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The Xbox Series X looks gorgeous with LEDs, but we don't recommend it

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X (Image credit: Matt Brown | Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • An Xbox Series X owner showed off the console with LED lights inside.
  • The lights let the owner show custom-colored lights through the console.
  • For several reasons, we don't recommend trying it for yourself.

The Xbox Series X is a gorgeous piece of gaming hardware. Its unique design is optimized for maximizing airflow, including its top which is covered in holes for ventilation. One person on Reddit has taken advantage of those holes to show off color LEDs inside the console. While the setup looks beautiful, we don't' recommend it for several reasons.

First off, to add the lights, you have to open up the console. This in itself isn't usually a great idea. People will debate about voiding warranties, but aside from that, it's not a good idea to go poking around a console unless you know what you're doing.

Second, the setup in a video has quite a few LEDs inside. The LEDs are coiled in a way that can cause excess heat that can damage the light strip. In addition to potentially causing damage to the light strip, it's a bad idea to add more heat to your console.

Finally, the LED strips in this modded console are just above the fan of the device. If you tried this yourself and made a mistake, you could affect the fan in a negative way.

from r/XboxSeriesX

While we don't recommend doing this yourself, it is fun to look at the finished product. When the Xbox Series X was unveiled, some people wondered if the console would have lighting of some kind. The announcement video for the console and some marketing images had a green hue at the top of the console, but the console doesn't have any lights inside.

If you want a safer way to customize your console, you can grab a skin.

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  • That actually looks pretty badass.
  • I don't imagine this being that difficult to do. Nor can I see the LED strip causing any negative effects I installed properly. But, I also wouldn't suggest anyone that's not tech saavy person to do this. Wondering if the fan can just be swapped out for something like a Corsair LL120 or 140. I know it has a 130mm but it would be interesting to see if that was an easier option.
  • As soon as my warranty expires. Lol
  • Wouldn't an LED fan be easier?