Xbox Series X 'The Ascent' gameplay detailed, looks like cyberpunk Diablo

The Ascent Hero
The Ascent Hero (Image credit: Curve Digital)

During Microsoft's big Xbox Series X showcase event, one surprising entry was "The Ascent," which effectively looks like a cyberpunk Diablo.

Details are scant, but we know that it's a solo and co-op ARPG set in a sci-fi dystopia. A mega-corp known only as "The Ascent Group" has collapsed. This corporation was responsible for all critical social infrastructure, and the Group's collapse has led to a wave of crime, confusion, and chaos. Anarchy ensues, and you're left to fend for yourself, and explore the conspiracy that led to everything falling apart.

The Ascent is being built by Neon Giant, a comparatively small team of just 11 people. The studio, however, is staffed by industry heavyweights who worked on titles like Wolfenstein and Gears of War, with AAA aspirations.

The Ascent will also support Xbox Smart Delivery. No launch window has been offered yet, but the announce trailer looks rather slick.

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