The 'Xbox Maverick' console will be named 'Xbox One S All-Digital Edition,' preorders in April 2019

First detailed by Brad Sams of, Microsoft has been experimenting with a disc-less Xbox One S console codenamed Xbox Maverick, with a launch window thought to be around Q1 2019. According to our sources, we now know a little bit more about the timing and marketing name of this intriguing new console.

Microsoft is reportedly set to call the disc-less Maverick console the "Xbox One S All-Digital Edition," with preorders aiming for mid-April 2019 and with general availability coming in early May 2019. It looks as though it could be near-global simultaneous launch for almost all existing Xbox markets.

Would you buy a discless Xbox One S?

Would you buy a discless Xbox One S?

The disc-less Xbox One S would be a first for the company, offering fans the ability to ditch discs altogether and go all-in on digital game licenses. As Microsoft pushes for greater access to its game library via things like the Xbox Game Pass (opens in new tab) digital subscription and the incoming streaming service Project xCloud, dropping the disc drive from the "All-Digital Edition" should make it the cheapest Xbox console yet, although we have no word on pricing just yet or whether the console will see any design refinements beyond simply dropping the disc drive.

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In addition to the disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, we've heard Microsoft may be gearing up to announce a Fortnite Edition console with a custom Fortnite design, rather than a simple game bundle (opens in new tab). It's unclear whether the Fortnite console would be a regular S, an X, or a disc-less version at this time, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

As always with these sorts of rumors, take them with a pinch of salt until the official confirmation, as plans can and do change, but this is looking pretty solid right now. Losing the disc drive puts a limit on the amount of 4K content you can consume on Xbox, particularly outside of the USA where 4K digital video offerings are lacking compared to physical 4K Blu-ray discs. But going all-digital brings benefits like pre-loading of games, and instant refunds via the Microsoft Account page.

Whether or not the discless future will extend to the rumored next-gen Xbox Anaconda and Lockhart "Scarlett" range consoles remains to be seen, but if the All-Digital Edition proves successful, it may tip Microsoft's hand.

Would you be interested in cheaper, all-digital Xbox hardware? Hit the comments and let us know.

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  • I want a One X discless
  • Yes! $249 without the disc drive. Plus, all backwards compatible games can be downloaded.
  • Yes! And then after 4 or 5 years lose all access to your digital content like Nintendo did with Wii. Awesome!
  • Did you just compare Microsoft's digital setup to Nintendo? C'mon man, read that back to yourself and realise how silly that sounds. Microsoft has been pushing super hard to not only give you access to your own games everywhere but has also made it crystal clear they plan to keep games both backwards and forwards compatible. You aren't even required to rebuy games you owned in the 360 era (same era as the Wii) once it gets BC support. Put the disk in or download your copy and it works. Microsoft does some things wrong but they have much better digital library support than either Sony or Nintendo
  • So I made an account just to tell you how stupid you are... If you can't insert the original Xbox game (cause they were disk only genius) you will have to pay to download it digitally you don't get a free game dude
  • The thing is, there were several reports alonside this diskless Xbox one that Microsoft was gonna let you trade in physical disks for free for game codes eliminating the issue entirely.
  • You are looking at what is available today, they are going to be allowing you to trade in your disc for a digital download through retail stores.
  • So don't buy the diskless Xbox and just use a normal Xbox One S or X? My disc-based PC games don't work on my diskless laptop, my phone doesn't play CDs, and, for some reason, my 3DS games don't work on a Switch. Obviously, you spend money on a device that has the features you need but apparently you need someone to walk you through that concept. I'm flattered you made an account on my behalf but you literally made one to argue about an optional SKU for an existing product. Priorities, man. -_-;;
  • Well said! This will be an absolute value to any gamer be it "hardcore" or "casual." Hopefully this will also bring down the price of digital version of Games.
  • Well, that's a fallacious notion up & down. If your whole motto is about priorities, then you would be in FAVOR of purchasing it. Why? ? Well, because marketing. That's why. If everyone or most people thought like you, then Microsoft would lose TONS of money. We're talking millions & millions of dollars here. So, if your really in favor of that happening, then you don't really care if they release the next gen console sooner or later, run more powerful or weaker, run cooler & hotter, specs, specs, specs, & more specs, etc... That shiznigism cost money you know. I suggest you buy it to at least support the company & therefore our community. Like, you OWE them that support. They've been giving people great memories since their childhood, teenhood, or whatever. Along with other brands. Why would you not want to at least support that? ? Talk'N about priorities. THERE'S your priorities. Sounds like to me, your only thinking about yours. Not your culture's, & (Not you claiming you don't) if you don't care about the gaming culture/community. Then your not a gamer. Point blank.... Support the company's work.
  • I had to make a account just to tell YOU how stupid YOU are lmao that never had a digital release (like splinter cell blacklist ) were retroactively given digital editions just recently actually,I have 280 games installed between my Xbox one X internal drive and a 4tb external ..and any game I bought during the 360 era is accessible other then stuff the liscense has complications in like MVC2 because of the whole marvel/Disney deal ..I own exactly ZERO 360 discs
  • Yeah. I see so many idiots on this page. No idea where these guys come from. They show their age, unwillingness to grow, and their disconnect from reality. I just made this account to let another guy know how dumb he was.
  • Lol I just made an account only to say this. This guy also doesn't know some xbox games also give you a free PC copy of that game as well
  • Did you have a 360? I'm pretty sure I have games that aren't disc based.
  • ^^^ Best way to kick off a reply right here
  • The target audience for this is very unlikely to care, as they have no existing disc library or are already using digital as their preference distribution channel. The big push here is GamePass. Expect the model to include a six month or one year subscription code. There are some other options for Microsoft to consider, such as allowing physical games to be exchanged for their addition to the customer's XBL account. GameStop would likely jump at the chance to be a processing location for this.
  • So I have a 15 yr old who when he had the 360 I bought Minecraft 4 times because of discs being scratched lost or stolen. This is a perfect option for children and teens. No more losing scratching discs or having to rebuy them. I love the idea of this console!! So if the target market is parents who are tired of wasting money then it is very true we don't care about not having digital versions on Xbox games. As long as the digital ones already owned work I'm excited!!!
  • Actually if you bought those original Xbox games digitally on the Xbox 360 they would already appear in your ready to install list on Xbox one!
  • Actually you're the one that is stupid. Today's games are all locked to accounts... There is nothing stoping you inserting older discs on even someone else's machine as long as you sign in to your account to register it. Once the game is registered 'BOOM!' you can access that game on ANY MS account enabled device. I bought the physical edition of Skyrim for PC and used my PC to install it but I can just as easily play it now on my optical driveless laptop!
  • Read that back to yourself "You aren't even required to rebuy games you owned in the 360 era (same era as the Wii) once it gets BC support. Put the disk in or download your copy and it works" -ladydias We are talking about a discless version of a console how are you going to use BC as intended if you can't insert the disc?
  • If you already have the game and an Xbox console, just download the games now, to your username, and then they become available to you in the digital form...think smart before criticizing! It was right in front of you...
  • **** download I want to play my old games now not wait . Put the disc in and it boots up and I'm playing the game and if I want to watch any of my movies all I have to do is put the disc in and I'm watching it
  • You haven't been able to do this entire generation. You need to install every game.
  • Exactly bro lol
  • I have! I just press the input button on my TV,turn on my device,put disc in and play. Simple. No internet,no backwards compatibility,or digital restrictions. Just insert and play.
  • You dont know what you are talking about. All games install from disc. That is how it works. Games do not play directly from disc. The physical disc is only a license and a local file to install from. Also every game now has major updates on day one of release. Redbox wanted to kill their disc service many years ago because their is not any money in it. It is a dieing technology. Stop trying to beat a dead horse.
  • Yes they do need the disc,you can't take out the disc and still play the game on console unlike PC games where you can do that.
  • *cough* *cough* ps4 *cough* no internet required *cough*
  • *cough* *cough* PS4 requires games to install from disc too, and doesn't play from disc.. also. updates require internet too *cough* *cough*
  • They don't have internet on ps4?
    That sucks. How do you download day one updates or do you just have to return the game.
  • The reason why games don't play directly from disc anymore is because modern games are so large now and BluRay drives don't have the read speed to be able to stream data off the disc at an acceptable speed. The solution to this would be like what Nintendo Switch does. Flash-based memory cartridges have the read speed and capacity to play large modern games directly off the cartridge and doesn't require installing games to hard drives anymore.
  • That's partially correct. The real reason is because the original intent of both Xbox one AND PS4 was to allow you to install your games on the console and never have to use the disc again. To do this however, drm policies needed to be set up and enforced, Microsoft got back lash when their DRM solution was introduced, so it was scrapped. Sony seized the opportunity and announced they would have no DRM at all, however they actually had a similar plan, this is why launch editions of BOTH consoles had a "day one update", which removed the drm
  • Do you have proof of that? Any link that proves this?
  • Links from 2013. That will be hard to find, but yes it was the rumor then.
    They were supposed to have a power parity but Sony secretly upgraded their GPU and ram last second to get an edge on microsfot.
    They played the dirtiest I've ever seen a gaming company play but hey it got them to the top and out of the hole. Sometimes you just have to lie to your customers.
  • But, how is any of that a lie? If they removed the DRM before release then it WOULD have no DRM at all. Also upgrading the GPU is only a benefit for gamers, not a detriment, and still isn't a lie to utilise the best power available. In response to Guest_aotf, 5 seconds typing "Sony PS4 DRM" into Google brought up a multitude of different articles from 2013 discussing it. I couldn't open them because the pages were all blocked by my workplace (gaming related).
  • @Sin Ogaris
    This thing is that it's just rumours. There are no article that says that Sony actually changed their policy and the system had a day one patch to remove DRM. If you remember in 2013 there was so much talk about always on and DRM way before MS announced their new console in may 2013.
    The "Deal with it" story in early April 2013 and other feedback should have given MS the hint that many gamers were against it before they announced it... Sometimes market research is helpful.
  • No worries I don't, though AOF will probably spin it
  • Right, so Yoshida never said that it was initially implemented and taken out in a day one patch.
    Same thing with a patent. No need to spin anything... :)
  • @Green
    Right, rumours.
    I didn't know rumours become facts as years goes by...
  • How are you going to play your old games now without waiting on a console that hasn't been released yet? Seems to me you have plenty of time to get those games into your account.
  • A lot of misinformation here. Just because you put a 360 game in your xbox one and download it doesn't mean it's added to your account for you to download digitally anytime you want. It's not a free entitlement. If you uninstall the game or move to another xbox, you HAVE to use the disc to install it again and you HAVE to use the disc to be able to play it too.
  • Easy answer, don't buy this version of the Xbox..... smh
  • You can't do that on ps4 or ps5. Youd need a ps4 or older to do that
  • The dude I was responding to was being paranoid about having his digital games available to him a few years down the road and I was making a point that all signs have been showing thus far that Microsoft isn't interested in forcing you to rebuy your content over and over again (a la Nintendo) as it generates bad will. That said, should a person interested in using the discs he/she already owns really be buying a diskless console when consoles that play the exact same games AND support discs are already available? Still, at some point, I do believe people are going to have to rebuy some of their physical games digitally because that is how format transitions go. Been through this with almost every console I've ever owned and every other media format from records, to cassettes, to CDs, etc.
  • You should read back yours as well "Put the disk in" in where exactly? they have phased out the Blu Ray drive
  • Good lord, if you're going to jump into a conversation, at least read all the comments in between. -_- This is literally a variant of Xbox One that will be cheaper because they aren't licensing the Blu-Ray. Nothing more, nothing less. Let's just assume that a person who wants to keep using their discs will hold onto their original One, S, or X or buy one with disc-reading capabilities. They aren't going to magically disappear from store shelves or stop working just because this version is coming out.
  • it was a joke retard
  • You should never base your claim on speculation of what a company in which you control no decisive interest in will do on your behalf all this endless talk is just rhetoric built on fictitious hope. As someone already pointed to this system is for more than likely for new gamers with zero net games in their library. In this fast age of technology only the uninformed or a full idiot would sacrifice the physical copy of something in hopes that they'll always have access to that personal property because the company said they would, history has consistently shown that not to be the case. Obviously if you can off download to a external hard drive that drastically changes the context but again until it drops don't people have more important things to do like living.
  • You also can not install physical games without internet
  • Yes you can. Can you install physical games on your PC without internet? Yeah,duh.
  • You can install physical games without internet. The game most likely just wouldn't be updated.
  • That's a pretty outdated thought process you have there. First of all, you're comparing it to the Wii. That is 2 console generations ago. Second, you're talking about Microsoft vs Nintendo. Are you afraid people who buy games on Steam for Windows are going to lose access "after 4 or 5 years"? Besides, even Nintendo isn't going to hinder access going down the line into the future. Third, how long do you need access to these games anyway? Are you going back to play Wii games right now? Do you wish you could for some ungodly reason?
  • Maybe you haven't heard, but Sony has just released the new Playstation Classic based on the ORIGINAL Playstation. According to your statement, nobody wants to play those old games, but obviously Sony didn't come up with this and pay all the money for a redesign just to not make any money? PS... Playstation is what, 4 generations behind now? Released 25 years ago? Yes there are times i may want to play some old games that remind me of when i was a kid. Whats wrong with that?
  • Ahh but you'll never actually own any of your games and the bad list go on and on **** all that **** I have the game/games on disc . If the next xbox is discless then I'll never own it
  • You don't own your games now, that doesn't change.
  • Crazy, I thought I was just yesterday downloading playing a game I bought digitally in 2006 on Xbox 360. And even Xbox games from 2003 can be played on Xbox One. If there's one company where you will not lose access to your digital content, it's Microsoft. Hell, they even pay you back what you originally spent in the rare cases where they do remove content, even after five years.
  • Microsoft is a little better now than they use to be, but I am still concerned about losing my games in a disc less environment after what happened with the games for windows live thing.
  • How so? You were able to transfer your digital Wii purchases to the Wii U.
  • How does that even logical?
    1. Why bring Win10+UWP to Xbox if it's not for the sake of BC, FC and XPA?
    2. Why mipmap modding xb OG and 360 games just to support "ONE" generation?
    3. If everything resets like we used to have on ps1~ps4, 3DS, Wii, Switch, xb360, how does GamePass business model even possible / feasible? Redoing xb OG, 360 and One games for Xbox Next, to retain GamePass business model sound smart and logical right? How about XPA, xbox game emulation on PC, xCloud and GamePass for PC, phone and (rumored) Switch?
  • $249? This thing should not be priced above $149-199.
  • I'm guessing they will add a bigger hard drive and still reduce the cost by $50 to $75 off the Xbox One S price.
  • I think they meant that as a price for an all digital OneX as it's sw reply to a comment hoping for one.
  • The price will likely include a year of GamePass. That is the real target market for this model: people who've long since stopped buying video on disc in favor of streaming. They want to reach that same growing segment on the gaming side.
  • I bought a Xbox one s for $179 last November. It better be a price of $125 if you're taking out the 4k blue ray player.
  • I would be perfectly happy with $250 without a disc drive, because there is no way they are going to release it without less than 2tb of storage, but I'm expecting 3-4.
  • Xbox One S is already $249 with a game bundled. I've seen it for $229 on Amazon recently as well. I'd guess either $149 or $179.