Xbox One X preorders are live, with 'Project Scorpio' Limited Edition in tow

Microsoft is now rolling out Xbox One X preorders, and the console starts at $499. But those who get in early could get a little bonus.

For a limited time only, there will be an Xbox One X "Project Scorpio Edition" console, with lettering designed specifically for those fans who have been watching the new Xbox from its initial announcement, when it was codenamed "Project Scorpio." The Project Scorpio Edition preorders will be available until supplies run out, so you'd better get in there as fast as you can. The Scorpio Edition Xbox One X console will also start at $499.

Microsoft's Corporate Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Xbox, Mike Nichols, described the Scorpio Edition as a celebration of the console's heritage, as the Scorpio name will live on as the name of the console's chipset. Nichols teased a special edition Xbox One X to me in our interview at E3, too, and I'd say this is a pretty great way for fans to celebrate the console's launch.

From Microsoft:

When we announced Project Scorpio last year, we were overwhelmed by the excitement from our fans. And although we revealed Project Scorpio as Xbox One X at E3 earlier this year, the codename will live on in the Scorpio Engine that powers the console, as well as in this limited edition console. We designed the Project Scorpio Edition for fans to celebrate both our heritage and the power and precision that we are bringing into our future.The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition features a custom design with the words "Project Scorpio" printed on the console and the controller and we've incorporated a sophisticated and dynamic graphic pattern across the exterior. Fans who have been with us since the very start of Xbox will notice the packaging is inspired by the original Xbox. The Project Scorpio Edition also comes with an exclusive vertical stand so you can choose how to display it in your home.

The Xbox One X is powered by six teraflop (TF) internals with the aim of getting the most out of your expensive 4K HDR TV, but you don't need a 4K TV to benefit from the Xbox One X. With a faster HDD and super-sampling technology, games running on the Xbox One X will not only look better but run faster, particularly if the games have been built to utilize dynamic resolution scaling. Of course, people with 4K TVs will see the biggest benefits, considering there are already more than 100 games that either run at a 4K resolution or have specific visual enhancements that utilize the power of the console.

Where to preorder Microsoft's Xbox One X

Xbox One X consoles will start at $499 in the U.S., with UK and European pricing set at £449 and €499 respectively. All consoles should ship later this year, with a release date currently set for November 7, 2017.



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The Xbox One X is Microsoft's latest salvo in the evolving console war, giving Redmond a clear power advantage over all of its competitors. Are you going to pick one up? Let us know in the comments.

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