Xbox One SmartGlass and WhatsApp Video Optimizer both pick up updates

For those of you who use the Xbox One SmartGlass app for Windows Phone,  or who like sending music and videos through WhatsApp, you will want to peep updates for both of those apps going live today.

Xbox One SmartGlass

  • Bug Fixes

Not much in the way of detail for that update, but if you are not a fan of using the beta version of the app, this is the next best thing. Hopefully, it addresses any ongoing issues you may be experiencing.

Download Xbox One SmartGlass for Windows Phone

WhatsApp Video Optimizer

  • Added option to select output type ( Video / Audio Only ) 
  • Added option to remove ads 

About a week ago (February 23), this popular app hit version 1.2 and picked up the ability to send music in addition to videos through WhatsApp. We missed that one, so we'll cover it now. That changelog is more impressive

  • Send music through Whatsapp 
  • Added option to choose output folder 
  • Added option to choose resolution 
  • Added option to choose max filesize (WeChat/Viber/Custom) 
  • Added option to choose video bitrate  
  • Added option to choose audio bitrate 
  • Bug fix (Crash when selecting videos) 

In case you do not know, WhatsApp limits the size of the video you send through the messaging app. As a result, for those who shoot 4K videos on their Lumia Denim PureView cameras run into an issue with sharing. WhatsApp Video Optimizer solves this with presets for reducing the resolution. For instance, my 4K video at 13 seconds came in at 97 MB. This app reduced it to just 14 MB at 640x360 resolution, fitting under the 16 MB WhatsApp restriction.

Overall, WhatsApp Video Optimizer is shaping up to be a beautiful app for casual users. So make sure to give it a spin.

Download WhatsApp Video Optimizer for Windows Phone 8.1 (Free)

Thanks, Darrell S., and Abhishek G., for the tips!

QR: one smartglass

QR: video optimizer

Daniel Rubino

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  • What is smart glass
  • Xbox SmartGlass is a companion application for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles that is compatible with Windows 8 devices, Windows RT tablets, Windows Phone (7.5+) smartphones, Windows Server 2012 PCs, iOS (5+) devices and Android (4.0+) smartphones. Xbox One Smartglass allows users to manage television and view game statistics and activities otherwise unavailable on the console. Smartglass can be used to snap applications side-by-side on the Xbox One. Smartglass can be also used to send friend messages on Xbox Live.
    For more info..>
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