to the physical copies, but have it cost a little more. Best of both worlds.
  • What size are those drives? You can have up to 16TB total externally, so it may make sense to retire one of those when a good price on an 8TB unit, such as the Seagate GameHub, comes along. Two of those connected would get you up to maximum for the entire system without ever having to switch drives.
  • Yeah I have close to 300 games digitally they are all on one single external drive... You just failed to plan in advance.. And I'm not even close to 50% disk space usage
  • Back in November 2017, Microsoft shut off the GFWL Marketplace content servers. I had purchased over 80 digital items on the Marketplace and that content is no longer available to me. I bought into the Zune and also the Windows Phone. Both are dead formats. It's getting harder to buy into digital ecosystems when my experience tells me that the suits up top determine how long I can have access to my purchased content. The Microsoft Service Agreement says that they reserve the right to disable services and they have no obligations to provide future downloads of purchased content. I purchased the digital content under that EULA, so I feel that I have no recourse. I personally feel like some type of consumer protections need to be put in place to help secure digital purchases. Otherwise, a subscription based service is the way to go - that way, you won't be heavily invested in a library of content. Kind of sad that's the state of things IMHO, but it's the direction the market is heading and there's no denying it.
  • Would I be interested in cheaper, all-digital Xbox hardware?.. Not in Australia I wouldn't haha our internet isn't ready for all-digital and probably won't be for another decade unfortunately. I'm happy with my Xbox One X and discs.. plus I like having a library of games on display in my house, from PS1, PS2, Xbox & Xbox 360 through to Xbox One, PS4 and Ninteno Switch games, it looks great as the first thing anyone sees walking into my house, it shows I'm a dedicated gamer. If I had all-digital games I wouldn't be able to have a physical games library. I do actually have people look at my games and sometimes ask questions about them or mention a moment of nostalgia for some of the older games.
  • But, but the NBN's! Fibre to the node is the smartest decision ever, that 50 year old copper running from the node to the house is perfectly sustainable. 5G can't come soon enough to Oz, our mobile internet now already trumps broadband.
  • It sounds good, but you will put GameStop and other companies that let you trade games out of business, and plus keep me from buying a used game that i may or may not like at a lower price..
    No thank you.
  • This, exactly. Why pay 60 bucks for a digital copy of a game when I can go down to GameStop, get the same game for 20 or 30 bucks, or less, plus that other game I was looking at, and a new battery for my controller for the same price as the digital game
  • All about game pass I expect
  • Not for me, I'd rather pay $69 for a new release game rather than $99.
  • With my massive 17Mbps internet connection I don't think I'll be going all digital any time soon. I like getting used games for less than $20 as well. All digital means most games will not go down much. Also, as we've now seen with the Wii, once a company decides the system is done you will no longer be able to download the games you paid for. None of these things are an issue with physical media.
  • Haha LOL I kind of feel bad for these people going with digital only it's clear to me some people in the comment section don't realize how terrible Microsoft's digital policy works Microsoft reserves the right to cancel your pre-order terminate your account and give you temporary suspension and permanent suspension or permanently banned and I guarantee you will lose all access to your digital content if you don't believe me look up what's happening with Xbox enforcement team thousands of people are losing $3,000 worth of digital content just because some kid on Xbox gets triggered and reports you and Microsoft will take away all of your digital content that you purchased with your own money I had the same Xbox account for the past 11 years I never modded never cheated and all it took was one kid to report me and Microsoft threw me the ban hammer and I lost all of my digital content that I spent with my money I had to create a new Xbox account and re-purchase the same digital content that I previously had after that I committed to myself to physical only Microsoft is the worst digital holders in the world and you people are falling into their evil scheme with the Xbox One S discless console at least with Nintendo Sony and PC you don't lose your digital content even if I lose my online accounts the physical license is already purchased and it's downloaded automatically into the system I still have access to my digital content on the wii when Nintendo shut down their own online wii store in January 2019 but I'm still able to play my digital games 😍👍 I also had to confirm that it works the same way with Sony because I contacted Sony support to confirm this theory you will still have access to your digital content even if they shut down their online services unlike Microsoft they will screw you behind your back so I am confident to say the discless S console will be the worst selling Xbox console in history so for those who still have the One S/One X please keep it forever and go physical only Microsoft cannot be trusted until they improve their digital DRM policy you have been warned 😉👍
  • Dude....paragraphs please.
  • Amen! Or give a TL;DR
  • First of you are wrong... Since you can be offline and use your DL games locally.... You don't need to be online... But even if you are right 9n the fact they can shut it down... Well good for them it's not like I planned to resell my games and beside a very small part of games most of them wont' be played aver again once I'm done... All digital it's just more convenient for me... I'd even go all in into game as a service if the entire library were available across à few services... Not saying they shouldn't evolve the policy... But for someone like me and many are like me it's pretty inconsequential
  • How ******* stupid are these dumb ***** that want digital, steam, streaming never to actually own a physical copy of your games so if your internet craps, your server or your dumb ass didn't pay your internet bill you can't play any of your games or your system craps or you get your account banned you can't play any of your games and hackers and identity thieves out going to have a field day with your stupid asses .If the next xbox is discless then I'll never own it I have to own the physical copy of the games . Buying dlcs for my games is ok I'll go buy points to redeem the dlcs some games I have the dlc on disc I never give my debt card number over the internet for anything. Just how ******* stupid are all you people
  • What if I told you that just because a game is downloaded to your system that doesn't mean an Internet connection is required to run it?
  • Not as stupid as you, grandpa.
  • Yeah, you are pretty damn dumb. Thank God you are not the current generation that Microsoft cares about or my laptop or pc might have a disc drive in it. Physical media has always been a dieing technology just like checkbooks have been. All things should grow, adapt, and change with time. I see that you wont. I have about 95% of all my content as digital. That is games, movies, and software between pc, xbox, ps4, and switch. I dont need or care for disc everywhere. Not only are their more benefits to digital but they also outweigh any poor con you mention. I say poor con because they dont have merit. Just face it. You are too old and Microsoft doesnt care about you. They made this for the millions of people that use digital content. All those people must be smarter than you.
  • You must be one of those dumb asses what if someone wants to barrow the game you can't I can then they might go to the store and buy it themselves
  • Buy points? That hasn't been how XBL works for several years.
  • I'll buy this in a heart beat, it's been years since I put any disc in my Xbox 👍
  • Haha LOL have fun having your Xbox account terminated when a kid reports you and you will lose all of your digital content 😂👎
  • Not everyone talks sh*t to kids on Xbox Live. Aren't you an adult?
  • Same would happen if you have the disc.
  • My only question is, what will they do about having to have internet for all the digital stuff on your xbox? Will they somehow make it to where if you dont have internet because it went out you can still play or what will they do? I don't know about other people but I do mostly everything throughout xbox, all my TV and movie apps are on xbox, YouTube is on xbox,etc. I literally dont have cable so if my internet goes down I'm screwed when it comes to my how would they fix that?
  • I don't get it? You can play even if you don't have internet.... I often go offline while I'm 0laying solo... And for the rest YouTube Netflix etc... It doesn't matter if internet is off it's off no matter your config...
  • I agree with you my xbox one is always offline unless I put it online for system updates or dlc for my games then it's offline again . I don't play well with others and I don't have to deal with any B.S. I'll say it again if the next gen xbox is discless then I'll never buy it
  • No thanks! I get close enough to my monthly data limit (1TB) now without downloading every full game and 4k movie! I could pay $50 per month more for unlimited or just keep the disk drive. While I with whoever gets one the best if it comes out, I will PASS!!!!!!
  • If next Gen they have the most powerful version discless I'll get that version I'm already discless... Unless the disc drive is high class for home theatre set up... Just because less clutter is better... I'd be all discless if it wasn't such a pain to get UHD video content digitally legally... Even lossless music is still a pain
  • I predicted it was going to go this way eventually, I just question it in this case..... Many people bought them for an all around media center which is what we were promised. I don't use a separate BluRay or DVD (or even CD) player. Yes, some of what I own is on disc, just NONE of my games. Having two kids and three consoles it works PERFECTLY with the sharing setup, I only ever need to buy two copies of a game. HOWEVER.......What about backwards compatible titles. There are still some $20-30 games on that list if you want to own a digital copy of them. There are a few backwards compatible favorites like Op Flashpoint (either Dragon Rising or Red River) is DISC ONLY. So hopefully if they can solve those, I'd love it. For players that sold off all their old hardware and games when the One came out then fine. I have a table n of backwards compatible games I need the disc for. There are still some people that swear by discs so they can more easily share with friends. I love the idea, just implementation of it now is a bit questionable because of the back compatible games as well as a lot of discs for this gen already in use. It would be a real close call if I'd do it or not if I had to replace my ONE today. There would HAVE TO BE a major difference in price. The cool thing is the size could technically be that much smaller. Except I doubt they will retool and make all new castings/molds and redo the motherboard again. In theory though, they could make this thing about half the width of the current model but a mid life console isn't going to get a third complete overhaul. HONESTLY, STILL SURPRISED we haven't gone back to catridges. I know that sounds funny, and I don't mean Nintendo size......well, not original Nintendo size. However, going to a PROPRIETARY STYLE (to limit piracy), there is not a game out there you couldn't put on a flash drive sized chip. This would allow friends to trade, REALLY IMPROVE load time and much MUCH more durable than disc. With FIOS internet and fast downloads (sorry for the plug, I'm a huge fan of having a fiber-optic system) digital is going to continue to grow. But there is always that time when the nets down. Because of the family sharing system we use, if that happens it really messes up things. One last consideration would be a read/right ability in a digital based system. Most players today don't remember the Famicon (Nintendo) system that never made it to the States but would allow you to create a mini card that had games on it. The system was in a store and would allow you to buy a blank (or over write ) old games. They were used (also not released in the US) in a disc based add-on that was built for the Famicon. MY POINT IS....they were putting full games on small cartridges then, they have done it for years on the DS. I own a few TB flash drives, that tech price has come down TREMENDOUSLY! So no reason to not go that route at some point. Plus side ..... mobility/sharing games, much smaller than a disc, much more durable than a disc, no need to download if you don't have great internet, NO WORKING PARTS inside the reeader.(with a disc there are plenty of parts that fail.....motors, belts, even the laser). So I don't ever think 100% digital will be the way to go but doing something like this is a great between method).
  • Have you looked at the Nintendo Switch? It uses tiny cartridges that are flash memory, like the Sony Vita. Then notice the price of Switch games tends to start high and stay high compared to disc based systems. Yes, the cost of flash has come down a great deal but is still many times that of disc. note also that the biggest Switch games are less than half the size of the biggest X1 or PS4 titles. The cost for such a game in a Switch cart would simply be prohibitive, even with the reduction in size from optimizing for the Switch's lesser resolution. Nintendo's workaround for this has been streaming of extremely large games but thus far they've only gone this route in Japan for a handful of titles. The Famicom system you mention was using a simple floppy drive. Several Nintendo games were exclusively in this format in Japan to promote it. This was alright in an era when NES games were measured in kilobytes. But you may have noticed that floppy drives stopped appearing in new PCs quite a while back. Rather than switch to higher capacity formats like sony's Hi-FD (200MB), they simply stopped bothering as optical discs became so cheap. Nintendo also tried a solid state retail download system in the 90s but it wasn't very popular once the absurd laws restricting resale of games were relaxed. In any case, such matters are moot in the connected internet age. Why would you go to a store when you can simply have it delivered directly to your device at home? Even fairly lousy broadband service can deliver quite a lot overnight while you sleep or while you're away at work or school. Current gen systems can maintain a download while playing other games, so it isn't as if you're giving up the machine for the duration. Likewise, larger games have the order of their files organized to allow the game to be played before the download is complete. This works very well for games that take a substantial amount of play time before much of the content is first seen.
  • When are they coming out with the xbo xone 2?
  • More than likely, 2020.
  • no way. Discs are another name for “paper trail” without a blueprint it’ll crash whatever it is that your trying to build and without an original copy well that’s just ass out with no vaseline
  • I'm genuinely confused by this comment, I can understand the words individually, but together, they just don't make sense.
  • Lol Microsoft be getting over on people damn how many systems they make over and over and no games Halo gears Forza repeat
  • Shoot. I'll take a new halo, gears , and forza. You can go play spiderman or God of war alone. I'm playing gears and forza with my buds.
    If I feel like playing the same games over and over then I'll install a single player game on my ps4 or switch xbox only makes multiplayer games.
  • You know what's funny? The PS4 exclusives that has multiplayer. :)
    So your comment is funny.
  • Finally people accept Microsoft's original vision for the Xbox One, took you long enough.
  • Not hardly. They wanted it always online, and you could never trade in or sell games (they said family share allowed 10 shares or some crap to make up for it). If they discontinued all other versions of their hardware, you may have a point.
  • It was even worse, IIRC family share would only allow one family member to play at the same time. They had another share feature that allowed you to basically give your friends a one hour demo of any game you purchased. But they made their strategy up on the way towards launch, I don't think they ever had a real idea of what they wanted to do. And the always online thing is still in there. Happened several times already that you can't use physical disks without internet access because a glitch makes those mandatory checks appear again.
  • Hum the plan was actually the opposite you could sell your licence at a local affiliate store... So you would have actually owned your digital license...
    But no people preferred something with less ownership, less features, less sharing power, and less resell value....
    People have been pretty short-sighted IMHO... Cause it's worst on any console today than it should have been with Xbox one original plans... But we'll get there eventually anyway...
  • No they wanted a checkin every 24 hours not always online. Just once every 24 hours. They wanted to cut the used games market and send those billions of lost dollars back to the game developers that make the games and away from greedy gamestop executives. You couldn't trade in or sell games but you could get refunds if you didnt like it. You can get refunds today but that was just implemented last year on digital copies.
    The games would be shared on your family xbox live account. Only 2 consoles could play the game at the same time. With physical games only one console can play it at once. It wasn't a bad plan and the only reason it went bad is because Sony didn't have the balls to go along with it. I'm sure Microsoft would've done the same thing but it was Sony who messed it all up and held us back this gen. It's going to be the future of gaming. Look at PC gaming. No one buys or cares for cds. They just want to play the games.
  • I’m done with Xbox every year there’s a new stupid console just a lil different then the last console but still the same dam console just like the ******* iPhone example iPhone 8 a year later iPhone 8 Plus both phones does the same exact **** but one phone is bigger then the other they just Finding new ways to rip off gamers every single year by Selling the same Console over and over but just a lil different that’s not worth it back then it took At least 8 to 10 years for a new console to come out so we can enjoy every penny we spent on it At least with PlayStation , PlayStation 4 was out of date so that’s why they made PlayStation Pro with 4K in it so we can enjoy better Graphics you don’t see them making the same console over and over just to rob the gamers PlayStation next console I’m back on the Wagon don’t even know why I Doubted you guys in the first place **** Xbox
  • It's been two years since their last console, and this isn't even a replacement for what you have.
  • Really? There's been three major versions of the Xbox One. The original, the One S, smaller with a number of improvements but functionally identical for nearly all game playing use, and the One X with a major performance boost. That all since the 2013 launch. (OTOH, if you have a game disc from any earlier Xbox generation, there's a good chance you can play it on the current machines.) Dizzying, I know. So lets look at Sony. Original PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro. Three major versions since 2013. Gosh, that's so... similar. (Except for those old PS2 and PS3 discs being useless in any PS4.)
  • I only bought my Xbox one because I wanted a 4K movie player for my 4K tv. Since buying a movie digitally cost the same amount as getting the disc + digital version, I buy physical disks. Besides I've heard too many stories of users having their digital content blocked from them and they wish they had physical copies to fall back on. I for one will not be buying it.
  • Since when can you get refunds on digital games? This must not be in the US....?
  • Seriously? Started around two years ago on Xbox. You just go to your and request a refund on the purchase.
  • I'm not a big fan on this disc less. Remember how it felt to go into a video store? Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, MovieStars or your local mom an pop video store. I do, and i miss it. Same goes for games I like the idea of going to a local gamestop or G2k games or what have you. My point being is were giving up things we actually like to do for pure simplicity. Stop and think for a minute how it feels to socialize with others at your local game store. For me personally, its interesting to meet other gamers and talk about games that your into. For me theres nothing like owning a hand's on physical copy it's like a hardback or paperback book. I get the no more disc xbox one system , and I understand this young generation like's this type of system. It has its positives, but I find more negative out weighs. I'm from old school and when online crashes you cant play. I like being able to play offline aswell. So just think of all the pro's and con's that will effect you and let that be your decision on purchasing this system.
  • Whether you like or not, games need updates... whether from a disc install or download install. This edition should be called **download edition**. It is just like a phone or most laptops. And I'm sure Microsoft will offer a separate external drive option. And stores could offer download codes and advance pre-orders. Plus guides and collectibles. So all is not lost.
  • I go into a game store and it's empty. The only people there are the bored looking employees and some parent trying to buy a game their child was talking about but they didn't bother getting the name of. I order from Amazon these days, but I still prefer having a physical copy for now. This Xbox most likely won't be streaming the games to you but require you download it before playing. We've been able to start playing a game before it finishes downloading for a while.
  • I created an account to say... How can you have your pudding, if you don't eat your meat? (in response to "How can you have your download, if you can't insert your disc?").
  • So, let me get this straight. Today's younger generation of gamers would rather just download a game for a disc less console eliminating the option to sell your games when you are finished with them and have the ability to trade them with your friends? Why? This is exactly what they want, for people not to be able to sell or trade so you have to buy the game instead. Wake up people!! I'll never purchase a disc less console and you shouldnt either!!
  • First of consoles are not for kids for the most part... Most gamers are actually around 30 yo a cross all media...
    But yeah I don't care I rarely traded in and even less shared my games since they started to put them on disc's than can easily be damaged... Not saying I'm right... But I really don't care about having a dollar for a game at the local gamestop I'd rather keep it...
    And may I remind you the original plan was actually to give you ownership and selling rights over your digital copies but everybody went up in flames...
    But hey it will get there... Look at the PC master race most of them were the same when steam came around... Look at it now... You are an outcast if you think steam is the devil... Same will happen with consoles
  • This means you'll have to buy from Microsoft's store at Microsoft's price. Fun fun.
  • I had the very 1st X-Box and the 360 But hardly had any backward for my taste with the 360 although loved that machine. So I got a PS4 not a single complaint. So I never bothered getting a X-Box 1. But this all digital era is what's killing libraries so a digital game machine hell no. Cause all digital platforms can be corrupted. Just look at mp3 digital music. The only thing those have on CDs Records etc is the convience of take any but sound sucks
  • There are other format that mp3 with lossless sound you can have digitally... And there are more chances to damage a CD than having backups of a digital copy in different places... I'm all digital and only use UHD format for sound and video... The only barrier I have is availability not feasibility
  • Kinda surprised by those complaining about NOT having to get up and go put a different disc in their console. Digital is the only way to go my friend.
  • Agree with that statement. No disc changing just tell Alexa or cortana what you want to play simple.
  • I have to get up eventually to refill my drink or use the restroom, so taking a few seconds to stretch my legs and change a disk doesn't seem like an inconvenience to me.
  • Would love to have a no disk system. I own quite an extensive digital library. If I read article right it's basically a one s. If it was a one x with no disk. I would be the first one to preorder. Im not downgrading for a one s.
  • It's not a big deal if blurays are phased out. But I still want some form of physical media in the future like SD cards for games. They'd have larger capacities and be fast enough to run the game off the cartridge so installing games will be unnecessary. Plus it eliminates the biggest downside of digital downloads in that you own the game and the license can never be revoked unlike what happened with people's digital purchases from Games For Windows and more recently the Wii.
  • People forget that MS and Sony could go the way of Atari and Sega one day. Most people wont care if their 5 year old games are lost, but for those of us that collect games....... SOL
  • Why go all digital would they give refunds if I don't like the game if not I'm stuck with a game I don't like
  • Why is everyone arguing. Lets just put our opinions of the CONSOLE on here not opinions on other's opinions. God dang. I see it like this. If you want to go diskless then go ahead. If you don't then don't. I would prefer to have both just in case tho......
  • Another thing, if you refuse to downgrade to a One S then wait til they come out with an One X diskless.
  • I am not ready to trust MS digital distribution after the way that the "Games for Windows live" shutdown was handled.
  • I have a Xbox one s and don't even use the disk drive
    Had to buy a 2 terabyte hard drive to put all my games on I got so many now what are we going to do when the day comes a game takes 200 GB yeah right that's the only problem I see
  • Would never buy this, ever. Why? Physical discs can be discounted over time, gifted, gamefly, etc. Lose the drive and you will always pay sticker price. Plus, why give up options? Any short term savings would be soon spent on game/content costs. I might change my stance if they ever allowed transfering digital rights, ie I gift my brother my digital copy of something because i don't want it.
  • This. As consumers we would love to have more choices but unfortunately things going forward...
  • Okay say they do go diskless they need to still have space and pretty sure space will be limited. Higher the space on the Xbox the higher the price. And if you want even more space you will buy internal drives. All I see is a Xbox that will make you spend more money then the Xbox with the discs.
  • The generation is at the end. Maybe they should do that with the next xbox. One normal model and one discless model. I still have many 360 discs (about 60 pieces) about 30 Xbox One discs, and about 20 original xbox games at my library now. So the disc model fits better on me.
  • You can get a refurbished 1TB XB1 S on amazon for $206 or new WITH Minecraft (it's a game regardless) for $214. Selling this to anyone would require the console be made smaller (design + manufacturing costs) and/or significantly cheaper - like $150. $250 and it would be DOA for anyone capable of using Google. (Sorry Microsoft) (Bing joke) Edit: Also, external hard drives guys. They're set and forget and cheap. Note that presently the XB1 does NOT scale past HDD speeds - no SSD bonus. At least when I checked in November.
  • External SSD's are way faster on Xbox than spinners. Level load times, especially in games like the Witcher and Battlefield are way faster. I've had a 500GB T1 for a few years now that I'll move my most frequently played games to.
  • USB 3.0 technically has a lower transfer rate than SATA III, but an SSD using USB 3.0 is still far faster than a 5400RPM HDD using SATA III internally installed in the Xbox One, there are benchmarks to prove it.
  • The Xbox one s is already $199 so hopefully this is $150
  • Xbox One Scarlet Streaming $50
    Xbox One S All-Digital $100
    Xbox One S $200
    Xbox One Scarlet Arcade $300
    Xbox One X $400
    Xbox One Scarlet Pro $500 An Xbox for every price range.
  • ...comment section is the most console peasant **** I ever heard, ' what if I can't touch my copy I might lose it' blizzard and steam make up for 95% of the digital download market, yet you hold back consoles with weird antiquated system of having your game which in turn causes them to take half measures and lose your games anyways, it's like getting pisses switch doesn't play gen 1 Pokemon with the latest even though you bought it with moeny
  • Steam and Blizzard might have 95% of the digital market, but comparred to physical sale, what percentage do they have? Eventually everything will go all digital, but it's a bit early. It's nice to have the option for those that want it and that have the storage for it.
  • I've been gaming since before most of the guys on this thread were born. I would have no interest in this type of console. The problem with digital downloads is you typically pay the same amount as a physical copy but you lose all rights to it. After you have paid your $59.99 a digital download (DD) has 0 value. I pre-ordered fallout 76 but when it finally came and I found out how horrible it was, I was able to recoup $40 by passing it to game stop. I couldn't have done that with a DD. Even years after a game has come out the disc still has some value. Also you can't loan the games to your friends. There is also the very real possibility of losing access to some of those games in some fashion in the future. I have purchases that I have made back in the early days of 360 (2005,2006...) that are on my list but no longer able to download because the content isn't there. What if you lose access to your account? This is all good for microsoft but nothing good for the comsumer
  • I think it would be awesome to have a hopefully, cheaper Xbox unit. Not only that but it would make things so much easier. That way we wouldn't have to drive 30 mins + cross a bridge twice, and pay $4 Toll just to go to the game store. This way my son could just buy whatever game he wants on the Microsoft Store. That does raise acouple questions tho... Will they make available all the previously released Xbox One games in digital version? Will every new Xbox One game released here on out also have a digital downloadable version? I know a lot of games nowadays have this availability but not all. Hopefully they'll have all these things FULLY ironed out before launch. There's nothing worse then a company releasing a product when they don't have everything else ready to work with it seamlessly!
  • Some people are saying that it's a pain to change their discs when they're obviously lazy. And I don't usually have to swap discs. My Xbox can still play then without the disc. Everyone is moving the digital and I'm over here still saving my game barcodes and playing the PS2 lol
  • I just made an account because everyone else was making an account. And yes, if everybody jumped off a cliff I would too because I’m not staying here by myself. All jokes aside, the next logical step is discless. We have streaming TV, music, and games. Everything is neatly organized and tucked away nicely on a server somewhere in lala land. No more game discs, Blu-ray’s, or Music CDs getting scratched, lost, broken, or stuck in the devices. And if we are lucky, Game Stop will finally go out of business. They were the biggest ripoff in gaming history when it came to trading in games.
  • Oh yeah just ditch the discs. You know, the cheaper option to getting a game and being able to sell it on when you're done. Of course, great idea...
  • Microsoft should just name it "Xbox One D", it's short and easy to distinguish from S and X variants.
  • I've been waiting for a disc-less console since MSFT first announced it plans even before the Xbox One was first announced. Had the pro-Sony media not fuelled an all out campaign of misinformation against the "horrors of a disc-LESS future," we would have seen a disc-less Xbox a lot sooner. I can see from the comments that a lot of people are sadly still uninformed about the subject, complaining about not being able to use their disc purchases on a disc-less console. MSFT has already discussed plans to allow gamers to trade in their physical copies for digital copies even before announcing this console. So, MSFT has already considered the problem and is putting the solution in motion. Remember, this new console wont be out for a while. I'm sure MSFT will fully detail the trade in process before they release the disc-less console. My only question is why they chose to produce a disc-less S and not a disc-less version of the much more powerful X. Because of this decision, I wonder if the disc-less S may not sell as well as more people opt to upgrade to a more powerful console. My choice would have been to offer a cheaper disc-less X and later offer disc-less versions of Anaconda and Scarlett. But that's just me. In any case, I'd love a disc-less console.
  • Hey uuh what time is it? I just dont know where my phone went :/
  • Before you get all concerned with going and buying the new Xbox digital or disc maybe you should make sure that there servers and all their game companies are working correctly... Buy any game and try to play and you continuously get booted off their servers or disconnected, for instance Need for Speed payback is not working most of the time
  • Unless it ships with a 2TB drive minimum, I don't see it being a viable option. Games, updates, and DLC eat up storage fast. I also don't trust that a game I purchased will be available after a few years. Look at Steam. If a developer doesn't feel like paying to keep it available, it disappears from the store leaving the customer high and dry. A lot of players don't have access to high speed internet to make a diskless system viable. We will eventually go all digital, but it will leave many users with a poor experience.
  • Ive had a 360 and currently an original XBO w/Kinect. I thought about upgrading but think I will wait until the next gen comes out. Ive really had no interest in the S consoles and the X, I couldn't justify the price. So as for games. I do not have a pass (yet) and that may change very soon, but all my games on the XBO are digital. I have not purchased or rented any games and put in that Blu-ray drive. That said, I have used it for some movies. That's the only thing I used it for, and the way things are moving forward, perhaps I'll get a USB BR-DVD and it can be used when needed between the console and PC devices. That's of course, if the newer gen consoles will allow that.
  • Xbox One SA-DiE
  • CES only had 3 Blu-ray players to show. Samsung announced they will no longer produce Blu-ray players and many more companies will follow, Microsoft to release a Digital Only Xbox One S. I purchased a gaming PC with no optical disc drive. This is were we are headed. Music and movies have gone digital for the most part. Microsoft is spear heading this change. Whether its Xcloud, game pass, Disc less, there are consumer friendly changes in the horizon. I'm all for it. I have not purchased a disc of any kind in years. All my entertainment is digital. It makes sense.
  • Nice to see a console going out of the black but, c'mon now, Xbox SAD Edition? Really?
  • I am all for digital content and switching over. Games don't even come with a proper manual anymore and the cover art on games continues to go downhill unless it's special editions or steelbooks. I still buy physical copies of movies but digital games is the future. Also, the amount of stores to trade in physical games is going away and Gamestop is one of them. Terrible trade in prices. Make better informed decisions on what you buy and help the environment at the same time. All I want to know about this Xbox is how big is the hard drive?
  • I'm 100% on board with this. This is the perfect way to set up a 2nd Xbox for gameshare, since that's only for digital titles anyway. Im hoping for a price around $150 or so, since you can get a new S for $220 and sometimes less.
  • Microsoft really needs to think before they name their consoles. First we had the XBone and now we have the Xbox SAD edition.
  • No I don't like the sound of all digital cause I have 4 Xboxes in my house n you can't share digital content with all of them.. Yes I know about the family setting but it only let's you share between 2 consoles n you can't play the same game together so we buy more than one copy of the discs so me n my son can play together.. You make it easier n more accessible to share games within my household n you'll have me sold! Like you can see that all our consoles run off the same WiFi too.. Come on Microsoft it'd be a smart move if you could figure this **** out..
  • I'll only ever own a disc system I want the physical copy the game 1 do you actually own a digital copy game no I do all of mine 2 the games now days take up alot of memory on the harddrive 3 If I want to watch a movie all I have to do is put the disc in f**k all steam, streaming **** permanently 4 btw hackers and identity thieves are going to have a field day with your sorry asses 5 I want to play the game NOW not wait install is ok saves on disc eye what 1/2hr to 45mins big deal not hours or days 6 your account gets banned and now you lost all your games 7 look at that pspgo crap (like I said I want to play any game I buy NOW not wait oh I bought rights to it but do you actually own it physically no I have to own all of mine physically 8 if your internet crashes or you didn't pay your bill then you can't play any game f**k that **** I can play all of mine any time I want 9 and this bad list goes on and on and if the next gen xbox is discless then I'll never own it
  • Yes I want this xbox s
  • I read most comments on here, some very good points others to stupid to reply too.
    I do have 1 very big concern about going diskless, when a new games arrives and everyone around the world are buying it, is Microsoft servers going to manage otherwise we could be waiting along time to download a game.
    I truly think that you should still be able to buy the game in disc format, as I highly believe that
    1 Microsoft would not of upgraded there systems to cope as this costs alot of money.
    2 depending what internet package you have it take ages to download.
    3 not everyone is able to get ultra fast broadband so while your downloading your internet might not be able to run another device in the mean time. What I am saying is it's ahead of its time wait till 5g is fully working then I think the time would be right
  • For every one of you idiots out there Microsoft is already doing a no return policy on digital download games show when the new console comes out when you purchase a digital content game there will be a no return policy regardless of how much you've paid for it no matter if the game is glitching freezing up crashing try calling Microsoft and getting a full return on any game that you just recently purchased and give them some bullshit that the game is causing problems my brother just recently purchased the power just came for his son and it crashes constantly and they told him no return policy so this new digital download content **** is complete and order a way of Microsoft a bending everyone over backwards and saying cough for me
  • Number two the digital console upon release I have already checked it will be very close to buying a console with a working Blu-ray CD ROM tray so you go do the math and figure out why you would just want to console that only does one thing play games or watch Netflix Vudu or Hulu so basically all you're doing is buying a console for the for being ignorant you people out there in the world have got to smarten up because you're just throwing your money away I will just stay with my Xbox One X because it does the exact same thing that the Xbox One S and the All Digital console does