Xbox One U.S. sales steam ahead of PlayStation 4 for the third consecutive month

Following a strong offering at E3 2016, Microsoft has enjoyed steadily increasing momentum thanks to the Xbox One S and a stream of high-quality exclusives, including Forza Horizon 3, ReCore and Gears of War 4. Anticipation for the holiday line-up, combined with the refreshing design of the Xbox One S seem to be steering the Xbox division in the right direction.

The real test for Xbox One will arrive next month, as it goes head-to-head with the PS4 Pro and those who may have been holding off to go all-in with PSVR.

Microsoft issued the following statement to Venture Beat, throwing in the additional note that Xbox was the only console to see year-on-year growth in the UK and Australia for the month of September.

"Thanks to our fans, Xbox One was the best-selling console in September in the U.S. for the third month in a row according to NPD Group as well as the best-selling console in September in the U.K. according to GfK Entertainment UK. In addition, Xbox One was the only gen-eight console to see year-over-year growth in September in the U.S., Australia, the U.K., and many other countries worldwide. This success was driven by our fans and their support for Xbox One S, which is the only console available this holiday with built-in UHD 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming and HDR for gaming and video.""We received an incredible response to Forza Horizon 3, the No. 1 first-party title for September in the U.S., Australia, and U.K. according to NPD Group and GfK Entertainment UK. Global engagement on Xbox Live – the fastest, most reliable gaming network – continues to grow and the number of unique multiplayer users increased 57 percent year-over-year. With the blockbuster launch of Gears of War 4 for Xbox One and Windows 10 this week and the upcoming release of Clubs and Looking for Group on Xbox Live alongside the launches of Dead Rising 4, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Dishonored 2, Final Fantasy XV, Titanfall 2, and Watch Dogs 2 in the coming months, Xbox is the best place to game this holiday."

After a tumultuous launch, the Xbox division has made a huge comeback from a difficult position. It does remain to be seen how the console will stack up against Sony's improved PS4 Pro in the NPD's figures. However, with Scorpio on the horizon, I expect Microsoft hopes that many console players who game with raw power in mind may hold off for the next Xbox.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • That's realy good, but I'm just curious what's the Xbox one sales compared to the xbox one s.
  • That'd be interesting to know, not sure if MS or NPD release those stats though. I suspect lower price of the original box + Xbox One S is helping on both fronts.
  • So it seems that the Xbox One+ Xbox One S and the PS4 + PS4 Slim console sales get lumped together as 'one console' each, right? I'm curious how the NPD will handle the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio. Will PS4 Pro be counted differently from the PS4/PS4 Slim? Same with Scorpio? At what point now do these get recognized as different consoles? It can't be just because they "play the same games so therefore they're the same consoles", because Xbox One plays Xbox 360 games and it isn't counted in Xbox 360 console sales.
  • They don't play them natively though, so it maybe still a distinction to use. I do agree however that they probably need some kind of different name or mark to differentiate between the consoles, or is it like Windows 10 and we just use the same name forever?
  • people are waiting for the new PS4 PRO thats why is the X so high.. for now, but than PS VR and PRO will happen and BOOOM Sony will take the lead
  • Sorry, that's for a short time. PS4 Pro will come head to head with Project Scorpio.
  • Congrats, Phil! Well deserved win. Next quarter will be tough.
  • I've already read this news through Flipboard app. Windows Central is so slow reporting things. Down vote it's coming...
  • What is it with you kids begging for downvotes? You got some sort of competition going on in school?
  • Reverse psychology Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ah, so they want to be upvoted :-)
  • They are seeking attention, that's all.
  • Quick everyone, come see how negative I am.
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  • This doesn't really say much, given that people who want a PS4 are likely holding out for the newer versions. That said, happy for the Xbox team.
  • Same aapplies for Xbox. People who already have older XBOX ONE are likely holding off for newer XBOX One Scorpio.
  • My story to a t.
  • Absolutely.
  • People are less likely to be waiting a year for a console than a couple months. Not that there wouldn't be a few doing that, but I doubt the numbers are as high. But yeah, it will be interesting to see how the PS4 Pro changes things.
  • Rest in peace PS4
  • never
  • 7th gen XBox dominated the US and the UK, they still ended up in a tie. Not that it really matters at this point, both have sold and are selling well enough to get games.
  • Lets see what december holds. I think December and January will tell the story a bit more once some of the initial steam of each console starts to wear off, but before the NX launches. After the NX launches, the landscape will change all over again and we'll have to see what happens. Nintendo just might re-capture a sizeable audience.
  • I don't see why people hold out for a company that closes it self off (to change the gaming landscape) and rehash 40 year old characters. I mean Nintendo has its own market almost they are good at it, but it won't change gaming with a new console. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't know.. NX is using cartridges, that's some REAL innovation right there. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do we have to blow into them again? That would be progress.
  • They did with the Wii.
  • They did with the Wii.
  • #TeamXbox
  • sweetness
  • Hopefully they'll move Phil Spencer over to the mobile division once the Xbox has enough momentum. :P
  • I like the idea, but I don't think they should reward him by killing his career with mobile. Haha
  • I would bet money that Phil doesn't give two ***** about W10M.  Let people passionate about W10M/WP to drive the business.....whoever is left at MS who wants to do this.
  • "high quality exclusives" - recore - nope. that game bombed and was terrible.    
  • It seems ok! I only got to play 30 min of it, but it could be a future purchase for me. The only thing that they should have fixed was the extremely long loading times. That's the only reason i'm not getting it now.
  • Didn't they fix the loading times?
  • improved. idk i played it on windows, and off my ssd they were plenty fast.
  • It actually sold as expected, and it is actually fantastic. Hadn't played a game that mechanically solid in years. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sold as expected? Citation needed.
  • Have you played it?
  • yeah. and so have other people 59% ouch.  
  • Weird, I have only seen PS4-players whine about it. I found it rather refreshing.
  • Weird, I have only seen PS4-players whine about it. I found it rather refreshing.
  • Sure. But you're a minority apparently. Let's be clear: Metroid prime is one of my top 3 games ever. This one isn't nearly up to par though.
  • Well, 54% isn't a minority.
  • Well, 54% isn't a minority.
  • Recore is a decent game, it's not a masterpiece but it is fun, and the style of game has kind of been dying recently so it's good to play a classic site action adventure game. That being said I feel Horizon Zero Dawn is going to absolutely destroy it.
  • Recore was not a triple AAA title that's why it was priced at 39.95. I played the demo and was impressed with it. With Christmas around the corner I've been slowing down on my spending.
  • Can they replicate this on mobile? lol
  • I wonder if the PS4 Pro will flop vs. the One S... everything about the PS4 Pro seems to be 'meh' .... will be interesting to watch.  In the meantime, I am holding onto my original Xbox One until a great promo comes around, then I will get a One S and repurpose the old one.
  • If it is using the same GPU (460 470, 480, I forget which one) as the PS4 Pro, I wouldn't buy it. A GPU like that might get 4k if it was seriously optimized, but definitely at 30fps. I don't have super high hopes that that will have the staying power at high resolution for years to come.
  • hahaha why would the PRO fail??? I mean seriously? FLOP? Why? Every single game will run better on it (in terms of graphic quality) + if you have an expensive TV than you will notice better results with the PRO version.. so why a FLOP???
  • The PS4 Pro lacks a 4k bluray player. That makes it a no buy for me until it drops below the $300 mark.
  • Let s hope Satya remains LONG AWAY from Xbox division ;)
    All he touches die...
  • Funny how when a product is successful, people tell Satya to "stay away" but when it fails they blame him because the CEO is responsible for everything in the company.
  • Successful product from MS?
  • Not keen on having it in white, the limited editions ones look really nice, but it'd be great if they had a standard offering of the slim in black.
  • Could not agree more. Everything is black now in the entertainment need to change that.
  • Battlefield 1, looks great on Xbox One. Not as good as my PC...but sill looks great. So the question for me is...stick with Xbox One and get a Scorpio next year...or drop the money on a 1070 or 1080...decisions decisions...I'm too far up MS' proverbial ass to go with anything called Playstation. Hence, why I still use Windows Phone, I won't be colluded into thinking an iPhone is better because they have better ads.
  • Why not both? You may not be able to right away. I'm holding out till like Feb/March for a 1080 then probably feb/march 2018 for a scorpio (though I will be married by then and I'll have to convince a wife at that point.
  • I'd go for a 1070.
  • This is the bounce back that I've been waiting for. I really hated the way the first guy handled the launch of xb Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • +1
  • Congrats team Xbox, massive turn around and we'll deserved wins. You've got my continued support. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My daughter works at WalMart and the X1s sales out as soon as it gets in so I guess it is selling pretty good.
  • Love my xbox and i hope it gives a turn around for EU also
  • no word on whether their Live user base actually grew.  Just the multiplayer use grew.
  • Xbox One S beeing a full blown 4K player with the option to be placed in a vertical position is a huge selling point, I think. For a great price to. Not many people these days havin an A/V rack. I do, so my classic XB1 sits just fine for now :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • For a company that no longer looks to console sales as a measure of success, they sure love to boast and call it a success whenever they finally outsell the ps4...kinda ******-baggy if you ask me..
  • You do realize that possibly the least important metric is console sales right.  Actual engagement and game title sales are far more important overall.  The PS3 sold massive amounts but for the first few years it was only bcause it was the cheapest way to get into BluRay and each sale actually cost sony $300 give or take. MS and sony sell their consoles at or as close to manufacturing cost as possible, its games where they make the profits in licensing fees and whatever % they take when a game is bought digitally.  And although the last month where game title numbers for both system are available is almost a year ago (Nov 2015) at the time for every 100 games sold on PS4, 89 were sold on xbox.  Thats pretty bad for sony, with roughly double the number of consoles out there but barely outselling xbox on total # of games.  From a purely profit point of view, MS made significantly more per console than sony.
  • Your last statement is pure speculation. How do you know this? Last I heard, MS was selling Xboxs at a loss while Sony was selling the ps4 at a profit albeit a probably small profit. Last i heard, Sonys PlayStation division was in the black (as of a couple years ago) while microsofts xbox division is operating at staggering loss (hence the rumors that investors are calling for MS to close or sell the xbox division which has been reported on windows central - and is likely the driving factor for why xbox is turning into service, not a product - I.e. Xbox brand and its exclusive games are on windows phone and pc now, not just the console). You can have all those high engagement/attachment rates, etc for xbox, but if they don't sell enough units, to then have the users to buy games, sign up for xbox live gold, etc, you don't have enough people to support the costs of making new consoles, investing in first party studios, maintaining xbox live servers, etc. Someone has to own the system for all those other revenue streams to be possible, so console sales are still paramount, or at least, very important in on-boarding consumers into the ecosystem. If the xbox was made by any other company, they probably would have run out of money by now, but MS can run servers cheaper than anyone and has pockets deep enough to absorb losses for years on end until it turns a profit. Anyways, none of this makes my initial post invalid; why claim sales aren't important and then boast when you finally outsell the competitor??? That's just a hypocrite. Where's all their posts saying xbox gold live subs are at an all time high and we're thankful and proud that yada yada yada?? I don't see them boasting about those numbers from month to month even though they deemed them most important, so your whole argument is kinda moot. You're saying that sales numbers don't indeed matter, in response to me questioning why they need to boast the few times their sales are higher than their competitor. So really, you're further illustrating my point. If MS says sales doesn't matter, why boast about them?
  • If I only had the money I would have both but I bought the PS4. I actually regret my decision now. Not because it's a bad system, but because we still rock out on the PS3 mostly, and only play a game or two on the PS4. It's kinda boring.
  • I've been a Nintendo and Xbox guy since the GameCube era, but Sony got my with VR. I'll be picking that up, along with a Pro. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I wish I preordered pretty excited about it
  • Yeah! that's good news. Isaiah Heart
  • When they were losing, They said Console Sales numbers are not the tru metric for success, Engagement is.. Now that have sold more that PS4 for few months, they are chest thumping... Why not release the US/Worldwide sales numbers??