Yakuza 0 hits Project xCloud, Ninja Theory and Rare working on touch controls

Yakuza 0
Yakuza 0 (Image credit: Sega)

What you need to know

  • Project xCloud is Microsoft's game streaming service.
  • The company recently launched a YouTube channel to provide updates.
  • Yakuza 0 is coming to Project xCloud.
  • The team has received over 100,000 feedback reports and says it has changed the way people play games.

It looks like Yakuza 0 is joining Project xCloud soon. Microsoft recently launched a dedicated Project xCloud YouTube channel where the company will discuss new games and features coming to the service.

Today, Microsoft revealed what's coming to Project xCloud soon. Aside from Yakuza 0 joining the service, Ninja Theory and Rare are working on touch controls for games like Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and Sea of Thieves. Hopefully, the controls will be viable for touchscreens because it's quite cumbersome to carry a controller with you at all times.

The team has also received over 100,000 feedback reports. While most of them are nice notes as to how Project xCloud has changed the way they game, the other feedback will be taken into account as Microsoft gets closer to launch.

Project xCloud has also changed gamer behavior. Many are playing more because now they don't have to sit in front of a TV to enjoy titles like Destiny 2. Since Project xCloud is currently free, the team has also seen more people playing on Xbox since there's no risk to trying it out.

Asher Madan

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