Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition preorders back in stock at Amazon [Update: And gone]

Miss the initial Xbox One X preorders on Amazon? Now's your chance to try again!

The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition quickly sold out after going up for preorder on Amazon on Sunday, but the online retailer is now showing the console as back in stock. (opens in new tab) If you missed your chance with the first go-around, now's your chance to try for a preorder again.

You'll want to be quick, though; these are definitely going to sell out quickly again.

Updated August 24, 2017: And just like that, Amazon is sold out once again. We hope you were able to secure a preorder this time!

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Not for UK 😩
  • Got mine!
  • Seems MS may be trying to take console gaming seriously again. Now they need to secure some decent exclusives and get their VR solution up.
  • Their focus should be on stellar games not VR.   If the PSVR has taught us anything on the console it is VR is not ready to invest in at the moment.  Sony has less than 1.5% attachment rate for their head set. The several  people I know that have one haven't touched it in months. I rather Microsoft wait a year or two (or more if necessary) before trying VR on their console. Let the desktop pave the way. Everything will be Windows based  so it will be a much easier transition to the Xbox console after the dust has settled. Their first priority on the Xbox at the moment is to make sure their catalog of first party Xbox games is strong, no more droughts. And to continue to make sure third party developers push the limits of the X.
  • VR still needs it's 'killer app' to even get the interest of the enthusiast and the price of the combined hardware needs to drop below $500 in order to hit mass market. No sign of the former, and the latter isn't happening any time soon.
  • Come on in to the Microsoft Store, We've still got some  
  • Still available in Amazon Mexico!
  • I think I remembered that Microsoft told us this year will be the year of project Scorpio ♏. Seems like they were serious.
  • Wasn't this suppose to be an "extremely limited" edition? This is still available in UK in argos and in many stores in continental Europe. I guess it's just the good old "Limited Edition" marketing strategy.